This is the last episode of what has been an amazing season for Ay Yappim Productions. Cukur still remains my favourite series on Turkish television. I know it gets a bit graphic at times with abuse towards our fellow man and woman, but no more than watching other international shows that rate top in the world and show the same element of violence but delivered in a different way. I look forward to Season 3 and hope you will join Turk-Flix in viewing a brand new season.

At the conclusion of last week’s episode, we saw Selim’s son Akin Kocovali emerge from prison and into the arms of his father who thought he was dead. Although his father is overjoyed to see Akin alive he is not happy that Akin had purposely put him through the anguish of thinking he was dead. Akin seemed to get great pleasure watching his father suffer. Maybe he is not the innocent young man we think he is.

Azer meets up with Yucel. Yucel tells him that they are very much alike and he wants him on board to help squash his enemies. Azer has a big smile on his face after Yucel introduces him to a third party, a woman. All we see of this woman is a pair of nice looking legs in a pair of black high heels. By the look on Azer’s face, he is more than satisfied by what he sees.

Yamac has decided to make an all-out attempt to flush Yucel out. He has gathered all the men of Cukur together in a local warehouse.

He lays out for them his plan of attack. To find Yucel he cannot do it without their help. He wants not just Yucel but who he is protecting. Once we know this we can push him into making a mistake.

He tells his dedicated brothers, “Aren’t we called the punks of Istanbul? Can’t we climb on roofs and clamber through windows? We can do anything and everything.”

He asks them to enlist help from their brothers, sisters, friends and neighbours within every neighbourhood in Istanbul. He tells them that although we do not know where Yucel is hiding he wants Yucel to know that Cukur is everywhere looking for him. This should make him panic and lead to him to making a mistake.

Yamac’s speech is uplifting and the men of Cukur are pumped to help and to begin their search. One photograph is passed between hundreds and after a while reaches thousands of people living in and around Istanbul. Spies begin to appear throughout Istanbul and Cukur symbols appear on each and every street corner.

The plan works well when Yucel’s wife who looks out of her apartment window sees a Cukur symbol painted on her garbage bins. This unsettles her. She hangs out her washing on the verandah where it can easily be seen by Yucel. This is her signal to stay away.

As he drives past his wife’s apartment and sees her warning Yucel begins to feel a pressure being placed upon him by Cukur. He feels his first pangs of fear.

Akin Kocovali is finally out of prison and arrives home to a warm family welcome although his father seems to be a bit distant.

Yucel has arranged with Azer to bring forward a meeting of the heads of the local gangs throughout Istanbul. Azer’s main agenda of the meeting is to ask them to help rid Istanbul of the Kocovali family.

He offers gold bullion as an incentive. The moment their eyes see the gleam of gold bars they accept the challenge.

WALL GRAFFITI: Spoiler! All walls will have the name of Akin Kocovali on them.

Akin is just sitting back at the moment since he was released from prison. He is an intelligent young man. He tells his mother that he was sent to prison by his grandfather to learn and have more respect. Akin does respect his grandfather but he is not scared of him. He learnt in prison that fear gains respect. As you look into his innocent like face his eyes tell you that he is in total control of his thoughts. At the moment he is happy to serve his family tea but this action will not continue. It will be interesting to see how he places himself within the family structure in Season 3.

That evening at Azer ’s warehouse a formal meeting of all gang leaders is held, some coming from the European side of Istanbul and some from the Asian side. Idris Kocovali was invited but instead of their father attending the meeting, his four sons stand in for him.

The meeting is a solemn event. Azer gives the brothers an ultimatum. He tells them to get out of Istanbul by 8.00am tomorrow morning or they will make them leave with Cukur being divided up between the Istanbul gangs.

The four brothers think their ideas are laughable. They leave the meeting singing and dancing as they leave.

he only one who did not think it was laughable was Yucel. He was upstairs watching. He had hoped the brothers would have backed off. He is now still faced with Cukur closing in on him.

Remzi is now feeling the fear as well. His mother has had a visit from Yamac. Yamac has left her with a gift for her son to be given to Yucel. It is a small insignificant red box.

Remzi returns to Yucel and gives him the box. He opens it to reveal a baby’s pink pacifier. Yucel can feel the hairs standing up on his skin as fear creeps throughout his body. Yamac has used the pacifier in the same manner as Yucel delivered his black envelopes.

After receiving the pink baby pacifier Yucel is desperate to get to his wife and baby. Yamac had made a threat to his family. He sends Remzi out into the streets to act like a decoy. Kemal and Metin follow him. Yucel can now make a move.

When a large garbage truck stops in the streets outside his house, Yucel disguises himself and hides in the trash as the garbage truck makes its rounds. Later he jumps out and continues his journey by hailing down a taxi. Little does he know that the garbage truck workers and the taxi driver are all spying for Cukur and it is not long before Yamac tracks him down and the trap is drawn tighter.

