Our first scene this week opens with a group of heavily armed gunmen breaking down the front gate where Alico’s father lives and where Alico is being held captive. The gunmen are unrecognisable and we do not know at this stage who they belong to. They certainly are not from Cukur and do not look like Russian gunmen but rather a very much larger organisation.

After speaking with Akin Selim finds out that Karaca has been kidnapped by Azer. He goes alone to rescue his daughter and makes an exchange of drugs for Karaca’s release. Azer then meets with the Russians and delivers the drugs in return for the lives of his brothers and sisters.

Alico is psychologically abused by his militant father and is sent on a mission to assassinate Ebu Kaysar. Zafer (Alico’s brother) is locked in his bedroom by his cruel father for his insolence. Alico is sent out proudly donning his old rubbish collecting clothes. He places his high powered rifle in the back of a mobile rubbish bin and anonymously makes his way towards Ebu Kaysar’s house.

Emmi hearing that Yamac is planning to take on Istanbul. He calls him for a private meeting with Yamac at Alico’s old house close by the water’s edge.

Yamac tells him that he is tired of Istanbul attacking him and how he feels like an outcast. Emmi tells him that the more he spreads himself beyond Cukur the weaker he will become.

Yamac walks back to the Coffee House through the streets of Cukur he is given much respect by the neighbourhood who are grateful for the return of peace to Cukur.

The two mothers of our crime Lords Yamac and Azer find they have a lot in common. They cook together in the kitchen sharing pleasantries of the day and generally enjoying each others company. Azer has just learnt that his mother is nowhere to be found and he goes in search of her. Believing that she is with the Russians he single-handedly goes on a killing spree but all his efforts are unrewarded. He leaves many bodies behind him.

Meanwhile, on his mission to assassinate Ebu Kaysar, Alico looks for a position with a good vantage point. He chooses an abandoned concrete bunker across the road from the house and high on a hill. He waits all day and into the early hours of the next morning for his chance to get a clear shot but the opportunity eludes him.

Selim has rescued his daughter and brought her home to safety. He tells Yamac of the involvement Akin has had with Azer, the Russians and most importantly the drugs that forced Karaca into action. Selim tells Yamac to deal with Akin as he cannot be left alone with him for fear of what he will do to him.

Akin is sitting alone when his Uncle and father arrive. Yamac is direct with him and tells him he has been going behind their backs and dealing with the enemy. Yamac asks him, “What else are you doing behind our backs?” His punishment is to be banished from ever entering the family home and tells him that he cannot call Cukur his home any more nor use the name of Kocovali as his own.

Selim and Yamac have become close since the death of their father. Selim confesses to Yamac that he knew Akin was trouble. Yamac and Selim are yet to find out that Akin has also betrayed his grandfather which led to the situation where Yamac killed his own father.

Yamac walks a fine line and warns his brother that he cannot sleep and to watch over him. He feels that he is mentally and physically not normal. His brother tells him that he has his back.

Like a little child, Akin has been reprimanded by his Uncle and father and made to feel a fool. His punishment for his actions and putting Karaca in danger is banishment from Cukur and no contact with his family. His dream of being Lord of Cukur has been permanently removed from him. He is angry and wants revenge on Kutay who has double-crossed him. Azer knows everything now and will come looking for him.

Murtaza’s loyalty is tested by Senol and Cumali at the gun factory. He passes his test. If they had followed him they would have seen Murtaza making his way to meet Timsah at his home. Timsah has been in hiding from Yamac who thinks he is dead. Murtaza is playing both sides against each other. He has a plan of his own. He talks Timsah into going after Yamac but before he does Timsah takes the USB out of the wall safe and gives it to his personal bodyguard along with an address. He orders him to take the USB to Cukur and post its contents it in every newspaper if anything should happen to him.

At the prison, Salih is still trying to make contact with Ziya. He obtains information from his prison guard that Ziya is soon to be released. Although he is imprisoned for murder there is nobody. If Ziya is released it will be hard for Salih to find him.

Yamac turns up at the gates of Alico’s father’s house. Of course, the guards will not let him enter. After his physical efforts fail he resorts to bashing the gates down with his truck.

