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In the last scene of Episode 83 Yamac had delivered his answer to Cagatay Erdement. He blew up his trucks which were loaded with drugs and threw away the gold coin that he was given in a statement of disobedience to Cagatay. Cagatay was not surprised to see his gold coin returned to him. His two accomplices in crime notably Yucel and Mahsun had told him that Yamac could not be paid for and he will not back down from the challenge to be the drug free Lord of Istanbul.

Mahsun has insinuated himself into Yamac’s life again. He tells Yamac that he wants to protect him but in last week’s episode we saw Mahsun standing alongside Yucel once again. It will be interesting to see what path Mahsun takes. He very well may be betraying Yamac or he may be double crossing Yucel and Cagatay.

At the commencement of this week’s episode we were shown how Yucel surprised Mahsun, who thought he was dead. Yucel reminds Mahsun that he killed Yamac’s father and his wife and he wants to complete the job and take Yamac’s life also. At this stage it is hard to pick who’s side Mahsun is on as we know he loved Yamac’s wife also. Yucel on the other hand wants Cukur and he cannot have Cukur without killing Yamac.

Cagatay is a smart, intimidating, powerful crime Lord. He needs information from Yucel and Mahsun with regard to the Kocovali’s as they know them so well but he treats them both as pawns in his game of domination over Yamac.

Mahsun tells Cagatay that the other Kocovali’s brothers are not like Yamac, Selim is a coward and the confused one, Cumali is a maniac and Salih is the step son and a hood.

Cagatay orders a meeting to be arranged with Selim. Out in the street Mahsun and Yucel are being watched by Yamac as they leave Cagatay’s mansion. Their reunion is no longer a secret.

Selim is trying to make amends with his son Akin. He has no children at home any more. Karaca has gone to live at Azer’s home and Akin is nowhere to be found. He fondly remembers Akin as a little boy and he misses him. He makes an effort to find him and locates him in a fighting arena. The meeting is strained and Akin is left emotional and frustrated after his father’s visit. He takes his frustrations and anger out in the boxing ring.

Meanwhile Azer is at home and looking a little cleaned up since Karaca has moved in. He treats her with respect and kindness.

Selim is picked up in the streets and taken to meet Cagatay’. He thinks that he can sweet talk Selim into going against his brother. Selim surprises him by staying true to the Cukur code and the loyalty he has to his brothers. Selim tells him, “We all are a bit psycho!”

Cagatay Erdement has his men begin to torture Selim. His head is placed in front of an electrical saw and the power is turned on.

Cagatay works on Selim’s reputed cowardly nature by threatening his life. He tells Selim that his family is making him very angry. Selim is calm when he tells Catagay that he has tried to commit suicide many times and shows him his slit wrists . Threatening him with death will not work. Cagatay is forced to let him go. Cagatay tells Yucel afterwards that he has respect for the strength of the Kocovali family.

Salih has had a breakdown after finding out that Yamac was responsible for killing Idris. He can hardly believe what he saw on the USB. Out of all his brothers he has the closest bond with Yamac. His sorrow drives him into a dark place in his past.

Yamac tracks Mahsun down after seeing him with Yucel outside of the Cagatay Erdement’s home. He drives him back against a wall and slides a small knife into his belly. He tells him to never set foot in Cukur again. As the knife is plunged further into his body Mahsun tells him, “You are wrong.” Yamac withdraws his knife and leaves Mahsun to sink to the floor in pain but relieved that he is still alive.

Following his encounter with Mahsun, Yamac heads for Salih’s apartment to see if he has viewed the USB . He finds his apartment empty but he can see that there has been turmoil in the apartment leading him to believe that Salih now knows that he killed his father. His inner voice begs Salih to come and get him as he is waiting for him!

Selim tries to locate Yamac and to arrange a meeting to discuss the danger that is Cagatay. Yamac joins him but is angered when Selim tells him that as the Lord of Cukur he has endangered everyone with going against Cagatay. Yamac believes that if he didn’t confront him that eventually he would wipe out Cukur anyway.

Yamac breaks down telling his brother that he has lost all his loved ones including his best friend Kemal, his wife, his Neice and his father. He will not lose any more of his loved ones nor will he stand back and let anyone kill another member of his family. He weeps as he tells Selim that he has no idea what he has gone through.

Selim takes him by the collar of his coat and shakes him demanding to know what he has gone through that makes him not fear death and be so aggressive towards anyone who threatens Cukur.

As they cling to each other and emotionally break down in each others arms Selim puts the pressure on Yamac with his persistent questioning. Yamac nearly tells him that he was forced by Yucel to kill his own father and that is the reason he will not tolerate crime Lords trying to dominate innocent people any more. He tells Selim that Cukur will never have an opportunity to live in peace as long as people like Cagatay remain. Selim backs his youngest brother with a new courageous attitude.

