All did not go well at the set up meeting between Uluc Reiss and Yucel. Once again Yucel is one step ahead of the Kocovali. Not only does Yucel manage to kill Uluc in front of his daughter but he also manages to take Alico hostage.

Yucel leaves another black envelope for Yamac teasing him into playing his next game.

The thought of Alico in the hands of Yucel is a traumatic for Yamac. He really feels like running away, but he faces up to his fear. He receives renewed courage as he looks at the contents of the envelope. It shows a picture of a recycling dump.


The photograph is relayed by mobile phone along the Cukur network to try and find the location of the dump. The word that Yucel has Alico spreads like wildfire throughout Cukur with everyone trying to find him. Yamac is told of three recycling dumps that is frequented by Alico. Selim, Salih and Yamac spread out to search each one separately.

Yamac searches alone. He climbs over the warehouse fence and walks through the recycling dump calling out to his friend.

Meanwhile Alico can hear him calling. He raises his head and calls to him, “Yamac, Yamac.”

Yamac cannot see where his calls are coming from. “Keep calling Alico,” he tells him. “I am coming.”

Alico is in a desperate situation. He has been lowered into a tomb of stacked recycled cardboard bales and chained to the floor with explosives surrounding him.

Yamac follows his calls for help and climbs into the tomb of cardboard to find that his efforts were in vain and a mannequin with a voice recording of Alico had been set up as a decoy.

Frantically Yamac clambers out to continue his search of the facility. He calls continually for his beloved Alico moving through one warehouse at a time.

Meanwhile Remzi sets fire to the cardboard bales surrounding the bound Alico.

Alico yells to Yamac, “Don’t come any closer. There is going to be an explosion.” The choking fumes from the intense fire begin to fill the cardboard space with the entombed Alico unable to escape.

Yamac follows his calls for help and bursts through a warehouse door and takes in the fiery sight before his eyes. He runs towards the fire hoping to get to him in time.

Unfortunately Alico has succumbed to the poison fumes and the fire in its intensity has reached the explosives.

The force of the explosion throws Yamac backwards. He lies on the floor of the warehouse unconscious after failing to save the life of his beloved Alico.

The next scene shows Yamac at the hospital. His brothers have found him at the warehouse and rushed him to hospital. He is in a serious condition and heavily concussed.

Whilst the Kocovali brothers are supporting their injured brother, Celasun and Meke are out on the town and ready to make trouble. They are angry with the Kocovali for not doing anything to Azer. They have it in their mind to get back at him.

The boys attack Azer where it hurts. They kill his guards and enter his warehouse. They are cocky young lads and make fun of Azer’s security camera’s. They pose for him taunting him to retaliate on camera.

WALL GRAFFITI: What have we got to lose? Let’s lose ourselves!

Retaliate is just what Azer does. The next morning Azer watches his camera surveillance at the warehouse. He watches as Celasun and Meke set fire to his drug shipment worth millions of dollars.

Azer and his men are after Celasun and Meke. They chase them through the streets of Cukur until they catch them. They are taken to face Azer.

Cumali and Damla go to Uluc Reiss funeral. Cumali hasn’t left her side since her father was killed by Yucel. Damla doesn’t want much to do with Cumali since he broke his promise to her and allowed her father to be killed.

At the hospital Yamac regains consciousness. The first word to come out of his mouth is “Alico?”
It is Salih that has the job of breaking the sad news to his brother and he does this by showing him a photograph of the deceased Alico with the year 2019 printed on it.

Salih then goes on to tell Yamac that Alico was buried earlier that morning. Yamac is promised that they will find a way to catch Yucel. Their immediate problem though is Azer. He has kidnapped Celasun and Meke.

Celasun and Meke are held in Azers home. When Azer arrives he works over the two boys pretty badly. They lay on the floor alive but nearly beaten to death. Azer tells his men to shoot them in the head and then throw their bodies in the ocean.

After Yamac is discharged from hospital he learns where Celasun and Meke are being held and makes haste to try and save them. At Azers house Yamac acts like a one man army shooting all Azers house guards and slowly making his way towards the room where his brothers are being held captive. Many men fall along the way but he achieves his goal and saves their lives.

Kemal and Metin place Celasun and Meke in the back of their car. They both need medical attention and are being driven to hospital. Little do they know that Azer is not far behind them. They drop the boys off at the front door of the hospital for attention.

