We begin our episode at the Coffee House in Cukur.

Father Idris had made a deal with Azer to pay 5 Million Lire as blood money for the death of his brother even though Salih didn’t kill him.

Salih had been in jail when the meeting with Azer took place. He has now been released from jail and although he is not guilty of killing Savas he agrees with his father to give the blood money to Azer. Salih and his brothers wait at the Coffee House for Azer to arrive and collect his money. When he does arrive he brings an entourage of men with him and he takes hold of the suitcase and tips the money on the ground. He then tells the Kocovali brothers “Why did you pay the money when you say you didn’t do it? This action shows you are guilty.” He then sets fire to the money and tells them they will learn that you cannot pay for a broken heart. He leaves.

Street Graffiti says: AKIN KOCOVALI COMING SOON. It is obvious that we will have a new Kocovali join us in our new season. This could be Selim’s son who has been in jail during all our previous episodes.

Azer tells Timsah that he does not understand why the Kocovali’s had wanted to kill his brother. They have never wanted anything from him or is brother. He asks Timsah “Why?” Timsah decides not to tell him that Savas was already dead when he and Salih arrived at the Night Club.

It is not long before Azer gets a visit from Yucel. Yucel tries unsuccessfully to get Azer to join him against the Kocovali’s.

Azer is a smart fellow. He will not fall in with Yucel’s plans. Yucel tells Azer that Idris Kocovali killed his father and Azer could join him in revenge for his brother. Azer still won’t go in with him. He actually tells him to go away and not to bother coming back. This rebuff is like a slap in the face to Yucel.

At the Coffee House Cumali decides to bring in Uluc if they can find him. The Kocovali also have to handle the issue of Celasun who stole and sold two of Azer’s cars. Celsun’s anger since Aksin’s death has been uncontrollable and mostly taken out on Azer. Celasun at least feels he has done something to make him feel better. He just cannot sit back and do nothing.

To the Kocovali’s there is trouble everywhere. They all hold guilt for the deaths of Aksin and Sena. They still haven’t found Yucel or Uluc Reiss and now they have Azer breathing down their backs along with the psychopath Timsah. Tempers rise amongst them.

Father Idris sits back listening to his sons arguing amongst themselves. He has listened to their hot tempers yelling at each other long enough. He rises to his feet. “Follow me,” he says. They all look up at him. He raises his voice and bellows out, “Everyone.” One by one everyone bails out of the Coffee House to follow their father.

Idris takes them to the neighbourhood football ground. He divides them up into two teams and like a good father redirects their anger with a fun activity.

He strips them of their guns and takes the first goal himself. The first team to 5 goals wins.

(The next few photos are from the football game. It is refreshing to see happier faces.)

After the game their problems seemed halved. It is decided that Cumali and Selim will concentrate of Uluc Reiss whilst Salih and Yamac will deal with Azer .

Outside in his car our anonymous man who has been following Alico sits watching the group playing football. All the time not taking his eyes off Alico. (Could this be Akin Kocovali?)

At Alico’s humpy four men have been placed by Yamac to protect Alico. Yamac tells Alico that he is scared that he is going to be hurt. Although Alico does not want guards he accepts what Yamac wants. All the while our anonymous man watches from a distance

Uluc Reiss gives Selim the money he and Yucel have put together. When he has gone Uluc calls Remzi to let him know that the money has been passed over. It is not until this call that Uluc finds out that Azer had already been given the money and burnt it. Uluc now knows that the Kocovali have become suspicious of him.

Outside Kemal and Metin watch as Uluc gets in his car and drives away. On Selim’s orders they follow him.

Uluc calls Damla and asks her to meet him and to bring him money. Damla drives off in her car but doesn’t get too far before Cumali stops her. He confronts her about her father’s betrayal. She tells him she has no option but to help him as he is all she has but she makes sure he understands that she had no knowledge of what was going to happen to Sena and Aksin . Never-the-less he still is her father. She must protect the ones she loves.

