This week’s episode commences at the prison where Selim and Emmi along with our loyal Cukur family Celasun, Kemal, Metin and Meke stand watching as prison guards continue to search their cell. Surprisingly weapons are found under their beds and the group are placed in solitary confinement. Their treatment in prison could be easier if Selim would only give up his brother Cumali.

Tomorrow they will face a Court Hearing and the word has reached the boy’s that their lives will be at risk as soon as they leave their prison bus. They all agree that they need to let Yamac know what is going to happen. Akin has tried very hard to keep his father and Uncles behind bars and has had the Lawyer on his payroll.

Efsun and Azer are out to destroy Yamac. Azer wants a one-on-one fight to finish him. This is something Yamac wants also and he accepts the fight. Yamac is surprised to see at the meeting point Azer being kidnapped and dragged into a car by an anonymous person.

In this episode we are introduced to Murtaza. His character is played by Ferit Kaya.

If you recall Murtaza was the boss man responsible for employing Kenan and his brother Daghan. Kenan is in hospital fighting for his life after Cumali ripped out his bowels with an Ox Horn after offending is father Idris. In last week’s episode Daghan was kicked out of his gun making factory by Yamac and Senol was left in charge.

Daghan now comes to Murtaza for help. He also tells him how Yamac has threatened to take everything he has. Murtaza is angered and agrees to give him many more men to attack the Kocovali’s.

Celasun and Kemal create the diversion allowing Selim time to search the Warden’s office and to look for anything that they can use as a bribe. His search is fruitful and he finds a box of matches with a well known music hall emblazoned on the front. At visitation that afternoon Selim gives the matches to Yamac and tells him to find some evidence that he can use against the Warden. He is also able to tell him of the planned welcoming party upon their arrival at the Court House in the morning.

Yamac orders 30 to 40 Taser’s to be hand by morning. He also orders Akin to bring his Lawyer to the Coffee House to see him that evening. Akin becomes nervous with this request. He worries that the Lawyer will tell Yamac of his involvement.

The Lawyer arrives to see an agitated Yamac. Yamac tells him that he is suspicious when a Lawyer cannot get a release from prison of innocent men. He demands that he gets them released at tomorrow’s hearing. The Lawyer is dismissed with Yamac’s threat ringing in his ears.

It is the day of the Court Hearing. Sultan has allowed all the Cukur women to go to the Court House just to see their loved ones as they are led out of the prison bus. Saadet especially is happy to show her husband their little son Idris.

Yamac has easily come up with the right kind of incentive for Selim to blackmail the Warden. Selim confronts the Warden armed with photographs of a scantily dressed Warden at the music hall. He threatens the Warden with the release of the photographs to his family if he doesn’t take back the charges against him and his men.

The boys leave the prison and are bundled into the back of a bus. Salih also is being transported to the Court Hearing. Cumali and Yamac watch them from a hiding place across the road. They can see a large crowd gathering and many men within the crowd are carrying weapons.

The prisoners are lined up ready to enter the Court House.

Knowing that there is soon to be trouble at the Court House, Yamac and Cumali are nervous when they see their women arrive.

The girls are quickly removed by Akin just as the guns are drawn and the action commences.

Within the large crowd which has gathered outside the Court House a group of armed men are surrounded by loyal Cukur followers who each carry a taser. They surround their prey and taser them to the ground. As the guards lead Selim, Salih and the boys into the Court House a chant of “Idris is our Father and Cukur is our home” bellows out across the yard.

At the Court Hearing sentence is passed down on Cumali Kocovali after escaping prison. He is condemned to life imprisonment if and when he is finally caught. Selim, Salih and the rest of the boys are set free after ballistic evidence is presented by their Lawyer.

After the Court Hearing Akin seeks revenge on the Lawyer. Nothing has turned out the way he wanted and Akin makes sure he does not get away with it. He murders him by slamming a cement brick on his head.

Sultan and Selim go in search of Yamac who is at the Coffee House. They find him with a pair of headphones trying to decipher Alico’s message that was left on his mobile phone. Sultan wants her son to come home but he will not set a foot inside the family home.

Yamac is mentally fragile and balances on the edge of insanity. He also cannot look his mother in the eyes due to his guilty conscience nor allow himself to feel comforted by his family. Sultan is unaware of her son’s own personal hell. She feels that Idris sacrificed his life for them all.

Yamac runs off into the night barely coping with his mental anguish. He is agitated and traumatised by his guilt. He tries to call Efsun but she is not answering so he runs to the only person he knows he can talk to about his fathers death, Yucel. Yucel is in his bed at the asylum. Yamac lays his head next to his and begins to talk to him. He is unaware that Yucel can understand everything he is saying.

Yamac tells Yucel that even though he has taken revenge he can still feel no peace. His headache is still with him daily. He tells Yucel that he is responsible for ruining his life and he feels no peace. He could kill Yucel now but holds on to him out of revenge. As Yamac leaves the room Yucel smiles after listening to every word.

