Cukur is in turmoil, the word has got out that Yamac has been shot. The shock creates havoc in the community. He is rushed to the hospital in a critical condition with three bullet holes in his chest.

Meanwhile, Karaca is having a wedding dress fitting in town and seizes the opportunity to make an escape and run into the arms of Azer. Although Azer loves Karaca her action has placed him in an awkward position with regard to the Kocovali’s. They will not take this lightly as he is their enemy.

Arik Boke and Nouran monitor what is going on in Cukur via a drone. They happily watch with great satisfaction the reaction to their set plan when Cumali viewed the video.

At the hospital Yamac undergoes surgery whilst his family and friends begin to gather inside and outside of the hospital. Neither know why Cumali shot his brother.

Cengiz Erdenet gets the vibes that his son was involved in Yamac’s shooting. He tells Arik that Yamac Kocovali must not die and demands that he has the best medical treatment available for his care.

Cumali has been in shock since the shooting. His lack of control and need for revenge may have killed his brother. Although Cumali loves his brother his nature is to act first and asks questions afterwards and he does not forgive.

The news that Yamac is alive reaches Cumali who acts as if he is not interested but is quietly relieved. He asks Selim to gather all the family together at home so he can speak with them. With Yamac out of the picture Cumali now takes on the role of head of the family.

The family gather at the mansion with tempers running high. Nobody at this stage knows why Cumali shot Yamac. Sultan demands an explanation from Cumali.

He takes his mother’s face between his hands and tells her that her son killed Idris. He orders her never to let Yamac inside the gates of the Kocovali mansion ever again. As far as he is concerned Yamac is dead to the family.

The family members are devastated by what they hear. It doesn’t sound believable. What they do know is that Cumali would not have done what he did unless he had proof.

Akin has much guilt when he thinks about his grandfather. He played a major part in setting up Yamac to kill his grandfather. Akin has also been involved in trying to kill Yamac himself and would have been successful had it not been for Mahsun who drags him out of a burning car. Sweat breaks out on his face as he remembers his actions and he finds it even hard to breathe. If Cumali finds out abut his involvement to kill his grandfather he will surely come after him too.

The family all grieve in their own way. Cumali even self harms in his grief and Emmi dives deeper into his dementia struggling with the news.

At this stage nobody knows about Karaca and her disappearance. Akin breaks the news to Cumali who in his present state of mind wants to take her back by force.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Mahsun checks in on Yamac. Yamac still lies in a critical condition.

Mahsun apologises for not being there when he needed him.

Mahsun and Nehir watch as Yamac is supposedly taken from intensive care to another room in the hospital. In fact he is physically taken from the hospital by ambulance to a private facility owned by Cengiz Erdenet.

Azer begins to gather armed men around his home expecting retaliation from the Kocovali family once they know that Karaca has run to him. Cumali finds it hard to control his anger in thinking that she has been forcibly kidnapped.

Salih who watches as Cumali begins to lose control, tell him that he doesn’t need to start a war. Certainly not when his brother is fighting for his life in hospital. Cumali’s answers Salih by saying that he does not care if Yamac lives or dies.

Tempers rise between the two brothers. Salih has become very close to his youngest brother and will stand up for him against the family and besides nobody knows what led Yamac to doing what he did.

Salih knows the full story of what led up to Yamac shooting Idris. Yamac has told him every detail. Salih knows that Cumali thinks that Yamac killed Idris on purpose. Salih tries to tell Selim that Cumali is wrong in how he is thinking. Selim realises that Salih has known all along what Yamac did. It saddens him to think that his younger brother did not come to him.

Sultana calms the situation by telling Cumali to leave the situation with Karaca alone. She tells all the family that Karaca made her own choice when she left the family and now she will have to live with her decision. She does not want Cumali or Celasun to go after her.

Hearing that Yamac has been kidnapped from the hospital is looked upon by Cumali as God intervening for him. Arik Boke does not look at it that way. His father has taken an immediate liking to Yamac and he knows that he is responsible for taking from the hospital.

It is not long before Yamac regains consciousness. He is disorientated and finds himself in a completely new space. He thinks he sees his father sitting by his bed and calls out to him “father”. Unfortunately it is Cengiz he sees. Cengiz tells Yamac that he has two weeks in which to recover with the help of his medical team. After that they will talk about things they are going to do together.

