Finally, in this episode, we find out who Mr Big is. We are also taken on an insane romp with Timsah, Cumali and Yamac. We see a lot of loose ends come together although you will have to watch the full episode to fully understand their connection. The sons of Idris close in on their brother’s kidnapper and Yamac gets closer to working out who is his wife’s killer. We also will see another Kocovali family member enter into the hands of Mr Big.

Our last episode sees Yamac raising his head and screaming with frustration. His only chance of finding out who Mr Big is has ended with the mysterious Baykal being blown away by a sniper who kills him from a building across the road from the football field.

Mr Big’s sniper location is hard for Yamac to make out. He even tries to draw out his location by offering up his own body as a target. Selim closes in on his location on the building from the rear but is much surprised to come face to face with Yucel who has appeared out of nowhere. Yucel and Selim arrive at the rooftop but are too late, the sniper has escaped. Yamac is starting to understand his arch enemy a little more now. He wants Yamac to suffer while one by one he kills his loved ones around him. This is what Mr Big told him when he was inside the water tank at the pavilion.

Celasun and Metin have brought the news that Cumali has been abducted, “Yamac, Abi! Yamac, Abi!”

At the Coffee House, they now understand that it is Timsah who is holding Cumali. “He is a maniac and not from around these parts.” Word is sent out to all the Kocovali sons that their brother has been taken. All of Cukur now know that Timsah is after Yamac and he is prepared to kill Cumali to get to him.

At Timsah’s hideout, Cumali is strung up from the ceiling. He has been beaten and tortured. He sings at the top of his voice with a big smile on his face but his eyes tell you he is anything but happy! He has electric wires running up his body and every now and then when he doesn’t give Timsah the answer he wants, a charge is sent through Cumali’s body delivering a painful shock.

Cumali tells Timsah and his men jokes to help him cope with the pain that is being delivered at regular intervals but deep down he is not in a joking mood. He wants to rip Timsah apart. His eyes are filled with revenge.

On Yamac’s orders, Celasun gets Alico to check out Mr Big’s rooftop sniper location. Alico is a crack shot and has a history of being a sniper. His knowledge is very valuable to Yamac.

Alico is successful in collecting evidence. Together they make their way to the Coffee House and Yamac.

At the Coffee House, Yamac sits and talks to his father. He is thoughtful about everything that has happened including Sena’s death. He tells his father that there is somebody orchestrating the whole thing. Somebody that has been setting them up from the beginning and even was in the ear of Ceto and maybe was even telling Ceto what to do. Mr Big has gone to the trouble of setting up a man to look like Baykal and even dress like Baykal. “He killed him to shut him up.” He also tells his father, “He could have shot me but he didn’t. He wants me to suffer.” Yamac believes it has all been planned and carried out by someone who has inside knowledge of the Kocovali’s actions and he believes that Remzi is the key to knowing who Mr Big is. Yamac tells his father, “If we can find Remzi, do not kill him but rather keep him alive and then leave the rest to me!”

Alico and Selim arrive at the Coffee House. “What did you find?” Yamac asks him. Alico tells him that the sniper is not a professional shooter. He could have had a better place to shoot. “He chose the hard way to shoot him,” Alico tells him. “Is he better than you Alico?” asked Yamac. “No one can better than me,” Alico tells him.

Alico lets Yamac know that he is never-the-less a better shooter than Yamac and the Cukur boys but he made a big mistake. Yamac looks him in the eye. Alico puts his hand in his pocket and drops Mr Big’s signet ring into the palm of his hand.

It is not until after the shooting that Yucel finds out that he has lost his ring.

Yucel casts his mind back to his sniper position on the roof of the building. He remembers removing his ring and placing it beside his gun. Yamac made him so angry while he was taunting him to shoot him that he left it there.

So, we have found out that Yucel has been the traitor in Cukur all along. He has been a confidante to the Kocovali family and been privy to all their plans. He was an instrument in sending Ceto to Cukur in the first place and even from the time Cumali and Salih were chasing Ceto and found Yucel tied to a chair in a house, this has been all part of his plan to get into the confidence of the Kocovali family. He has killed Sena. He killed the Baykal substitute. He has set up Ceto and Mahsun. He used Mahsun to get to Sena. He is out to devastate the Kocovali family. We do know that Uluc Reiss is working together with Yucel but we don’t know how much Damla is involved. We also know that Uluc Reiss is working with him. Yucel has no plans of taking over Cukur his only focus is on bringing suffering to the Kocovali’s, especially Yamac. Let’s hope there are no further tragic plans in store for the family.

