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The day has come for Salih and Yamac to come face to face over the death of their father Idris.
Salih knows that Yamac killed him but he doesn’t know the circumstances that led up to his death. He has imprisoned Yamac in a jail like cell. Actually it is the same cell that father Idris had locked Salih in, a series or more ago.

Let us continue with this episode to see what are the intentions of Salih/Vartolu are involving his youngest brother. It is thanks to Salih and Mahsun that Yamac is even alive. Yamac lies unconscious in the cell while Salih waits for him to wake up.

As Yamac regains consciousness. He can see Salih sitting outside his cell. “So it is time” says Yamac. “Finally”!

Salih demands Yamac tells him everything but Yamac stands and looks Salih in the eyes and invites him to shoot him and begging him to end his pain. Salih grabs him by the scruff of the neck and tells him, “You will tell me everything.”

Yamac begins to shake, he sweats and hears the terrible ringing in his ears that happens whenever he gets to the emotional place that confront him in remembering his fathers death.

Salih can see that his brother is psychologically in a bad way and he knows that he has to get him to the place where he can tell him what happened. He leaves the door of the cell unlocked and sits waiting for Yamac to come out and sit with him. Eventually Yamac makes his way to sit with his brother and begins telling his story.

He begins at the black envelope they all received that day. Then moves on to the maze of television screens showing the faces of the family with guns to their heads. He continues with the beeping noise that counts down the time when they will all be killed and his father telling him to kill him and Yamac telling his father that he can’t . He tells Salih of him begging his father to kill him first and his father telling him to show him that he is his most courageous son of all and to pull the trigger. All the time a counter beeps as their time runs out.

Salih is taken back at what he hears. He had no idea what Yamac and his father had gone through. Salih still pushes Yamac to own up to having killed his father but Yamac cannot bring himself to say it. Salih continues pushing Yamac to the point of admitting his guilt. This causes Yamac an unbearable pain.

Salih eventually holds him close and makes him speak the words, “I killed our father”. Yamac goes on to tell him in anguish and pain of his burden. Also the fact that he has lost who he really is by carrying the guilt of his actions.

He breaks down and holds his brother close. He is emotionally and psychologically broken.

Yamac tells Salih it was best to just kill him and release him from his pain . Yamac groans as he tells him that he is prolonging his pain. He begs his brother to release him from his agony. “What more do you want from me” ? Says Yamac.

Salih quickly tells him that it is not Salih who was questioning him but Vartolu now and Vartolu wants to take his revenge. Vartolu/Salih tells him that he will not let him kill himself if that is what he wants and he will have to wait a little longer for it.

Vartolu gets Yamac to follow him out of the basement to his car and they leave on a so called road trip. Vartolu to push him mentally until he gives him the full picture of what is going on inside his youngest brother’s head. He believes that Yamac has much mental and emotional trauma leading up to his fathers death and much more following his death also.

Vartolu has found out from Medet that Selim and Cumali believe that Yamac is dead. The good thing is that Cagatay also thinks he is dead.

That evening at dinner Vartolu tells Yamac that he always had a dream of being a teacher. He asks his brother what dreams he has? Yamac replies, “None”. Although he did want to go on a world tour and have 3 children at one stage with his wife Sena. His dreams were swept away when she died.

Vartolu shares with him that he believes that all of the trouble in Cukur happened because of him. Everything was fine until he arrived and involved the drug gangs. Vartolu still believes though that he wouldn’t change anything even if he had to do it all over again.

They continue their evening at the dinner table and share memories. Vartolu believes that Yamac had no other option than to kill his father and to protect his family.

The next morning they continue their journey of self discovery on a road going heading out f Istanbul.

The Kocovali brothers have broken down . They leave their car and begin walking to the nearest town.

The brothers are drawing closer together with more time spent sharing childhood memories. Their genuine affection is evident in their relationship.

Back in Istanbul Cagatay calls Selim and still tries to intimidate him by telling him that he is not like the others. Cagatay awaits news of a funeral for Yamac. He calls for a meeting with Yucel. He wants Yucel to make sure that it really was Yamac who was killed.

Cagatay is beginning to have the feeling that he just might have been fooled by Mahsun. He has no evidence other than the ring that Yamac was dead. There has been no funeral in Cukur.

Salih/Vartolu arrive at a small town called Erdag, (for those of you that have been following the series you will remember when Salih, Saadet and Medet lived in a small house awaiting the arrival of the birth of their son. It was in this town where pregnant Saadet was kidnapped.)

Salih tells Yamac that it is here in this small town that he will continue his story about what happened when he was forced to kill his father.

Yucel has decided that he is going to beat the truth out of Mahsun. Although severely beaten Mahsun holds out and does not tell them that Yamac is still alive.

The arrival of Cagatay changes the mood of Mahsun’s torture. After many more beatings he is asked a question directly, “Is Yamac Kocovali alive?”

Cagatay threatens Mahsun with the death of his mother if he doesn’t own up. Mahsun eventually breaks and tells him that Yamac is still alive.

Our resurrected Yamac is in Erdag with his big brother playing football with the village children. Yamac once again will be pressured by Salih to tell the story of his traumatic journey.