It is here that Azer finds them. He winds down the window of his car and shoots both of them where they sit.

Yamac arrives back in Cukur to an irate Emmi. He reprimands Yamac just like a father would a disobedient child.

He commands Yamac to breathe and calm down.

Yamac slowly walks through the streets until he reaches Alico’s humpy. The Cukur neighbourhood in their love for Alico have made a shrine leading up to his little home.

Yamac kneels and weeps for his friend. It is hard to believe that he is gone.

His brothers stand by him and tell him that they won’t let his death go unpunished. Yamac rises to his feet and swears on his death that he will be avenged.

Yamac orders an immediate shut down of Cukur. He tells his brothers to block every street. Nobody is to go in or out. Yamac sees the protection of Cukur to be the priority. The word is passed throughout Cukur to every man, woman and child. On Yamac’s orders not even a fly can come in nor go out. He not only has Yucel to contend with but he now has Azer. There could be war.

Yucel has become aware of the shut down of Cukur. He reveals to Remzi that his next victim does not live inside Cukur so the closures will not affect him. Our next scene sees Yucel visiting Selim’s son Akin in prison. Akin has no idea who Yucel is. Yucel gains access to visiting hours by pretending he is Akin’s uncle.

Yucel tries his hardest to get Akin to join him when he is released from prison that evening but Akin is smart, he knows somebody outside is killing his family. He asks Yucel, “Is this you?” He tells Yucel to get out.

Yucel gives the order to Remzi to kill Akin when he is released from prison.

Celasun and Meke are alive and in hospital.

Cumali visits Damla who has been living in her fathers home since he was killed. Cumali has deep feelings for Damla but he sees her slipping away from him. He asks her to believe in him. He takes her hand and offers her a future with him. She accepts him.

Yamac decides to go and talk to Azer.   He follows him to his gym.   He orders all members of the club to get out of the building.  He faces Azer and tells him the Kocovali did not kill his brother.  The talk didn’t end well.   Yamac told Azer that Yucel will involve him in his game and not to be dragged in.  In the end Yamac made no progress.   Azer still wants Salih’s blood.  They end up in fighting each other in the gym on a one to one basis.  Finally somebody calls the police.

When the police arrive they find Azer and Yamac calmly having a friendly work out in the gym like two buddies. The police leave with no reason to intervene.


Cumali has found that his young men of Cukur have been getting into petty crime. They normally go out and steal cars but this time they have come back with a large semi trailer. Unfortunately Cumali finds out that it is a truck used for cancer research. Most of the young men had only recently donated blood for Okyu at the hospital. He is mad and makes his men wash clean and polish the truck before they return it to where they found it.

They drive the truck back to the cancer headquarters to the joy of the organisation.

The day has come for Selim’s son Akin Kocovali to be discharged from prison. He signs his release forms.

At the mansion preparations are underway to make his room welcoming and clean for his arrival.

Akin is released and walks along the street outside the prison when a car driven by Remzi stops alongside the road. Remzi calls out to him, “Akin Kocovali.” The young man stops and turns as the car window is wound down. Remzi shoots him dead in the street.

Selim has risen early. The house is ready for the loved son of Selim and grandson of Father Idris. There has been so much sadness with the death of the girls but this morning the feeling is good. A family member is coming home.

Cukur is still in lock down. Yamac tells his father that it will be like this until he finds Yucel.

Yucel is on a secret mission. He gets rid of Remzi and after making sure that he is not being followed he makes his way to a house where he has a wife and child hidden away. He plays the role of doting father.

Selim is in his car on his way the prison. He gets a call from the prison to tell him his son Akin Kocovali was found dead outside the prison the night before.

Selim drives to the morgue to identify his son. He stands looking down at the black body bag.

He slowly unzips the bag to look down on the face of his son. He cannot believe his eyes. The face in the body bag is one of a stranger and not his son. This is not his boy.

In the deadly quietness of the morgue a voice calls out to him. “Dad!”

Selim turns to see his son standing in the doorway with arms outstretched.

Selim walks up to him and asks, “What did you do?”

He stands looking at the face of his son. He steps closer and the reality of what his son just put him through hits home. He slaps his son across the face for frightening him so much. He then gathers him in his arms in gratefulness to Allah that his boy is alive.


Written by: Sandra Giles





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