Welcome to this week’s episode of Cukur.

In our last episode we heard Emmi tell Yamac to take two steps backwards, have patience and wait until the time is right . Yamac does not want to place Cukur in danger any more and he knows that at this stage Cagatay is too powerful for him to handle. He accepts a coin from Cagatay which means that Cagatay can call on him at any time and Yamac has to obey.

Yamac tells his brothers that he will use the situation to his own benefit and then he will strike. His brothers have both told him that they will also take a step backwards.

Cagatay has sent envelopes to both Selim and Akin containing photographs of an unknown man. Selim managed to save Akin seeing what his envelopes contained. At this stage we do not know who the young man is or where he fits into our series but we do know that Selim burns his photographs so nobody can see them. Cagatay continues to threaten Selim with the lives of his children if he doesn’t bow down to him.

Cumali has lost his composure since Damla has been sent back to prison especially now she is pregnant. Cagatay calls him and in his sly way asks to meet with him face to face. Cumali is a bit of a loose canon and doesn’t go quietly. He is angry and shoots his way into Cagatay’s mansion. He is finally caught by Cagatay’s guards who use a taser to stop his attempt at killing Cagatay. He awakes to find himself tied to a chair yelling and screaming. He is injected with a tranquilliser and dumped on the streets of Cukur.

Yamac gets the cold shoulder from the Cukur neighbourhood as many are out of work and there is little food on the table. Not to mention the sons who are now drug dependent.

Damla in prison is not having any luck. She continues to have stomach cramps. Cagatay visits her in jail. Damla is courageous and tells Cagatay that if he had any balls he wouldn’t use a woman to threaten her husband. He sarcastically congratulates her on her pregnancy. He leaves her shaken by his visit.

Cagatay calls Yamac and asks him to undertake a special mission for him. He makes sure that Yamac understands that Cukur does not belong to him any longer . He makes sure he lets Yamac know that he has unfinished business with Cukur and if he thinks that bowing down to him was a piece of cake then he needs to think again. There is no agreement between them.

Yamac’s mission involves a journalist who threatens Cagatay on television and in newspapers. He has put a contract on him and Yamac is to kill him as soon as possible.

Yamac asks his brothers to step up and watch over the neighbourhood. He asks Salih to take care for the young drug addicts he has locked up and Selim to watch over Metin who is drying out from his drug addiction.

Karaca has been smitten by Azer and is on her mobile phone to him all the time.

Cumali gets a sarcastic telephone call from Cagatay who just wants him to know that he has been visiting his wife and that he knows that she is pregnant. Cumali’s rage boils up within him. I am sure his sarcasm will get him a bullet one day. Cagatay invites him to his home for dinner and to show him that he has the power, tells him he will have his wife taken out of prison to join them.

At the home Efsun gets a visit from Cagatay who has turned her home into a prison like yard. She feels restricted by the guards he has placed at her front door. Cagatay also turns up to act like her guardian. She makes sure he understands that she is not a kitten and does not require a protector or anybody to take care of her. She tells him to get rid of the guards.

Her rejection of his dominance offends Cagatay and he tells her that she has led him on and he feels she has something that she is not telling him. (It could be that she is sleeping with his enemy.) She tries to dismiss him but with a vice like grip he grabs her arm with such a force that it hurts her. She tells him that he is hurting her. He looks deep within her eyes and tells her in a threatening manner that it would be like torture for him if he did hurt her.

She does not take his threats lightly. Her face changes and her gaze challenges his. She answers him, “No matter what the situation I will never allow you to hurt me.”

Cagatay is not bothered by her response. He tells her he loves the challenge she gives him. He bends down and places his lips on hers.

Meanwhile, Yamac makes a move to make contact with the journalist that he is supposed to kill. Yamac likes him and the journalist recognises Yamac straight away and is honoured to meet him. They begin to converse. The journalist tells Yamac that he can’t understand how drugs have got into Cukur. He shows Yamac a packet of drugs that he purchased that day in his neighbourhood. He tells Yamac that the drugs are the same as Cagatay uses.

The Journalist tells Yamac that he is disappointed in him letting drugs get into Cukur and that he is glad that his father never saw the day. He also tells Yamac that he knows that he is there to kill him and that Cagatay had sent him. He looks straight into his eyes and says, “I’m not scared of you.” Yamac invites him to meet him at 8.30am the next morning when he will take him into Cukur.

