Welcome to this week’s episode of Cukur.

The summary this week is delightful. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world our episode this week is carried out skilfully under lockdown. It delivers comedy as well as reminiscence keeping us up to date as to what has gone on in our last episodes of Cukur.

Vartolu Saadettin is still in jail. He is frustrated that he hasn’t been released yet. He tells Yamac to hurry up and get him out.

Celasun. Medet, Meke and Metin are all at home in lockdown and are joined together via their mobile phones to communicate just as they would do at the Coffee House. The topic of their discussion is the new stranger in Cukur, Arik Boke Erdenet. All their investigations have led to a dead end. Although Medet tells them that he believes he breeds horses. They will soon find out that Arik Boke is the younger brother of Cagatay Erdenet.

Azer and Karaca continue to draw closer together even though Yamac in last week’s episode has told the family that Karaca will marry Celasun. At this time I doubt Azer knows about this. Azer asks Karaca to make the decision and run away from home and come to him.

Yamac is trying to find a way that he and his brothers can have a closer relationship and at least talk to each other. Salih tells Yamac to consult a Psychiatrist which he does. The consultation takes place online but I am sure at the end of the consultation the outcome will be that all the brothers are crazy and they like it that way.

Akin calls his old girlfriend Songul.

WALL GRAFFITI: Baykal is gone but the virus is still here.

Arik Boke is placed in charge of the Cagatay Erdenet business. His brother Cagatay Erdenet leaves on a prolonged holiday to escape prison. He tells his brother to take down Yamac Kocovali and Cukur and to keep an eye on Efsun for him.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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