Yamac is now aware that Yucel took a video of him shooting his father but he doesn’t know that Timsah has the recording on a USB. Timsah keeps the USB in his wall safe and he stays in hiding not wanting Yamac to find him. Salih/Vartolu on the other hand has vowed to kill his father’s murderer and thinks the killer is a prison inmate called Ziya. Ziya being a friend of Timsah has viewed the USB and has not been able to keep his mouth shut in prison and boasts that he is the one that killed Father Idris and watched as earth slipeds through his fingers before he gasped his last breath. Sadly Yamac knows that one day his brother will come looking for him when he finds out the truth but until that time he will continue to be the Lord of Cukur and carry out his fathers wishes to take his revenge.

Azer has been worked over pretty thoroughly by the Russians who hold his family as hostages. The Russians have also sent armed men to capture Azer’s mother. Azer agrees to find the drugs if they release him and his family.

Meanwhile Yamac who saw Azer being kidnapped drives to his house but only finds Azer’s mother at home. On leaving he sees armed men breaking into her house. Yamac knowing she is alone returns to the house and saves her life. In defending Azer’s mother, Yamac is forced to kill all the armed men and leaves their bodies strewn all over the house. He then takes Azer’s mother into the protection of his home in Cukur to be cared for by Sultan and Karaca.

When he is released Azer drives immediately to his home and finds his mother gone plus the bodies of five men inside. His physical pain and emotional turmoil drives him to find Akin and holding a gun to his head he demands his stolen drugs.

Akin says nothing to Azer about his sister being responsible for taking the drugs. Kutay on the other hand is scared of and when Azer waits for him and attacks him he tells him what he wants to hear and who has his drugs.

Karaca who is asleep in her bed is woken by Kutay throwing stones on her bedroom window. He lies to Karaca and tells her that Akin has been shot. When she goes with him she finds only Azer. He kidnaps her. Azer drives Karaca to his home. He isn’t violent towards her but is firm in his approach. He takes her to the backyard of his home knowing that there were five dead bodies inside the house which he didnt want Karaca to see.

Azer believing Karaca will tell him everything out of fear does not get the response he wants. She looks him straight in the eye and tells him that she is Karaca Kocovali and will not tell him where the drugs are.

At the Cukur Coffee House , Yamac is seen to be concentrating and writing in his notebook. When asked what he is doing Yamac’s answer is “I am looking for Alico.” At first all the gang think that he is crazy and tells him that Alico is dead. Yamac’s response is to smile. Later after Yamac has explained his phone message to them they all gather around and try to decipher Alico’s coded message. To Yamac’s delight they are successful. Alico’s message tells them in a childish manner to find a red fish in a lakes around Istanbul! A mammoth task you might say! Alico warns Yamac that when he finds the red fish not to take the bait.

Yamac now with Alico’s coded message deciphered he tries to find him. His telephone could only tell him the Area Code which comes from the European side of Istanbul. Emmi and all the gang scan a map of Istanbul looking for lakes where fishermen catch the red fish.

Meanwhile, Alico unfortunately is being cruelly treated by his militant father. His father is keen to use Alico for his ability to be a sniper and kill Ebu Kaiser. (At this time we do not know who Ebu Kaiser is.) His father pushes him too the extent that Alico collapses from exhaustion.

Across town Cumali and Kemal crouch behind some bushes spying on the house of Murtaza. Cumali has become aware that it was Murtaza who placed the assassins outside the Court House. He now makes the connection between Striped Kenan, Daghan and Murtaza.

The Kocovali family notice that Karaca is missing. Ayse calls Akin telling him of her ansence. Akin immediately calls Azer looking for his sister. Azer demands his drugs in exchange for his sister. Akin promises Azer that he will bring him the drugs even though he doesn’t know where they are himself. Akin knowing that Karaca hid them somewhere in Cukur makes a trip to his neighbourhood. Both he and Azer unaware that Azer’s mother is in Cukur being given hospitality by the Kocovali women who are being very kind and respectful to her.

Medet is trying everything to be sent to prison for 3 to 4 months to be close to Salih.

Salih on the other hand goes over his conversation with Yamac in his mind with regard to his fathers murder. Salih is a little confused by Yamac’s last words to him. “Find his killer and end his misery”. He does not understand why Yamac used these words. He is removed from his cell to be introduced to the new Warden. Salih tells the warden that he will not have any trouble from him. Salih over time has become quite popular in prison and the prisoners are accepting him and offering him their respect. However much he tries Salih still hasn’t come face to face with Ziya .