Meanwhile in the streets of Cukur Salih seek refuge with a homeless man he met in the dark days when Cukur was ruled by Ceto. Ali, his homeless friend comforts him and in his traumatised mind Salih tells him the story of his youngest brother who has killed his father.

Ali for the first time redirects Salih’s way of thinking and turns it around. He asks Salih how did he think his brother felt about killing his own father. He asks Salih, “How do you think he can live with what he did?” It is not long before Salih realises that Yamac is waiting for him to kill him . Yamac knows Salih’s personality will drive him to taking revenge. Ali also tells Salih that it is harder to live each day with the knowledge that you killed your father. Death to Yamac would be a welcome release.

After talking to his brother Selim calls a meeting of all the brothers.

Selim warns his brothers of the impending war which is about to happen when Yamac refuses to back down and give Cagatay Erdement back his gold. He orders Akin to protect the house and tells him that he is giving him another chance to redeem himself. He does warn him though not to break his trust.

That afternoon Yamac gives Alico two bars of gold from the horde he stole from Cagatay. He tells Alico to keep it for a rainy day and for when he needs some money. Alico’s wise words tells Yamac that losing a war is not surrendering.

Senol tells Yamac that he doesn’t trust Murtaza. Yamac listens to his advice and tells Senol to not hide anything from Murtaza at the moment but to continue as normal. They will let him think that they do not suspect him of anything.

Akin is looking for Songul. A young girl who he has feelings for and who was beaten. Her family believes it was Akin who beat her. Akin tells Songul’s brother that he has never raised a hand towards her and would never hit a woman. Akin steals her brothers phone so he can make contact with her.

A truck is delivered to Yamac by Senol and Murtaza. It contains the gold that belongs to Cagatay. Yamac drives the truck to Cagatay’s house. This pleases Cagatay who feels that Yamac has given in to him but when he checks the truck he finds that what looks like gold is only bars of gold coloured plaster. He is really angered now. The youngest Kocovali is playing a dangerous game with him.

The real gold in the meantme is still in Yamac’s underground warehouse. Senol and Murtaza guard it. Murtaza is dressed in a Hyena patterned coat which looks amazing.

Senol has bad vibes about Murtaza and he has shared this with Yamac previously. Even though they are on to him Murtaza has already told Cagatay where the gold is held.

Yamac receives a phone call from Cagatay telling him that he is one step in front of him and he has left him a surprise in his underground warehouse.

Yamac runs all the way through Cukur to the warehouse to find his gold gone and the body of Senol lying on the floor.

Cagatay knows that Yamac will now come looking for him and he arranges a situation whereby Yamac will be lured into a calculating ambush.

Salih now knows that his youngest brother has no fear of death and is welcoming it. He follows Yamac who leads him right to Cagatay’s property. We still do not know if Salih is going to do what Yamac is hoping for and that is to kill him if he is given the chance or not.

Cagatay is warned by Yucel that although he feels he has the game under control, Yamac has the whole of Cukur behind him and they are relentless in supporting him.

Yamac’s brothers are now aware that their younger brother is in danger. They leave the Coffee House and put out a call to the neighbourhood of Cukur. Salih and Medet are also not too far away following Yamac.

Yamac arrives at the property and enters the woods surrounding the property.
Cagatay has the woods full of assassins and Yamac slowly makes his way through the woods killing as many as he can. Cagatay watches as Yamac falls into his trap. As from behind him many armed guards move through the woods.

Cagatay can view his whole property from his lounge room. He waits with Yucel to see his game unfold before his eyes with special night vision technology. As he waits he listens to score from I Pagliacci: Vesti La Giubba as his game plays out before his eyes.

As Yamac moves into a large warehouse carefully making his way towards the truck that was carrying the gold. Little does he know that Mahsun is there. Mahsun hits Yamac from behind and renders him unconscious. He drags him away to safety. (We are immediately taken back to an earlier scene where Mahsun shows up at Salih’s doorstep obviously to tell him about the planned ambush of his brother and a plan of their own was put in place.)

Mahsun then places a captured guard behind the steering wheel of the gold truck. The truck moves out of the warehouse and into the yard. It is quickly surrounded by armed guards who continue to fire relentlessly on the supposed Yamac sitting in the front seat.

Mahsun throws a hand grenade into the truck causing a huge explosion whereby identification of the driver would be impossible. Salih and Medet watch from the woods as their plan is carried out by our new hero, Mahsun.

All the while Cagatay sits in his loungeroom with a smile on his face. He believes his game was flawless. He has managed to get rid of his enemy and he has his gold back.

He looks at Yucel and says, “How long did it take for you to try and get rid of this kid from Cukur? A year did you say? It only took me 10 minutes.”

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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