Welcome to this week’s episode of Cukur.

We left Yamac last week standing in the middle of the road behind Efsun’s home. He had spent some time with Efsun romantically after he was wounded. Cagatay surprises Efsun and turns up at her house and Yamac had to make a quick getaway. He ends up in the middle of the road surrounded by Cagaty’s armed guards. It is his lucky day, his brothers Cumali and Selim rescue him after they were told by Salih that he was alive.

Efsun heard the gun shots from her house and was concerned that Cagatay’s men may have killed Yamac. She is most relieved to hear that it was Cagatay’s guards who died and not her love.

Cagatay is becoming a little over protective of Efsun. I believe he is developing an affection for her that is certainly not fatherly.

On the way back to Istanbul, the Kocovali brothers run into trouble. They are ambushed by more of Cagatay’s men and have to fight their way out of a dangerous situation. They separate as even more armed men track them down and corner them at the waterfront.

Selim gives the waterfront guard an offer he can’t refuse. Money for the keys of the ferry birthed at the docks. This boat will be used as a means of escape from the armed men who are rapidly on their tail.

The brothers make their way back to Istanbul enjoying a harbour cruise on their way driven by Captain Medet at the wheel.

Meanwhile in Cukur, Alico gets a visit from Nehir. Once again she has come in search of Yamac. Once again she cannot find him. She is becoming emotional not being able to talk with him and share the news that she is pregnant.

Emmi has been admitted to hospital after his heart attack. Although Yamac is the Lord of Cukur, Emmi is a father to many and he has many adopted sons within Cukur. They make their presence felt at the hospital.

Once on the ferry Cumali corners Yamac and beats him for lying to them about being dead. He also let’s Yamac know that Salih had told him that Yamac had found the murderer of Idris and had killed him. It is obvious that Salih is not going to tell his brothers the truth after all.

Cumali is a little jealous that Yamac went to Salih first instead of him. He tells him that he has to now make peace with Selim as hearing of his death traumatised him. He places his arms around his brother to show him that he loves him and will always be there for him.

Selim also gives Yamac a lecture on how he was broken hearted thinking his youngest brother was dead. He is also offended because Yamac didn’t think enough of him to come to him and tell him what was tearing him emotionally apart. Selim tells him that no matter what the wound is that he carries he always wants him to come to him. Yamac asks his brother to forgive him and tells him that the more he tries to protect Cukur the more he falls into a pit.

Salih picks up all his brothers at the wharf and drives them back to Cukur. On the road they learn that Emmi had a heart attack and is fighting for his life in hospital. Yamac decides to go to the hospital. Cumali cannot go as the police are looking for him. It is not safe also for Yamac he has a price of 5,000,000 TL on his head. He makes the journey to the hospital in the boot of the car.

Emmi is still critical when Yamacc arrives at the hospital. Celasun and Meke have been waiting all night for news of his condition. Yamac and Salih make a welcome presence to the worried men.

The Cukur neighbourhood continues to be persecuted for bearing the Cukur tattoo. They are fired from their jobs and nobody will hire them. Fatih tries everything he can to draw all the unemployed in Cukur under his control. He offers them all employment with cash up front to all the young people of Cukur who bear the tattoo. Remembering that his goal is to get them hooked on drugs and thereby destroy Cukur leaving them unprotected by the Kocovali’s.

Meke tells Yamac at the hospital that Cukur has taken a nose dive and it is not the same any more. People are hungry and very poor and the community has weakened. They seem to have no guidance since Yamac has been away. What he is hearing from Meke makes Yamac feel guilty that he has been so caught up in Istanbul with Cagatay etc, that he has neglected Cukur.

Emmi is moved out of ICU and Alico brings the news to Yamac that Nehir has been looking for him everywhere and is sick. Although Yamac has enough on his plate at the present time he leaves to and goes to her unit to meet with her.

It is not long before Nehir finally gets to see Yamac. She yells at him, “Where have you been?” He reminds her that he has never promised her anything and she cannot question him. He also tells her that he is not right in his head and that both of them met in an asylum. So why is she demanding to know where he has been as if she was his wife?

