Before I begin this week’s Summary I first want to apologise for an error I made in last weeks review. At the end of the episode I told you that inside the drug statuettes there were Smarties. On review this week I can clearly see that they are small beads. I must admit chocolate Smarties would have been equally as good if not better.

Karaca has outsmarted her brother and placed him in a dangerous situation. He talks his way out of trouble and blames the missing drugs on Azer who is uncontactable. The drug lords give Akin 48 hours to come up with the goods or they will come for Azer’s head.

Meanwhile, Azer sits alone at night self harming his body by carving his sisters name into his forearm while his dead sister lies inside the family home.

Timsah is frightened. Yamac may be coming after him next. He surrounds himself with guards and dons a military crash helmet for protection. He is such a great character Timsah and so comical. All the while Yamac is stalking him from a distance and sneaks into his bedroom and shoots him three times. Timsah falls to the ground. Yamac throws a set of black prayer beads into his empty crash helmet and leaves the house.

Alico spends a traumatic night controlled by his controlling father. He is calmed by Zafer who tells Alico that he must escape from his father. Later that day Alico sneaks out of the house, climbs in the boot of a car and waits until it heads out of town. He then makes his way on foot to Cukur.

Selim is called to the Warden’s Office. He is ordered to write down every address where they might find his brother Cumali. Selim refuses.

Meanwhile Cumali is lying low out of the reach of the police. He covets a small black bag containing a large Ox horn destined for the personage of Striped Kenan!

Salih/Vartolu Saadettin has arrived at the Armlutlu prison governed by a ruthless Warden’s. At his welcome interview Salih/Vartolu is beaten for giving cheek . He then refuses to wear the Warden’s red jumpsuit and is placed in a cold room.

Akin has decided he needs reinforcements and finds an old friend, Remzi. Remzi if you remember is from Season 2 and was the right hand man of Yucel. Akin offers him cash money for his services. Remzi agrees.


Cumali walks the streets of Cukur looking for Striped Kenan. He carries a knife and his small black carry bag containing his Ox horn. He is the prime target for the police who are searching high and low for him and each time he avoids capture.

Akin has his best friend Kutay beat him up and takes his beaten face to Karaca. His aim is to get his sister on his side. His drug shipment was lost because of her. He tells her he was beaten because she got involved with the statuettes and he had to pay the price.

Our wandering Yamac often visits the cemetery to feel the presence of his loved ones. He openly talks to his father and takes soil from his grave so he can keep him close. He drapes black prayer beads over his fathers tombstone and strokes the top of his beloved Alico’s grave.

Alico makes it to Cukur. He is very happy. Unfortunately his father finds him and drags him back forbidding him to ever come back to Cukur again.

Salih/Vartolu has now cooled off in the prison cold room. To keep warm he has been boxing with his companions, a couple of full sides of beef hanging from the ceiling.

Salih decides to teach the Warden a lesson and makes a fire in the cool room. He even gets a little barbecue going. He begins burning all the prison produce until the Warden begs him to stop. He bargains with the Warden who allows him not to wear the red jumpsuit.

To get out of a sticky situation Akin tells Azer that the drug runners stole the drugs from the warehouse and beat him up and Azer believes him. Akin gets Remzi to do a drive-by shooting to frighten Azer and have him believe it was the drug runners who are after him.

Salih has summoned Medet to the prison. He sends a message for Saadet and he only wants Medet to tell her. He tells her that from now on he will be Vartolu and not her gentler Salih. He commands Medet to go back and protect Saadet, his son and the family but he warns him about Akin and tells him not to trust him. On leaving the prison he asks Medet to buy 40 trays of pastries when he leaves the prison and send them to him. Meanwhile the prison guards are waiting to give Salih a beating.

Remzi reports that his mission was a success. As a reward Akin gives Remzi any building in Cukur he wants. Azer and the drug runners will now fight it out together.

Cumali has finally tracked Striped Kenan down. He finds him in a Turkish bath. He carries with him his small black bag containing the Ox horn.

Striped Kenan is very relaxed having dancing girls entertaining him and his guards. He doesn’t see Cumali approaching.

With his guards dead and the baths emptied. Cumali faces Striped Kenan. He reminds him of what he said to him in prison about his dead father being a dead head Oxen and no longer controls Cukur. After being worked over by Cumali he tells him that the leader of his gang is a man called Murtaza who was once Emmi’s apprentice and is now controlling the gun running in Cukur. Cumali adds Murtaza to his list of vengeance but not before he teaches Striped Kenan a lesson in respect for his father.

With all conversation over Cumali knocks him to the floor and takes his small black bag in hand and pulls out the sharpened Ox horn! He walks towards Striped Kenan who lies prostrate on the floor . Striped Kenan begs Cumali NOT TO DO IT!!!! Unfortunately for Striped Kenan, Cumali makes a point out of showing him the reason for his visit to the baths!

The drug lords have turned up 48 hours after the foiled drug handover as asked by Akin. They are unaware that they have been set up by Akin. Azer believing they were out to kill him attacks them and a gunfight takes place killing them all. Azer now turns his thoughts to Yamac.

Yamac is still quite scattered and mentally infirm. Little does he know that Akin has been setting him up from the beginning. He thinks he killed Timsah but unbeknown to him Timsah is alive. He wore a bullet proof jacket.

Efsun on the other hand is visits Yucel in the asylum where he lies in a coma . After Efsun leaves the room we see just a slight hand movement from Yucel. Could it be that he will wake from his stupor.

When Efsun arrives back home she finds Yamac waiting for her. Both could have killed the other but they didn’t shoot. Instead they sit and talk. Yamac then leaves the home without hurting Efsun.

Driving into the night Yamac is tailed by Akin. Yamac calmly drives into the night listening to the lovely voice of Nilufer. It is not long before two cars begin to fire on him and although he tries to outrun them he is pushed off the road into a tree and crashes. Yamac lies unconscious.

Yamac’s attackers are Akin and Timsah who stand at the top of the hill looking down at the stricken car. They call Azer and show him the picture of Yamac dead in the front seat. Azer tells them to offload a barrage of bullets into the car just to make sure. He then tells them to make sure he is dead and check the car but before they can reach the car it explodes.

Akin is left alone looking down at the burning car. He is told to check the vehicle but instead tells his Uncle that he is sorry and turns his back.

Our last scene shows Salih in solitary confinement. He looks exhausted and beaten. He closes his eyes and listens to the voice of his father telling him a fairy tale.

Written by: Sandra Giles



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