We commence our episode this week 40 years in the past where Meliha sings every night at the Gul Pavyon. Edip has become trouble for Meliha and although she has told him she wants nothing to do with him he still pesters her. He has even become violent and hit her in the face because she will not sit with him or pay him attention.

Her boyfriend at the time is Idris Kocovali and when he hears Edip has hit his girl, he decides to make a special visit to confront him at the pavilion.

A fatal fight breaks out with the men using flick knives whereby both are slightly wounded. Edip is warned by Idris to take his wife and son and leave Istanbul. Unfortunately for Edip he makes the wrong decision and draws his gun to shoot Idris. Idris returns his fire and kills him

We are now brought back to the present day and we are out with Idris and Meliha and they are looking for Suleyman, the Gul Pavyon Manager of 40 years ago. Their goal is to find out if he can remember the name of Edip’s young son. They believe Edip’s son is Mr Big and he may be killing in an act of revenge against the kocovali’s.

After questioning Suleyman for some time he gives them the name of Yucel! Yucel! It dawns on Idris that they have been harbouring an enemy within the heart of Cukur. His face becomes expressionless.

Meanwhile, Karaca has arrived at the Coffee House. She has brought the black envelope left on Sena’s gravestone where Aksin was kidnapped. The envelope brings an element of fear and dread for Yamac. He opens the envelope and draws out a photograph and looks down at a pair of angel’s wings that have been painted on concrete. This picture is a sign to Yamac that Mr Big has the sweet and innocent Aksin in his clutches as she is known to all her loved ones as The Angel of Cukur.

Hearing through the Cukur grapevine that his wife has been taken Celasun races frantically along the streets of Cukur to get to the Coffee House.

On arriving at the Coffee House, Celasun barges through the door looking at Yamac for confirmation of what he has heard. Yamac has direct eye contact with him. He understands the fear that is running through his body. He tells him, “Yes, it is true Mr Big has taken Aksin!”

The next scene shows Yucel as a young boy standing on a jetty while he watches his mother committing suicide. She cannot live any longer without his father. She jumps into the water as her child screams out her not to leave him. At the riverside and on the ground, we can see a pair of angels wings painted on the ground.

Knowing that the angel wing photo has a location somewhere in Istanbul, Yamac sends out a call to all Cukur residents to help him track down where it is. A feeling of dread has moved into the hearts of the Kocovali sons.

Salih is the only son who does not know what has been going on. He has been busy rounding up the men who help Timsah sell his drugs. He has come back to the Night Club to finish off what he started. Today he dons his Vartolu personality. He is suave, dominant, sarcastic and carries himself with an air of arrogance. All need to be aware!

Vartolu attacks the Disco Night Club with glee, he dances, raises the music, shoots off his gun and generally shows off his wonderful character. He enjoys every moment but deep down his goal is to attract the gang leader who he believes will sooner or later be called in. He waits patiently for the gang to arrive and arrive it does led by Savas the drug dealer. The music stops. The dancing stops. The gang leader Savas comes face to face with Vartolu.

The conflict is dissolved by the arrival of the police who take everyone into custody including Vartolu/Salih and Medet. This frustrates Salih as he didn’t get to finish what he started and he still doesn’t know where Timsah is. They are led away to jail.

Back at the Coffee House in Cukur, Yamac sends for Alico. He gives him the photograph of the angel wings. He asks him to try and remember if he had ever seen this place before. Although Alico has a simple mind his memory is photographic and if he has ever walked past this place in his lifetime he will remember it.

Celasun grieves for his beautiful wife. He reminds Yamac that they took and killed Sena. If Aksin was alive she would have called somebody by now. Deep down his greatest fear may be realised. They may find his beautiful girl dead.

Idris has now returned from his journey to question Suleyman. He hasn’t been told yet that his granddaughter has been kidnapped by Mr Big. Yamac gives him terrible news. Idris is overcome with grief. Idris has also brought bad news for Yamac. He brings him the name of the murderer of his wife and now maybe his granddaughter.

Outside at his table and chairs, Alico’s brain searches the streets of Istanbul trying to recall the place where he has seen angel wings painted on cement.

Inside the Coffee House, the time has come for Idris to tell Yamac that he knows who Mr Big is. He asks his son to be calm. Yamac looks directly into his eyes. “You found out!”

