Alico stands looking down at Yucel after Yamac has shot him four times. He had planned to kill Alico and just as Yucel was ready to pull the trigger Yamac appeared from the next door rooftop building and saved his life. We also saw at the end of last week’s episode Yucel opening his eyes when we all thought he was dead. Let’s continue.

Yamac is successful in saving his beloved Alico’s life with Yucel lying face down with four bullets in his chest. All thoughts are that he is dead but unfortunately that is not the case. He opens his eyes with his gun close by. Alico is the first to see him move. He calls loudly, “Yamac. He isn’t dead.” There is no retreat for Alico as Yucel has locked the door behind which allows him no escape.

Alico is very scared. He doesn’t want to die. He must escape. He looks at his brother on the roof next door and his fear drives him to running and jumping the chasm between the buildings. He doesn’t quite make it and lands clinging onto the side of the building with Yamac holding him by the arms to save him falling. “Help me, help me,” he cries to Yamac.

Yucel stands. He walks to the edge of the roof and takes aim at Alico. He shoots him in the back.

Alico now hangs by one arm clinging onto Yamac with all his might. “It hurts, It hurts, so much,” he cries to Yamac. Yamac cries to him, “Hang on Alico, please hang on.”

Yucel takes aim to finish off what he started. A loud crash is heard on the roof top where Yucel stands. He turns to see the door smashed open by Cumali. Cumali takes in the situation and loads a couple of more bullets into Yucel who once again falls to the ground.

Cumali can hear Yamac calling frantically. He cannot hold on much longer. Alico will fall to his death. Cumali takes a running leap and jumps to the roof next door and helps Yamac pull the injured Alico to safety. Meanwhile, Yucel gets to his feet and escapes.

Yucel is furious with the outcome of his plan to kill Alico. He wasn’t expecting Yamac to show up. He thought he was still at the funeral. He thumps the steering wheel of his car in frustration. He hurts. He has been pelleted with bullets. He arrives back home to a concerned Remzi and helped to remove his clothing to reveal a bullet proof vest still containing the bullets that would have penetrated his body and killed him.

Yucel certainly knows by the pain in his body that he has had a scrap with two of the Kocovali brothers. He is not finished with them yet. He asks Remzi in a pain racked voice whether he had notified Azer about the death of his brother and who had killed him. Remzi confirms that all has been taken care of.

The Kocovali brothers bring Alico to hospital. Yamac paces up and down with impatience to hear news of his beloved Alico. He had almost dropped him and Yucel had almost killed him. If it hadn’t been for Cumali he would be dead. Yamac asks his brother, “Abi, how did you know where to find Yucel?” Cumali tells him that a friend told him. (If you recall last week Cumali had captured Nejat, and his question to Nejat was, “Where is Yucel?”) Cumali leaves Yamac at the hospital to venture out on unfinished business.

At the Coffee House a gathering of Salih, Emmi, Selim and Medet discuss the identity of Azer. Now that his brother has been killed, especially in Salih’s Night Club, they know he will be coming after them. Emmi has brought back the news that he is a tough character who used to hang out in Adana but has now come to Istanbul and has become the largest drug runner in the city. Emmi was able to find out also that it didn’t matter who he spoke to the answer was the same. “He is a psycho and maniac.”

Salih decides that they do not want a fight to come to Cukur so he feels the best thing is to go to Azer and tell him everything. He needs to know that I didn’t kill his brother. The only problem for Salih is that he cannot prove he did not do it. It was agreed to send a messenger to Azer to at least try and get him to understand.

Cumali’s unfinished business is that of Nejat. Nejat set Timsah onto the family. He has Nejat imprisoned in a cell with Metin and Kemal watching over him. He arrives to interrogate Nejat himself.

Cumali question to Nejat is, “Where can I find Yucel?”

Although Nejat doesn’t know where he is he tells Cumali that there is one other traitor in Cukur. “Who,” asks Cumali with a gun pressed to his head. Nejat tells him “Uluc Reis!” This news stuns Cumali. Uluc Reis is his father-in-law.

Salih and Medet are arrested for possession of unlicensed firearms and taken to the police station. This has complicated things as Salih was on his way to talk to Azer about the death of his dead brother. Idris decides to be the Ambassador for the Kocovali’s and leaves Cukur to seek out Azer and to explain that Salih did not kill him.

Meanwhile, in Timsah’s house the body of Savas lies in the bedroom with his mourning brother standing looking down at his lifeless body. Azer wants revenge.

Azer is told by Timsah that it was the Kocovali’s headed by Salih Kocovali who killed his brother. Azer collects his men together and leaves the house. Their goal is to wipe out the whole of the Kocovali family. Azer and his men load themselves into three cars and leave the house bound for Cukur.

On the road not too far from Timsah’s house, Azer runs into father Idris. He stands alone by his car in the middle of the road.

