Welcome to this week’s episode of Cukur.

We left Yamac and Salih last week shaking hands in victory after Emir (the journalist) had given Yamac a USB containing all the evidence he had acquired to put Cagatay away in prison.

In our opening scene in this episode we can see Cagatay arriving for a planned meeting with a Russian drug lord but surprisingly he is met by Salih dressed in a Russian coat and hat. (Salih shows us a comical character in this scene who is cheeky to boot. I had to chuckle to myself as I was writing this summary.) Salih greets Cagatay on behalf of his brother Yamac Kocovali. Cagatay is arrested by the Commissioner of Police, handcuffed and led away whilst Yamac and Mahsun watch from a hiding place not too far away.

Our episode now switches to 12 hours previously.

The scene opens with a worried and stressed looking Yamac who is in a room pouring over piles of paper work. Salih looks at his little brother and tells him not to worry as it will be all be over soon. If you remember last week Yamac only had 24 hours by the Police Commissioner to find enough information to convict Cagatay. He is now sifting through all Cagatay’s business/computer files looking for crucial evidence.

Meanwhile his brothers, Selim and especially Cumali do not like sitting back and waiting before they can attack Cagatay.

Yamac puts the pressure on Emir the journalist to try and bring forward the name of Cagatay’s contacts who have gone into partnership with Cagatay. Emir gives him the name of Boris Kornicevski, a Russian, whom Cagatay has recently worked with. (In the first scene of this episode we saw comical Salih sporting a Russian coat and hat. Obviously Boris is stripped of his clothing as we go further into our episode.) Emir tells Yamac that he is not aware of when they will be moving their next drug shipment. Yamac tells him not to underestimate him. He will find out and then they will catch Cagatay in the act.

Yamac decides to go after Boris Kornicevski and asks Alico with his photographic memory to filter through the paperwork and find out where he is located. It doesn’t take Alico long to come up with the goods.

Yamac is told by Celasun that he saw Karaca and Azer were seen together outside the Kocovali mansion.

Yamac receives a call from Cagatay telling him that his 24 hours is nearly over and for him to deliver his brother Cumali to him or he will come and take him.

Cagatay asks for “The Wolf” to be contacted to help him take care of Cumali Kocovali. (At this stage we do not know who “The Wolf” is.) He also interrogates Murteza. He doesn’t believe that he only came upon Cagatay at the accident site by chance. He orders Murteza to be taken to a warehouse for questioning.

Cumali has to be followed everywhere for his own good. He is protected by Mahsun but there is a price on his head. They both narrowly escape being killed by Cagatay’s men but the Karakuzu’s save their lives.

Yamac and Salih stakeout the Russian’s home. Yamac follows him in his car to a warehouse. Unfortunately Boris and his men are waiting on him. Yamac is captured.

Boris calls Cagatay and asks him if all is in readiness for their drug transfer that evening. At first Cagatay declines attending but Boris tells him he had better turn up as he has a gift for him, Yamac Kocovali! The temptation is too much for Cagatay he agrees to meet with him.

Salih has just realised that Yamac has not returned to the Russian household after seeing Boris return home. He comes to his aid accompanied by Alico and his snipers rifle. Salih and Alico pick them off one at a time and Boris is taken prisoner. Salih questions Boris and he willingly gives him the address where Yamac is being held. He tells Salih that his brother will be given to Cagatay as a gift that evening at the drug delivery.

Unfortunately Boris goes for his pistol and the quick actions of Alico saves Salih’s life as he delivers a fatal bullet to Boris. Salih turns to Alico and says, “What are we going to do now. We haven’t got our Russian?” (We now know why our first scene of this episode showed Salih dressed in a Russian coat and hat.)

Murteza has been caught out messaging the Kocovali brothers by Cagatay. He has been placed in a warehouse where Cagatay questions him. Never-the-less Murteza is able to lie and set up Cagatay just as Yamac asked him to.

Mahsun is sent by Salih to rescue Yamac from his Russian captors.

