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At the conclusion of Episode 82 Yamac had been ordered to present himself to Cagatay Erdenet who is the owner of the gold bullion that Yamac had stolen from a vault. This gold previously had been used by Efsun to pay off the gangs throughout Istanbul.

Cagatay makes sure Yamac gets the message that he is the top gun of the gang cells in Istanbul. He tells Yamac that if people do not do as he wishes it makes him upset. To show him an example he blows up two ships moored in the harbor that refused to carry his goods. Notably these goods were heavy drugs. Yamac’s tells Cagatay that he does not scare him.

Following his meeting with Cagatay, Yamac makes his way to meet Resit. He needs information about the kind of man he is dealing with. Resit’s tells Yamac that the Erdenet family has always been in Istanbul. They are wealthy, powerful and are not likely to ever leave and Cagatay has a Russian background. He continues to tell Yamac that he is now beginning to deal with the real top guns as far as drug trafficking goes.

Resit gives him an example. Where small dealers in Istanbul might move 1 ton of drugs and sell them, Cagatay moves 10 tons per day to Europe. Resit warns him that Cagatay is like an octopus with many tentacles. Resit advises Yamac not to get involved with Cagatay and to leave him alone.

Cagatay is equally interested in his new young gang leader that has entered the Istanbul market and who is courageous. He later visits the home of Efsun and her grandmother. It is obvious that they have known each other for some time. Cagatay asks them for any information they may have about Yamac. Efsun doesn’t give him much to go on but her grandmother tells him that Yamac was responsible for Baykal’s death.

In Germany Vartolu has now got his hands on the USB. He is reluctant to watch the video of his father’s death. Unfortunately the USB, passports and money are stolen by Ziya who absconded with the lot leaving Medet and Vartolu in Germany with no way of getting home to Turkey.

Saadet has applied for a divorce . Her case will be before the Court within a couple of days. Vartolu has been advised of the divorce application but he is stuck in Germany.

Meanwhile Karaca has become comfortable with Azer’s presence in the house. She is also getting along with his mother. As a matter of fact, she feels more comfortable with Azer’s mother than she does with her own mother who is heavily reliant on drugs.

Cumali being the eldest brother of the Kocovali family takes it upon himself to take an army of men to Azer’s house demanding she leave with him.

Karaca refuses to leave with her Uncle Cumali and it hurts her to not obey him. Her decision to stay with Azer willingly and try and keep the peace between the families still stands. A decision that breaks her heart.

Cumali swears to Azer that he will meet him away from the house and at that time they will take care of unfinished business.

At the end of Cumali’s visit Karaca is left weeping and is comforted by a compassionate Azer.

The three brothers Yamac, Cumali and Selim are all frustrated that they cannot do anything about Karaca and they cannot make a move against Azer.

Yamac investigates the Erdenet family holdings hoping that the Internet will help him understand Cagatay Erdenet a little better.

Vartolu and Medet make their way home via an international touring bus. They are smuggled out of Germany in the baggage compartment and head for home.

Although cramped Medet and Vartolu snuggle up for the long trip.

Yamac listens to hiselders advice and decides not to target Cagatay Erdement as he can see that he is a powerful enemy.

The remaining gang Lord requests a meeting with Yamac. They had previously given him their allegiance but now Cagatay Erdenet has requested that they do a job for him. They request Yamac’s permission, which he grants. At this stage Yamac has still content not to challenge Cagatay.

Mahsun in his white Mercedes shadows Yamac’s every move.

Meanwhile, Azer through Efsun requests a meeting with Cagatay. He wants to tell him that he will not support his organization. He remembers only too well when Cagatay ordered him to be beaten when he could not deliver the drugs that were hidden in the statuettes.

This attitude from Azer is not surprising to Cagatay who looks at Azer and Yamac as young hoods playing a game with the big guns and having a personal battle of their own. Cagatay immediately intimidates Azer and warns him to stay away from Efsun and anybody else who has a connection to him. He then dismisses him like a little boy.

Azer begins to try and put together a profile of Cagatay Erdenet. Murtaza has never met him, but never-the-less Azer asks Murtaza to get him 10 armed men to help him target Cagatay and willing to do anything.

Later that night Cagatay phones Yamac and requests a meeting at his palatial home. Yamac agrees to the meeting.

Cagatay offers Yamac a gold coin. This coin is given to each of his allies as a token of their respect as head of the Istanbul gangs. He demands this respect from Yamac. Yamac can hear Selim’s words telling him to back off from Cagatay and he obediently takes the coin and leaves the room with a grateful “thank you” coming from Cagatay. What Yamac could not see is Yucel hiding in another room!

Vartolu and Medet arrive back in Istanbul. Vartolu immediately goes after Ziya to retrieve his USB and passports then makes his way to the Divorce Courts to try and stop Saadet from divorcing him.

Nahir and Efsun further their friendship. Little does Nahir know she is playing with fire where Efsun is concerned? She also doesn’t know that Efsun loves Yamac, which places Nahir in the danger zone of jealousy.

Meanwhile, Cagatay drives into an ambush. He tries to keep a man alive for questioning but a sniper kills him. Watching from a secluded position Azer and Murtaza watch as all their hired gunmen are slaughtered and they make their escape before Cagatay can find out that they were involved.

Salih/Vartolu meets with his wife at the Divorce Courts just in time. Salih takes her aside to discuss her decision to divorce. They obviously still love each other and spend the evening together with good wine and music from musician and singer-songwriter Cem Adrian.

After begging her not to leave him Salih shows her the USB, which was responsible for all his absence and bad manners. He promises her that after he has watched the USB and seen who murdered his father, he will return home to her and his son for good. Saadets asks him a question before she leaves, “Will you be the same Salih after you have viewed the USB”?

Selim visits Salih to let him know that their little brother is on the verge of getting into big trouble with Cagatay Erdenet. He also tells him that Baykal was involved with Cagatay for many years and he is scared that Yamac has gotten himself into big trouble. Selim also asks Salih to look into Cagatay as a matter or urgency.

Mahsun continues to shadow Yamac and wants to know what he is doing. Mahsun tells Yamac that even Ceto turned pale when he was confronted with Cagatay’s dominance.

After discussing his options with Salih regarding Cagatay, Yamac flips the gold coin that Cagatay gave him.

Yamac leaves the Coffee House to find Mahsun sitting in his white Mercedes watching him. He follows Yamac and watches his every move. His journey takes him to a dark road where Yamac stops and asks Mahsun to help him make an explosion that the whole of Istanbul will hear.

In a warehouse large trucks are loaded with drugs belonging to Cagatay Erdenet. The trucks do not get far before they explode.

Standing in the middle of the road Yamac holds the gold coin that Cagatay gave him and flips it into the air. His decision has been made. He has attacked his prey and awaits his response.

Later that evening Cagatay is presented with his coin. He has a smirk on his face as he walks onto the verandah of his mansion. He speaks aloud, “alright gentleman, you were right. Congratulations.” His gaze is directed straight into the eyes of Mahsun and Yucel.

Meanwhile the pressure is on for Salih to watch the USB he brought back from Germany. Even though he really doesn’t want to view the USB he can’t resist the temptation.

Our final scene is of the traumatic shock Salih receives when viewing his youngest brother kill his father.

Join me next week to see if Salih carries out his promise to kill the man who murdered his father. Also lets find out if Mahsun is really on Yamac’s side or still playing games with Yucel, remembering that Yucel did kill Sena and Mahsun loved her.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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