Yamac continues to seek relief for his intense headache. He opens the door to his old room at the Asylum and finds Nehir lying in his old bed. He climbs in beside her. She is kind to him and talks him through his physical and emotional pain.

Nehir also has lost much in her life and she promises to tell him about it one day. She gives him a necklace to take with him and promises to tell him about its story when next they meet.

Yamac has survived the night and sits on the side of the road outside his home. He finds the strength to walk down his driveway and overhears Sultan arguing with Saadet. Saadet has been waiting for Salih to come home to her and little Idris since he was released from prison but he has not shown up. Sultan tells Saadet that she has ordered Salih to stay in prison until he finds his father killer.

Damla gets an opportunity to tell Yamac about Akin and how he has been producing drugs in Cukur. She tells him the story of the statuettes that she and Karaca took from him replacing the drugs with beads.

Murtaza tells Daghan that now the Kocovali’s have been released from prison he will attack all of them that evening in Cukur and wipe them all out . He will then take back his gun factory. Daghan is enraged to hear that the Kocovali’s have burnt down his house and sunk his boat, not only that, they have taken his father from his hospital bed and he is nowhere to be found.

It is clear that the Kocovali’s will not be waiting for gangs to attack them in Cukur any longer. They are venturing into Istanbul itself.

Emmi returns to his beloved Cukur and the Coffee House where he and Idris spent so much of their life together. Yamac guides him to his old chair at the table where he and Idris drank tea together.

Inside the Coffee House all are gathered to listen to Yamac tells them of his new decision of not waiting to be attacked but to be the attacker. He tells them, “Isn’t Cukur a part of Istanbul?”

Akin does not agree with his Uncle’s decision. Yamac sees his opportunity to confront Akin with his new knowledge of how he has been producing drugs in Cukur. Akin tells Yamac that hard times deserve hard actions. Akin is shown up in front of his father for the corrupt and dishonest man he is with no respect his dead grandfather. What would Yamac say if he found out that he was the one who saved Yucel’s life and set up his grandfather and Uncles?

Yamac tells him that there is a price to pay for his actions. He tells him to go home and pack his bags and kicks him out of Cukur.

After Akin leaves the Coffee House the discussion is centred around Daghan and Murtaza. Emmi has known Murtaza when he was an apprentice of the late Pasa who taught him all that he knew. Emmi relates how Idris would not let him kill Murtaza and told them not to interfere with him. Yamac decides to pay Murtaza a visit.

Nobody has seen Azer since he left to fight Yamac one-on-one. He is now missing. Efsun sends his armed body guards out to find him. All thinking that Yamac could have killed him in their one-on-one fight. Meanwhile Azer has been placed in a watery torture chamber by his captives.

His captor is Fatih. Fatih reminds Azer of Viktor Kozlovsky who was the Russian drug runner involved in the statuette drug run. If you recall it was Karaca, Damla and the young women of Cukur who found the statuettes full of drugs and replaced them with beads. The women have hidden the drugs so Akin and the Russians cannot find them. The Russians believe that Azer took their money and the drugs and killed Viktor that night, when all along it had been Akin who had betrayed them both. Fatih tells him that he now wants his 2 Million TL back and Azer has to find it.

Azer on the other hand is under the impression that the Russians never paid the money and stole his drugs.

After hearing what Sultan said to Saadet, Yamac visits Salih in prison. He comes with video footage of his little son to brighten his day.

Yamac asks him why he is still in prison. He tells him he must stay. He wants to take revenge for the whole family. Ziya has said that he shot Idris and saw him take soil in his hand and sprinkled it on the ground. Yamac is surprised by this comment. How would Ziya know? Only somebody who was there could know this. Salih tells Yamac that he will not leave until he has killed his fathers murderer. He bends forward and stares at Yamac ……… “ I can’t leave. The murderer of my dad is right before my eyes”!

Salih tells Yamac that although he has not seen Ziya’s face, victory will come to those who are patient. When he finds his father’s murderer he will kill him.

Yamac opens his arms in a welcoming gesture as he tells Salih to find the murderer and ease his misery. Salih gives him a puzzled look by his response.

Wall Graffiti: The less you know the better you will sleep.

The last scene sees Yamac return to the Asylum. He faces Yucel. Yamac looks at the prostrated form of Yucel in his comatose state. He tells him that he would welcome Salih’s revenge because his torture will be over. He knows now that Yucel must have taken footage of him killing his father.

He places a knee in his solar plexus and asks, Who? Who did you show? You can put it on Youtube if you like, but up until the time that Salih knows that I killed my father then he will remain. Little does Yamac know that Yucel hears and understands everything that he is saying.

Join me at Dizicentral next week to see if Salih gets to find out that it was Yamac who killed their father and if Azer finds out that it was Akin who betrayed him . Also Efsun may learn that it wasn’t Yamac who ambushed her.

Written by: Sandra Giles



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