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This episode takes us on a journey back to when Yamac’s wife Sena was murdered by Yucel in a Houdini-like water tank. Sena drowns in the tank and Yamac believed at that time that Mahsun was her murderer.

Unbeknown to Yamac, Mahsun did not kill Sena but rather loved her and was trying to save her life. Yamac certainly didn’t see it like that and shoots Mahsun and critically wounds him. Then in a bear like tackle pushes him off the roof of the building and onto the bonnet of a car parked below. Believing Mahsun was dead he leaves him on top of the car and returns to his dead wife’s body.

This week we see that Mahsun was saved that day and nursed back to health by an ex Karakuzu member. He has had a change of heart and happily gives his Karakuzu ring to his patriotic friend. Mahsun from that day on has been following Yamac and he turns out to be the anonymous saviour in the white Mercedes who has saved Yamac’s life on a number of occasions.

In our final scene of last week’s episode once again Mahsun saves Yamac’s life but this time he is shot and Yamac comes face to face with his old enemy. After getting over the shock that he is alive, Yamac takes him to his underground warehouse where he waits for him to regain consciousness.

What do you want from me? Yamac asks. Mahsun answers, “For you to forgive me.”
Mahsun tells Yamac that he took everything that Yamac loved and then surprises Yamac with the words, “I killed my father, just like you did!”

Yamac unties him and allows him to go free. Mahsun makes sure Yamac understands that he lives to protect him and this will bring peace to his soul. He tries to make him understand that he will die for him whether he wants it or not.

Cumali’s operation to stop internal bleeding was successful following his seizure.

Karaca stays in the company of Azer’s mother. Azer is not happy with this situation but the object is to bring peace to the two families. Azer tells Efsun that he will have to back out of his commitment to her until the situation is solved.

Efsun still keeps Timsah close but he is very aware that he is the number one on the Kocovali’s hit list. Efsun has up to now tried to keep herself anonymous with regard to letting anyone know that she is the power behind the financing of the Istanbul Gang Lords and also the attacks on the Kocovali family. She now feels that it may now be right time to show her face. She sits at the gang Lords meeting table in Azer’s place but introduces herself with a bar of gold in hand. The gang Lords are very familiar with bars of gold as this is the way she pays them for their obedience.

Akin has been banished from Cukur but still refuses to stay away from family gatherings. I feel sure that this is not a change of heart for Akin but rather a way to worm his way into Cukur where he can exact his evil on his family. Sultan wants the family to accept him back into the fold and plans a family dinner.

Cumali regains consciousness. Unfortunately the police have become aware of his whereabouts and come to the hospital to arrest him. They’re not successful as Cumali is hidden until they leave.

Alico is busy trying to find out where the money comes from to finance the gang Lords. They know that Efsun has been paying Azer but she certainly doesn’t keep it in a bank . Alico is doing what he knows best, filing through all the rubbish to find clues.

Alico, Yamac, Selim, Celasun and Meke are seen checking out a high rise building the next day in the heart of Istanbul. Alico confirms that his investigations leads him to believe that all the money is being held in this one building. It is deemed far too hard for them to break into and they leave the property.

That evening they gather at Alico’s humpy by the water and discuss how they can stop the money getting to the Gang Lords.

Alico in his Sherlock Holmes way, comes up with the building plans of the high rise building. They pour over the plans with interest. Yamac then sends his men on a scouting mission to find further plans. On the outcome of these findings it is decided to dig their way into the vault of the high rise building. The vault lies under the parking lot encased in concrete.

Alico with his expert knowledge of the streets leads Yamac to a tunnel which lies within digging distance of the vault. Digging commences that evening.

After an exhausting night of shovelling they finally break through to the vault. After expecting to see cash money they are surprised to find the vault is full of gold bullion. They work quickly and efficiently to empty the vault taking 967 bars with them.

Efsun is contacted by her vault manager and told that all the gold has been stolen and the sign of Cukur has been left for all to see on the inside wall. Understandably Efsun is not a happy girl. She tells Yamac that by stealing the gold he will put them both in a dangerous position.