With a face filled with grief, rage, revenge and hopefulness, Yamac asks his father, “WHO? WHERE?”

Idris turns and sits down. Yamac bends down and stars him straight in the face. “Edip did have a son and the problem is worse than we thought,” Idris tells him.

“WHO IS HE?” Asks Yamac once more. His father answers him, “YUCEL.”

Yamac begins to laugh. His mind cannot take this news. Mahsun was right. He didn’t kill Sena. Yucel had been amongst them. The Karakuzu’s had won in the end. This news drives Yamac into an uncontrollable rage and where his emotional and psychological mind snaps.

He cannot take this any more. It is all too much. He has a breakdown.

Meanwhile, Yucel stands to look out of a window rubbing his empty ring finger emblazoned with the Karakuzu tattoo. He walks to a room where Aksin lies on a couch. She has been dressed in a pure white dress and injected with an overdose of heroin. He sits on the coffee table looking at her innocence as the life drains out of her body.

Yucels minds drifts back to when he was a boy. He recalls sleeping in a slum and living the life of a homeless and parentless child. He is taken under the wing of another boy . His name is Ceto!

After many hours of searching his remarkable brain Alico comes up with the goods. “I found it! I found it!” he says. Unfortunately there is nobody to hear his excitement. They have all gone to the hospital where Yamac has been taken after having a break down. On Idris’s orders he is taken to the hospital.

Salih and Medet and the Savas gang are all in jail following the police raid on the Night Club. They are awaiting release. Salih still doesn’t know of Aksin’s disappearance. Savas and his men still taunt each other in jail and promise that they will finish what they begun once they get out.

One of the jail inmates warn Salih that the Kurtulus are led by Azer Kurtlus who is the brother of Savas. He is also the largest drug runner in Istanbul. He also has a history of being bad trouble.

In hospital Yamac is heavily sedated following his break down.

Alico has turned up to speak to Idris and tells the family where the painted angel wings can be located. The whole family drive to the location.

Remzi watches them leave the hospital from a balcony and then makes a phone call to Yucel. He then creeps into Yamacs unattended room and wheels his bed out to a small store room.

Meanwhile Yucel has arrived at a Jetty and the place of his mother’s suicide. There are a pair of angel’s wings painted on the concrete. He carries Aksin’s body and places her in between the angel’s wings then retreats in his car.

The Kocovali family and brothers rush to the location, only to find they are too late. Aksins body lies on the cold cement floor.

Realisation comes to Alico that he told Yucel that Aksin was the angel of the family. He remembers their conversation about all of the Kocovali women. He watches now while they all grieve and as Celasun strokes her hair and holds her in his arms. There is nothing anyone can say. The air holds a deafening silence.

Meke is chosen to comfort his brother. Celasun asks him “Why has this happened?” He draws his gun and tries to kill himself.

Celasun falls to the ground screaming in his loss.


Meanwhile, at the hospital, Yucel has arrived.  He bends over a heavily sedated Yamac and asks, “Where is my ring.”

Through a hazy brain, Yamac still remains in control. He tells him that he will put it on his dead body.

Yucel leaves but does not touch him. Yamac is discharged shortly afterwards to be told that they had found Aksin’s body.

Salih finally gets out of jail. He is finally given the news about Aksin.

Timsah is in bad need of his drugs. He calls his Night Club Manager to bring his drugs to his hideout in a log cabin out in the country.

Timsah who is normally high on his drugs is having trouble concentrating for lack of his daily fix. His Night Club Manager brought him a little but certainly not enough to see him through. “Is this all?” he says. The Manager tells him that the Kocovali’s have been giving them trouble. Frustrated Timsah draws his gun and shoots him in the back.

The Kocovali family lay to rest yet another one of their loved ones. Two beautiful girls have been murdered by the same person. The grief of it all has taken a toll. Aksin is placed next to her lovely Sena and buried by all her loved ones.

Yamac sits and watches the funeral proceedings from a distance. He sees Alico running away from the crowd agitated. He follows him.

Yucel is also at the funeral watching as he sees his handiwork taking its affect on his enemies.

Yucel also sits dreaming of when he was a boy growing up with Ceto and Mahsun . He thinks of the time he began the brotherhood of the Karakuzu’s and how he designed the tattoo for the brotherhood of the Karakuzu’s.

