Welcome to this week’s episode of Cukur. In our last scene we saw Yamac standing over Azer brandishing a red hot poker ready to thrust it into his defeated opponent.

Azer is spent and lying on the ground exhausted. Yamac stands over him and wishes him a last farewell before he drives the red hot poker into his chest. Out of nowhere and from behind, Yamac is hit on the head by Efsun wielding a hammer. She renders Yamac unconscious.

Azer is transported to hospital but not before Efsun hides Yamac in a corner of the factory and who is found later by Senol and taken for medical treatment.

Yucel, on the other hand has walked out of the Asylum and goes straight to his wife. His wife is very scared of her husband and wants and tells him she wants a divorce after hearing from Yamac of how he had killed his wife and locked her in a watery tomb. She kicks him out of the house wanting nothing more to do with him. He is not a happy man.

Vartolu and Medet have been put in solitary confinement following their prison fight with Ziya. Vartolu saved the Warden’s life. Ziya told Vartolu that he needs Vartolu to keep him alive if he wants to know who killed his father. Ziya promises to tell him everything he wants to know if Vartolu can help him to stay alive once he is released from prison.

Ziya does tell Vartolu that he saw a young man alongside his father and his father took a handful of soil in his hand and let it slip through his fingers before he died. Ziya promises to tell him more over a coffee once he is released and safe. Vartolu has no other option than to agree.

The Warden couldn’t hold Medet any longer and he is released from prison much to his disgust. Vartolu is also told by the Warden that he also be released soon.

Yamac tracks down Azer in hospital and sneaks into his room. He sarcastically brings him a birthday cake telling him that this should be his first day of his life because he really should be dead.

Yamac jokingly takes a selfie of them together but he seriously tells him to get out of Istanbul. He will not be so lucky the next time.

Nehir is on a mission to see Yamac. She tracks him down in Cukur. He walks with her through the streets of Cukur with many welcoming him and showing their respect.

Yamac brings Nehir to Alico’s humpy. Alico still lies inside on his bed. They sit together beside the waters edge. Yamac asks if it was her who hit him in the back of the head. She replies no. Nehir really wants a little commitment from Yamac but gets nothing. She tells him that she could not bear listening to her life story because he is too scared of what life has done to him and most of all he is scared of feeling anything for her.

Vartolu calls Medet and Celasun to the prison and gives them orders he wants carried out when Ziya is released. Tomorrow and the Nartepelis gang will be waiting for him. He asks them to protect Ziya and help him to get out of Istanbul. Vartolu gives his men a plan that he wants carried out once Ziya is outside the prison gates.

Damla takes on a bully harassing the Cukur women at work. She warns him that she is Cumali Kocovali’s wife and she will make him pay if he doesn’t stop abusing the workers in his factory.

The Kocovali boys have a night out on the town. They choose a night club in the heart of Istanbul. Unfortunately it is owned by Bulent and their visit does not go without incident. A fight breaks out over the cost of their exhorbitant bill. Bulent is warned by Yamac that Cukur is moving into Istanbul and he can either be with them or against them. He gives him 24 hours to come to Cukur and swear his allegiance. You get the feeling that there may be trouble here with Bulent later on in our episodes.

Alico wakes up to see Yamac sitting by his bed. He asks for Father Idris. Immediately Yamac gets one of his massive headaches and is unable to tell him that he is dead. He walks the streets of Istanbul to try and ease his pain.

Efsun is at home with her grandmother when she hears Yamac’s voice calling out to her to come to him. He begs her to help him sleep.

Efsun takes him in and soothes his pain by holding his head between her hands and stroking his brow. To calm him she tells him a love story.

The sound of her voice and the stroking of his head lulls Yamac into finally being able to sleep. Efsun looks down at the man lying on her lap and thinks of him with affection even though one day she may kill him.

In the morning Yamac thanks Efsun and goes on his way. You can feel a drawing affection working between the two. Although she does tell her grandmother that you need to keep your enemies close.

Alico rises from his bed and makes his way to the Kocovali mansion looking for Idris. It is up to Selim to tell him that his beloved father is gone.

At the prison gates the Nartepelis gang wait to kidnap Ziya once he is released. Vartolu has a plan to help save the life of the man who can tell him who killed his father. He has set up a wedding procession complete with many of Cukur’s loyal brothers to make a diversion for Ziya to help him escape.

The plan is successful with Ziya being dressed as a bride and whisked away right under the nose of the Nartepelis gang. Ziya double crosses Vartolu and makes another escape having his own armed men stealing him out of Cukur clutches. Ziya tells Celasun to tell Vartolu a fond farewell from him and do not expect to see him again let alone have a coffee.

Alico finds Yamac sitting alone on a roof top building. Knowing that Father Idris has gone he wants to be with his brother. They sit together and for the first time since his father’s death Yamac cries. Alico shows his brother compassion by kissing him on the head.

After a good sleep and no headache, Yamac goes in search of Nehir. He finds her on the roof of the Asylum. He gives her a necklace with a black stone and silver chain. This black stone he found in his hand after waking from sleep in the asylum. She places it around her neck.

Nehir shares her personal story with Yamac of a family and a lover who died. She tells him that everybody she loves dies. This saying we have also heard Yamac repeat over and over again.

Nehir has tried to end her life many times but she finds she just cannot die and blames herself for her loved ones death. She tells Yamac that they all died because of her. The black stone represents all her sadness that has been released from deep within her soul.

Yamac is hearing a story similar to his own. He understands the depth of her pain. He bends his head and kisses the stone hanging around her neck.

Yamac is unaware that down at street level Efsun stands looking up at them and watches as Yamac bends his head to kiss the stone.

Little does Yamac know but Efsun saved his life by hitting him on the head . While he was unconscious she tended his wound and even stole a kiss.

Celasun and Medet bring Vartolu the bad news about Ziya’s escape. Vartolu wants them to go after Ziya but to do that they will have to travel to Germany.

Efsun has joined with Azer, Murtaza, Timsah and Akin for a meeting. Their goal is to bind together to bring down the Kocovali’s and take over Cukur.
It is the end of our episode and Yamac had given Bulent 24 hrs to come to Cukur and swear his allegiance. He does not show up so Yamac goes after him. He finds out that Bulent has captured young girls from Cukur and is holding them hostage. He heads for the night club.

Yamac, Cumali and Selim enter the night club only to find Azer and Bulent waiting for him. They have been set up by Bulent who now has Azer backing him up.

Azer laughs at the idea of Yamac wanting Cukur to take over Istanbul. This will not happen if he has anything to do with it especially as he now has strength in numbers.

Join me next week to find out what eventuates in the power struggle between Azer and Yamac in taking over Istanbul.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles.



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