The opening scene of this episode commences where we left off last week. Nehir has drawn Yamac into a meaningful kiss. Unfortunately for her Yamac did not respond. He stands looking blankly and showing no emotion at all. She leaves him after calling him a coward.

Azer has been looking for Fatih (the Russian drug runner) who evades him at every turn. Azer has had to put him on hold after finding out that his mother is a guest at the Kocovali mansion. He makes an arrangement with Yamac to collect his mother. Yamac is happy for Azer to pick his mother up but he does remind him that they have yet to meet and have a one-on-one fight.

Akin has murdered his best friend. He has turned out quite a devious young Kocovali . He previously tried to kill Yamac. He has partnered with Azer, Efsun and Timsah and they are all concentrating on the downfall of Yamac. He was also involved with Azer in kidnapping his family and leading Yucel to kill his own grandfather. He also knows that Timsah has a recording of that killing.

Timsah has joined forces with Murtaza and is keeping out of sight of Yamac. He holds a USB which contains footage of Yamac killing his father and he is planning on using this as a weapon against Yamac.

We still have Yucel in the Asylum acting as though he is mentally and physically paralysed when all along he has been playing a game.

Lastly we have Remzi, an old colleague of Yucel who has become friends with Akin and who disposed of Kutay’s body. Akin now uses Remzi to find out what’s going on in Cukur as his access to his home and Cukur have been blocked by Yamac.

Selim tells Ayse that her son will not be coming home to Cukur. Selim tells her that Akin shamed the Kocovali name and will not put a step inside the family home again.

Yamac finally finds sleep drifting over him in the safety of Emmi’s home while Alico sleeps off his trauma in his humpy by the water guarded by Celasun and a group of men from Cukur.

Sleep for Yamac carries visions of Senna and then the face of Nehir. On waking he tells Emmi that he can’t bring himself to go home. He cannot walk through the front door due to the memories of his dead loved ones. Emmi is like a father to Yamac and he has known Yamac all his life. He tells him that he knows something is going on inside of him but he can’t help if he won’t talk to about it. Emmi draws him near to tears but he will not share his demon with him nor tell him of the hell that he lives with.

Emmi advises him to go home so he can at least listen to the voice of his dead father and feel his comfort and share the memories of his childhood with his family.

At the little humpy down by the waters edge, Yamac sits watching Alico sleep. He can see that he is feigning sleep but will not open his eyes and look at him. Yamac understands him.

He tells him that he knows he is angry with him for taking so long to find him. When he leaves him he makes sure that he has a heavily armed guard of Cukur men to protect him.

Yamac finally stands at the front door of his home trying to find the courage to go in. His ears begin to ring with the mental trauma of facing his loved ones once more. He needn’t have worried as all his family line up to welcome him and his fathers voice reminds him to protect his family.

At the Kocovali mansion Azer comes alone to collect his mother. He leaves his guns at home. The meeting is quite strained with Karaca being sent to her room and out of sight. Sultan acts every bit a Kocovali and refuses to allow him to kiss her hand. Azer was responsible for kidnapping the Kocovali women and handing them over to Yucel, this kidnapping led to Yamac killing Idris.

After collecting his mother Azer makes a move to depart. He is closely followed by Yamac who gives him a gift. His gift is a string of black prayer beads hand made by Yamac in his father’s Cukur Coffee House. These beads Yamac gives to his enemies who have been instrument in his father’s death and who will eventually receive his revenge.

Yamac reminds Azer that he will meet him for their promised one-on-one fight soon.

Medet has got his wish and been sent to jail for fighting. Vartolu/Salih reluctantly takes his dear friend into his prison cell and cares for him. The men of Nartepelis had worked poor Medet over pretty badly.

Over the prison grapevine Vartolu has been told that Ziya will try and kill the Warden of the prison.

