Yamac is forced to leave Cukur.

Mahsun has gathered himself a group of children to start his new orphanage. Not only the children leave Cukur but Mahsun’s mother joins him. She has forgiven him for his fathers death. This is a happy ending for Mahsun.

Salih goes looking for Yamac and when he finds him he emotionally breaks down. Salih wraps his arms around him and tells him that eventually they will all understand what he did it for his family. Yamac makes the decision to go to Efsun. Salih drops him at her home. When Efsun opens the door, Yamac tells her that he couldn’t think of anywhere else to go. Efsun welcomes him into her arms and they kiss and embrace.

Nehir being very concerned for Yamac follows him to Efsun’s home. She looks through a window and sees them passionately embracing. She places her hands over her baby bump and wonders to herself where she will go from here. She returns to the Kocovali mansion and packs her bags.

Akin is paranoid that his sins will find him out. He has bad dreams and hallucinations. He hears the continual clicking of prayer beads and sees the ghost of his dead Uncle Kahraman who was the eldest son of the Kocovali family. He can see the face of Yamac telling him that he will come back for him. These reminiscences give him panic attacks. The fear of being caught out by the family creates paranoid fear.

The Coffee House employee is working for a secret client who was responsible for stealing trucks laden with drugs from Cengiz Erdenet.

Karaca and Azer’s grow closer as the wedding day draws nearer. Karaca has burnt her bridges and cannot return to her family. Sultan has banished her.

Prior to Yamac knocking on Efsun’s door, Efsun received a visit from Cengiz who tells her that he knows she loves Yamac. She has no idea how he gained this information. He tells her that Yamac has been shot and that he can arrange for him to be cared for at his medical facility.

Cengiz tells her that he wants her to work with him and the decision is up to her whether she watches Yamac heal with the best of medical care or watch him die where he lies at the local hospital. Efsun makes a deal to work with Cengiz. She tells him she will do whatever he wants.

At least her decision gave her the ability to be by Yamac’s side during his fight for life. All Cengiz wants from her at this stage is to know what Yamac’s weakness is. Efsun tells him the weakness is Cukur.

Meanwhile, back at Efsun’s home Yamac wakes from a long sleep to find Cengiz Erdenet waiting for him. He takes Yamac for a drive. Cengiz takes Yamac to a lookout and shows him what he can do to Cukur if he doesn’t agree to work with him. Yamac watches as he brings in bull dozers and destroys a once vibrant community.

In the bedroom where Karaca and Azer spent the night, Karaca sees a handkerchief with the initials of K.K embroidered. She has seen this handkerchief before in her mothers drawer. It has the initials of her dead Uncle Kahraman embroidered on it. Azer explains the handkerchief was given to him by a man who saved his life in the back streets of Istanbul. Azer could not know that the man was Kahraman Kocovali. He sees tears in Karaca’s eyes when she hears the story.

Efsun’s grandmother returns to Istanbul. She knows Arik and Cengiz well.

Nehir leaves the Kocovali mansion and goes straight to Efsun. She asks Efsun if she is in love with Yamac. She tells her that she has knifed her in the back by her betrayal. She thought that she was her friend and all along she was having an affair with Yamac.

She asks Efsun to tell Yamac that he doesn’t have to worry about her or the baby anymore. Nehir tells her she will do something about it. Efsun is concerned and tries to call Yamac but finds he is uncontactable.

Meanwhile, two large tractors make their way down the streets of Cukur. Seated in one of the cars is Yamac and Cengiz Erdenet. Cengiz shows Yamac that he can destroy Cukur very easily.

Cumali and his brothers are in the Coffee House when the heavy machinery arrives. Cumali is told that the Government has agreed to a large scale development happening in Cukur and it will be demolished it to make way for a Community Centre.

Cengiz puts the pressure on Yamac to take up his offer to join him and save Cukur from demolition.

He also tells Yamac that if the police arrive Cumali will certainly be arrested and go to prison for life.

Cengiz asks Yamac once again join him and save Cukur and its 10,000 inhabitants.

Yamac gazes out of the window of the car to see Cukur graffiti which reads: “Our home was small. I never had a room, so I bought the neighbourhood as my home.”

Yamac sees the neighbourhood coming together in strength to protect Cukur. This strength in numbers frighten off the developers. Yamac then turns to Cengiz and tells him that Cukur is Cukur. It always will be with or without him. He gives Cengiz no answer.

Efsun finds out that it was her grandmother was the one who told Cengiz Erdenet about her relationship with Yamac. Efsun promises her grandmother that if she hurts Yamac she will kill her with her own hands. She ends up in telling her that Yamac is no longer just the man she loves but rather a part of her family.

Efsun hurries to find Yamac. It takes her quite awhile before she can get him to understand that she came to warn him about Nehir. She tells him that Nehir saw them kiss and embrace. Efsun tells him directly that Nehir is going to have an abortion.

Meanwhile, Nehir enters the abortion clinic to end the pregnancy.

Not far away Yamac races to the clinic. He finds Nehir and asks her if she went ahead with the abortion. She says, “Yes”. This news devastates Yamac. Nehir tells him she is no longer a burden for him. She turns her back on him and walks away.

The emotional trauma brings high pitched ringing in his head. He only hears this ringing whenever his emotional and mental trauma reaches a high. He sits quietly in a park digesting the news. Not far away Cengiz Erdenet and his security men watch him.

Yamac tells Salih that he ruins everything he touches and he now has nowhere to go.

In the end Yamac returns to the Erdenet’s car. He speaks with Cengiz and gets in. We do not know at this stage whether he has agreed to work with Cengiz .

Murtaza and Nouran try to find out who stole their trucks. After a little torture they are given the name of Yakup. Arik arrives with a gang of armed men in a raid of revenge but when they arrive Yakup is waiting for them. The assault did not go the way Arik wanted and he is captured.

Cengiz has been made aware of his disappearance. Nouran and Murtaza look for him.

The wedding day has arrived. Azer’s mother visits Sultana to ask her to attend the wedding. Sultana refuses.

Akin tells his grandmother that Karaca does not know why she should not be marrying Azer. All she knows is that she loves him. He asks Sultan to let her know before she marries.

The wedding guests begin to arrive. Karaca is dressed and ready to be a bride. Sultan arrives and is taken to Karaca in her dressing room. Sultan tells her that it is unfair to banish her from the family without giving her a reason why the family is against it. Sultan tells Karaca that Azer has the blood of Idris Kocovali on his hands and if she goes through with the wedding knowing this then the Kocovali family will never forgive her.

Sultana leaves the room and the wedding and returns to Cukur.

Karaca allows the wedding to continue. The news that her grand mother gave her changes everything. Although Karaca loves Azer she also loved her grand father.

Together Azer and Karaca enter their new home. Azer carries her over the threshold. He is happy and excited.

Karaca does not wait but asks him outright if he has the blood of her grand father on his hands.

He turns to find his bride has a gun pointed at him waiting. She is waiting for his response. There is sadness in his eyes as he gazes at her beautiful face.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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