At the conclusion of last weeks episode Yamac was left a phone message that excited him. Alico, who he thought was dead is very much alive and has begged Yamac to come and find him and bring him back to Cukur.

Cumali relaxes in his safe house is unaware that Akin has set Cumali up by alerting the police of his whereabouts. He escapes the raid to his house just in time to be picked up by Damla in her car. They take on the police in a high speed chase and manage to shake them off and later go back to his unit where Cumali shows Damla just how happy he is to see her after all this time!

At prison Salih meets the wife and child of his cell mate Emre. Emre was killed trying to save Salih’s life. Salih feels guilty that he was responsible for his death. His wife shares with him how Father Idris saved her mother from starvation and always sent an envelope of money to her and her siblings so that they could survive. She also tells him Emre had sacrificed his life for him as her family had always sworn to protect the Kocovali family.

The next morning Akin does his usual Lordly walk through the Market Bazaar allowing the neighbourhood to acknowledge his status. What he doesn’t see is a little further up at the Bazaar another Lord of Cukur has donned his black apron to stand and serve fruit and vegetables at his father’s old stall. Much to Akins disgust the crowd raise their fists and burst out chanting “Cukur is our home. Yamac is our father.”

Akin plays the role of loyal nephew when he greets his Uncle but deep down he is seething with jealousy and anger. Karaca on the other hand stands beside Yamac with excitement and pride. She now sports her own Cukur tattoo showing her Uncle that she has taken up the sword as well.

Alico is kept shut up in his fathers home. His brother Zafer continues to encourage him to run away. Alico tells Zafer that he has asked Yamac to come and get him and he will wait for this hope.

STREET GRAFFITI: Yamac can protect me. If there is Yamac there is hope.

In his prison cell Salih is told that although his cell mates work in the prison they are paid for doing this, work. Unfortunately Ziya takes half of their money and the Warden takes the other half. Emre (the man who saved Salih’s life) had worked for years and was never paid a cent. This information brings out the Vartolu in Salih. He wants revenge for Emre now.

At the pottery work group station Vartolu watches as the inmates line up for their money for the work they have done. He also watches as the head prison guard pays them nothing and puts half the money in an envelope and the other half in his own pocket. Vartolu attacks the guard and takes all the money. This action will surely carry a punishment for Vartolu later on.

Meanwhile, Yamac agrees to talk to “Daghan” the son of a man who is in hospital. His father’s name is Kemal who is the same Kemal that Cumali went after with the Ox Horn. Yamac is quickly put into the picture by Medet who tells him the story of what Kenan had said about Father Idris and how Cumali took the Ox Horn and ripped open his bowels with it. Daghan threatens Yamac if he doesn’t bring him Cumali. Daghan gives Yamac until the next day to tell him where Cumali is.

Azer has shut himself off from the old group. He still grieves the death of his sister that he was responsible for and punishes himself. He has no contact with Akin which forces him to look elsewhere for support, he turns to Efsun. Efsun is at home thinking that Yamac is dead. It is Akin who tells her that Yamac is still alive.

Yamac not knowing the Kenan story comes to see Cumali to get the inside story with reference to the Ox Horn. Yamac can see lipstick on glasses and smells perfume in the air and finds Damla’s I.D. on the couch. He realises that his brother has re-united with his wife. They warm to each other as only close brothers would do. Yamac warns his brother about continually making trouble for Cukur but promises he will take care of Doghan.

Yamac worries about Cumali and tells him that he only wants three things from Cumali…… Don’t get caught. Don’t go back to jail. Don’t die.

At prison Vartolu is facing an angry group of prison guards who are intent on finding the money he stole. They ransack his cell. The guards are not aware at this moment that it was Vartolu who beat the guard and stole the money. Vartolu takes the money and at prison visitation hands the envelope to Medet with his instructions to give the money to Emre’s mother and sister. He also asks Medet to tell Yamac the story and to tell him to take them under his protection.

Yamac is looking for Daghan. He knows that Kenan was a gun runner working for Murtaza. Murtaza being a very well trained thug is responsible for making guns and bringing them over the border. Yamac anonymously goes into the factory to see how they make the illegal arms.