The Kocovali family all retreat to grieve in their own way leaving Celasun and his shadow Meke to grieve at the grave site.


Timsah is short of drugs again. His mind is so affected he has to think twice what he is doing and where he is going. He thinks long and hard about who in the Kocovali family he is after and drives off in his car.

Medet has come in search of the grieving Salih. He has news from the staff at their very own Night Club that Savas and his gang are looking for him and are waiting at the Club until he shows his face. Saadet pleads with him not to go but in true Vartulo form he leaves to be involved in yet another fight.

Nejat has been cheeky. He has sent a bunch of flowers delivered to the Kocovali home along with a condolences card. (If you can recall Nejat had been tied up in chains at a warehouse awaiting Cumali when Yucel saved him. Yucel also told him at that time that he would have to pay him back for helping him when he is asked. I think that time has come.) Cumali goes after him.

Alico left the funeral agitated. His behaviour was observed by Yamac. He loved Aksin. He knows there is a connection between what he told Yucel and Aksin’s death.

Alico remembers the time Yucel left him a load of books at his door. He was told that there was a note inside the books. He searches through the books until he finds it. It reads, “So, its time for you to find me Alico. I am waiting for you. 73/18.”

At Salih’s Night Club once again Salih walks into a set up. Previously Remzi had waited in his car outside the pavilion with his gunmen for Savas and his men enter the pavilion. Once inside Remzi enters and blows them all away leaving their bodies strewn all over the floor.

Salih and Medet turn up to find bodies lying all over his club with Savas on his back with a bullet in his head. Salih at once realises that he is being set up and will be blamed for the murders. He motions for Medet to leave but they don’t get the opportunity before Timsah walks through the doors.

Timsah acts tough until he sees Savas lying dead on the floor. He asks Salih, “What have you done?” Salih looks at him and asks, “Didn’t you kill him?” Timsah shakes his head. Salih now knows that there is definitely somebody else out there playing with him.

Timsah acts scared. Savas is the brother of Azer and he is the largest drug runner in all of Istanbul. He is also somebody to be afraid of. Timsah tells Salih that when Azer gets to hear about what has happened to his brother he will go crazy.

Cumali has left the mansion. He arrives at Nejat’s house. He looks manic and has lost all control. Nejat has offended his family at a time they are grieving. He also put Timsah on to them and he has caused Cumali great pain and suffering.

Cumali shoots everyone in sight . He cannot find Nejat but he finds his brother. He kills him and then heads for his family home. His need for revenge following the death of his Akkiz sends him into a killing machine. Single handedly mowing down anyone who gets in his way and shooting his way into the home of Nejat.

Cumali had let the women of the family go as is the old law of the gangs but which was not held by Yucel when he killed the Kocovali girls. Nejat enters the gates to find the guards and his Uncle dead.

Cumali waits inside and takes out all the Nejat’s gang. He lastly holds the gun against Nejat’s head. He tells Nejat, “ I have left the women of your family alive but if you don’t tell me what I want to know I will kill them also. Where is Yucel?”

We return to the mansion where the women of the Kocovali family have now been put in lock down since the death of two of their sweethearts. Nobody can go outside not even for fresh air.

Alico has arrived at the address written on the note. He walks to the 18 level which is the top of the building. He is frightened. To his surprise he sees Yucel waiting for him. Yucel locks the door behind him. He will be unable to retreat. Yucel carries a gun.

Yucel wants Alico to come with him. Alico asks if he comes with him will he let the Kocovali’s go?
Yucel tells him, “I will not let them go whether you come with me or not.” Alico tells him, “Then I won’t come.”

Yucel draws out his gun and aims it at Alico’s head.

Out of the shadows of the roof top building next door an armed Yamac walks out into view and takes no time in saving his brother’s life.

He shoots quickly once. Yucel looks up in surprise as he feels the bullet pierce his body. He sees Yamac but is hit again by Yamac’s second bullet. Yucel stumbles backwards but not before Yamac puts two more bullets into his body. He falls to the ground.

Alico calls out to him. “Yamac.” A huge smile spreads across his face.

Yamac gives him a smile of comfort. Yamac had saved his brother’s life.

Our last scene sees Yucel lying face down on the rooftop. The camera pans down to his face. His eyes begin to open.

Written by: Sandra Giles





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