Once he is rescued Yamac calls the Police Commissioner . He invites him to join in the action that evening and to catch Cagatay with his hands dirty receiving a delivery of drugs from Boris the Russian. Unfortunately for Cagatay doesn’t get to meet his Russian partner. In his place is Salih dressed in Boris’s coat and hat. Salih gives Catagay his salutations and then the salutations of his brother Yamac Kocovali with the help of a song by Kiraz Aldim Dikmenden.

The sting was successful and the Police Commissioner finally gets his hands on Cagatay . He is led away in handcuffs.

Yamac and Mahsun watch from a distance with satisfaction as their trap was set and their prey caught but unfortunately they see Salih being handcuffed and led away also. Salih had sacrificed himself for the success of their trap after Alico had killed Boris by turning up dressed as a Russian. Although Yamac petitions the Police Commissioner with reference to Salih it will be a while before he can get him released.

Meanwhile at home Efsun watches on television as Cagatay is arrested. The journalist makes sure that the public know that Cagatay tried to blame all drug movement on Cukur but now the truth has been exposed.

Efsun gets a surprise visit from Yamac but it is not the loving rendezvous that Efsun was expecting. Yamac confronts her about disobeying him and being involved in getting Cagatay to contact Murteza so quickly. He demands she tells him what her involvement was.

Efsun tells him that she only talked to Cagatay but he did try to kiss her twice. She tells him that he has no right to question her when he goes home and sleeps with another woman. She makes sure he knows that whatever she does it is only for him.

Our episode now switches to Arik Boke who is Cagatay’s step-brother and who is played by Baris Arduc. (Our series is now elevated to a new level with this great actor. Unfortunately he plays the part of a criminal. Most of our members may remember Baris in the popular series Kuzgun which is on our Turk-Flix website.)

Arik in this scene shows us that he is a horse lover and owns stables breeding thoroughbred horses. He will not and cannot stand cruelty to horses. His love for them is evident.

Meanwhile at the Kocovali mansion the brothers get into a fight with each other mainly due to not being told the details of how Cagatay was going to be taken down. Cumali and Selim want Cagatay dead period. Neither understand their brother’s wisdom in only sending him to jail.

To put them in the picture Yamac takes them to the local soccer grounds where he has Emir the journalist presents the history of the Erdenet family who is ruled by Cengiz Erdenet. Cengiz likes to keep him and his business empire looking clean and healthy. He does not like a bad profile.

Emir educates the Kocovali’s in the fact that Yamac is the only person who has been able to link legally the Erdenet family to drug running. Up until now they have had a spotless run. He makes Cumali and Selim understand that they would lose their lives and the lives of their family if the power of the Erdenet family is not stopped legally.

On the whiteboard Emir shows the family tree. Cagatay and his younger brother Arik Boke and Ogeday (who is Cagatay’s step-brother) along with his younger brother Kulkan. They have different mothers but the same father he tells them.

Emir gives the Kocovali’s the history of the Erdenet family. Cengiz Erdenet is responsible for 80% of all drugs brought into Turkey . The approximate amount is 30 tons per month. He likens himself to Genghis Khan and he has named his sons after him. The very name Erdenet comes from a city in Mongolia itself.

Although the Erdenet family professes to come from Mongolia, in fact they derive from Afyon . (WRITERS NOTE: Afyon is a province located in Turkey in the inner mountainous regions of Anatolia. It acts as a gateway to the Aegean sea.)

Cagatay is Cengiz Erdenet’s son. He does all the dirty work and the name of Erdenet is known differently in circle above and below ground.

The legal business lies with Ogeday who is the CEO of Erdenet Medicines and Chemicals. Ogeday being Cagatay’s step-brother tries to keep the Erdenet family name away from the drug running business . Unfortunately he is reliant on his father’s drug money.

Cagatay wants his step-brothers legal part of the family business closed down but he cannot go against his father as Cengiz as he launders all the drug money within the legal part of the Erdenet business.

Emir tells the Kocovali’s that it is here where the family conflict lies.

