Welcome to another amazing episode of Cukur.

This week’s episode begins with a police raid patrolling Cukur and taking into custody anybody bearing the Cukur symbol.

Nobody escapes the raid. The police look for anything which will help them arrest the men of the neighbourhood. They raid Alico and search his humpy but they did not find his hidden money and gold that he has stashed away.

Next the police go after Akin. Akin in our previous episode had spoken with Cagatay who intimated to Akin that he was aware that he set his grandfather up to be killed, Yucel must have told Cagatay that Akin helped him play his game. Akin has a look of regret on his face knowing that this enemy of Cukur may divulge his secret to his Uncles.

He is escorted by the police back to the police station.

The police use a search warrant to search the Kocovali mansion and then take Ayse, Saadet and Sultan into custody when they will not tell them of Cumali’s whereabouts.

Cagatay has many police officers on his payroll, some very high up. He uses these contacts to make life hard for the Kocovali family. So far not one member of the family have bowed to him and they are making his life complicated.

Fatih brings the news to Cagatay that he believes that Yucel is dead after finding blood traces in his home. Cagatay is impressed by Yamac’s determination. He likens him to an amusement park side show where heads pop up and down and it is hard to shoot the target. Cagatay’s father keeps pushing his son to take control of the situation with the Kocovali’s so he puts a contract out on Yamac’s head. 5,000,000 Million Lire dead.

Meanwhile Yamac dreams of a new life.

Unfortunately it is only a dream. Yamac wakes to find he is back to reality. He leaves a note for Salih when he returns to the room. He tells him that he is right and this life is really not for him. He tells him to keep his brothers out of trouble and that he has decided to remain dead and start a new life. He leaves the safety of Cukur in his brother’s hands. Unfortunately fate thinks otherwise.

Akin calls his father from the police station and tells him that everyone has been arrested including his mother. They have been placed behind bars and will stay that way until Cumali gives himself up. A Lawyer is dispensed immediately to deal with the situation.

Salih hasn’t escaped any of the stress. Medet brings him the news that the whole of Istanbul has been given the mission of killing Yamac on sight for 5,000,000 Lire.

Now Yamac knows nothing about the price that has been put on his head. The first indication that he has a problem is when he goes for a haircut and is confronted by a stranger who puts a gun to his head. After handling the situation in his usual style Yamac gets a call from his brother. He warns him of the contract and to watch out for those who will be out to kill him.

Immediately after the telephone call the second assassin attacks.

After a fearsome battle Yamac is able to escape to the safety of Salih’s car.

Mahsun awakes at the Vet’s surgery. He is very ill and calls for his mother but his mother finds it hard to even look at her son since he killed his father on her doorstep. She is encouraged to at least speak with him.

Karaca hears about the family persecution and wants to leave Azer’s household to go in search of her grandmother. Azer will not allow her to go alone and accompanies her.

That evening Salih and Yamac are attacked by an armed vehicle out to kill Yamac for a contracted price. The occupants of the attacking car rain bullets down upon them hoping to kill Yamac.

After using up all their ammunition, Yamac and Salih decide to make a run for it and split up. They are both placed in a dangerous position with armed men tracking them and no guns. Salih manages to fight his assailant off and him but Yamacis not so lucky. He is shot as he tries to make his escape. Salih calls out for his brother but receives no response.

Celasun introduces himself to Cagatay at the police station. Cagatay refers to Celasun as “my friend”. Celasun tells him that he will never be his friend. Whenever he messes with a Kocovali he messes with the whole of Cukur. Celasun also tells him that Cukur is everywhere and he will find them in the most simplest of things. He tells Cagatay to go away and to think of these things and to keep his eye out. Cagatay smirks at the insignificance of Celasun’s words but as we know Cukur is wider than just a neighbourhood.

Our wounded Yamac turns up at Efsun’s door. She tends him lovingly even knowing that Nahir is pregnant with his child. She can’t help herself. She loves him.

Yamac awakes he reminds Efsun that twice she is taken care of him when he has been injured. He tells her he is confused as he is not sure if she wants to kill him or save him.

Yamac calls Salih to let him know that he is alive. When he tells him that he is with Baykal’s daughter Salih is shocked. Yamac tells him that she is taking care of him and he will call him when he is well. He reminds him not to worry. What Yamac couldn’t know is that Salih is being arrested by the police and will not be able to come to his aid when he rings.

Cagatay is finding out that what Celasun said is true. Cukur is everywhere. At the traffic lights his car is smeared with mud. At the car wash his car is marked with the symbol of Cukur and at his restaurant the symbol of Cukur is on his saucer.

Karaca makes the decision to pack her bags and go back home after hearing about the family being persecuted by the police. Azer protects her though and wont allow her to be in any danger. He believes that Karaca has hidden feelings for him but won’t own up to them. He kisses her to show her that she should stay even if it is only for him.

Medet finds Cumali and Selim after Salih is arrested by the police. (Remember they still believe that Yamac is dead.) He begins to tell them what has been going on.

The wounded soul at Efsun’s house is recovering. Yamac tells her that she can call somebody to have him taken away if she wants. She tells him that she doesn’t want to do that.

After talking for a while they realise that they have been blaming each other for events that have happened when really they never meant to hurt each other. Efsun reveals that she loves Yamac and couldn’t really hurt him.

That night as Efsun checks on Yamac he pulls her into his arms.

He asks Efsun to turn around and face him and when she does he kisses her and holds her close.

Cagatay has been informed by Fatih that most of the individuals arrested in Cukur have been released. Hardly any of them had criminal records and could not be held for long. He tells him that mainly the people of Cukur are from a lower income and have no history of crime. Fatih also tells Cagatay that Cukur is drug free. His response to this is to make it drug friendly and to start moving drugs into the neighbourhood.

All throughout Istanbul when the Cukur tattoo is recognised on an employee those people are persecuted. People lose their jobs because of it.

Yamac has regained a little strength. He turns on the television for the first time in days and is presented with what is going on in Istanbul with regard to the persecution of Cukur.

“How could this happen?” He says. Efsun warns him that this is what happens when you mess with Cagatay.

The Cukur inhabitants take their complaints to Emmi who is at the Coffee House. Emmi looks tired and he hasn’t eaten for a couple of days. He finds it hard to tell them that everything will be OK. He also feels that he has let Cukur down by not being able to protect it.

Emmi walks back through the streets of Cukur on his way back home and takes a heart attack. He falls unconscious onto the darkened streets of his beloved Cukur.

Our last scene sees a disguised Yamac about to leave Efsun’s house. The door bell rings and she opens the door to find Cagatay standing there. He enters the house to find the remnants of the first aid that was administered to Yamac.

Yamac makes his escape into the woods surrounding her property where Cagatay’s men chase him into the middle of the road. He stands surrounded and waiting for them to kill him.

Inside the house Efsun hears gun shots out on the road. Cagatay continues to look at her suspiciously. She is going to find it hard to talk herself out of this one.

Yamac can’t believe his eyes when Cagatay’s men are shot and fall to the ground dead. He turns and sees his brothers Cumali and Selim coming to his aid.

Cumali looks at his brother whom he thought was dead and says, “Let us get out of here and go somewhere so we can talk like brothers.”

I wonder if they know the whole story of how their little brother killed their father? Join me next week as we look forward to anther brilliant episode of Cukur.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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