n our closing scene last week, Cengiz takes Yamac on a hunting trip and Arik had escaped his captors with the understanding that Ogeday was responsible for kidnapping him.

Cengiz finds this hard to believe and Ogeday thinks it is laughable. Cengiz entertains the thought that a third party may be involved.

Arik is quite jealous of the fact that Yamac has been chosen to be his father’s right hand man. It is easy to see that Arik longs for his father’s attention.

Yamac mistakenly leaves his diary in the Coffee House. Cumali tries to decipher his notes. He asks Alico to look for any clues hidden in the diary relating to the Erdenets.

Emmi’s dementia is progressing. He begins to wander Cukur recalling events of the past involving his friend Pasa, Idris and Kahraman Kocovali.

Efsun is pregnant. She has kept the news to herself but her grandmother knows her secret and has shared the baby news with Arik. Efsun has no time for her grandmother. She is untrustworthy. She asks Arik’s help to kill Yamac as soon as possible.

Cumali begins to hit the Erdenets hard in revenge attacks after they desecrated his father’s grave. At one of these attacks, in a warehouse raid, a huge load of drugs are found. They also raid Arik’s stables and the Erdenet’s vintage car warehouse.

Yamac asks Salih to talk to Cumali and try and stop him from raiding the Erdenets. Yamac is worried that his actions will bring repercussions upon Cukur.

Saadet tells Salih that she is tired of being frightened. He is never there to protect her and his son. She allows him to see his son whenever he likes but their relationship has changed.

Karaca keeps repeating the names of Yucel, Efsun and Akin in her head. Azer had told her that these three people were present at the time of her grandfather’s death. Of course Akin is her brother and it is only a matter of time when his part in the plot is discovered. Akin’s thoughts lately are filled with paranoia and fear that his sins will find him out.

It is Selim’s contribution when collecting information on the Erdenet’s to bring Cumali an invitation to attend a function given by the Erdenet empire. It is celebration of 50 years in the chemical business. This part of the company is run legally by Ogeday Erdenet. Cumali believes that it is bad manners not to attend. Cumali invites himself to the event bringing with him the worst table manners that Cukur can produce.

Although Yamac is sent by Cengiz to try and stop the violence it gets out of hand and he cannot do anything whilst Cumali runs riot all over the place.

It is hard for Yamac to have any private life without Erdenet’s men following him. He takes a taxi knowing he will have to dodge them somehow. He manages to lose them in the inner streets of Cukur. He turns up at the cemetery to meet with Salih.

Yamac explains to Salih that he is going hunting with Cengiz and has decided this is time to take Cengiz down. He asks Salih to help him by hiding a gun for him at the hunting location.

Meanwhile, Arik and Nouran track down one of his kidnappers. They capture him and question him. This was the man who told Arik that it was Ogeday that was responsible for the attack. Ogeday swears that he was not responsible for his kidnapping. Arik now believes him but needs to know who made the order. His captor will not talk even under torture so Arik decides to allow him to escape and follow him.

Salih manages to get Alico to understand what Yamac has done for his family by telling him a story in a simple manner of the journey Yamac has had and the reason why he had to kill his father. Alico now understands that Idris wanted Yamac to kill him to protect the family. He now understands his sacrifice. Salih tells Alico that Yamac now sacrifices himself for Cukur just like his father did.

Cumali feels alone without the company of his brothers. He is brought to tears remembering how it used to be when his brother Kahraman was alive and how they used to fill the house with folk songs.

Emmi’s absence at the Coffee House is noticeable. Selim looks for him without success. He realises how serious his dementia is when he finds his shoes in the refrigerator. He sends out an alert to Cukur to find him. Selim believes that Emmi has gone looking for his old friend Pasa.

Salih and Alico hide the gun in the woods as Yamac requested . They make it easy for him to find.

Believing that Efsun has left the house, her grandmother goes behind her back and makes a call to Arik. Efsun knowing that her grandmother is up to something creeps back inside the home and hears her talking to Arik and setting up a hit on Yamac. Efsun watches as her grandmother then places a call to Yamac telling him that Efsun needs him and to come straight away.

Efsun waits until Arik’s hitmen prepare to carry out their assignment. She then shoots them herself. She then turns to her grandmother telling her she should have stayed out of her business.

Efsun may have been more lenient on her grandmother had she not told her that she is a shame to her family and the child she is carrying comes from the man who killed her father.

Grandma turns her back on Efsun.

Efsun knows her grandmother and knows she will never give up on killing Yamac. She raises her gun and shoots her grandmother in the back.

Yamac arrives to find a traumatised Efsun who will not talk to him. He is unaware that she has done everything to save his life. She tells him to go away.

Cumali is set on finding out if his father’s grave is empty. He has the grave dug for confirmation that it is definitely not there.

At the grave site he sees Akin who is faint with fear. Cumali has no idea why.

It is confirmed by the grave digger that the grave is empty.

After a long journey Selim finally finds Emmi in Pasa’s home village. He is sitting at a bus stop. He has no idea where he is or how he got there. He is happy to go with Selim to Cukur.

Arik follows his captor through the streets of Cukur. He is lead straight to the Coffee House. This brings a smile to his face. He now believes that Cukur was responsible for his kidnapping. He does not know that the waiter inside the Coffee House is acting for the anonymous third party.

Yamac has arrived at the hunting location where Cengiz is waiting for him. Salih has hidden the gun and Yamac has found it. He follows Cengiz into the woods and when all is clear he draws the gun and points it at his head.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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