With all the gold and the money that they stole from Bulent, Yamac has a surplus. Cukur gets a delivery from Father Christmas that evening. Every house in Cukur is delivered toys, electrical items, food and furniture and money. New Year’s fireworks are set off to lure the residents outside to see their gifts.

Meanwhile Yamac spreads out a line of photographs in front of Alico. Alico’s task is to match their photo with name and address and business.

Later the next day Yamac calls a Kocovali meeting in the underground warehouse. He has stashed the gold bullion into a virtual Games of Thrones chair and sits on it like the Lord of Cukur that he is.

Alico has done his homework well. He has displayed photographs and names of all the Gang Lords in Istanbul that Yamac had requested and also has pinpointed where to find them. Yamac explains that there will be no gang war this time and each Gang Lord will be eliminated by the Kocovali’s.

Just like an auction the Lords are put up as targets and each man gets to choose his victim. One by one the Kocovali’s leave the warehouse to carry out their assassinations, even the weak and injured Cumali joins his brothers on they’re deadly exercise.

Cumali warns his brothers that Azer is his and nobody else gets to eliminate him but himself. He is told by Yamac that at the present time Azer cannot be touched but he will get his chance later on. Yamac hasn’t told his brother that Karaca now lives as a guest come willing captive in Azer’s household.

Finally two photographs are left on the display board . One of these is Timsah. Yamac takes his photograph off the board and places it in his vest pocket. He will get pleasure to deal with Timsah himself.

Yamac prepares to take the last photograph off the display board when Mahsun walks in the door. He tells him that for Sena’s sake he will not allow him to get into danger. He picks up a bar of gold and hits Yamac over the head with it and then takes the last photograph off the display board himself and carries out the assassination.

Yamac wakes to find the assassination has been completed by Mahsun.

That evening the series of killings begin and are carried out effortlessly by each Kocovali member. The only men that are still alive are Timsah and Azer. All-in-all a successful evening was had by all.

Yamac is successful in his drive to wipe out the controlling heads and gang Lords of Istanbul. Now the local gangs acknowledge him as the Lord of Istanbul. They kiss his hand to show their respect. His only demand is that Cukur will not allow drugs in or out of Istanbul. Cukur will protect them and in return they will protect Cukur.

Yamac is warned by Ragip that although he has gained respect of the gangs of Istanbul that the game will not stop there. The gang Lords were only underdogs in a much larger picture. He hopes Yamac will be allowed to continue as Lord of Istanbul by the ruling heir achy because if they don’t he will be in dire trouble.

Shortly after Yamac receives a call from Cagatay Erdenet. Cagatay is one of the ruling heir achy. He requests a meeting with Yamac. He tells him that he believes that Yamac has something that belongs to him. Yamac smirks to himself knowing that he must be referring to the gold bullion. Efsun had warned Yamac that when he stolen the gold he had put them both in danger. She was referring to Cagatay.

Meanwhile in Germany our dear Vartolu has taken on the job of smuggling a small child out of Berlin to the safety of his father.

Unfortunately there are many anti Nazi protesters also wanting the child and their journey is not without incident. Eventually they make it over the border and the child is returned safely to his father.

For carrying out his mission Vartolu is given the USB he so badly wants.

Our closing scene sees Yamac meeting with Cagatay Erdenet. He has a background of belonging to the Italian mafia. He tells Yamac that he is the owner of the gold and he wants it back.

Cagatay tells Yamac that he has attended many funerals over the last couple of days. He also tells him that he believes he can become the new Lord of Istanbul but this game is nothing like being the Lord of Cukur. He is now playing a whole new game.

Yamac asks him what will happen if he doesn’t do as he says?

Cagatay asks him to look at the ships in the harbour. Some of the owners of these shis refuse to carry his goods be it drugs, etc.

Yamac gazes in their direction and watches as the ships are blown to pieces.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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