Yamac demands to be taken to Alico. He is caught by Alico’s militant father and handcuffed in the basement. ( It is here that Aras Bulut Iynemli in his character role of Yamac gives us a great performance in his emotional view of what a father should be to a son.) Whilst weeping Yamac swears he will take Alico from his cruel father.


Alico is unaware that Yamac has been captured. He sits in the concrete bunker across from the house of Ebu Kaysar . He still can’t get a clean shot and when he can he sees small children in his gun sight and will not pull the trigger for fear of hurting a child

Alico’s father then plants explosives near the gates of Ebu Kaysar’s house which results in killing his children but does not kill Ebu Kaysar. Alico’s father orders Cuneyt to bring Alico home for punishment.

Murtaza and Timsah go straight to see Efsun to enlist her help. They tell Efsun that Yamac is planning on taking on Istanbul. Efsun brings this news to Azer . Efsun wants him to join Timsah, Murtaza and herself and take care of Yamac for good. (We do not know Azer’s response at this time.)

Meanwhile, Yamac is lying on the cold basement floor exhausted and handcuffed.

Alico is brought home by Cuneyt to face his father with Zafer still locked in his bedroom. Zafer can hear his father berating Alico and the hate he has for his father builds up within him. His father has not only pushed Alico to breaking point but has driven Zafer to want to kill his father.

Alico’s father thinks that he was successful in killing Ebu Kaysar and his family but when the telephone rings he is in for a shock. Ebu Kaysar is alive and he is coming for him.

In my opening paragraph of this episode, we saw armed men surrounding Yavuz Coban’s house. It is now that we see that the armed men attacking have been sent by Ebu Kaysar.

Alico’s father unaware of the coming ambush continues his verbal abuse of Alico. He takes his gun and tries to kill Alico but his opportunity fails when he is caught in his own trap by his son Zafer. Zafer could not bear nor watch any more abuse from his father and shoots him dead. Zafer then gets Cuneyt to take Alico and make their escape.

Yamac unable to do anything about his situation and knowing that Alico is in danger is trapped. The badly traumatised Alico is rushed into the room by Cuneyt who releases Yamac whilst he throws his arms around him. Cuneyt shows them a secret corridor which leads them beyond the outside walls.

With his protective arms wrapped around his brother, Yamac leads him to safety and they make their way back to Cukur.

Akin and Kutay walk the streets of Istanbul at night. Whilst throwing his arms around Kutay in a brotherly hug Akin takes his revenge. He thrusts a knife into his body and kills him leaving his body to lie in the streets.

Meanwhile, Azer and his brother’s minds are being tortured not knowing what happened their mother. It is not long before they find out. Azer’s mother calls him from the Kocovali mansion and tells him that Yamac had saved her life and she has been given care and hospitality in the Kocovali household for the past two days. She also tells her son that they owe a big debt of thanks to the family and especially Yamac. This is not the news Azer wanted to hear. The last thing he wanted to do is to be obligated to Yamac for saving his mothers life.

Medet has arrived at the Coffee Shop in Nartepe as ordered by Salih. He tells the owners that Vartolu Sadettin wants all of them to help him. He is beaten up for his efforts. After all Medet’s efforts to be arrested and close to Salih, he now finally finds himself being sent to the prison after he is beaten up at the Coffee House in Narpege. Salih and Medet share a warm reunion.

Alico is taken back to his humpy by the waters edge and his wounds are tended to with gentleness and understanding. Yamac temps him with his favourite soup and bread and swears to him that they will never be separated again. He comforts him until he sleeps.

In the evening Yamac is disturbed by noises coming from outside of Alico’s humpy. He is confronted by Nehir sitting in an armchair. At first, he doesn’t believe she is real and only a figment of his imagination but after Nehir kicks him in the groin he believes her. They share a beer together and watch the stars.

Yamac seems relaxed in Nehir’s company. You get the feeling that she understands him even though she has mental illness herself. He tells her he is happy because what was lost is now found. In her company, he relaxes and feels he could even sleep.

Sitting together in the armchairs at the waters edge they discuss a dream that they have both had of sand, white clothes and a baby belonging to them both. Nehir asks him why he never tries to find her especially if they are going to be together in the future like in their dream. She gently places her hand on his face and draws him near until their lips meet in a warm embrace.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles.



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