He is finally cornered by Yamac. He gives him no way of escape. He makes sure that Yucel sees him sitting in the back of a ute. Yamac has in his arms what looks like a small baby wrapped in a blanket. The ute takes off leaving Yucel standing in the middle of the road and of the belief that Yamac has kidnapped his baby. He speeds off after him making the mistake that Yamac has been waiting for.

Yucel follows Yamac all the way to a remote old farmhouse.

Yamac has a smirk on his face as he sees him falling right into his trap. He has a look of satisfaction. Meanwhile, Yucel has a look of fear and panic.

Yucel runs to the house and enters. The door slams shut behind him. The hunter has caught his prey. Immediately he is immersed in darkness. Unexpectedly from out of the blackness the face of Yamac is revealed in a dim light and Yucel comes face to face with his worst enemy.

The lights go out once more and screams from Yucel are heard throughout the room. On re-establishing the light Yucel is seen lying on the floor and caught in a bear trap.

Yamac stands in front of Yucel with the baby in his arms. He calmly tells Yucel that what he feels right now is physical pain. He now wants him to feel emotional pain. He takes his gun and whilst Yucel screams, “No, No, Don’t do it” he shoots the baby in the head.

Yucel groans with cries of despair.  He wreathes in pain on the ground.  Yamac then throws the baby wrapped in a blanket on the floor where Yucel can see that it is only a doll.
Yamac handcuffs him to chains from the ceiling.   He tells him that he has never killed an innocent person in his life, “Not like you Yucel.”
Yamac moves around the room talking and collecting red petrol cans and placing them around the chained Yucel in a similar manner to when he murdered his beloved Alico and burnt him alive.

Yamac empties his cans of deathly liquid at the feet of his enemy but before he lights his fiery revenge Yamac takes Yucel’s face between his hands.

“My Sena was innocent. My Aksin was innocent. My Alico did nothing to you.” He finishes by telling him to give his regards to Mahsun, Ceto and Baykal.

He lights the trail of petrol. The trail runs straight to the trapped Yucel. Yamac turns and walks out of the derelict house to sit in the front yard while he watches Yucel burn to death. A smile comes to his lips as he hears Yucel scream as the fire engulfs the house.

Yamac sits watching the farmhouse burn until morning at which time there is nothing but ashes left.

It is 8.00 am in the morning and the time that Azer had given the Kocovali brothers to leave Istanbul. The four brothers arrive on the outskirts of the warehouse to give Azer their answer. They are accompanied by a contingent of Cukur gunmen.

Azer , Timsah and all their men are caught by surprise. A gunfight on a massive scale ensues and men are slaughtered by an unforgiving Cukur gang. Unfortunately not for the want of trying, Timsah and Azer manage to escape.

At Cukur our army of gunmen arrive back home with many war wounds. They are joined by Celasun and Meke who have been discharged from hospital.

That night a large family dinner is held in Akin’s honour which is also attended by Celasun and Meke.

WALL GRAFFITI: Home is where the family is. Don’t fight, play games.

As the evening wears on the women rise from the table to travel back to the mansion leaving their men to talk and drink coffee.

Idris takes this opportunity to tell his sons that he wants to retire. He tells them that Cukur was different when he took over as the father of the neighbourhood. “Now we are fighting Istanbul as well. The world isn’t the same anymore. It now belongs to you.” He tells them he has been having calls from gangs wanting to join Cukur and others wanting to be their enemies. The game is getting too big. His time has come to sit in his armchair and watch his grandsons grow.

The evening concludes and the Kocovali men get into their cars for the journey back to the mansion. The mansion gates are opened for the cavalcade of cars to enter but before they get too far their guard calls out to Idris, “Papa, where are the women?”

Idris is shaken. “What do you mean, didn’t they come home?” The guard replies that nobody has come home.

In Cukur at the Coffee House, the streets are quiet but overnight a strange ball has appeared stretched high across the roadway.

A call goes out to the Kocovali family to hurry to the Coffee House. After the disappearance of their women they make haste. They stand looking into the air at the dangling globe.

Salih quickly draws his gun and hits his target. The globe bursts and drops its contents into the air. Everyone’s eyes are shocked when they see many black envelopes falling to the ground.

Yamac is speechless. How can this be! Somebody is playing a joke of them. This was Yucel’s trick and he is dead.

They all have an envelope with their name printed on the outside. Each envelope has different clues. Father Idris and Yamac take their envelopes and race off in their cars. The remaining brothers break up in pairs and follow their clues which bring them to the exact same destination, a forest.

After walking through the forest for some time they meet up together and all venture out onto a deserted road at the same time. They are confused when they see each. They were given different clues yet have ended up all together at a final location. They become more confused when they see a number of dead bodies lying on the roadway. They had been dead for some time.

They give each other puzzled looks but raise their heads when they hear police sirens blaring and see many police cars charging down upon them. They realise that they have been perfectly set up. They are handcuffed and led away to the police station accused of murder.

Meanwhile, Yamac’s envelope leads him to Edip’s grave and Idris’s envelope leads him to Yucel’s grave. They both receive another black envelope each.

Yamac’s envelope contains a photograph of Edip and his small son Yucel. The same photograph is inside Father Idris’s envelope also.