Idris did his best to persuade Azer that Salih did not kill his brother. Although he could not tell him who did. Idris begs for no blood to be spilt. Azer agrees to 5 million dollars as blood money instead which is to be brought to him by Salih in two days time.

At the Hospital Alico has the bullet removed. He lies in his hospital bed recovering with Yamac right by his side.

Yamac wants to know why he went to the building where Yucel was lying in wait for him? Alico explains that it was because of the note that Yucel had left him in the book and he had told Yucel about the family. He tells him that he told Yucel that Aksin was the angel of the family and he feels he was to blame for her death.

Yamac tells him that he has no blame. He also tells Alico that it is because of him that Yucel killed Aksin. Yucel wants him to suffer by killing all his loved ones. He bends over Alico’s bed and places a kiss on his head.

Meanwhile, at the Kocovali mansion, Idris is in conference with his sons. They discuss the Azer situation and the blood money he wants for his brother’s death. If they pay the money it is seen as though Salih is guilty but if they don’t pay the money there will be a blood bath and many innocent lives will be lost, including the life of their brother Salih.

It is decided that the Kocovali’s will pay the money. Idris does not want Cumali involved in the Azer threat and he tells him that his job is to find Yucel and to concentrate on that. Idris will find the money somehow.

Damla is having trouble speaking to her father. Uluc has very little time for his daughter. Damla is fed up with him not wanting to talk with her and decides to go to him.

Cumali orders Metin and Kemal to find Timsah and hold him captive for him. He has unfinished business . Cumali talks confidentially to his brother Selim.

Cumali repeats to Selim what Nejat told him about Uluc Reiss being a traitor and confidant of Yucel. Both the brothers know that they have to be very careful in their suspicions. Uluc Reiss is Cumali’s father-in-law and also their father’s best friend. If they pursue this rumour and they are wrong then there could be no turning back.

The brothers search their minds for another way of proving his guilt. “We have time says Selim. He obviously is not going to stop.” The brothers know that this must be some kind of huge grudge that Uluc and Yucel hold against the family. There has to be more in the story to make somebody hold a revenge for 30 years which resulted in the death of Sena and Aksin.

Sultan is walking the streets. She also has ventured out of the house knowing of the danger. She is heading for Meliha. Sultana demands Meliha tells her once again about her past relationship with Idris and her involvement with Edip. “I normally would not get involved but now it involves my sons and I am their mother.”

At the hospital Yamac sits and waits outside Alico’s hospital room while he sleeps. A small girl approaches him. She asks him, “Do you have a pain?” He answers, “Yes.” She asks him, “Where is your pain?” Yamac points to his heart.

Up to this point Yamac has been full of his own grief and sadness but he is given a lesson in “those that have it worse”. Oyku tells him that she is in the hospital because she has Leukaemia. Oyku tells him even though he is sad that he has to smile. Her mum tells her that soon the sadness will be over.

Oyku tells Yamac that he has to fight his sadness and to never lose hope. Yamac smiles for the first time since Sena was murdered.

Yamac asks Oyku, “Is there anything you want, chocolate or ice cream?” Oyku tells him that she really needs donors to live! Yamac explains that donors are humans and he knows a lot of friends and he and his friends will come and donate blood to see if any one of them can be compatible for her. Yamac believes she has been a gift for him and he hugs her close.

Yamac takes her by the hand and they walk off to find her mother.

Damla finally walks in on her father. She tries to get her father to help Cumali find Yucel but her father refuses to help. Damla obviously doesn’t know that her father is involved with Yucel . She rises from her chair and leaves his office. As Damla sits in her car she notices another vehicle drive in the gates and park outside her fathers office. In her revision mirror she watches as he enters the building. Her curiosity grows.

She once again gets out of her car and follows the visitor into the building. The visitor enters her fathers office. Damla listens outside her fathers door to their conversation. She hears her father refer to the visitor as Yucel.

Yucel tells Uluc that he has Azer and Timsah surrounding the Kocovali’s and the end is near. Uluc reminds Yucel that he needs to be careful as his daughter is becoming suspicious of him. All the while his daughter was listening to every word they said and is now aware of how she has been used by her father and how her father has betrayed the Kocovali’s.

Damla drives away angry and frustrated by what she has heard. She returns to the mansion.

Cumali and Selim discuss going to Uluc Reiss and setting a trap for him to confirm their suspicions.

Metin and Kemal are on the track of Timsah but cannot seem to find him personally. They have heard that he will met up with a drug dealer soon and they have luck in getting him then.

At the hospital Yamac continues to support Alico as they prepare to discharge him. At the discharge desk Alico gives his finger prints as a record for his medical file.

Following Alico’s finger prints given at the discharge desk, the finger print has turned up on an anonymous desk. All we see in this scene is a man who picks up his phone and tells his contact that, “We have found Mr Ali!”

Alico is driven home by Idris to be cared for by Sultan.