Celasun is not happy with Yamac he has told him that he is too soft and he promised him that he would find and kill Yucel and he has done nothing about it. Celasun wants revenge for Aksin’s death and he does not see Yamac as being brave.

Yamac takes Celasun to the Asylum where Yucel lies in a comatose state. He hands him a gun and tells him to go to his room and shoot him.

Sitting in a wheelchair Yucel plays the part of a senseless individual and fools Celasun into believing his act. As there is no response from Yucel , Celasun does not pull the trigger. Frustrated by his fragility he leaves him. He could see now why Yamac could not pull the trigger as what is the use if you cannot get the response from your enemy or see the fear in his eyes when you are going to kill him. This incident draws the brothers closer together. I am sure Yamac and Celasun will regret their decision not to kill him later on in this series.

Vartolu calls for Celasun to help protect the prison Warden on the outside. He knows Ziya is going to try and kill him and asks them to stick by his side like a TICK! Meanwhile he and Medet will protect him on the inside.

In the exercise yard Vartolu faces considerable danger up against the Nartepelis men. The Nartepelis are a similar group to that of Cukur. Ziya is an enemy of this group. Medet offended their families when he went to the Coffee House and gave them a wrong message sent from Vartolu. Now their lives are in danger from this gang if Vartolu cannot exact some order of peace and explanation of the mistaken message.

Vartolu tells the Nartepelis that he knows they can’t find Ziya and neither can he but if he does he will take their revenge also.

The Warden is followed all over town by Celasun and Meke. At the same time Ziya’s men are after him also. They try to assassinate him but Celasun and Meke prevent his death.

Yucel lies in bed and hears he has been served with Divorce papers. The look on his face tells us that he will soon make his escape. How can his wife do this to him?

Ayse finds out just how evil her son is when he tells her that he killed Kutay. He scares her. She feels fear from her own son. He tells her that he can’t understand why he is so evil and blames his condition on his upbringing. He hates his parents and wishes he could kill them. He tells her he knows that he is out of control.

It is Damla’s birthday and Cumali takes this opportunity to be romantic. He guides her to a table complete with a birthday cake with musicians to help him wine and dine her. Their love for each other grows and he presents her with a diamond ring to cement their marriage.

Efsun keeps her peepers on Azer and Murtaza who want her to go into partnership with them.

Remzi has followed Yamac and Celasun to the Asylum. He has found out that Yucel is alive. He brings this information back to Akin. Akin makes a rush to the Asylum and to find his room empty.

Meanwhile Yucel is seen walking down the street.

The Warden is warned by Vartolu to take care inside the prison. Ziya is not far away and wants to take his life. The Warden is falsely led into the exercise yard where a prisoner holds his guard at knife point. Ziya tells the Warden that he might have escaped from death outside the prison but he will not escape him now. Unfortunately Ziya was not prepared for Vartolu who makes a grand entrance to the exercise yard and confronts Ziya.

Vartolu finally comes face to face with the man whom he has been looking for. His father’s killer, or so he thinks. Vartolu tells him, “Do you know who I am?” By the look on Ziya’s face you can see that he does.

Vartolu courageously stands alongside the Warden and his guard in an act of protection. The Warden is told to go back to his office and turn his back. Vartolu presents the Nartepelis gang to help him take on Ziya and his prison thugs.

Ziya takes an opportunity and makes a run for it inside the prison with Vartolu on his tail.

He catches up with Ziya who manages to lock himself behind bars. Vartolu swears he is going to take his life but Ziya cowardly backs down and tells him he will never know who killed his father if he takes his life. He tells Vartolu that he did not kill his father but he does know who did!

Yamac and Azer finally get together for their long awaited fight.

It is a fairly even match bringing together years of street fighting. Maybe just the thing for Yamac to help him with his built up anger. In the end it is Yamac who stands over Azer as the victor with an red hot iron bar raised ready to brand his opponent.

Join me next week to see if Yamac carries through his threat and brands Azer……

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles.



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