Both men return to their cars and drive to a location given to them on the back of the photograph.

Idris is the first to arrive and opens the door of a fairly large office space. The very first thing that he sees is a video screen featuring his wife with a gun to her head.

Yamac has entered the building also and comes across a dark labyrinth of corridors with video screens of all the women in his family.

Father and son end up in a central room. It is plain to them that they have been used in playing a game. A voice floats out from the speakers surrounding the room. “You should have stayed and made sure I was dead Yamac.” The voice was Yucel’s. “Two Kocovali have entered here and only one will get out.”

Immediately Idris puts the gun to his own head. He will not put his son through the torture of having to kill his own father. Yucel understands what Idris wants to do and tells the both of them that should Idris kill himself then he will go ahead and kill every woman he holds captive.

He repeats, father or son must kill the other before a stop clock reaches zero.

Yucel tells them not to think that their men will help them out. He shows them footage of men being taken into custody by the police.

There is only one way out he taunts them. Father or son must kill the other.

Idris tells his son that he is the reason for everything that has happened to them and he pleads with Yamac not to panic and to keep in control.

He opens his arms wide as if target for him and summons Yamac to come to him and prove to him that he is the bravest of all his sons.

He motions once more with arms outstretched. “Come son. Protect Cukur. Protect our family.”

Yamac breaks down, “I can’t do it dad. I can’t do it. I am not strong enough.”

His father looks at him with love and pride in his eyes and tells his youngest son, “Son, you can do it. You will then go and save our family and afterwards take our revenge.”

As the clock ticks down towards zero at which time all the women hostages will be killed, Idris raises his gun and points it at Yamac. “Shoot son. One of us has to save the family.”

The clock hits zero and a gunshot echoes throughout the building. We don’t know who fired their gun and which one had the courage to pull the trigger. (Join me in Season 3 to see the outcome.)

There is chaos at the Coffee House. Cukur has been emptied of the ruling Kocovali. They are either in jail. Held as hostages or dead. A new head of Cukur has taken up the chair as the ultimate ruler. A steady stream of residents enter and leave the shop, each having kissed the hand of the new leader.

In prison the Kocovali family along with Kemal, Meke, Celasun and Emmi have been jailed for murders they did not commit. Salih is already having trouble with inmates who are on the pay roll of Azer Kurtulus. He will be in for a rough ride with his fellow inmates.

The Kocovali women are stood in front of the new leader of Cukur and made to kiss his hand. All do except Sultan. She stands and looks directly into the eyes of her grandson Akin Kocovali.

It is hard to believe that Akin Kocovali has had all this planned while he was imprisoned, but that is exactly what has happened. He told his father on the day that he was released from prison that he wanted to rule Cukur. He also told him that he was more evil than his father Selim, smarter than Yamac and crazier than Cumali. He tells his father that it is time for Cukur to have a ruler who is not scared of conflict. Selim looks at his son and tells him that he will kill him preferably to seeing him betray his grandfather and other family members.

What everybody does not know is Akin was also responsible for saving Yucel’s life. After Yamac leaves the burning farmhouse Akin enters from the back and releases him. He offers Yucel his entire family if he will help him rule over Cukur. Yucel agrees.

On a more serious note Akin reminds him that Aksin was his sister and he loved her. Yucel should not have killed her. He takes an axe and cuts off Yucel’s hand as his punishment.

Karaca reminds Akin that he may have removed all the men from Cukur but the Cukur women remain and they should not be taken lightly. She spits in his coffee.

To our surprise, the anonymous man that was following Alico from a distance in our last couple of episodes must have been right on hand when Alico was set on fire at the recycling plant. This scene shows a very healthy Alico dressed in a smart suit . We also see somebody watching Alico from behind curtains inside a palatial mansion.

Alico asks his carer, “When can I go home?” He is told, “This is your home.”

Alico looks up and while the man walks away and he begins talking to himself. He smiles and says, “Home is where your family is and everyone comes home to Cukur one day.”


So there you have it, the last episode of Cukur for Season 2 and what a cracker of a Season it has been.

In Season 3 we can look forward to seeing what happened to Yamac and Idris and who killed who.

We will see how the Kocovali men deal with prison and how Salih manages to survive Azer’s thugs.

We have also the women of Cukur who are definitely not going to sit back and do nothing. Akin may hold all Kocovali women hostage at the mansion but this could be his undoing. Karaca now sports a Cukur tattoo on her wrist and is not scared to lead the way.

We will also see how Yucel continues his revenge toward the Kocovali family.

Alico will also resurface and if Yamac was not killed by his father he will bring great joy to his beloved friend.

Last but not least we have Akin Kocovali. He has set himself up as ruler of Cukur. He has betrayed his family. He holds all the women hostage in their own home. He has set up his grand father and Yamac to be killed. He has got rid of his own father and organised for him, Salih, Cumali, Emmi, Kemal, Metin, Celasun and Meke to be imprisoned for murder. Let’s hope his own father does not keep his threat and kill his own son.

Roll on Season 3 of Cukur.

Written by: Sandra Giles



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