The Cukur Coffee House is full. All its occupants are waiting, waiting, waiting. Yamac has his headphones on, Kemal is playing cards and Cumali is doodling and thinking about Damla. Murtaza is also there playing his part in duplicity. I hope it isn’t too long before they realise that he has a foot in both camps.

Earlier that day Yamac had addressed a meeting of all Cukur men to advise them that the girls of Cukur have been kidnapped by Bulent . Bulent is also hiding Nahit (the factory boss who sexually harassed the Cukur women and who also came on to Damla when she went to their aid), and who is hiding behind the protection of Azer. He commands everyone to search every corner of Istanbul and not to leave a stone unturned until they are found.

Selim and Akin’s relationship continues to deteriorate. Selim confronts Akin hoping he did not have a hand in the girls kidnapping. Akin is involved and is working in partnership with Efsun, Azer, Timsah and Murtaza. He will take any opportunity available to get back at his father.

Alico and a contingent of Cukur men break into Bulent’s office and steal all his files hoping to find anything which will lead them to him.

Bulent has hidden the Cukur girls deep inside the bowels of a ship.

Nobody is aware that it is Efsun who has planned the whole thing. It is Akin’s inside knowledge of the Kocovali family she finds invaluable. She finds out that Yamac dearly loves the people of Cukur and cannot abide anyone hurting them. Efsun uses his love for Cukur to plan her attack on the Kocovali family.

Word reaches the Coffee House of the whereabouts of a group of women being held for human trafficking but when they are rescued they are found not to be the girls from Cukur.

Efsun tries to get Akin involved in the drug trade once more in Cukur. Akin believes that Yamac and the Kocovali’s will be too occupied to notice what he is doing. He sends Remzi to look for an underground hideout that they can use.

Alico has been given the job of going through Bulent’s business accounts in an attempt to gain more information about their enemy. It is not long before he finds a Sale document for a sea going vessel which he doesn’t pay much attention to. Yamac puts out an order to bring in any trash from the surrounding area for Alico to go through in the hope of finding more clues.

Medet likes what he sees in the babysitter that Saadet has employed. He goes behind Salih’s back and brings Saadet to the prison to see her husband. The meeting is not joyous occasion with little response from Salih. Saadet tells him she would die for him but he only wants to remain as a criminal and live a life of crime. She asks him to leave with her and his son. She pushes their marriage certificate under his nose in an attempt to get him to realise their marriage could be in danger if he doesn’t change. He rises from his chair and leaves his Marriage Licence on the table in front of her and picks up his passport instead. His plan is to go after Ziya.

Families begin to gather together to wait for any news of their missing daughters.

Timsah is becoming bored with having no action. Akin promises him some action if he shows him everything he has on Yamac (this would include the USB). Timsah agrees.

As clues come in Yamac and his brothers go into action attacking Azer’s hideouts and killing his men. One particular hideout has many men protecting it and Yamac wonders why so many men are required, something really important must be inside. It is not long before all is revealed. A hidden room is found stacked high with millions of dollars.

The money is moved to another location.

Vartolu takes his leave of the prison. He sends pastries to his cell mates and walks out the gates into the arms of Medet. The plan is to track down Ziya in Germany.

Azer’s men move Nahit from a unit. They believe they have escaped Cukur surveillance but secretly Cukur men are right on their tail. Nahit is taken by Azers brother to a warehouse. Cumali now knows of the location and can’t wait to get his hands on Nahit. Cumali finds that Nahit has locked himself in a room for protection but he soon breaks down the steel door to come face to face with his objective.

Cumali sarcastically greets him and goes on to tell him that not only did he set up the Cukur women to be kidnapped he also sexually harassed them. He rubs in that one of those women was his wife. Nahit takes one look at Cumali and begins to shake. Cumali sports one of his evil and sarcastic smiles as he asks Kemal to bring him a set of scales that he purchased that afternoon.

Cumali sets the scales at the feet of Nahit. Cumali tells him that these scales will be used to weigh his heart. (I am beginning to think it may be another part of his anatomy that Cumali is really referring to! )

Cumali pulls out his flick knife!

