At the closure of last week’s episode we had events still being played out throughout the day. These events come together throughout this week’s episode allowing us to get a full picture.

Karaca and Azer are married. On her wedding day Sultan tells Karaca that Azer has the blood of her grandfather on his hands. Sultan gives her a Kocovali gun as a wedding gift. Karaca loved her grandfather and has now been given the chance to avenge his death. That night Karaca draws out the gun hidden within the folds of her wedding dress as she asks Azer the question, “Have you got the blood of Idris Kocovali on your hands?”

We left Nehir last week who had just witnessed Yamac and Efsun in each others arms and had just told Yamac that she had aborted his baby. It was not long ago that they had discussed the need for this baby to help them heal their wounds. Now they both have nothing to give them hope.

On the other hand, Efsun has also had a meltdown. Yamac had come to her when he had nowhere else to go, only to find as he woke from sleep to find Cengiz Erdenet inside her house. Yamac has told her to stay away from him as he cannot trust her.

Yamac is taken by Cengiz to Cukur. Cengiz learnt from Efsun that this is his weakness. He shows Yamac how easy it would be to flatten Cukur to the ground. Cengiz is a powerful man and Yamac is quite vulnerable at the present time.

Last week saw Arik Erdenet kidnapped. He attempts to escape but his kidnappers chase him down.

Cengiz receives a phone call from the kidnappers with a photo of Arik unconscious in a car with a crane holding another vehicle above it. The kidnappers demand Cengiz speaks to them by midnight or they will have the crane crush Arik from a great height.

After leaving Yamac at the abortion clinic Nehir makes her way back to the only other secure place she knows, the asylum. She books herself in. They can see when she threatens to take her own that she is in need of care. They allow her to stay.

Nehir is of the understanding that nobody else knows where she is but Sultan has had her followed and now knows exactly where she is.

After leaving Nehir at the abortion clinic, Yamac ends up wandering around Istanbul and eventually gets into Cengiz’s car. Cengiz has given Yamac an ultimatum and this is his last chance to join him and save Cukur and his family.

Cengiz brings Yamac to the cemetery where Idris is buried. He is dragged to the foot of his father’s grave. Cengiz demands obedience from Yamac and to show he means business he smashes his fathers head stone in front of him. He promises Yamac that if he does not agree to obey him he will destroy the family plot. There is not much else Yamac can do but agree. He asks his father to forgive him for the carnage to his grave.

Yamac is whisked away by Cengiz as he watches Cumali and the Kocovali brotherhood run screaming at the carnage to the graves. Yamac is seen as being responsible for the damage and they know nothing of how he was beaten into submission.

Salih, who had followed Yamac to the cemetery only just missed out on his mother’s grave being destroyed also. As of that evening Yamac agrees to do anything Cengiz asks. He is groomed to be Cengiz’s right hand man and he accepts his defeat.

Yamac is given his first assignment by Cengiz and that is to find Arik and bring him home. He calls Salih to help him. Yamac tells Salih that he has sold himself to Cengiz. He sacrificed himself for the family and Cukur and there is nothing more he can do.

Together they track down Arik to a car yard. One by one they take down the armed guards. They see the car they are searching for which has a crane dangling a van over the top. They watch as the van is dropped on top of the car below. They believe Arik Boke Erdenet was sitting in the front seat and is now dead.

Meanwhile, Yamac returns to Cengiz Erdenet and to find out that Arik is indeed alive. He escaped his kidnapper prior to Yamac arriving.

Arik tells his father that he does not know who his kidnappers were but he will find out. His father takes this responsibility right out of his hands and gives it to Yamac. What Arik has heard from his men is that his brother Ogeday’s name has been spoken of with regard to his kidnapping. He is going to make it his business to find out if this was true.

We return now to the wedding of Azer and Karaca. It has been a wonderful day. Azer has never been happier. His bride is beautiful. They are so very much in love. They arrive back at the new home that Azer has bought for Karaca and instead of a night of romantic bliss, Azer is confronted by a Kocovali gun in his brides hands.

Karaca asked him if he has the blood of her grandfather on his hands. He tells her that Yucel and Efsun were present at the time of her grandfather’s death and so was her brother Akin.

Karaca fires three bullets into his chest and Azer dies in her arms.

After placing a pillow behind Azer’s head and covering his body with a blanket, she leaves him lying where he fell and walks away.

In Cukur, Cumali stands before all the community as they kiss his hand . He has now taken Yamac’s place as Lord of Cukur. He can now take up the position of head of the family and entitled to sit in his father’s chair.

In a new scene Ogeday Erdenet is at a meeting with the owner of a company and his son. Ogeday offers the owner 4ML for his company which is valued at 10/12ML. Ogeday tells the owner that if he doesn’t take up his offer then the price will reduce to 2ML.

Arik tracks his brother down and questions him about his kidnapping. Ogeday seems to know nothing about the kidnapping.

Azer’s dead body is found dead by his younger brother. Karaca is nowhere to be found. In fact, Karaca has walked into town in her wedding dress having no idea where she is or what has happened. She is mentally traumatised not only because she killed her husband but also knowing that her brother was involved in murdering her grandfather.

Karaca makes the long journey home on foot. She still wears her wedding dress and sports a gun in hand. Her first stop is to visit her grandfather. Luckily she finds Salih there who can see the plight she is in. He tells Saadet to warn the family that he is bringing Karaca home covered in blood and she is in a bad way.

When Karaca arrives home she returns the gun to Sultan. She whispers in her ear that she can use it next time. This makes you wonder if Karaca is referring to Akin having a hand in his own grandfathers death and Sultan having to shoot the one she loves. Karaca has paid a heavy price for carrying out her grandmother’s revenge.

Azer’s brother is filled with revenge. He leaves his house armed and heads for the Kocovali mansion. He screeches into the mansion’s driveway and begins firing. The situation is dangerous and the women are petrified. The shoot out stops when Azer’s brother is injured and they make their escape.

To avoid bloodshed, Azer’s mother prepares to leave for Adana taking her son’s with her. Unfortunately they do not get far. Having stopped to refuel Cumali arrives in a fit of revenge and kills them all. She leaves them where they lay and begins walking in bare feet along the freeway. She has no sons left.

Nehir is settled in the asylum. She rejects any medication and tells the nurses that she is pregnant. It seems that she did not abort Yamac’s baby after all !

Efsun has survived a night of crying over Yamac. Her grandmother looks through her trash to find a medical report showing that Efsun is 8 weeks pregnant. She immediately phones Arik so she can tell him the news.

At the cemetery Cumali and his men are told that Kocovali graves are empty. This includes Idris Kocovali’s grave.

In the Coffee House, Selim and Salih drink tea. The waiter listens as Salih explains that Yamac has joined the Erdenet’s. This information is taken immediately back to an anonymous character by the waiter in the Coffee House, who’s identity still remains a secret.

Cengiz Erdenet has taken his new youngest right hand man out into the bush for a spot of hunting. He asks Yamac to add him onto his list of those who he wants to protect.

Yamac tells Cengiz that he does not need protecting as he has an army of guard with him wherever he goes. Yamac rather tells him that he must then need him for something else.

Cengiz tells him that he is more valuable to him than he knows. Yamac looks at him puzzled.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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