On one hand Yamac has Arik who wants to kill him and on the other hand he has his father who wants to use him and wants him to act like a son. Cengiz tells Arik that he has to be patient wth Yamac as he has plans for him which will include Arik as well.

Meanwhile, Yamac undergoes rehabilitation and healing while under the gaze of Cengiz Erdenet.

Arik has a planned drug delivery that evening.

Cumali asks Meke to spread the word throughout Cukur telling them the real reason he shot Yamac. Hearing that Yamac killed his father will devastate the inhabitants of Cukur.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Kocovali’ family a staff member at the Coffee House is not who he says he is. He has worked at the Coffee Shop for quite some time and has worked in secret closely within earshot of the Kocovali’s. After receiving a phone call he leaves the shop.

He travels and rendezvous with a gang of men who enter the Erdenet’s warehouse. They shoot the workers and steal the Erdenet’s trucks.

At this stage we do not know who this new gang works for. What we do know is they have a professional look and feel to their crime. They easily drive away in two of the Erdenet’s trucks which contain drugs.

Murtaza watches from a distance and calls Arik and gives him the bad news. Arik is more than pleased when Murtaza tells him he placed tracker devices under the trucks and all is not lost. They begin zoning in on their location.

When they arrive at the trucks location Arik shows a force of strength. His locator beacon shows where his trucks are parked. They use their weapons and shoot their way into the premises. His men find the trucks and the drugs. They decide to go a little further and teach the perpetrators a lesson. He sets fire to all the trucks in the enclosure and burns the facility to the ground.

Meanwhile, back at the Coffee House our elderly worker returns to the shop and continues his normal duties. He later receives another call telling him of the destruction of the trucks. Once again he has got to give an excuse to leave the Coffee House and this time he makes his way to an anonymous character . He reports all that has happened in Cukur and includes the latest on the burning of the trucks by the Erdenet’s. At this stage we do not know who our new character is nor where they fit in to our series.

It is time for Yamac to move on. He has become strong and well. He tells Cengiz that he wants to go home. Cengiz gives him permission to leave whenever he wants. Telling him that he knows where to find him. He is sure that he will return after seeing what lies in store for him in Cukur.

Azer takes Karaca to a beautiful home which he has bought for them to start their new life together. She is thrilled with what she sees. It is here that Azer asks her to marry him and Karaca accepts. They will attempt to have happiness in their lives in an otherwise dangerous world.

Alico is the first person Yamac looks for when he returns to Cukur. He finds him at the waters edge at his home. Alico will not look at Yamac nor talk to him. Yamac asks him to listen whilst he tells him what happened to Idris but Alico refuses to listen to anything he has to say.

Mahsun is the only one that accepts and speaks with Yamac. He tells Yamac that everybody knows the reason why Cumali shot him. Mahsun truly understands Yamac as he also killed his father . He understands how hard it is to forgive yourself. He tells Yamac that his mother does not forgive him even at this stage but he continues to try. He reminds Yamac not to forget his own mother’s forgiveness.

Mahsun tells Yamac of his dreams of owning a house whereby he can offer the street children a home and try and make amends for his previous behaviour. He wants to make a difference in their lives and treat them like his own siblings. Mahsun reminds Yamac that he is not far away and he can call on him at any time if he needs him. He turns and walks away leaving Yamac still sitting at Alico’s humpy.

Yamac finally walks home. He makes his way to the Kocovali mansion gates. He finds that they are closed to him and the guards are under instruction to not let him in. He asks if his mother could be brought to the gates to speak with him.

Sultan makes her way into Yamac’s room and empties his clothes drawers. She places them in a bag to give to Yamac. When Nehir hears that she will take the clothes to Yamac she also wants to join him but Sultan will not allow Nehir to leave the house. With bag in hand Sultan makes her way to the front gates with Akin watching from a distance as Sultan walks to the gates.

Sultan will not look into Yamac’s eyes. Yamac gets down on one knee in an effort that she will forgive him and offers his mother his hand to be blessed.

Sultan places his bag of clothes in his hand and refuses to give him her blessing. This action breaks Yamac’s heart . The gates close and Yamac turns and walks away.

In Cukur he finds that all the residents treat him in a similar manner. They close doors and windows in his face and spit on him.

He is surrounded by the inhabitants chanting Idris is our father. No longer will they chant the name of Yamac. Their rejection shows him that there is no home for him any longer in Cukur.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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