Yamac and Selim after driving around the European side of Istanbul searching for lakes and fishermen finally find what they are looking for and are shot at for simply mentioning Alico’s name. The fisherman escapes and warns Alico’s father that the Kocovali gang are looking for Alico.

Azer and Karaca spend a cold night in the back yard of the house. Night is coming and the temperature is dropping. Azer can see that Karaca is shivering with the cold. He brings her a blanket. Karaca overhears a telephone call from the Russians to Azer and now knows that they have his family and are blackmailing him into bringing them the drugs. Azer begs Karaca to tell him where they are so that he can save their lives.

Akin speaks with Duygu (Karaca’s friend) trying to get her to tell him where the drugs are hidden. Akin threatens her life if she doesn’t tell him. Duygu doesn’t give in to him but goes straight to Damla with her news.

Meanwhile Yamac receives a call from Alico’s father. He knows that Yamac has been combing the streets of Istanbul looking for Alico. He calls him to meet him at the gates of his house. Little does Yamac know that he is walking into a trap . Alico has been placed high up on a ridge acting as sniper for his father.

Alico recognises Yamac and calls out to him but his father draws his attention to two more snipers ready to kill Yamac. He uses Yamac’s life as a bargaining tool and if Alico refuses to shoot Ebu Kaiser he will order his snipers to kill him. Alico agrees to his wishes and saves Yamac’s life.

Alico’s father walks to the front gates and faces Yamac. Yamac confronts him about the whereabouts of Alico. His father denies ever having seen Alico and tells Yamac to go. Yamac stands his ground and will not move without taking Alico with him. He has to change his mind when two warning shots are fired from the bushes and just missing Yamac. Yamac is forced to leave. He warns Alico’s father that he will be back.

Daghan is hiding from Cumali. Cumali is out to get him after finding out that he sent his men to the Court House to assassinate him and his brothers. Their attempt failed but Daghan knows that Cumali will soon find him. Meanwhile outside of Daghan’s house, Cumali and Kemal have set up recorded chants and music which is heard coming from the mountains. These chants scare Daghan’s guards but are seen to be very comical by Cumali and Kemal .

Cumali has frightened Daghan so much that he and his men run for safety.

Selim now knows that Karaca has been kidnapped. He swears to find Akin and his daughter. Meanwhile Akin has a gun to Dugyu’s head and forces her to show him where the drugs are. When he opens the door he finds his father standing in front of the drugs. He tells him, “Take me to Karaca.”

Karaca has just woken up after sleeping on the back patio all night. Azer has treated her well and even brings her breakfast. He changes when he receives a phone call from Selim Kocovali telling him he is coming to take his daughter back.

Yamac and his brother have cornered Daghan in a quarry. He asks Murtaza to save him and Murtaza keeps assuring him that he has it all under control but really he is using Daghan as bait.

Yamac rams his way through barrages of bullets and vehicles used as blockades to reach Daghan who has surrounded himself with an army of armed men. They all end up with guns to their heads.

Cumali ridicules Yamac for conceiving a plan that could not succeed. Yamac gives one long loud whistle and on top of a hill overlooking the quarry a line of armed men appear. They stand ready to shoot at Yamac’s command. Yamac commands Daghan and his men to put down their guns and surrender.

That afternoon Murtaza is at home cooking his Barbecue lunch. He is called into his house by one of his armed guards. He is surprised to be confronted by Yamac . Yamac speaks directly and tells him that the Kocovali’s have now moved into Istanbul and gives him the choice of being “with them or against them.” He is told that if he is “with them” then he will have to kiss Cumali’s hand!

Murtaza’s asks, “What happens if I don’t kiss his hand?” Yamac asks him to come to the verandah. There he sees Daghan being roasted on his Barbecue. Feeling the pressure he kisses the back of Cumali’s hand.

Join us next week to see if Selim saves his daughter from Azer and if Azer manages to save his family from the Russians.

Will Salih/Vartolu find Ziya and learn about the USB that Timsah hides in his safe or will Salih work out the meaning of Yamac’s words that so disturbed him when Yamac visited him in prison.

Will Alico kill Ebu Kaiser and escape his tyrannical father or will Yamac find him before he does?

Written by: Sandra Giles



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