Cumali can see that she wants to leave. He gives her Aksin’s necklace as a sign of his affection for her. He tells her that he had cried in her arms the day of Aksin’s funeral and he has only ever done that to his mother. He does not stop her. He steps aside and let’s her go.

In her car Damla’s heart is broken. Her decision to stand by her father and not her husband makes her weep. She realises that she loves Cumali very much and she believes he cares for her.

Cumali knows that in the course of his conflict with Yucel and Uluc he just may have to kill her father.

Damla picks her father up and takes him to an old factory. Damla tries to get out of her father the reason why the Kocovali are after him. She asks him if he has anything to do with Yucel. He lies to her. He does not know that she already has seen and heard him talking with Yucel.

After leaving Damla, Cumali has sat on a roof all night. He understands hat Damla cannot turn her back on her father just as he couldn’t if it was Idris. The situation though makes him sad seeing Damla having to make such a decision.

He gets up in the morning and dusts himself off. He is cold, sore and stiff. He makes his way home along one of the back roads where to his surprise he finds Damla sitting in her car. He gets in beside her. She asks him, “Promise me Cumali that you won’t kill him?” He gives her his promise. Damla then goes on to include the Kocovali in this promise also. She has changed her mind.

Uluc wakes to find Damla gone and Cumali standing in front of him. From a distance Damla watches as her father gets into Cumali’s car.

Azer has agreed to meet with Salih and Yamac. He leaves his house along with 5 car loads of personal guards. The motorcade is watched by Kemal and Metin from a distance.

Kemal phones Yamac telling him that the meeting is going ahead. Yamac accompanies Salih to the meeting to be held at the local football stadium.

The grandstand is full of black coated Azer gunmen. The Kocovali are numerous also wearing colourful football jackets. They swarm around their masters like bees to honey making sure that either side does not hurt a hair on their heads.

Yamac is the first to break the silence, “We don’t have a problem with you,” He tells Azer. “You are not our enemy. If you want to be our enemy, one of us will see blood but be assured it won’t be me,” Yamac concludes. “If you want to be our friend then we are happy to have a game of football with you.”

In the middle of the football field Salih walks out with arms outstretched in a friendly manner. “Come, let’s play together,” he calls out to Azer.

Azer stands with the football in hand looking at Salih who only wants a peaceful end to Azer’s threat.

Uluc Reiss is sitting in the Coffee House. The doors are closed and there are guards at the front door. Inside Idris takes a seat and directs his question at Uluc. He wants to know why he sold him out and caused him the pain of losing two beautiful girls. Uluc is filled with jealousy when he tells Idris that he is surrounded by sons who love and protect him, whereby he only has a daughter and he has always wanted what Idris had, Cukur.

Damla stands in her bedroom at the mansion feeling guilty that she had turned in her father to Cumali. It was the only way she could save his life. Cumali checks up on her. She is upset over her father because deep down he has no love for her. She tells Cumali that she knows everything about him, his likes and dislikes but her father never asks how she is nor shows her any love. She is his daughter and loves him very much but this love is never returned just as Cumali doesn’t return her love.

In the Coffee House the family gather together. Uluc Reiss sits at a table whilst Yamac stares down at him. He has betrayed their trust. They had treated him like family. His daughter had married into their family. He was instrument in the loss of their loved ones. He is also in partnership with Yucel.

Yamac tells Uluc, “You know what we want from you?” Uluc tells Yamac , “I don’t know where Yucel is.” Yamac tells him, “I don’t want to know where he lives. I just want him.” Yamac gives him a phone to call him.

