The women of Cukur are gaining strength. In this episode we see how Karaca manages to outwit her brother and showing that women in strength can be as equally effective in taking revenge as men and without a gun.

On one of her missions outside the house late at night Akin nearly catches his sister spying on him and just like Cinderella she left a shoe behind, not a glass slipper but more of a Doc Martins.

Yamac is still deep in his grief with a heart filled with revenge.

In prison Medet visits Cumali. The Kocovali men have been imprisoned for 3 months now. Medet shares with Cumali the problems in the neighbourhood and how Akin is failing to support Cukur. He also tells him that the gun runners are now doing their own thing in Cukur. A new leader of the gun runners has emerged “Striped Kenan”, he has declared that now Father Idris is dead and there are no leaders in Cukur, he will now be taking over the gun running. This news enrages Cumali and only exacerbates his anger.

In this episode we also see that Alico is alive and well. He lives in a mansion owned by his father. Athough Alico is not allowed to call him father, only Commander. Alico’s lives each day in a military type fashion ruled by his father and helped by his companion Jiet. Alico is also very homesick and wants to go home to Cukur but is forbidden to mention Cukur by name to his father.

Alico’s father leads an international military type group of thugs who are sent into other countries to eliminate whoever and wherever they are ordered. We are not told who is the top leader of this group but it is a well organised and efficient group with its own Commander. It is with their help that the Commander was able to find Alico and send Jiet to save him from the fiery tomb. Alico is made to sit at the head of the conference table and is introduced as “Ali Coban” the Commanders son to all the group members.

The group has been ordered to find a phantom man called Ebu Kaysar, a new mission. Looking at Alico’s response to a video sighting of him , he is somebody Alico knows.

In the prison bathroom Cumali and Salih make a plan of escape.

Akin is aware that he Yucel cannot be contacted and maybe he is dead. He hopes that Yamac will kill Azer, Timsah and Efsun which would take out all his enemies. What he is not sure about is whether Yamac knows that he saved Yucel from the fire in Season 1 and helped set up Yamac and his father for Yucel. If he does then Yamac will have Akin on his list of revenge also.

The drug delivery is being organised by Azer and the manufacture and packaging of the drugs is being arranged by Akin with the shipment commencing its journey from Cukur. The drugs will be placed in the base of a small porcelain statuette and shipped out of the country after handover to the drug Lords. Azer explains that he will be away at a family wedding when the transfer is scheduled to go ahead and advises that all his orders will be carried out by Timsah and Akin in his absence.

After taking care of Yucel the youngest and most traumatised Kocovali son is after Efsun and Azer. He has tracked Efsun down to her home which she shares with her grandmother. We now find out that Efsun is Baykel’s grand daughter and both Efsun and Azer have lost family members killed in this battle for possession of Cukur. Yamac finds his way into Efsun’s mansion where Grandmother Baykel stabs him in the back.

Efsun nurses him in her bedroom telling him stories whilst tenderly caring for him. It is here that Yamac has a dream of walking on the beach and meeting Nehir (played by Hazal Subasi, the dark haired girl that shared his bed in the asylum). In his dream she introduces him to their baby!

Meanwhile in prison Cumali warns “Striped Kenan” that the gun running in Cukur belongs to him. Striped Kenan offends Cumali with an insult to Father Idris. He tells Cumali that his father was a leader in Cukur but now is an Ox Head and dead. This insult will be remembered by Cumali later on in our episode.

On the road , Azer heads for Adana and his family wedding. He is welcomed in his neighbourhood as a King. He hands out all kinds of gifts as his cavalcade of cars arrive. He is home and excited to be there. He hugs his sister on her wedding day.

Karaca and Damla are trying to creep out of the house at night to find the statuettes that Akin is using to move his drugs. Together tonight they will try their luck. Only Saadet knows they are going and warns them of the danger.

Damla and Karaca creep out at night but are caught on their return to the mansion Akin sees them creeping back through the fence and surprises Karaca with her shoe she lost when he was chasing her through the streets of Cukur.

Yamac wakes in Efsun’s house and leaves, journeying straight to the Asylum in search of Nehir. His dream is still fresh in his mind. He finds her in the auditorium singing a song by Nilifer (Son Azum).

Yamac tells her of his dream. She also has had the same dream with Yamac holding a baby.

Nehir sends Yamac on his way. She tells him the Asylum is her home. She knows all about him from his hospital records and she wants nothing to do with him. She tells him to leave her alone. Yamac walks the streets of Istanbul that night with the beautiful voice of Nilifer still singing in his ears.

At the prison Cumali and Salih begin to make plans to get out. They create havoc within the prison igniting a fire so Cumali can escape. His attempt at escape is stopped by the Warden and his guards. Salih had betrayed him. Cumali calls Salih a traitor in front of all the inmates but we don’t know at this time whether it all is in their plan for escape. Cumali is put in solitary confinement where he bashes his head repeatedly until he loses consciousness, he then fakes having facial burns to get transferred to hospital where he finally escapes.

Cumali quickly makes a visit to the local butchers where he buys an Ox head complete with horns! I think Striped Kenan could be an ex-gun runner soon as Cumali is about to give him a lesson in respect!

The Warden not knowing of Cumali’s escape is thankful about Salih’s warning of the fire and transfers him to another prison. It is not long after this that we find out the reason for the transfer. Sultan on her visit to the prison told Salih that there is a man in Armutlu Prison boasting about how he killed Idris Kocovali. It is only now we know why Salih wants to be transferred to the prison and why he snitched on Cumali. He was sent on a mission of revenge by Sultan.

As I predicted Salih did help Cumali in his escape while having himself transferred to Armutlu Prison as instructed by Sultan. Here he will look for the man who killed his father but for this revenge he will now transform into Vartolu Saadettin for this act of revenge

The girls, namely Karaca, Damla and Saadet are still trying to find out where the statuettes are hidden. Their spies follow Akin by scooter to find out where they are hidden. It is not long before the girls track down the location and a plan is put into action. The girls have been shut up for days but they are now allowed by Akin to attend a Henna night which allows them to put their plan into action. On the roof of the building Duygu and many young women of Cukur meet Karaca and and come together to fight in their own special way.

They enter a building and find the statuettes. They remove the drugs and pack the cartons back up like nothing has been touched.

As preparations for the wedding continue, Azer is informed that his sisters groom is missing. He finds him and his own brother tied to chairs and wrapped in explosives. Azer stops as he sees the time ticking down on the explosives. A voice emerges on a video device. It is the voice of Yamac.

Yamac now tells Azer that it is now his time to choose. Yamac reminds him that he kidnapped the women of the Kocovali family and had him kill his own father. His punishment is upon him and he must choose now between his brother or his brother-in-law and he has to make up his mind in 20 seconds.

Azer has no choice but to shoot his sisters fiancee saving his own brother’s life. Unfortunately his sister sees her fiancee die and turns the gun on herself. She dies in Azer’s arms. His grief begins as Yamac walks away.

Meanwhile the drug Lords have arrived to take delivery of the shipment of statuettes containing the cocaine. In Azer’s absence Akin makes the delivery but find himself in a dangerous situation when the cartons are opened and found to contain no drugs but smarties!

Our last scene sees Akin realising that his sister has had the last laugh at his expense.

Written by: Sandra Giles



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