Welcome to the long awaited new season of Cukur. The first scene of the new season commences at the produce market in Cukur where life has a normal appearance. Yamac is seen selling fruit as his father did before him. We are next introduced to the community loving figure of Cengiz Erdenet.

After his community event Cengiz drives to a construction site where he is seen welcoming his right hand man Fazil who is his close friend. Arik who is Cengiz’s son is also at the meeting. He watches as Cengiz murders Fazil for betraying him.

In Cukur, Emir the Journalist has become a close friend to Yamac. He has been living in Cukur with his family since Cagatay was arrested. Yamac and Emir continue to gather evidence together to use against the Erdenet family. Yamac warns Emir that it is not safe for him to venture outside of Cukur for fear the Erdenet family will take out their revenge and kill him. With no fear of the Erdenet’s Emir temps fate and produces a video declaring he will expose more evidence against the Erdenet family in the not too distant future. The video is sent to Cengiz and Arik Boke who view this as a serious threat.

It is obvious that Arik has previously failed in obeying his father. His manner towards his son is emotionless. Cengiz gives Arik one final chance to redeem himself. He tells him to take care of the problem that Emir presents. Arik promises his father that he will draw Emir out of the security of Cukur and kill him.

In this Season of Cukur we are introduced to a female relative of the Erdenets called Nouran. She calls Cengiz her uncle. At the first appearance of Nouran you can see that she has known Arik for quite some time. They interact as family.

Arik’s first step in trying to get to Emir is to capture Murtaza . Murtaza is an old enemy of Yamac’s. He is tortured into agreeing to helping Arik get into Cukur.

Medet receives the news that Salih will be released from prison. Yamac brings a celebration of music to the prison gates to welcome his brother’s release. They have become very close after sharing their inner demons with each other. Salih is the only one who knows that Yamac killed his father.

Mahsun on the other hand has been happily living in Cukur . He watches his mother from a distance. He makes no attempt to ask her to forgive him for killing his father. Mahsun still remains very close to Yamac and is trustworthy. Yamac sends Mahsun to watch over Emir.

Cumali still gives Yamac trouble. He does not want a diplomatic approach to the problems they have with the Erdenet’s. Cumali would rather fight. Yamac finds his brother is filled with guilt about his involvement in the death of his unborn child. Damla cannot look at him and he is tormented by this. He cannot forgive himself. He realises that even if he killed Cagatay the pain he feels would still be with him.

A freed Salih makes his way to the front door of his home to see if Saadet will welcome him back after being in prison yet again. As always she opens her arms to him.

After a long tiring day Yamac eventually goes home. He finds Nehir beside the swimming pool soaking her feet. He ceremoniously sits beside her fully dressed and soaks his boots.

Nehir and Yamac have had little opportunity to share with the family the news of the coming baby. They decide to allow more time before making the announcement out of respect for Damla and Cumali .

The family gather together at the Kocovali mansion to share a meal. Damla also takes a step out of her depression and joins the family table. She warms to her husband helping to share their sorrow.

Yamac tells Selim that Karaca sneaks out at night to meet Azer, Selim agrees with Yamac that marrying Celasun is the best thing for her. Meanwhile, Karaca tries to ignore Azer’s telephone calls knowing that she has to tell him about her upcoming wedding when she does. Akin tells her to let him go and obey the family.

Karaca becomes nervous when she sees her wedding dress. She calls Azer to meet her that evening. He has promised to come and take her away with him and she is tempted by this. Nehir tries to get her to see reason that once she has gone she will have no family to come back to. That evening Azer meets with Karaca. She tells him that although she loves him that she must say goodbye. She tells him that she does not want to see him any more. Azer begs her to reconsider. Karaca stands firm and sends him away.

Emir is lured out of Cukur on the pretext to collect a file on Cengiz Erdenet from the daughter of the murdered Fazil. This piece of news was like a bee being drawn to honey. Emir could not resist the desire to get the file. To do this he would have to leave the security of Cukur. Emir sneaks away avoiding Mahsun and Metin as he leaves the house. What Emir cannot know is that Arik is luring him into his web.

Emir knows he is in trouble when he arrives at the meeting place to find Nouran and Arik waiting for him. Arik kills him with one bullet. In the shadows Murtaza lurks watching through the darkness. That night, Murtaza guides Arik and his men into Cukur where they place Emir’s body for all to see.

