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At the conclusion of last week’s episode we left Mahsun at the property of Cagatay Erdenet. Mahsun had hit Yamac from behind and rendered him unconscious and then placed a substitute in a truck which was thought to contain stolen gold. Mahsun then used a hand grenade to blow up the truck up.

To Cagatay and Yucel, who were watching the event on television the scene looked as if Yamac had been killed in the truck by a hand grenade thrown by Mahsun to disguise the identity of the substitute tied up in the front seat.

In the forest behind the property Salih and Medet watch the proceedings unfold. Salih being pre-warned by Mahsun that Yamac was to be killed and a joint plan put into action.

At the beginning of this week’s episode we see Selim, Emmi and Cumali nervously waiting in the Coffee House in Cukur for word of their little brother who had been lured into the trap by Cagatay Erdement.

It is not long before Cagtay’s right hand man Fatih and a contingent of his men arrive in the streets of Cukur. When the Kocovali brothers ask where their youngest brother is, they are presented with his ring.

What we didn’t see last week was Mahsun taking the ring off Yamac’s finger after he knocked him unconscious and placing it on the substitute corpse which later is incinerated and given to Cagatay as proof that Yamac was dead.

This week we see Cagatay using the ring as a tool of his power when he delivers it to the Brothers Kocovali at the Coffee House. He sends a message with Fatih to tell Cumali and Selim that the rest of Yamac will be waiting for them in the morgue at their local hospital.

When Selim and Cumali arrive at the hospital they are greeted with a black plastic bag containing the remains of an incinerated body.

Cumali and Selim will not believe that the remains are of their younger brother Yamac. They request DNA be taken to identify the body.

Akin finds Songul after much searching the neighbourhood. He has fond memories of her when they were teenagers. She was his girlfriend before Akin was imprisoned. He has not seen her for years and he is surprised to see her in a poverty stricken way. He would like to take her away from her situation. She has seen hard times. She had loved Akin but he was filled with selfishness. She now wants nothing to do with him.

Cumali sits at the head of the table at the meeting of the local gang lords. He does not have the patience that his brothers have. He wants to know where he can find Cagatay. His meeting concludes with taking the lives of two gang leaders. He leaves one gang leader alive so that he can obtain the information he wants.

Cumali sends Celasun with a message of his own to Fatih. He gives him a black box which is a gift from Cumali to Cagatay. Cagatay receives the black box and opens it. The contents are the personal effects of his three gang leaders who were seated at the meeting.

Cumali’s message is clear. Come and get me!

Cumali is also gathering information that a drug shipment will be coming into the harbour docks. He and Selim will try and track down the shipment.

Meanwhile Cagatay wines and dines Efsun and lets it be known that Yamac is dead and will no longer bother her. This news comes as a shock to Efsun who loves Yamac in her own way. At the end of the dinner Cagatay gives Efsun a key to a new shipment of gold.

On Cagatay’s orders Damla is arrested by the police as an accessory to crime performed by her father 10 years previously. He then sends Fatih to tell Cumali to get out of town or he will not be able to see his wife again. Cumali of course cannot go anywhere near a police station as he would be arrested and put back in prison to await an execution. He is forced to let Fatih go but I have a feeling that one day Cumali will take his revenge. He leaves Cukur to reside in Istanbul so Damla can be set free.

Cagatay continues to intimidate Selim. He now has made considerable changes (as he thinks) by getting rid of Yamac. He hasalso exiled Cumali from Cukur using Damla as the tool and leaving only one Kocovali left, Akin.

Selim calls a meeting at the Coffee House. He tells his son that if ever he needs to trust him it is now. His goal is to go after Cagatay. He orders Celasun to gather as many men as he can together. They will be travelling to the docks to stop a shipment of drugs belonging to Cagatay being delivered.

With all his men in place Selim begins his attack.

The raid was successful and Selim manages to take the whole drug haul. Something Cagatay will not be happy about. Selim uses the cars and packs the drugs in readiness for delivery. He has the men of Cukur cover their heads in black masks to be unrecognisable and leads the way to make a drug delivery of his very own to the suave big headed Cagatay.

Outside of the Erdenet office building the drugs have been dumped for all to see and to deliver a strong message to Cagatay. Cagatay is now the focus of an investigation by police. Cagatay has to answer to his father who demands to know what is going on. He is visibly shaken by this event. He also has to front up to the Prosecutor embarrassed to be put in such a position.

Cagatay is a smart individual and places all the blame on the Kocovali family. Leading everyone to believe that the drugs came from Cukur. He dishonours the Cukur neighbourhood by paying for false statements to be broadcast on television.

Meanwhile in Cukur, Selim and the men know they have made a huge statement to Cagatay. They also know that he will not leave it there and there will be repercussions to come. It is not long before Selim receives a call from Cagatay who tells him that he has video footage that shows Selim shooting somebody in the head. He tells Selim to leave Cukur just like his brother did and not come back. Akin watches his father from within the Coffee House and sees how much the threat from Cagatay has upset his father.

Meanwhile Nehir has travelled to Cukur to find Yamac . She is quite agitated. She asks Alico to look for him but leaves upset and crying when she cannot find him. Later that day she sees Efsun and tells her that she is pregnant and Yamac is the father.

Azer and Karaca seem to be developing a closer relationship.

For the sake of the lives of the people living in Cukur and the family, Selim has to leave Cukur and hands over the leadership to Akin.

Selim makes his way to Cumali and they now reside in the same apartment together. They consider their situation and still await outcome of the DNA test at the hospital to confirm the body is Yamac’s.

Akin doesn’t have to wait long before Cagatay and a convoy of cars meander down the Cukur neighbourhood. He arrives at the Coffee House to confront a young boy who has been left in charge with a huge responsibility.

Cagatay tries to get Akin on side by telling him that he knows that Yucel has enlisted his help in the past and has put in a good word for him. (As we know, Akin has done some terrible things to the Kocovali family.)

Cagatay believes he knows the kind of man that Akin is. Akin tells him that he doesn’t know him at all because he doesn’t even know himself. Akin tells Cagatay to leave Cukur. Cagatay had hoped that Akin would not be like his other Uncles but finds out that he is exactly like them, maybe worse.

Cagatay tells Akin that there will be war if he doesn’t bend to him. Akin tells him to bring it on but before he leaves the Coffee House he tells Akin that he has heard that he loved Idris Kocovali very much. Cagatay is sarcastically pointing to the fact that he knows that Akin helped set up his grandfather to be killed.

Cumali and Selim receive the results of the DNA from the incinerated body in the morgue. The results were positive. ( As we know the body was not Yamac’s but the doctor has been paid by Salih Kocovali to give his brothers a false report. )

Meanwhile Salih and Medet along with Mahsun bring the unconscious Yamac into a barred cell where he is held by Salih as if he is in jail. Mahsun is sent away leaving the two brothers together. With Yamac in a position where he cannot do any harm to himself, Salih will now have the opportunity to find out WHY Yamac killed his own father.

Yamac wakes to find himself behind bars and with his brother watching over him.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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