Welcome to this week’s summary.  

We had five events happening at the end of last week’s episode which I will endeavour to unravel as we proceed through this episode.  In short the five events were happening at the one time. These were: 
Yamac being set up and ambushed in his car.   Selim being set up at Azers house and under ambush. Cumali being ambushed at the dockside.  Azer plans an attack on the Warehouse to rescue his brother.Metin and Kemal go in search of the girls from Cukur on their own.

Firstly we will commence with Yamac who has been set up and led into an ambush.  Timsah sits on-top of his 4 x 4 with a high powered rifle and blazing spotlights and unloads clip after clip of deadly bullets into Yamac’s vehicle. 

Timsah has his truck blown to pieces in front of him by a shadowy black figure of a man.   Yamac clambers out of his vehicle but has a piece of shrapnel lodged in his shoulder.  He loses consciousness.  

Out of the smoke and darkness walks the ghostly figure dressed in black with a balaclava covering his face.  He protects Yamac and saves the day.  After checking that all danger has gone and Yamac is not in danger of dying,  the figure walks back to a white Mercedes and makes his escape.  Obviously this person has a close connection with Yamac but one that Yamac is unaware of.    

Yamac regains consciousness to hear the police sirens coming his way.  He escapes into the bush and sits propped up against a tree in the dark.   He recalls the evenings events and remembers before losing consciousness seeing the black shadowy figure shooting Timsah’s men and then standing over him to check if he was OK. He vaguely remembers seeing this same shadowy figure and a hearing a song the night he was pulled from his burning car severely injured and left on Cumali’s doorstep.  Although things were hazy that night he wasn’t sure if it was just a figment of his imagination or real.   The question still rests in his mind that if it was true then who was it ?  Selim has been set up and ambushed at Azer’s house  His men are hit hard and some are killed.  The attack uses all their ammunition.

Selim and his men have been pinned down for quite some time.  Although they find a stash of weapons in the house and think they have won their battle a new wave of assailants arrive and drive them back into the house for safety.  He and his men barricade themselves inside the house with a huge number of armed men blasting them with gunfire outside of the house.    

Cumali, Emmi, Celasun and Meke have been set up and ambushed while searching a docked ship for the kidnapped girls.  Their search was fruitless and the girls were nowhere to be found.

Onboard the ship all is not going well.  Cumali and the boys are running out of ammunition.  Emmi has taken a bullet and so has Cumali.   They are down to their last 2 bullets.   They can see themselves dying on the decks of the ship with no way of escape.  

Out of the darkness their rescuer arrives.  Salih and Medet  have purloined a police patrol boat   complete with machine guns.  They quite happily and efficiently pick off  all Bulent’s men.  

Although being shell shocked and injured Cumali, Emmi and the boys are saved.

Salih now makes his way to try and save Selim who is pinned down by the gang of armed men.   Yamac also joins him for the final gunfight of the evening.  On arriving at the house they walk in with all guns blazing.  

Meanwhile Azer and his men are on their way to the Warehouse where Murtaza and Senol stand guard over Azer’s brother and watch over a huge horde of money.

Azer and his men make their way through Cukur in a cavalcade of vehicles headed for the warehouse.  Azer’s brother is hidden from view and he leaves the warehouse frustrated and with no brother.  Azer faces big trouble in Cukur when the neighbourhood gather together in strength and make him move on.

Kemal and Metin head to a location where Alico believes the kidnapped girls are being heldIt is a dangerous situation with only the two men acting as their rescuers.   They do not call for back up.    After hearing a feminine cry from inside the warehouse they arm themselves and burst in.  They easily take care of Azer’s guards and free the girls.    

They load the women into the awaiting car but unfortunately Azer turns up before Kemal could get safely away and Azer takes him prisoner.  
All the Kocovali brothers have had their wounds repaired by the Veterinarian who stitched up Yamac’s wounds in our previous episode.  The brothers are ready once more to join the fight for their beloved Cukur although Yamac drew interest in hearing that Cumali and Salih had the same Blood Group “O” Positive whereby Yamac was proved to be “B” Positive.  (I am sure this anomaly will play out in our future episodes.)
Yamac is continually aware that Salih is looking for his father’s murderer .   He knows that it is only a matter of time that he finds out that the killer is his own brother.  The girls of Cukur are once again on home soil.  
Yamac is not a happy man when he hears that Kemal was left at the warehouse.  He believes Azer now has the upper hand and will want to negotiate his brothers release.

Kemal has been severely worked over by Azer.    Yamac has no choice but to phone him and make a trade with him for his brother.   The volatile hand over takes place with no blood shed but much angst.

Kemal is in a bad way and is driven home and told to clean up and meet at the Cukur Coffee House.   

As soon as Kemal puts foot in the Coffee House he is attacked by Metin who kicks him to the ground for having no care for his own life and not obeying his order even though he saved the lives of others.  

Feeling that Salih no longer loves her Saadet makes a decision to divorce Salih. Ayse resorts to taking drugs to help her get through the day and dealing with the fear that one day she will be faced with the pain of hearing of the death of her son Akin as he continues his bnetrayal of the family.  
Medet tells Yamac about the upcoming trip to Germany.   Salih goes to the cemetery to say goodbye to his mother before he leaves.  He bares his soul next to his fathers grave while Yamac sitting not too far away listens to him weep. 

Yamac tells him that he is aware that he is going to Germany.  Salih tells his brother that he is going after Ziya although he is still confused about why Ziya told him that he did not kill Idris but rather saw a young man kill him.   Ziya explained to Salih that he saw Idris open his arms wide in an inviting gesture to the young man to shoot him.   Yamac looks at his brother remembering every detail of the picture that Ziya described.  

Yamac tracks Azer by placing a tracking device in his brothers shoe.   Azer has moved house and the device takes Yamac straight to his new hideout.  Bulent is used as bait. 

Our final scene is the attack on the house where Bulent is being used as bait . Azer has left the house and waits with his men for Yamac to take his bait.  He leaves Bulent unprotected.   Yamac attacks the house and along with his brothers is victorious.   The boys cheekily dance and show off in front of Bulent. 

Kemal is hastily sent by Cumali to bring his set of scales he used on Nahit.   Bulent unfortunately is going to have the same treatment! 
Salih says goodbye to his brothers and prepares to leave for Germany.  
Azer is ready for his attack on the unsuspecting Kocovali family.  He charges the house with an army of armed men and comes face to face with Yamac who has no bullets left in his  gun and is defenceless.   He shoots to kill. 
Kemal being a witness of Yamac’s downfall races to protect him and throws his body in front of Yamac and  takes the bullets meant for his brother.  

Kemal is fatally wounded but still holds allegiance to the brotherhood of Cukur.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles.



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