Emir’s wife gives Yamac her husbands journal with all the evidence he had collected on the Erdenet’s throughout the years. She asks Yamac to continue what her husband started and take revenge for her.

Cengiz is quite happy with the job that Arik completed when he killed Emir. Cengiz now has to fill the position that Fazil held as right hand man to Cengiz. Arik does not want the job but Cengiz may place demands upon him to accept and Arik is not strong enough to go against his father.

It is in the foyer of the Erdenet business holding that Yamac finds Arik. Yamac is fuelled with anger after Emir’s funeral. A savage fight breaks out.

The fight stops when Cumali and Salih turn up to save their brother. Cengiz Erdenet made no attempt to stop the fight but rather enjoyed the savagery.

At the Coffee House, Yamac reads Emir’s journal and asks Meke to find Alico for him.

Our next scene shows the Erdenet trucks which have been fully loaded with drugs hidden in food stuffs and children’s toys. The trucks hit the road but are intercepted by Yamac and his men.

The Erdenets once again have been stopped from delivering their drugs. The Kocovali’s recovered a huge amount of pure Cocaine from the bust and they know there will be repercussions for what they have done. All the same they must show the Erdenets that they will continue to fight against the movement of drugs in Istanbul.

They send a clear message to Cengiz and Arik as they are out in a car. They drive right into Yamac’s awaiting ambush. Their car is surrounded on all sides. Yamac himself stands in the middle of the road and blocks their way. With a smirk on his face Yamac sarcastically tells Cengiz and Arik that he thinks the weather is changing and it is going to snow. With that their car is covered by powdered Cocaine falling from above .

Cengiz and Arik gaze out of the car window to see all the Kocovali brothers united against them.

Cengiz gives his son an order. He likes what he sees in young Yamac and tells Arik, “I want this kid.” Arik is quite jealous of the fact that his father is wanting to recruit Yamac into his organisation. He may even offer him Fazil’s position as his right hand man.

Cengiz telephones Yamac and asks him to meet him in his office that morning. Yamac obediently agrees. Cengiz welcomes Yamac and offers him a place beside him like that of a son. Yamac’s answer to him is short but to the point, “I have a father”. He then turns and walks out of his office.

Although Arik has told him that he is wasting his time trying to recruit Yamac, Cengiz does not want to give up trying. He sees that Yamac could be very useful to them and very much worth the effort.

Meanwhile, Murtaza has given Arik a file on Yamac. He browses through the pages looking for something he can use against him. He comes across a USB with a recording made by Timsah before he died. He views the surprising footage of Yamac killing his father. Arik sees this as the perfect emotional bomb to place into the lap of the Kocovali brothers.

The USB is driven into Cukur by Nouran. Cumali is the only brother at the Coffee House when she arrives. Nouran acting as a courier presents Cumali with a laptop complete with the USB . The unsuspecting Cumali returns inside the Coffee House carrying the computer and later views its content.

It is some time later that Yamac returns to Cukur. He hears from his men that Cumali has gone completely crazy and is out of control. Yamac slowly enters the Coffee House to see a murderous look on his brother’s face. Yamac has never seen him like this and knows that the intensity of his anger means something major. He looks at the damage inside the Coffee House and sees the laptop lying on the floor. Cumali screams at him to sit down. In a child like way Yamac immediately obeys him. Cumali then walks up to him and stares closely into his face. He asks him a question, “Did you kill my father?”

At that moment Yamac feels an internal release. The secret that has tormented him for so long is no longer keeping him an emotional prisoner. He watches as his brother weeps in front of him with heart breaking sobs. He is also drawn to tears himself as he answers his brothers question with a “Yes.” Cumali shakily but calmly walks up to his youngest brother and kisses him on the forehead and then backs away.

Over time there has been many times that Yamac has wanted to die or has tried to kill himself . He has always been looking for that wonderful release from the torture of guilt he has felt since killing his father. He now stands in front of his brother ready to receive the punishment he feels he so readily deserves. He opens his arms wide offering himself as a perfect target and smiles at his brother welcoming his punishment. Cumali raises his gun and stands firm, aims and shoots his brother.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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