We move to another scene. ( Do you think he did it?) We don’t know at this stage although when we see Cumali and Yamac talking together afterwards Yamac remarks to Cumali, “I would have done the same thing!” (Maybe he did go through with it.)

Azer finds out that Yamac does have his brother as a prisoner. Yamac feels he now has the upper hand. He has the money and Azers brother as bargaining tools. He shows Bulent a video of the money which he begins to burn in front of his eyes. Yamac threatens to burn every note if he doesn’t tell him where the girls are.

To make Azer believe that he means what he says, Yamac face times his brother who is hanging from the ceiling and being tortured by Cumali.

Azer threatens Yamac with death if his brother is touched but Yamac looks him straight in the eyes and demands that he gives him the girls.

Azer gets Bulent to call his brother and give him the location of the ship and to seek his help. He wants extra protection against Yamac.

Murtaza receives a call from Azer wanting him to save his brother. Azer wants him to prepare his brother for his rescue. He will be coming soon. He also wants Murtaza to give Yamac a false location of where Bulent is being held . Murtaza does this successfully and Yamac believes him.

Yamac not knowing that he will not find Bulent at his house takes all his men and leaves the warehouse. He leaves Senol and Murtaza in the warehouse to watch over the prisoner and the money.

They then receive a call from one of the Cukur spies who tells them that the girls are being kept prisoner on a ship docked in Istanbul.

Yamac and all his brothers head for the ship until a phone call comes from Senol telling Yamac that Azer’s brother has revealed where Bulent is being kept. Wanting to carry out both missions the group splits up.

Timsah shows off his new high powered rifles which Akin has provided to help with his boredom. It looks like Timsah is also going to use them. He is spurred on by Akin who has promised him a little sport that evening. We don’t know the target at this time.

Emmi, Cumali, Kemal and Meke sit inside their cars ready to go on board the ship and rescue the girls. The ship looks quiet with only a few guards to be taken care of.

Alico after going through all the trash has found out where the girls are being held prisoner. Yamac who has already received a message that the girls are on the docked ship knows that Cumali and the boys have been sent to rescue them.

Yamac and Selim have broken from the group and are in pursuit of Bulent.

Yamac now receives a call from Timsah. He tells him that he is waiting at home with Yucel. Yamac is incensed with rage over Timsah’s taunt. He stops his car and makes Selim get out while he goes in pursuit of his enemy. (In the background a white Mercedes is following him. This Mercedes we have seen once before when Yamac was saved from a burning car when Timsah and Akin tried to burn him to death. Maybe this time we will see who the car belongs to.)

Not far down the road Timsah, Akin and their men wait in readiness to ambush Yamac hoping that he had taken their bait.

The mission of finding Bulent is left to Selim who takes his men to the address given by the tortured brother of Azer. Selim realises that they have been sent on a wild goose chase and have been set up from the beginning. They need to get out fast.

Meanwhile the boys enter the ship. They receive little opposition but it is nothing that they could not handle. They search every room until their search takes them deep inside the bowels of the ship. Cumali approaches a strong water tight door and finds empty water bottles and stale food, evidence that the girls have been held there. Unfortunately the room is empty and the girls are nowhere to be seen.

Both Cumali and Selim can see they have been set up. Cumali feels danger is upon them all. He calls and tells Selim to get out of the house.

Outside the ship and walking down the dock are a large group of armed men ready for a fight.

Selim unbeknownst to him is also surrounded at Bulent’s house. His warning from Cumali was too late.

Azer on the other hand now has all the Kocovali’s out of his hair which leaves the warehouse unguarded. He is planning to rescue his brother who is being held prisoner and also have a crack at getting the money back.

Yamac drives his car alone on a mission to kill Timsah. He criticises himself about letting Yucel live. Before he knows it he runs right into the ambush that has been set up for him. His truck is pelted with high powered bullets and he cannot see for the intense spot lights which blind his eyes.

Timsah is not bored any more. He sits on top of his car with an automatic rifle pulverising Yamac in his car.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles.



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