Welcome to this week’s episode of Cukur.

We left Yamac last week on the telephone talking to Cagatay. Cagatay had told him that he had brought drugs into Yamac’s own back yard.

Cagatay was right, it is not longbefore Yamac finds the young men of Cukur high after buying drugs on the streets of Cukur. Up until now Cukur had been drug free and the young men tell Yamac that all these things have happened because he left them and Cukur.

At the hospital Yamac off loads the hurt he feels onto Emmi. The respected elder tells Yamac that the streets are full of Cukur brothers but they are lacking the guidance of a ruling father who no longer exists since Idris died. Yamac tells him that he cannot fill his fathers shoes or the place of respect that Idris had in Cukur, nor does he know how to be a father. Emmi tells him that the whole of Cukur was Idris’s family.

He tells Yamac that Idris would always say that the more you expand your territory the more separate you become from the Cukur family. Emmi tells him to take 2 steps back and draw a line and then protect Cukur. He tells him, “Do not let them separate us, Yamac”.

Walking the streets of Cukur Yamac is humbled by a young man who is disabled but still looks up to Yamac as being the head of Cukur. He is given a good lesson in humility by this young man and leaves his house with a new outlook and hope for Cukur. He has the young men who are dependent on drugs locked away and has asked for Metin to be found.

Yamac endeavours to get Damla and Akin out of jail and hires lawyers. He tells them he put them all in this situation and he will now get them out of it.

The Kocovali’s all return home to Cukur for a family dinner. Inside the mansion he sees Saadet for the first time after their long separation.

In his bedroom Yamac tells Nehir that he brought her to his home so he could protect her.

He makes sure she knows what his life is like. He tells her that if she doesn’t like it then she can leave. Nehir tells Yamac that she wants his child because they both had the same dream. She asks him to think about that.

In his fathers office Yamac takes his fathers gun in his hands with pride. His mother enters the room and questions him about Nehir and who she is. He tells his mother that Nehir is a guest in this house because she is carrying his child. This comment satisfies Sultan and she responds with a smile.

At long last Salih and Saadet are left alone to discuss their differences. Salih has been gone for months and she has waited for him every night.

Salih promises her that he will never leave her again.

Karaca and Azer begin to share warm feelings toward each other. It is a volatile situation liaising with the enemy. He tries to stay away from her because he feels the tugging at his heart strings when he looks at her.

Mahsun finally catches up with Remzi who betrayed him when he was Yucel’s right hand man. They fight and what’s left of the Karakuzus are called in to help. The men are actually very happy to see Mahsun who they thought was dead.

Meanwhile Yamac visits Efsun and tells her that he won’t be coming to see her again. “Has something happened,” She asks him. He tells her that he met somebody before her and that is the reason he will not be coming back. (Little does he know that Efsun knows Nehir very well.) He takes her face between his hands and tells her that although he wants to stay he can’t.

He tells her that he is hurt by what he has to do as he loves her but he also has a responsibility to Nehir who is pregnant. As he leaves her home she breaks down and weeps broken heartedly for a love that could have been but now is lost.

The roof is nearly raised by Yamac’s anger when he overhears Azer’s mother and Sultan talking about the possibility that Karaca and Azer love each. They want a marriage to be arranged.

Sultan accepts the thought of marriage between the two families which would continue the peace . Unfortunately Yamac overhears their conversation and with a raised voice (which is so much like his fathers) he tells his mother that Karaca will not be marrying Azer and that she will coming back home.

The Kocovali brothers namely Salih and Selim have been given the task of getting evidence to free Damla and Akin from jail. Cagatay was responsible for placing them in there in the first place by fabricating the evidence. They are successful in obtaining their release.

Yamac keeps the young men of Cukur locked up in the underground warehouse to sober them up and wean them off their drug dependence. He will not let them out until they give him the name of the dealer who brought drugs into Cukur.

Yamac tracks Metin down and locks him away and tells him that he will not get out of the shed until he has withdrawn from the drugs.

Efsun has not been in a good way since Yamac said farewell to her. She drowns her sorrows in the next best thing available, Cagatay. They have a romantic dinner together. Cagatay is definitely smitten by her and she plays his game enticingly.