On leaving the Journalist Yamac runs into Fatih. Fatih had been secretly watching Yamac and of course will report back to Cagatay when the job is done. To make Fatih believe that he is going to kill the journalist he shows him a bomb being placed under the Journalists’s car and the trigger which he has in his pocket. Fatih seemed satisfied.

Salih has been left in charge of the young drug takers in Cukur. He uses the Vartolu approach to get their attention which drags out the name of Fahri as the drug dealer in Cukur, with a little more persuasion they tells him where he lives.

Nehir happily does time in Yamac’s bedroom surrounded by photo’s of Sena and Yamac together. She tells Karaca that she is all alone in this world and she is not used to a big family. She certainly feels special when Sultan brings her a tray of food.

Yamac takes an opportunity when he gets home that evening to talk to Nehir . Before he begins he apologises to Nehir for everything that has happened. He tells her that he needs time to pull himself together and she was right that they did share the same dream together of her nursing his baby.

Yamac is honest with her and tells her that he is scared of being a father and she admits that she is also scared of being a mother.

That evening outside the journalists home Fatih sets his own trap for the journalist and Yamac. He places an explosive device of his own underneath the journalists car. Obviously not trusting that Yamac will do the job and wanting to play s sadistic game himself.

Azer puts the pressure on Karaca to meet him that night. Karaca plans to sneak out.

Selim visits Metin and finds out that he is a drug addict. He leaves him a gun to kill himself as the means of as quick way to die. He tells him living life controlled by drugs is a slow death.

Salih drags Fahri into the Coffee House to question him about the drugs he deals on the streets to the young men of Cukur. Fahri blames the Kocovali’s for everything. Fahri tells Salih that it is Fatih who gives him the drugs. It is of no surprise to Salih that Fatih is involved.

Damla is restless in prison after speaking with Cumali on the telephone. She knows Cumali well. He finds it hard not to kill Cagatay because of what he could do to harm Damla.

Damla on the other hand finds little peace in prison and her body is wracked with anxiety thinking of what could happen between the two men. Cumali is unpredictable just like his brother. She spends a sleepless night which brings on more stomach pain in the morning.

At 8.30am the next morning Yamac heads for the journalist’s home. The journalist now has two explosives under his car.

Yamac sits in his car and watches from the road as the Journalist leaves his house with his children. Out of the corner of his eye Yamac spies Fatih. Fatih takes out his explosive device in readiness to trigger the bomb even though the children are close by. Yamac knocks him to the ground but Fatih still is able to set off the explosion. The journalist is killed.

Yamac is incensed by Fatih’s actions. He takes his gun and shoots him dead.

He then places Fatih on his shoulder and heads for Cagatay’s home where he carries the dead body of Fatih and places it at his feet.

Yamac tells Cagatay that if he asks him to do a job then he has to trust him. He tells him that if he ever sends anybody to check on him again they will also suffer the same consequences. Yamac turns and walks away.

Meanwhile in the Kocovali household, Karaca prepares to meet with Azer. She creeps out of the house and takes the same escape path as she did when she and Aksin used to secretly meet with Celasun. She climbs through the wire fence and runs to meet Azer .

In Cukur, Yamac drives down the street to see police cars parked outside the Coffee House. On getting out of his car he is arrested for the murder of the journalist. Obviously Cagatay once again is using his powerful connections to show Yamac that he cannot be messed with.

At the same time Cumali and Selim approach Cagatay’s house. Cumali has a dinner date with Cagatay and he has been told Damla will be there. Cumali knows he will be searched for a gun so he places a hand grenade in his coat pocket. He walks into the mansion grounds and into the house. His presence is announced to Cagatay.

Cumali enters his office and asks, “Where is my wife?” Cagatay nods to the office door and Damla walks in. One look at her and you can see that she is in a weakened state. She walks up to Cagatay and throws a blood stained sheet at his feet and falls unconscious on the floor. The telltale sign that she has lost her baby. Cumali stares at his wife lying on the floor and the colour drains from his face. He bends down and picks her up and walks out of the mansion.

Cagatay stands watching the scene from the top of the stairs as Cumali carries his wife to safety. I am sure he knows that he will see Cumali again. Cumali is not the type to not take his revenge.

Let’s see what this amazing Series has to offer us in our next episode. Cumali still has that hand grenade in his pocket and will not sit back quietly and let Cagatay hurt his family.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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