Nehir also agrees with Yamac that she does not see Yamac in her future either . She does own up to having missed him but continues to tell him that this is not the reason why she has been trying to find him. Then “Why” he asks her was it so important? Nehir looks him in the eyes and tells him, “ I am pregnant!”

Mahsun finally recovers at the Vet’s home but is yet to be reunited with his mother.

Emmi recovers consciousness at the hospital. His first visitor is Alico. Emmi learns the bad news about the many unemployed people in Cukur and the unhappiness of its people.

Fathi infiltrates Cukur through Fahri a senior member of Cukur. He tells him to be available on street corners in Cukur whenever they want him.

Back in Nehir’s unit Yamac is shocked by the news that Nehir has just given him. They talk about how they feel about the coming baby. Both feel that they are not in a position to be parents.

Yamac is honest and tells Nehir that he doesn’t want the baby. He cannot be a father. Nehir also agrees that she doesn’t want the baby either. She cannot even take responsibility for herself.

Being a father is what Yamac has always wanted to be but that was before the present situation. Now he is not the same person and he would be too scared of how he would keep a baby alive. He admits to Nehir that every one around him dies. He goes on to tell her that he has no power left and his burdens are a heavy load to bear.

Nehir agrees not to make their decision harder and she will take care of the problem that evening. After Yamac leaves her she breaks down crying over the situation. Then she picks up the telephone and makes a call.

Yamac on the other hand is walking down the street after his meeting with Nehir. The guilt of their decision rips into his soul. He is physically sick with the thought of it.


Whilst walking home from Nehir’s, Yamac is set upon by four men who are wanting to collect 5,000,000 TL. He is saved by Mahsun. Together they clean up the attackers. Mahsun follows Yamac to the waters edge. He takes a seat on the esplanade.

Mahsun thanks Yamac for taking care of his mother while he was sick. He also tells Yamac that he killed his father in front of his mother and she will not forgive him.

Cagatay has finally been successful in getting Fatih to set up drug dealing in Cukur. He uses the Senior member of Cukur called Fabri with an offer of big money after he has been refused employment. Fabri gathers together the young people of Cukur to help distribute the drugs as a means of employment.


The drug free Cukur has now been made into a drug dealing community where the only people becoming addicted are their own family and friends. Although Cukur feels guilty for doing drugs they are now putting food in their refrigerators and feeding their families.

That evening Nehir makes her way to an abortion clinic to deal with the unwanted baby. She is nervous and is prepped for her procedure.

The doctor arrives to begin the procedure but they are disturbed when Yamac bursts into the room. He tells the doctor and staff that the procedure will not be taking place. He has changed his mind and neither Nehir or himself want to go through with it. He looks straight into Nehirs eyes and tells her he has also decided that nobody will hurt his child. He tells them that he promised his father before he died that nobody would hurt one of his grand children.

Our next scene is at the mansion and Sultan opens the door. Yamac and Nehir stand on the doorstep. His mother looks him in the face as her son tells her, “Mother, this is Nehir and she will be staying here from now on”. His mother welcomes Nehir into the mansion.

Yamac then visits Emmi at the hospital. Emmi tells him that he has come to the wrong place and he should have gone to Cukur. “They need you.” He tells Yamac that on the night he had his heart attack he thought Yamac was dead. He pleads with Yamac to go back to Cukur as it is slipping between their fingers. There are so many hurt people there.

He tells Yamac that even if he finds Cagatay and shoots him in the head that more will come after him. He advises Yamac to stand tall so that the people of Cukur can stand strong also.

That night Yamac walks through the streets of Cukur. All he can see are young men high on drugs. He follows them to a roof top where a sad scene meets his eyes. A whole group of young Cukur men are lying on the concrete off their heads on drugs.

His phone rings and Cagatay is on the other end. He speaks to Yamac and goads him by laughing at him. His sneering laughter can be heard by Yamac saying, “You told me that Cukur was drug free, but now take a look around you.”

He tells Yamac that he had hurt him by stopping his drug dealing in Istanbul, but he has now turned that around and placed the drugs in Yamac’s own back yard. He finishes by telling Yamac, “Now deal with it!”

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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