Welcome to this week’s episode of Cukur.

At the closure of last week’s episode Yamac had been arrested. We also saw Cumali carrying his wife out of Cagatay’s office after she had thrown blood stained rags at him indicating that she had lost her baby.

This week’s first scene shows Cumali arriving home with the unconscious form of his wife in his arms. He doesn’t allow anybody to touch her and tenderly undresses her and washes her body. She is medically cared for by Uncle Selami the Veterinarian/Surgeon.

As we know Cumali is not the type to remain calm. He will take revenge no matter what, it is not “If” but “When”. Selim knows him so well and hopes he will be able to stop him somehow.

Meanwhile at the police station Yamac is being interrogated by the Commissioner about the explosion.

Outside the interrogation room Salih sits nervously waiting for news of his little brother. He also has Mahsun with him. Mahsun tells Salih that they will have to get Yamac out of the police station quickly or their plan will be found out. (At this stage we do not know what the plane is but it most certainly has something to do with Cagatay.) What we do know is that the plan was devised before Yamac was arrested.

Back at the Kocovali mansion Nehir has found out that Karaca crept out . She keeps this a secret to herself in protection of Karaca. Meanwhile at a Kebab House, Karaca is being wined and dined by Azer.

Azer has fallen heavily for Karaca and he tells her that he is not scared to love her whether in war or peace. She tells him that she wishes the situation was different.

Later that evening it is Celasun who is on a normal security walk around the mansion who sees Azer’s car parked near the gates of the mansion. He is shocked when he sees Karaca inside the car and more shocked when he sees Azer kiss her hand and in return she strokes his face.

Also that evening Murteza is attacked at home by Mahsun and Salih. We haven’t seen Murteza for many episodes. It is obvious that he is required for Yamac’s future plan. Salih reminds him that they know that he killed Senol and his life rests in his own hands. If he plays along with them then well and good but if he betrays them he will pay for it with his life. To show they mean business he will be shadowed by four of the remaining Karakuzu’s who will kill him if he puts one step out of place. Under pressure Murteza agrees to do whatever Salih wants.

In our episode last week we saw Cagatay visit Efsun and force a kiss upon her which upsets her. What we didn’t see was Yamac watching through a window. The sight of Cagatay forcing himself on her angers him . He tells her that she will not have to put up with Cagatay much longer as he has a plan and everything is going well. He tells her the only thing missing is inside knowledge with regard to Cagatay. Efsun wants to help him and offers herself as a means to get to Cagatay. to do what they want. Beside he trusts her already.

Yamac refuses to place her in danger. He tells her that he has Murteza lined up for the job. Efsun reminds him that he cannot just send Murteza in, he will have to be invited by Cagatay. He reminds her that he will deal with it and gathers her into his arms and kisses her.

Never-the-less, Efsun does stick her nose into Yamac’s business and turns up uninvited to Cagatay’s office. Once she has his confidence she encourages him to take on Murteza as replacement for Fatih.

We are now back in present time with Yamac still at the police station and in the Interrogation Room. The Commission owns up to having made the anonymous report himself.

The Commissioner confides to Yamac that he and Emir (the Journalist) were fighting to convict Cagatay as the major drug runner in Istanbul. Now he has to work alone to try and make the conviction. He tells Yamac that as Cagatay has now made Yamac his target, he wants to enlist his help in taking him down. If Yamac helps him out then he will buy himself freedom from any future investigation by the police. The Commissioner confides to Yamac that if they don’t stop Cagatay, nobody will.

Medet who has been on surveillance duty over night outside Timsah’s home brings Salih the news that Timsah is now at home and alone. This brings a smile to Salih’s face. They have unfinished business with Timsah.

Just as Yamac and Salih hoped, Cagatay contacts Murteza and invites him to work with him and take Fatih’s place. This contact is just what they hoped for.

Cumali sits at Damla’s bedside where he has been since he carried her home. She has not spoken of her trauma to anyone but does tell Cumali that she wanted the baby mostly for him. A baby would give him a reason not to place himself in danger and to stay out of jail.