After a rough game of football where Salih took a lot of his frustrations out on his brother throughout the game, Yamac’s patience wears thin. His frustration with Salih grows and he loses his temper. He begs Salih to just kill him and take his revenge.

Revenge is what Salih really wants but he tells his brother that his revenge will not be directed at Yamac but at the person who set him up to kill his father. Salih asks him again, “What did you do?”

Finally Yamac yells at him, “O.K! I killed our father. I did it! I did it! “ This admission draws Yamac to his knees. Heart broken he breaks down and weeps.

He goes on to tell his brother that he carried his dead father on his back after he shot him and then washed his body with his own hands. “I did it! I did it!” He weeps. I buried him in the middle of the night in an empty cemetery with no family. “I did that!”

“Give me my punishment brother” he cries. Salih holds him and tells him that he can never kill him because he saved his son, his wife and all the family by his actions. He relieves Yamac’s self guilt by telling him that he did just what his father asked him to do and he carries the heaviest burden a man can bear because of it.

He enfolds him in his arms and holds him close. He tells him we are brothers and we have a piece of each other inside of us. Salih refers to himself as a bad guy but even he could not have done what Yamac did for the sake of the family. Yamac believes that nobody understands him like Salih does.
Yamac weeps when he tells Salih that he cannot look any of his family members in the eyes nor can he sleep. When he closes his eyes the scene of his father’s death haunts him and his father’s voice taunts him when he says, “Do it, Yamac. Do it! Shoot me for the family’s sake.”

Salih looks at his brave brother and tells him that all he did was what his father told him to do and he should not feel guilt from that. Yamac answers that he will never forgive himself. The Kocovali brothers have never been as close as they are at this moment.

Cagatay believes he has dealt with all his problems. He tells his father so. The pressure from the police is off him with regard to the drugs outside of his office building. He has moved the blame towards the Kocovali’s.

Mahsun had given Cagatay instructions where to find Yamac in the hidden jail in Cukur. Although they cannot find Yamac Fatih orders his man to stay and keep watch and to kill him on sight.

Yamac feels a release after telling his brother everything relating to Idris’s death. Now he fills Salih in on what has been happening after his death. He tells him about Efsun being Baykal’s daughter. How she was using the gold to pay off the gang Lords. He also tells him about Yucel, Azer and Timsah who have joined together to destroy him.

When asked by Salih what revenge has he taken Salih is shocked to hear that none are dead. All three remain alive. Salih applauds Yamac for his stupidity.

Salih makes Yamac understand that he needs to take revenge from these 3 men and punish them for what they have done to him and the members of the family. They have killed Aksin, Sena, Idris and Kemal. He tells him to stop playing by the rules. His attempts at revenge have all failed. Salih tells him that he is going to teach him how to take revenge.

Salih and Yamac have bridged the gap that divided them and have become so much closer.

They leave Erdag to return to Cukur. Most of Yamac’s trauma is left behind but revenge now is his uppermost thought.

On arriving back at the hiding place where Yamac was imprisoned by Salih, the brothers see Cagatay’s man coming out of the hidden building. Neither one of them has seen him before so they capture him and with a little torture he begins talking. He tells them that Cagatay had sent him to look for Yamac and to kill him on sight. He also tells him that Mahsun told them where the hiding place was and that he is being held in a warehouse by Cagatay’s men and Yucel.

After their emotional road trip the Kocovali brothers are quite happy to have a little action and undertake a night raid on Cagatay’s warehouse. It is heavily guarded but they shoot their way in and release the tortured Mahsun who tells them that he told cagatay that Yamac is alive. Mahsun is taken to the families Vet to be healed. Yamac sends a courier to bring Mahsun’s mother to see her son.

Cagatay will not be content until he has killed Yamac. It frustrates him that he eludes him. He still calls a frustrated Selim and threatens to show the police evidence of a murder carried out by Selim years ago if he doesn’t tell him where his brother is. Of course Selim does know anything. He thinks Yamac is dead.

Yamac is asked by Salih if he wants to let every one know in Cukur that he is alive. This includes his brothers. His answer is no. They know that Cagatay is aware he is alive but he much prefers to remain dead to everyone else for the moment so he can collect his thoughts.

The doctor calls Selim and confirms that there is no doubt that the incinerated body is that of Yamac’s.

Salih and Yamac leave to find Yucel and to kill him. Yamac decides that it will only be him who takes care of Yucel. Something that he should have done many months previously. This revenge will help him feel his family has been avenged.

That night Yucel sits at home alone. He becomes aware that there is a noise outside.

When all is quiet Yamac creeps into his bedroom. He raises his gun as Yucel wakes.

Yamac executes him on the spot.

In the front yard of the house Salih awaits for Yamac to complete his mission. He congratulates him on his execution and a job well done.

Yamac wants to bury Yucel just to make sure he will never come back again. Just to reassure him that he is gone forever. Together they dig his grave and bury him deep within the soil.

The job is finally complete. The brothers put their arms around each other and hug.

Yamac final question for the day is, “Can you get me a bed somewhere tonight. I feel sleepy?”

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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