The along awaited first episode of Cukur Season 3 has arrived with a dramatic and emotional first scene delivered by Aras Bulut Iynemli in his amazing casted role of Yamac Kocovali the youngest son of Idris the Godfather of the Cukur neighbourhood. The outcome of this scene leads Yamac through a traumatic psychosis for which he is admitted into a mental institution to help him cope with his grief.

All Yamac’s trauma was instigated by Yucel and viewed on a monitored close circuit computerised system. The recording of Yamac killing his father is later copied by Timsah to his USB unbeknown to Yucel.

Idris is now dead. Yamac was obedient to his father and proved to him that he was the bravest of all his sons by allowing himself to be killed by his own son. After bathing his father’s dead body Yamac delivers his father’s clothes to his mother and then vanishes into the streets of Istanbul in a mentally traumatised state.

Azer now has a woman to help him in his gangland takeover. She is introduced as Efsun and a new character to this years series.

Yucel, Azer, Efsun and Timsah along with Akin Kocovali are now all working together controlling major areas of Istanbul with Akin ruling over Cukur after the imprisonment of the sons of Idris Kocovali for murders they did not commit . Although at this stage he is a minor player in an otherwise bigger picture involving a major drug movement throughout Cukur.

The Kocovali sons are jailed in three different cells. Salih has been specifically placed with cell mates who are on the payroll of Azer and out to seek his blood. It is here they hear the first cries of brother Cumali as he is delivered the news that his father is dead. His cries reaches the ears of every inmate in the prison and grief begins to take effect. The whole of Cukur begins to mourn with Akin playing the grieving grandson of his murdered father. An act that he instigated.

Yamac spends his days in a mental institution with no knowledge of who he is or where he came from. Cumali who is also in prison is being treated for aggression and manic outbursts. Both he and Yamac are trying to deal with their own demons.

Sultan has no choice but to place her grandson as head of the family and asks all the female member of the household to respect this and to kiss his hand. At the Coffee House members of the Cukur neighbourhood line up also to kiss his hand recognising that he is now the head of the family. One wonders how long his Uncles will stay in jail? Also how long will Azer allow AKIN to be rule over Cukur.

Akin wants his partnership with Azer to be by his rules, that is the only way he sees they can work together. Akin asks Azer to visit him in Cukur and learn what his rules are before making his choice.

Yucel seems to be in a bad way. Akin had cut off his hand because he had murdered Aksin. He is also has significant burns to his body which are still painful and requiring attention daily by his wife following Yamac trying to burn him alive. He seems scared after his last game he played with Yamac and Idris ending up in Yamac shooting his father. I am sure he is hoping he never sees Yamac again.

Karaca is onto Akin. She knows he is up to something and is having him followed by one of her Cukur girlfriends. Karaca believes that she would be the better choice to rule Cukur. She has no respect for Akin. She creeps out at night carrying a gun trying to learn about what is going on in the neighbourhood.

Azer arrives in Cukur for his meeting with Akin at the Coffee House. He walks through the streets of Cukur showing his power by shooting innocent people by the roadside.

Akin after hearing what is happening in the streets takes his gun and looks for Azer. He finds him at the Coffee House where Cukur residents have gathered requesting protection from Azer. Azer’s talk with Akin doesn’t go well and he treats him like a child and tells him that he will not make the rules. If he objects he will kill him. Akin is angered. His plan did not work, even Yucel will not side with him against Azer and Efsun.

Yamac is still undergoing therapy at the asylum with one of his therapies being music. He now plays an electric guitar which helps him communicate and find the Yamac which is hidden away deep within his soul. He swears to the Psychiatrist that he will not go back to Cukur. He swears he will only play music once he is allowed to be discharged. He is asked to stay one more night and then he is free to go. Unfortunately his room has been allocated to a young woman referred to as Miss Nehir. Nehir and Yamac share the bed that night but in the morning she is gone. That day Yamac is discharged from care. The very first thing he does is to throw his guitar in the garbage bin. The next thing is to head for Cukur. He has a look of revenge on his face.

Akin has arranged for his drugs to be moved around Cukur via plaster moulds which he has the neighbourhood making for him. Inside they will contain pouches of Cocaine ready for distribution in a week’s time. Azer reminds Akin that he is not to worry about Yamac turning up or one of his Uncles. He promises him that he has taken care of them from inside the prison and will handle Yamac if ever he turns up. It is obvious that Akin is frightened that they will find out about his family betrayal.

Salih, Cumali, Selim, Celasun, Emmi, Meke and Metin have all managed to escape death by fighting off their attackers sent by Azer. In their exercise yards they communicate to each other by music thereby sharing their grief over the death of their father but growing stronger with each day.

Cumali and Selim are summoned to the visiting room where they embrace each other in their grief for the first time.

Seated in the visitors room is Akin. He rises to greet his Uncle and father, although Selim will not allow him to kiss his hand. Akin tells them that they will be released within a week but this is not soon enough for Cumali who wants to be released immediately so that he can find his fathers murderer. It is obvious that they are still unaware that Yamac killed Idris. Akin asks Selim to forgive him as he is finding the job harder than he thought. He admits that he made a mistake in wanting to rule Cukur. His father tells him to wait until they are out of prison but he does not forgive him.

Akin now realises he needs his Uncles to get rid of Azer. He cannot do it alone. What will his Uncles do when they find out that he was responsible for everything?

It is not long after Yamac’s discharge that he comes face to face with Akin who directs him to Yucel, Timsah, Azer and Efsun. Yamac is filled with revenge.

He begins by stalking Yucel and his family. He will use Yucel’s fear of what might happen to his family as his weapon of revenge.

Sultan visits Salih in jail and commands him to find the killer of her husband and his father.
She ask his more violent character of Vartolu Saadettin to exact the revenge.

Yucel wakes to find duck feathers flying all over his room and his wife and daughter gone. He follows instructions and finds two cars parked in a field with the voice of his wife calling him from inside the vehicle. She begs him to save her. The cars are placed together with red gasoline tanks surrounding them just like Alico had in his fiery tomb. Yamac sets the same scenario . A dummy recorder with the voice of his wife calling out to him. He turns and looks at the other vehicle but not before Yamac blows it to pieces. Yucel thinking his family is dead breaks down. He knows that Yamac will kill him and attempts to take his own life but finds his gun empty of bullets. His insane laughter echoes through the night.

Yamac of course left Yucel’s wife safely in their home.

Yamac wheels Yucel in a wheelchair into in an empty room and places his fathers prayer beads in his hand. At this stage there is no response from Yucel. His eyes are oblivious to who and what is around him. His place of imprisonment looks to be an empty asylum. Yamac leaves him alone.

Yamac’s last duty that evening was to visit a mosque. He doesn’t know where to start when he speaks to the Imam. They pray together and Yamac asks for his fathers last words to be interpreted, he believes it to be a prayer. The Imam offers up Idris’s last words. “I submit to the Lord of the world”.

Written by: Sandra Giles



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