It is any wonder that Cukur remains at the top of Turkish T.V ratings. This episode demonstrates the amazing acting ability of not only the lead actors but the supporting cast. I am sure you will enjoy it immensely.

Last week we left Yamac unconscious in a burning car with Timsah and Akin looking on.

This week we see Yamac propped up unconscious with a bullet in his abdomen on Cumali’s doorstep. We don’t know how he got there except we see a little further on in the episode an anonymous man in a white Mercedes and somebody pulling Yamac out of the burning car before it explodes. The same man delivers Yamac to Cumali’s door.

Cumali gets quite a shock to see his brother in this condition. This is the first time they have seen each other since he was imprisoned. Cumali realises that Yamac’s condition is critical and seeks medical help for him. Not being able to take him to a hospital for fear the police will find them he seeks the help of an old friend of his fathers who is a Veterinarian.

The Vet does all he can for Yamac and then leaves him in the care of Cumali to recover. Outside the Vet’s Cumali sees a suspicious white Mercedes but knows nothing of its connection with Yamac at the accident. It is obviously that somebody is following Yamac’s every move and luckily was able to save his life.

Timsah, Akin and Efsun have gathered at Azer’s house the morning after Yamac’s accident. They all believe that Yamac is dead. This news is a shock to Efsun. It is obvious that she has feelings for Yamac. She casts her mind back to her last conversation with Yamac the night before when he could have killed her but instead they just talked. Yamac was blaming himself for the deaths of Sena, Aksin and Alico and now his father but he will not take the blame for killing her father, Baykel. He asked her to believe him and tells her he will prove it but fate had something else in mind for Yamac that evening. He is chased by two cars firing at him until he is run off the road.

In prison our boys are having it tough and still get regular beatings as they fight their way through their daily existence. Salih has now completely moved into his Vartolu personality. There is nothing much left of the family man we once saw. Salih he has filed him away to be resurrected at a later date maybe. He has spent a long time in solitary confinement and is trying to soften his fellow inmates by getting Medet to buy Borek and distribute them throughout the prison.

After the failed drug deal Azer believes the story that Akin tells him that the drug runners stole his drugs. Akin now has to work out how he is going to get the drugs way from Karaca who stole them in the first place from inside the statuettes. Akin has also been advised by the Kocovali Lawyer that all the Kocovali men will soon be released from prison as there is not enough evidence to keep them in prison any longer. This news really upsets Akin as with their release he will lose the leadership of the family and Cukur.

Vartolu is released from solitary confinement and brought to his cell. He is saddened by the condition of the inmates.

After trying to escape from his father, Alico is locked in his room yearning for Cukur. He remembers 7 years ago how he was used as a sniper in a failed attempt to kidnap a man called Ebu Kaiser, a terrorist leader. This memory must somehow be worked into one of our future episodes.

Yamac has finally regained consciousness and is cared for by his brother. Cumali is unaware that his brother killed Idris. At this time Yamac is not saying anything. Cumali is filled with revenge for what Yucel and his group did to Idris. His hatred and revengeful attitude is what keeps him alive and sane. Yamac finds out from Cumali that his brothers undergo daily beatings in the prison and how Salih had betrayed them and is now at another prison also taking heavy beatings.

Cumali reminisces to Yamac. He wants Yamac to return to Cukur and take up leadership. He tells him that at one time they could dream of love, happiness, family and a future but now they can’t, the Kocovali’s have been reminded about who they really are. He reminds Yamac that Idris Kocovali was a good man but when necessary would make men tremble in his presence . This conversation with Cumali draws Yamac back to the time his father was dying in his arms. When he asked Yamac to “protect Cukur” and “to protect the women”

Cumali gives Yamac no quarter and drives his delicate brain a little too hard. Cumali demands that he return to Cukur and not let his young nephew take over. “Only you can do it Yamac. Go and protect the women.” Yamac in his traumatised state sees this request as being too hard to do. Cumali screams that he cannot run away. The violet verbal tirade is all too much for Yamac who collapses under the strain.