Cumali leaves his wife at the mansion. One look at his face tells us he has made up his mind to exact his revenge. Selim has been watching him like a hawk and has been waiting for this moment. He sets guards at the gates but Cumali barges his way through. He hasn’t gone far before he meets with Meke and a gang of Cukur men sitting in the middle of the road and blocking his way.

Selim hits him over the head rendering him unconscious to stop his rampage.

Salih and Medet have found Timsah and they shoot their way into his mansion . Our comical hood of course has run away and they pursue him.

After searching the woods for hours they find him lying on top of a concrete bunker with his head phones in his ears. Salih has no patience for his smart mouth and puts a bullet between his eyes.

Cumali has been locked up for his own good. He is awake and not a very happy Chappy. He bashes at the door but Selim and his men stand guard over him and keep him a prisoner for his own good but he escapes after faking a fire and steals a 4 x 4 and heads out of town.

Yamac is finally released from jail. He firstly meets up with Murteza who tells him that he has already had a meeting with Cagatay. Yamac believes that he must have had inside help from Efsun to get an invitation from Cagatay so quickly.

Yamac is advised that Cumali has escaped. Having the need to find Cumali and requiring the help of Murteza, Yamac hides him in the car boot. He cannot take the chance that Cagatay will see Murteza as he wants him to gain his trust.

Emmi believing that he has not got long to live brings a letter to Alico to give to Yamac in case something should happen to him.

Meanwhile, Cumali follows Cagatay’s car in his stolen 4 x 4. Cumali continues to chase down Cagatay’s car and enters into a gun fight at speed. He is successful in overtaking his car and with one broadside pushes Catagay’s car off the road and down a hill where the car rolls out of control until it reaches the bottom.

On top of the hill Cumali continues to fight off Cagatay’s guards until he runs out of ammunition but by this time Yamac has caught up with him and takes out all he remaining guards.

Cumali stands on the edge of the hill . He can see Cagatay crawling out of his broken car. He reloads to take aim once more but fortunately Yamac intervenes and knocks him unconscious.
With the help of Murteza they load Cumali into the boot of Yamac’s car. He then sends Murteza down the hill to rescue Cagatay ensuring Cagatay will continue to trust Murteza.

Meanwhile Yamac has taken his older brother where he cannot escape him and where he can talk to him. He tells Cumali that he has told him that he is going to take Cagatay down but he has to trust him.

The next scene is very sad . Cumali breaks down and tells Yamac that he was overjoyed in the hope that he was going to be a father. He tells him that he even went to his father’s grave site to tell him how proud he felt. Up to now he says, everyone has called me a maniac or crazy but now he had a reason to live and to stay out of jail. Now that joy, that new life , has been taken from him by Cagatay. The brothers take hold of each other and cry. Afterwards Cumali is taken home.

Outside his front door Yamac receives a call from Cagatay. Yamac had hoped that Cagatay had not seen his brother at the accident but he was wrong, Cumali was seen. Cagatay tells Yamac that, “Under normal circumstances the person who is the target gets to kill his attacker. In this case you have 24 hours to bring him to me”.

Yamac tells Cumali nothing about the phone call and gets in his car and drives out of the mansion gates. He hasn’t gone far before the Commissioner pulls him over with his police car. He also gives Yamac 24 hours to give him Cagatay before he will hand over security footage of him outside the journalists house.

24 hrs, 24 hrs, 24 hrs repeated Yamac to himself. “Everyone wants 24 hrs.”

Yamac is joined by Mahsun and they proceed to a unit in Cukur. When the door is opened they are confronted by Emir the journalist obviously fit and well after Mahsun saved him and his family from the explosion.

Yamac tells him that he wants everything he has against Cagatay because the time has come to use it. Emir gives Yamac a USB containing all the financial and business information that pertains to Cagatay and his drug dealings. Yamac offers Emir the opportunity to live in Cukur and learn from the people about the neighbourhood. He is invited to write about what he sees. Emir agrees.

Later that evening Yamac meets with the brother who’s counsel he respects the most, Salih. He shows him the USB and tells him “I have our prey”.

The brothers clench fists together in a gesture of victory.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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