Uluc calls Yucel and arranges a meeting.  Yucel wants it at night.  Uluc agrees.  The trap is set.
Azer learns that his cars were stolen by the Kocovali.  He was beginning to believe that they were innocent of his brothers death, now he has to change his mind.
Timsah is visited by Yucel.  He is high.    Yucel asks Timsah to talk to Azer and try to make him fight the Kocovali .   Yucel has not been successful in talking to Azer himself.  Timsah agrees only because he is bored. He doesn’t care about money or power.  He just likes the entertainment.   He doesn’t give Yucel an answer but tells him he will know what he will do when he does it.   He walks off leaving Yucel standing bewildered and frustrated.

Yucel is such a game planner Timsah’s response just frustrates him all the more. He cannot plan anything seriously when he is dealing with a crazy person like Timsah.

The Kocovali’s shut the door of the Coffee House and plan their attack on Yucel. Alico has sat quietly listening to their plans. He wants to join in but Yamac is insistent that he is still not well enough and tells him he must stay at the humpy with his guard to watch over him.

Alico is not happy about these arrangements and when his guard sleeps Alico sneaks out carrying his high powered rifle and makes his way on foot to the arranged meeting spot for Yucel and Uluc. He still carries blame for Aksin’s death and needs to protect Yamac and his brothers.

WALL GRAFFITI: It’s because of me. It’s because of me. It’s because of me.

Timsah sends his gunman to shoot up one of Salih’s a night clubs. He kills many and tells one of the surviving workers to tell Salih that , “Azer Kutulus sends his regards.” Timsah is trying now the push the Kocovali into an outright war against Azer.

Cumali allows Damla to come to the meeting set up with her father and Yucel . He does make her agree to stay in the car and out of sight, which she agrees to.

Salih sits outside the Coffee House. He has been left to protect Cukur seeing the rendevouz between Uluc and Yucel is being held out of the neighbourhood. He reports to Yamac that all is quiet and calm in Cukur.

It is not long before the wounded worker from the night club arrives to tell Salih that Azer Kutulus was responsible for the murdering his staff. Salih thinks it is weird that they let the worker go when they murdered everyone else.

Yamac has arrived at the meeting place. He asks Kemal and Metin to check out the surrounding area to see if Yucel has set up a sniper to ambush the Kocovali or assassinate Uluc.

Alico has also arrived at the meeting place and sets up his sniper position over looking his beloved brothers.

Cumali has arrived and leaves Damla in the car although Yamac is not too happy about her being there.

Yamac gets the call the car is coming.

A black car arrives. Uluc walks out to meet with Yucel but nobody gets out of the car. Uluc opens the back door to find the occupant is neither Yucel or Remzi. It is a hired gunman. He takes a step backwards. The car drives off leaving Uluc standing bewildered in the middle of the road.

A rifle shot echoes into the night and Uluc falls to the ground. The sight of her father lying on the ground is too much for Damla. She rushes to his side.

Alico, who is in prime position he hears the shot ring out. He sees Uluc fall. He rises from his position. He turns to see Yucel standing with his rifle in hand. “No, No, ” he cries. Alico is in a position of no return. He is hit over the head by Remzi and rendered unconscious.

Kemal and Metin also hear the rifle shot and search the grounds for the sniper.  They find nothing but  Alico’s high powered rifle set up like ready for use. Alico is nowhere to be found.    What they do find is a black envelope left by Yucel propped up against his rifle.
Kemal and Metin rush back to Yamac.  “Abi,    It is brother Alico.”     Yamac glares at the two as Kemal hands him the black envelope.

Yamac refuses to take the envelope. He has received two previous black envelopes and knows only too well the message of fear that comes with each one of them. “I don’t want it,” he tells them.

In a basement Alico is tied to a chair. Yucel walk in front of him. Alico is crying. He knows that Yucel is going to kill him. Alico begs him, “Please don’t do it. Please. Please don’t do it.”

Alico cries out to Yucel, “It hurts.” Yucel tells him, “It won’t hurt anymore.” Yucel chuckles to himself, “I have two birds with one stone, Uluc and Alico.”

Written by: Sandra Giles





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