Cumali tells Yamac that he should have let him kill Cagatay instead of just putting him in prison. Emir corrects Cumali and tells him that what Yamac has done he has tried to do for years.

Everyone that does something illegal in Turkey knows that the Erdenet family deals in drugs but they cannot speak out as they are too scared. Yamac now has linked the name of Erdenet with drugs for the first time in 115 years.

Emir tells Cumali and Selim that the Erdenet family cannot be taken down just by killing Cagatay.

Cumali and Selim believe that taking down the Erdenet family it is a mammoth task and far too big for the likes of the Kocovali’s.

Emir tells Yamac that with Cagatay in police custody he should take his wife and children back home. Yamac tells him to stay in Cukur a little longer as Cagatay has very deep roots and he and his family are still not safe. Emir agrees to stay in Cukur a little longer.

Yamac sends Celasun to the Kocovali mansion to keep an eye on Karaca. She continues to speak with Azer on the telephone. Celasun is to report if they try to make contact.

Arik receives a call from Cengiz his father.

As he speaks with Cengiz you get the impression that his son is a little scared of him and that something has transpired between them previously to break trust. Arik tells his father that he has a solution to his problem and although he screwed up previously he won’t this time. He promises his father that he can take care of his problem and looks proud that he has been given another chance.

Karaca asks Nehir to help her sneak out of the mansion. She tells Nehir that if she doesn’t help her then she leaves her no choice other than to run away with Azer. Nehir agrees but knows that her help can get her into bad trouble if she is found out. As fate will have it Celasun turns up looking for Karaca and watches as she sneaks out of the mansion and meets Azer. He hates the thought of reporting her to Yamac as he watches them draw closer together but he has no other choice. He tells Yamac that he see that the couple have a loving bond between them.

Yamac has drawn close to a disabled boy named Aykut. On this day he takes Aykut out in his wheelchair. Aykut has an great knowledge of the movements of the Cukur neighbourhood. He watches everybody and everything from his bedroom window. Aykut tells Emmi that he sees him wandering around his street each morning at about 3.00 am. Emmi is told that he looks disorientated and lost. It comes as a surprise to Emmi he had no idea that he wanders at night.

Yamac holds a football game at the Cukur soccer field to help his brothers off load a bit of their anger. “The winner gets to slap the loser in the face“ says Yamac. Young Aykut is brought to watch the brothers having fun and after a while a large audience is collected.

Yamac uses the soccer field as a platform to tell his brothers and the neighbourhood to stand up and be counted as men. He uses Aykut as an example of a man who does not give up hope even with his disabilities.

The Journalist records his findings on the neighbourhood of Cukur. He comments on how he has made new friends in Cukur and how they have protected him and his family. He records how the men of Cukur take care of each other like a big family, even the young men who have been addicted to drugs are helped to be made healthy again. He goes on to tell his audience that he sees the Lord of Cukur just like any other man.He sells vegetables to his community just like his father did before him.

At a family dinner Yamac drops the bombshell to the family that he has decided that Karaca and Celasun will be married. Not a sole objects, not even Celasun and Karaca. This is the first time anybody has heard of it but nobody is aware that Karaca has been sneaking out.

At the police station Cagatay Erdenet has used his powerful contacts in getting acquitted of any involvement in the drug bust. He is released.

He enters his office at home to find his father waiting for him. He then enters another room and with a smile on his face welcomes his brother Arik. He tells Arik that he has to get out of the country for a while and asks him to take care of the Kocovali’s and to make them suffer for what they have done to him and the family.

Cagatay tells his brother that Cengiz Erdenet has decided to give him a second chance and for him not screw it up.

Finally, he asks Arik to take care of Efsun for him but only until he comes back.

Arik has a big smile on his face as he readies himself for his task. He later is seen walking down the streets of Cukur towards the Coffee House.

Yamac on hearing that he has a visitor makes his way to the Coffee House where he is greeted by Arik Boke Erdenet who offers him his hand. Yamac with a smirk on his face places his hand in his.

Arik sarcastically gives Yamac his brother’s best wishes.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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