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Our 80th Episode begins with great sadness.  Kemal expires after using his body as a shield to protect  Yamac from Azer’s assassination.   Everyone is in disbelief that their brother-in-arms has died.   Yamac brokenheartedly kisses the hand of his friend in farewell.

Azer on the other hand is in hiding knowing that the Kocovali’s will be coming after him.  Little does he know that they already know where he is.   Yamac moves from grief to explosive rage and leaves the hospital to go after Azer.

At Azer’s hideout all is quiet.  Azer is inside the house. His brother and armed guards protect the front door.   They know that they are in danger when Yamac’s car screams to a stop outside the house.  Yamac gives them no time to run for cover before he opens fire.  He takes out all the guards and stands over Azer’s brother.  As the saying goes “an eye for an eye” .  Yamac waits until Azer  has a clear view of the situation before he assassinates his brother on the spot. 

Meanwhile Vartolu and Medet are in Berlin.  Vartolu is wearing his best red coat for his overseas trip.  He is in search of Ziya and he will not find it easy to track him down

Vartolu and Medet find a fellow Turk called Yunus who offers the pair Turkish hospitality and promises to track down Ziya for them within a couple of days.

  Azer delivers the worst news to his mother  that any parent can ever hear.   Her son is dead.We now have two grieving families mourning the dead in a power battle for supremacy.   Both are laid to rest with much grieving and many tears.  It is obvious to all that the situation is getting out of control.  How many more sons will we see die?

Azer’s mother gives him an ultimatum.  Stop killing or she will stop him herself.  He is obedient to his mother and decides to go it alone. He leaves all his sibling at home and will not involve his family in any of his acts of revenge from now on.  Azer decides to use other means to wipe out his enemy.

At Kemal’s funeral Akin shows up to give his condolences.  He has been banished from Cukur but they will turn their backs and allow him to show his respect this time. 

Yamac is getting the same advice from Emmi as Azer did from his mother.  Emmi tells him that the killing has to stop or he will see more of his family die.  Emmi tells him to give up his fight to take on Istanbul as he cannot win.  Yamac agrees.  Although he does say that if one person steps foot into Cukur he will kill them.  

Azer calls together a meeting of all Istanbul gang Lords which includes Timsah.  The topic for discussion is a joint attack on the Kocovali’s.

Meanwhile at the Coffee House in Cukur the boys are having a quiet time over coffee.  They are surprised to receive a visit by Rasit Fazullah to Cukur.   Rasit was one of the elders who was invited to attend the gang meeting held that day.  

Rasit faces Yamac and tells him that he brings him bad news.   Azer has the backing of many gangs in Istanbul who are joining together to wipe out Cukur and the Kocovali’s.   Yamac and his brothers are grateful for the warning but where does this leave Yamac who has just promised Emmi that he will step back from aggression and only protect Cukur. 

Cumali wants to attack before Cukur gets wiped out but Yamac holds to his promise and refuses to attack first.

The Coffee House is in need of a Manager and Yamac employs Nedim to help out.

Timsah updates Efsun about the gang meeting and how Azer has offered them all of Cukur while they must leave the Kocovali’s to him.  It was agreed that the action will commence that evening.

At the Kocovali mansion Azer’s mother turns up to speak with Sultan after she had laid her son to rest.    Both mothers can see a gang war has begun and share the pain of losing a son.  They decide that if they do no take action they will lose more of their children.

That evening, as the Kocovali brothers join together in giving Kemal a liquid send off at a local restaurant,  Azer begins his plan of attack.  He starts with the Cukur owned night club and like a killing machine his attack leaves no survivors.

Timsah then moves on to the gun warehouse and removes all ammunition and kills the guards.

Meanwhile the boys are finishing up at the restaurant.  They have had a sad but great evening reminiscing on the good times they shared with Kemal.    The evening breaks up and they all make their way home.

Yamac gets a surprise and finds Nehir waiting for him at Alico’s shack.    It was a good time for her to show up.   Yamac was able to unload some of his built up guilt about Kemal death.    

Nehir tells Yamac that she came to see him because she missed him.   She offers him her companionship together for the evening to help with his grief. 

Nehir tells Yamac that there is two ways in which she could help him cope with his sadness.  One is to put his head on her shoulder and allow her to caress his hair while he weeps and the other  is to come with her for a night on the town.  Yamac drops everything and takes option two.  They end up at the Hard Light Night Club.  They drink hard and play hard releasing all pent up tension and bringing Yamac to a place where he could be himself.  He relaxes.  He is surrounded by good music and stripped of all his worries.  
They get fairly plastered but are very happy.  They are both thrown out of the Club after in a drunken  brawl and causing a ruckus.   Yamac finally gives over to pleasure and takes Nehir’s face between his palms and kisses her. 

Built up emotions and passion is released culminating in them spending the rest of the night together.

Yamac collects himself in the morning and heads for the Coffee House.  There his brothers tell him that all their premises were hit heavily during the night.   They report that all their guards are dead,  all their possessions are gone and everyhing is destroyed.

Cumali blames Yamac for listening to Emmi and not attacking Azer immediately after Kemal’s murder.  Now years of work has gone in one night.

Emmi releases Yamac from his promise to not take revenge and tells to do exactly as he wants.  Emmi demands that Cukur is protected.    Yamac goes ahead and arranges a meeting with Rasit.

Vartolu has finally tracked down Ziya in a coffee shop in Berlin.  Vartolu remembers when he was in jail that Ziya promised to tell him who killed his father over a coffee.  He now has the opportunity to do just that.

Ziya tells Vartolu that he saw his fathers death on a USB at Timsah’s house.  He also found out that the USB had been mailed to a person called Hans Zimmerman in Berlin.  A meeting betyween the two is set up.

The instant that Vartolu meets Hans Zimmerman there was an underlying power play between them.  Zimmerman teases Vartolu with the USB  that he so desperately wants.  Zimmerman agrees to give him the USB if Vartolu will deliver a very dangerous package outside the city Berlin.  Vartolu agrees.

Vartolu’s dangerous package turns out to be a small child.  (Who’s child this is we don’t know. )

In Cukur all the brothers are mobilised to meet Rasit at his hotel.  This is a dangerous rendezvous as the streets ooze with gang members wanting Cukur blood.  Resit gives Yamac the names of two gang Lords that are backing Azer.  One called Ahmet and a smuggler called Zubeyir.  Resit gives the brothers the addresses of the two gang Lords and warns them that they are well protected.  

In the foyer of the hotel Yamac receives a call from Azer.  Azer knows that they went to see Resit.Have they been set up?    

Our last scene shows Cumali and Selim getting into their car outside the doors of the hotel foyer.   Azer has told Yamac on the telephone that he is going to show him what it is like to see your brother killed right before your eyes.  

Three assassins open fire on an unsuspecting Cumali delivering a barrage of bullets into his body.

In all respects Cumali looks to be dead.  Join me next week to find out if Azer was right.  Has Yamac seen his brother die right before his eyes and are we in another funeral?

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles.



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