The factory is full of chemicals and the workers are affected by the fumes making Yamac aware of the urgency to close down such a business. He now knows what Daghan and his father are all about.

Efsun calls Yamac after learning from Akin that he is alive. He is going to tell her the truth about her father and make her see that he did not kill him. She is excited about their meeting and waits patiently for him. Unfortunately Efsun is ambushed by cars are all marked with the Cukur emblem. In fear she drives back to her home to be comforted by her grandmother. Little does Efsun know it was her grandmother who set up the ambush.

Yamac who is also travelling to the meeting place watches as Efsun races past him in her car. He is unaware of what had eventuated. He thinks that she has stood him up. He turns around and leaves.

Sultan has asked Akin to hand over Father Idris’s box of reminiscing items that she gave to Akin before Yamac returned. This is one thing that Akin hates to give up. It shows him that Sultan accepts Yamac as the head of the family and Cukur.

That evening Medet visits the home of Emre’s mother and sister on Salih’s behalf. He hands her an envelope of money and arrives with a truck load of food, goods and furniture for the family. Yamac feels pride in being able to help this family on behalf of his brother .

Meanwhile Salih faces a line up of prison guards ready for his punishment.

Selim is awaiting his hearing which will set him free. He would be free now if he would give the whereabouts of Cumali to the Warden. He cannot be held much longer. Weapons are found in the Selim’s cell which have been planted by the Warden. A new reason to keep him and the boys jailed longer .

Yamac does not wait for Daghan to come to him, instead he goes straight to Daghan at his gun making factory. Daghan is expecting Yamac to hand over Cumali. Yamac instead has brought a squadron of armed men to help him convince Daghan that he will not be getting his brother.

Yamac tells Daghan that after spending some time in the Asylum he came to the conclusion that he is no longer going to let people like him walk over him. Yamac gives him two options. One is to kiss his hand and become part of Cukur OR to get out of Cukur leaving the gun factory to Yamac. Daghan feeling the pressure takes the second option knowing he cannot win right now but assured that he will return.

Meliha has cancer she visits Emmi in prison knowing that she may never see him again. She has something to get off her chest. Something that Idris had promised her not to tell. Something that Yamac needs to know. She bends and whispers it in Emmi’s ear.

A shocked Emmi cannot believe what he has just heard.

At the Coffee shop Yamac has called a meeting of all the Cukur neighbourhood brothers. He demands they all listen to him. He tells them that he nearly gave up. They have all lost family and loved ones but most of all they lost the life of the father of Cukur. He knows that they want revenge. He does also. He has made a decision that Istanbul will recognise Cukur as part of the bigger family. They will have to fight because he is so sick of losing people he loves. He tells them as long as they stay in Cukur they will continue to corner us and attack us. They have fought the Karakuzu’s, Yucel and Baykel and there will be many more coming. He tells them that this time they will go to them before they can get to us. We will get them before they destroy us.

His only opposition is from Akin. Yamac is starting to feel that Akin is against him. Akin gives him his fathers inheritance box reluctant to give up the head of the family inheritance.
Yamac tells Akin that he was in prison and knows nothing of the battle they have gone through in Cukur and how the death of their loved ones has affected them all. Little does Yamac know that Akin has been directly responsible for their deaths also. Yamac gets an underlying feeling that Akin could become his enemy. Akin believes that Yamac has made a big mistake with his new move outside of Cukur which he believes will lead to his downfall.

Azer has finally come out of hiding and meets with Efsun. Azer is adamant that he is going after Yamac for what he did at his sisters wedding.

Yamac when opening his fathers box and takes out his prayer beads. He lets them fall between his fingers. His phone rings and he is surprised to hear Azer’s voice. Azer wants a one-on-one fight with Yamac to settle old scores.

Join me next week on Turk-Flix to see the final battle between Azer and Yamac or is it a trap set to ensnare our new head of Cukur? Let’s see if Yamac finds Alico and what Emmi is going to do with his new found secret.

Written by: Sandra Giles



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