Yamac stops at the Coffee House. He speaks to Metin and tells him to pass the word to every friend in Cukur to go to the hospital and give blood to see if we can find a compatible donor for Oyku. Metin promises he will do what he asks. The request is passed along the Cukur human telegraph line to each and every resident. Truck loads and bus loads head for the hospital. Young and old make their way to meet in the hospital foyer.

Oyku is sitting in her bed when Metin knocks on the door. He asks her and her mother to get dressed and come to the foyer. She gazes down on the foyer from the first floor to see Yamac’s gift to her. A foyer full of his friends with the hope that one is a compatible donor.

A new saying is spread around Cukur namely, “Hope is in Cukur.”

An anonymous man is tracking down the Alico’s finger print and is looking for the address of its owner. He makes his way to the hospital and later makes his way to Alico’s humpy by the water. He takes a look around. ( We still do not know who this man is and what connection he has to Alico. Good or bad.)

Selim has arrived at Uluc Reiss office. He asks him for 5 million Lire to help Salih out. Uluc is unaware that Selim knows that he is a traitor. Uluc promises to call him with the money.

Celasun is still grieving and remembering his sweet Aksin. He recalls in his mind holding her in his arms.

Meke keeps a loving eye on Celasun as his brother moves through his grief. There have been very few days that Celasun has been sober. Celasun has made up his mind that there is nothing or nobody stopping him from doing anything he wants. Everyone he loved is dead now. With the death of Aksin, Kahraman Kocovali’s blood line is gone. My father is dead. I am the only one left. I am not going to sit back he tells Meke. There is nothing to stop me paying them back now. He is going to start from the top and take his revenge.

They boys begin by stealing cars. They bash and beat two of guards and the feeling was uplifting. Celasun lets out all his pent up anger in a punishing violent manner on the guards. This lightened his heavy load. That night Celasun and Meke drive out of the garage with two new sets of wheels.

Cumali has found Timsah and he has also told Yamac about his suspicions about Uluc Reiss. Cumali wants to use Timsah first before he pays him back for all the trouble he has caused.

Outside Uluc Reiss’s office Selim and Kemal sit in their car watching and waiting for Uluc to leave. They see him on the phone before he gets into his car to drive away. They follow him.

Uluc leads them straight to Remzi. Selim takes a video of the meeting as proof for his father.

Celasun and Meke sell the cars and sit drinking and waiting into the night while the news of the car theft makes its way back to Azer. Celasun is looking for trouble and is out of control. He is beaten and finds himself walking the streets.

He is found propped up against a wall by Yamac. He throws himself into his arms and cries deep bodily racking sobs of grief. Yamac takes Celasun under his wing but Celasun is tired of losing all the ones he loves. He tells Yamac that from now on he will hurt those who hurt him. He has nothing to lose.

Selim brings back the video footage of Uluc and Remzi. Idris is hurt by what he sees. Selim decides to follow him and promises not to let him get away.

Yucel and Remzi have decided to give Uluc half the money that Selim wants for the blood money.

Cumali has tracked down Timsah. Along with Kemal and Metin they take out his guards. They break their way through his house. Timsah makes his exit out the back door but not before shooting Cumali in the foot. Kemal and Metin are after him. He makes it to his car but to his surprise finds Yamac a back seat passenger. He now has a gun to his head. Timsah is so happy to finally meet Yamac in person.

As a bargaining tool Timsah offers 5 Million Lire for the Kocovali’s to pay off Azer . Also he will tell Azer that it wasn’t Salih that killed his brother.

Meanwhile Uluc calls Selim. He has the money. Selim watches from a distance as Remzi and passes over the money to Uluc .

Salih is released from jail. He is released without his gun. He seems most upset that he had no visitors. Yamac picks him up and tells they have been very busy finding 5 million Lire to pay Azer on his behalf. He tells him that he will tell him what has happened since his imprisonment on the way back to Cukur.

At the Coffee House Salih accepts the 5 million blood money that Yamac and Cumali collected from Timsah. Unfortunately when Salih inspects the load he finds it to be counterfeit. All the brothers are disappointed. They were trying to avoid blood shed by offering this money even though Salih is innocent.

Alico who is listening to their conversation tells his brothers that he has 5 million in a suitcase in his humpy. Alico tells Yamac that he found the suitcase of money in a trash can months before hand.

Outside hiding in the trash is the figure of our anonymous man. He is spying on Alico. Alico does not want to return to the mansion but rather stay in his own home for the night. Yamac leaves Kemal to care for him while he takes the money to the Coffee House where Azer will be meeting the Kocovali brothers. All are unaware of the stranger watching over them.

Azer’s cars roll through the streets of Cukur. Yamac stands in the middle of the road with the suitcase in his hand. He hands the money over. Azer empties the money out onto the road and sets it on fire. He tells them if they were innocent they would not want to pay him off.


Written by: Sandra Giles





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