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Our opening scene this week shows the attempted murder of the Kocovali brothers which resulted in Cumali being critically wounded. Prior to the shooting Azer had phoned Yamac to tell him he was going to show him what it is like to have a brother killed right before his eyes.

Vartolu is in Germany. He has found Hans Zimmerman who has the USB of his father’s murder. Zimmerman wants Vartolu to take a small deaf and dumb child outside the Germany border. In return he will give him the USB he so desperately wants.

Cumali is taken to hospital severely wounded with very little chance of survival.

It is not long before the Cukur grapevine delivers the news to the family who then gather once more at the hospital. Yamac is deeply disturbed seeing his brother so close to death. After only just burying Kemal this new attack hits the family hard.

A life saving operation to save Cumali goes ahead with the operating team having the added help of Uncle Selami the Veterinarian. In surgery it was necessary to remove Cumali’s spleen. Unfortunately his liver was also damaged. Cumali will remain in ICU.

Outside the hospital Remzi has the family under surveillance and relays information back to Akin. Akin is forming a plan with Remzi and they are going to commence spreading news that evening. (At this time in writing we do not know what the news is.)

At the Coffee House in Cukur, Yamac and Selim call in all the Cukur men ito a neighbourhood meeting. He asked them to come fully armed. They will be going after Azer.

Sultan and Karaca have been talking secretly. It is obvious that they have a plan also.

Vartolu and Medet ask a fellow gangster for help with body guards to help them transport the little boy in safety. They are promised help by Ozgur but he too wants something in return. He has asked Vartolu to break into a night club and destroy it. Vartolu agrees to do the job that evening and then meet him in a park the next day where he will give him the help he requires to protect to the child.

Yamac and Selim have all the men from Cukur ready to attack Azer.

At the front door of Azer’s house a surprise awaits for Selim and Yamac. The door opens and Karaca and Azer’s mother stand in the doorway. Karaca tells her father that she will be living within the Azer household in future and the war between them has to stop.

There is nothing Yamac and Selim can do. They demand that she leave with them but she stands her ground and refuses. She tells them this is the only left for her to be able to join the fight for peace.

She shuts the door and tells them to go home. We now know what the secret was between Sultan and Karaca.

When Azer finds out that Karaca and his mother have joined forces against him he is furious. He wants to continue his war with Yamac but Karaca is adamant that she is staying in his house with his mother and the war will cease.

Meanwhile Yamac and Selim bulldoze into the Kocovali mansion to confront Sultan. How can she do this to them! Sultan believes Karaca will bring peace and protection to the family, something her sons have been unable to achieve.

Karaca on the other hand looks at Azer as her enemy and makes him understand that she is always a Kocovali first and she hates Azer as much as her Uncles do. Living in his house is as much torture for her as it is for him.

Selim, Yamac and Azer are angered and frustrated by their mother’s actions. They all drown their vengeful souls in whatever gives them comfort.

Yamac heads to the one person who calms him, Nehir. They watch cartoons and once again spend the night together.

Selim is also drunk and spends the night with an acquaintance from a night club. He bears his soul to this virtual stranger and tells him his whole history from beginning to end. At the close of the evening Selim places his arms around him in thanks and then drives a knife into his body and kills him.

In Germany, Vartolu and Medet arrive at the Night Club they are to raid. They find the owner is a fellow Turk and he kindly loads them with high powered spirits. After quite a few they are tanked.
They become so plastered they cannot carry out their raid but fate has it that another group turn up and raid it for them.

Yamac decides to address all the Istanbul gang leaders. A meeting is set up by Resit. He once again extends a hand of friendship and peace to the leaders. He invites them to come to Cukur and kiss his hand for forgiveness. If they don’t their only other option is to follow Azer and be drawn into even heavier battles. He does warn Timsah though that this offer does not include him. Also Ahmet and Zubeyir are excluded as they were the ones that raided Yamac’s Night Club. He promises to personally deal with them himself.

Alico is asked to investigate Azer’s financial situation. Yamac wants to know where all the money is coming from to buy the protection of the Istanbul gang Lords. Yamac believes that it may be Efsun. Alico traces millions of dollars which has been transferred to Azer Kurtulus account. Once when Idris died and another lot when the Night Clubs were raided.

Efsun on the other hand has an interest in Nehir. She makes contact with her in the park. Nehir knows nothing about who she is and her connection with Yamac.

Yamac carries out his attack on Ahmet and Zubeyir .

Yamac delivers two headstones to the meeting of Istanbul gang leaders, one for Ahmet and one for Zubeyir. He tells them they are in the boot of a car parked out front. He once again invites them to come and kiss his hand or the same thing will happen to each of them.

Timsah and the gang leaders front Azer. Azer cannot touch Yamac for a while. He asks Timsah to get somebody to do the job for him.

Vartolu finds out that the child he is protecting is the son of a Nazi gang leader in Berlin. They are chased by international gangs trying to get to the child.

Cumali has been given as much blood as his body can tolerate. He still lies in a comatose state with Damla sitting by his side. Unfortunately Cumali takes a seizure while she looks on.

Our final scene shows Yamac at a carnival. He is attacked by armed men and a shadowy figure comes to his aid. The anonymous figure is shot and falls to the ground while trying to make his escape.

Yamac anxiously runs to his side. Finally he will see the face of the person who has been protecting him. One look at his face sends Yamac reeling backwards in disbelief.

It is the face of Mahsun whom he killed many moons ago.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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