Cagatay is told by Fatih that the Kocovali’s are beginning to operate again in Cukur and they are moving a shipment of guns. Cagatay doesn’t seem surprised and is waiting for the conflict.

At the Azer mansion Yamac has turned up to give Karaca an opportunity to pack her bags.

He tells her how Azer is a murderer and as she already knows he killed Kemal and nearly killed Cumali. Yamac goes on to tell her that if he told her the other things that Azer had done to her family it would break her heart. He finishes off by saying that if she decides to stay and let Azer into her bed then her days as a member of the Kocovali family have come to an end. His final word to her is in the form of an ultimatum. She either attends the dinner or the doors of the mansion will be closed to her forever.

On the day of her release from jail Damla is met by Cumali and he taken to a quiet rooftop where they cannot be seen by police. This will be first time they have been alone together for quite some time. It is on this roof top that she tells him that she is pregnant and he will be a father.

Azer is not happy when he hears from Karaca that she will be leaving his home. He had just made plans to take her out for a romantic dinner. He sadly thinks to himself that his dream of loving her is over. He drives her home that evening and in the car she thanks him and kisses him farewell.

The Kocovali’s next business plans are put into action. They have two large semi-trailers full of guns to bring across the border and they have made contact with a buyer.
The family hold a celebratory dinner together that evening and for the first time in a very long time the dining table is full. Even Alico has turned up for the event. The evening is made even more special when Karaca turns up at the front door. She can hear laughter and happiness and is given a warm and loving welcome back home. None are aware at the dinner table that there are two pregnant mothers also at their table.

Before going in to dinner Yamac tells Akin that whatever he has done in the past is now forgotten. He tells him that he really needs to trust him now and he needs him by his side.

Both Yamac and Akin have a feeling of guilt whenever they see the photo in the office of Idris and think about the part they both played in his death. Although I don’t think that Yamac knows the depth of Akin’s involvement.

Karaca and Azer still keep in contact by telephone. Azer tells Karaca he will come and get her anytime she wants.

However galant Yamac thinks he is by telling Efsun that he will never visit her again for Nehir’s sake, it doesn’t work. He cannot stay away from her. That evening after the family dinner he breaks his way into her house. She throws herself into his arms as he passionately takes her into the bedroom.

Metin has what seems to be a recovery from his drug taking. Yamac has promised to help him but he does ask him if he is still the same Metin that he can trust. Metin promises him that he is.

The two trucks arranged by the Kocovali’s to transport their guns across the border arrive at a secret location outside of Istanbul. The buyer of the guns turn up as arranged but Yamac is shocked to see it is Cagatay. It seems that Cagatay knows his every move. Not only that, Fatih shows Yamac that unknowingly Cagatay had smuggled drugs across the border in Yamac’s trucks. Yamac feels that Cagatay has shown him that he cannot be defeated.

Cagatay tells Yamac that he only has only been able to do business in Istanbul because he allows him to do it. He warns him that he will continue to lose every time if he continues. He tells him that he allows him to live because he wants to and because he enjoys the game. Yamac tells him “Time will tell”.

To show Yamac that Cagatay means business, Cagatay has once again fabricated evidence and had Damla arrested. Cagatay continues to play a game with them all. Cumali does not take the news easily and breaks down when he hears that his wife and baby will once again be imprisoned.

Metin has broken his promise to Yamac and purchased more drugs. Yamac watches him as he buys more drugs and shoots up. Metin sees Yamac watching him and knows that the brotherly relationship will be over and drugs have won and Yamac cannot trust him any more.

Yamac visits Emmi who is now discharged from hospital. He feels the burden of what he has just been through and what he has seen in Metin. He tells Emmi that everything he touches doesn’t work. Emmi tells him to have patience. He tells him to take a breath until he can see a way and win the game.

Our last scene sees Yamac taking Emmi’s advice and visiting Cagatay. He tells Cagatay he would do battle with him over and over again if it was only the two of them. He admits to Cagatay that he has won for now but as he has Cukur to think about and many more lives he will agree and accept defeat.

Cagatay once again hands him the gold coin that he refused to take many episodes ago. Yamac gazes at it. There is nothing more he can do. He accepts it.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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