WALL GRAFFITI: You can’t run away Yamac!
WALL GRAFFITI: I can run away!
WALL GRAFFITI: To be or not to be is the question!

Vartolu undergoes repeated attempts on his life which as ordered by Ziya (the inmate Vartolu believes killed his father). Ziya has befriended the Warden of the prison and pays him very well to turn his back on what Ziya does within the prison walls. Vartolu believes it is Ziya who was responsible for his father’s death. Vartolu so far has fought them off and boasts that he will not leave the prison without getting to Ziya first. Vartolu only has one good friend in his cell and that is Emre. Emre is a loyal brother of Cukur and helps Vartolu. The men in Vartolu’s cell are very poor and have very little. Vartolu enlists Emre’s help to get to Ziya and warns him to be careful.

Yamac for the first time turns up at the prison to visit Selim and his band of brothers from Cukur. Emmi is not amongst them after being hit in the head in one of the beatings. He also is becoming forgetful. They all have a good sense of humour.

Yamac is left with Selim who does not know that Yamac had killed Idris. What he does know is that all the brothers cannot look each other in the eye for their shame of it all. Selim begs him to return to Cukur and take the leadership from Akin. Just like Cumali, Yamac is also told to return to Cukur.

Cumali still has unfinished business and is on the trail of Murteza who was responsible for Striped Kenan taking over the gun running in Cukur.

Alico takes a god given opportunity and on a mobile phone left in the kitchen, he calls Yamac and leaves a couple of messages on his phone asking him to come and find him.

Saadet received Vartolu’s message that tells her to forget about him but she sends him a photograph of his son and she asks him not to forget him. The photograph somewhat softens Vartolu who then requests food for his poor fellow room mates.

Vartolu is called to the visitation room where his brother Yamac waits to see him. They look deeply into each others face. Yamac tells him he came for one reason and that is to ask him if in his life was there one time that he felt alone and wanted to run away?

Vartolu tells him about when he first met Meke in Cukur. Meke told him in a simple way that Cukur to him was like water. As a fish you must have water and without water you cannot breath. He is a fish and to him he cannot breath without Cukur.

Vartolu told Yamac that at one time when he was Vartolu Saadettin that he had everything , money, power and position but now as Salih he has nothing. He has decided to return to what he knows and as Vartolu he will be like the fish and be able to breath. He tells Yamac to return to the water also, meaning Cukur and he will be able to also live like a merman and protect his loved ones from people like himself.

Yamac’s last words to Vartolu is how can he find a way to stay alive? Vartolu tells him he also has to change into a new character and attack his enemies just like he did.

Yamac runs into Nahir again. She has turned up to find him in Cukur. She has been following him for quite a while. Yamac feels relaxed with her. He smiles. In a public park in Istanbul she even gets him to join her in dancing and you can see him immediately enjoying life once more.

Nehir’s advice to Yamac is to dance before he makes a decision. She puts her phone number in his phone.

That evening when all is quiet, Yamac sits at the top of a lookout. He looks out onto the twinkling Istanbul lights and reaches in his pocket for his mobile phone. He notices he has two messages.
He is shocked to hear Alico’s familiar voice. At first he doesn’t believe it and replays the message a second time. Yes, he was right, it is Alico and he is asking for him to come and get him.

For Yamac, all-in-all the day has been a good one. His dearest friend is alive and he has found out that life is really worth living after all!

YAMAC yells from the highestpoint of the lookout…….. “Wait for me Istanbul”.

In the Cukur Bazaar, Akin walks past the market stall allowing his neighbours to kiss his hand.

The Bazaar breaks out into shouts of “Yamac is our Father and Cukur is our home”.

Akin glances up and sees Yamac standing at his fathers fruit stall looking composed and very sure of himself.

Join me next week in seeing our transformed Yamac take on his nephew for leadership of Cukur.

Written by: Sandra Giles



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