At the Coffee House Yamac tells his father and his brothers that he will not be able to handle going after Mr Big himself. He hasn’t got the strength. He tells them, “He is testing me at my every move. We have to be on alert. We have to stand strong. “ He asks them to all go home and hug and kiss their loved ones and let them know they are alive and well for tomorrow anything could happen. Selim advises Damla that Cumali has been taken and warns her to be alert. Selim doesn’t really understand that Damla is not somebody to be told what to do.

Celasun is the only one who cannot put his arms around his wife and kiss her goodnight. Although he loves her their souls have taken a battering and their love needs to be re-ignited.

Alico needing to feel secure while sleeping alone in his humpy gets out his high powered rifle and he tucks it into bed with him.

That evening Mr Big meets up with Yucel for dinner. Uluc wants to make sure their agreement is still valid.

Yucel promises Uluc Reiss, when he is finished with the Kocovali’s, that Cukur will be his. Yucel is only interested in Yamac and how much suffering he can instil on him.

The Kocovali women know they are going through a dangerous time with the situation in Cukur and the murder of Sena and abduction of Cumali. They have a firearm and sultan teaches them how to load a pistol.

Salih and Medet use their most persuasive techniques to squeeze out the location of Timsah from a night club owner and fellow drug dealer.

Meanwhile, Cumali is still singing at the top of his voice to Timsah and his men but now he is hanging by his feet from the ceiling.

Damla tracks down her father and tells him about Cumali abduction. Her father has no time to listen to her and is very angry about her interest in her husband. Damla tells him, “I did what you told me to do. I got into the Kocovali household. I have told you about their movements and what is going on. I found their weak spots. We have even done business together. Why are you angry?” Uluc tells her, “You have crossed the line.” Damla tells him everything is out of control. “Sena is dead.” Uluc reminds her that her marriage is only a business contract and she shouldn’t care what happens to Cumali. .

Cumali is looking tired and beaten with continual torture from Timsah.

Cumali warns him that although he is waiting for Yamac that soon “his family will come for him.” No truer word is spoken, Salih and Medet have tracked him down and walk into the torture scene.

Cumali is in stitches of laughter when he sees his brother. He asks him, “Why are you here?” His brother tells him, “To pay back a debt,” Salih says. (His mind being reminded of the time when Salih and Medet were strung up and rescued by Cumali. That was the first time that Cumali extended a hand to his brother and an understanding of respect and kinship entered into their relationship.)

Timsah is having a hard time getting any sense out of the brothers. They are cracking jokes at each other and smart mouthing off at each other, but deep down they both know they are in a serious position headed by a lunatic and they both want to finish him off. In watching their behaviour Timsah begins to think that they are crazier than he is. All he really wants is Yamac and he still can’t get him.

Medet is sent back to Cukur to tell Yamac that Timsah now has two of his brothers as hostages. Salih would not leave his brother. What Cumali didn’t know is that Salih had really come to exchange his life for his brothers. Medet makes a hurried escape to tell Yamac that Timsah now has two hostages.

The hard task has now begun to find the owner of the signet ring found by Alico. Idris has brought Meliha to the Gul Pavlon to try and jolt her memory. He has also brought the signet ring with him. He asks her “can you remember this?” as he shows the ring to her. “ How could I forget,” she says. The event stands out in her mind and she remembers Edip wearing the ring the night he jealously he hit her across the face while asking her, “Why don’t you love me.”

She can also remember Idris confronting Edip at the pavilion and asking why he hit Meliha and why on the same night was his Coffee House broken into and ransacked. Idris is protective over Meliha and he told Edip that night, “If you have a problem then come to me.” He warns him to stay away from Meliha and his neighbourhood OR ELSE!

Meliha does remember Edip’s wife and son coming to the Gul Pavlon and his wife begging Meliha to let her husband go. Meliha couldn’t get his wife to understand that her husband is the one that would not stop pestering her. Meliha does remember she brought her son with her that night but she can’t remember the son’s name. “It’s been too long Idris.”

What Meliha does remember is the name of the Manager at the pavilion at the time. His name was “Suleyman,”and a close friend of Edip’s. Maybe he will remember the child’s name. Idris and Meliha will try and track him down.

At the Coffee House Yamac sits with Damla. He has shown her the note from Timsah.It is here that Yamac gets the first stirs of suspicion towards Uluc Reiss and Damla. They are both always asking questions. It is at the Coffee House that the newly released Medet arrives breathless to give the news that Timsah now has two hostages.

Medet tells them that there are 10 to 12 men protecting his brothers. Yamac tells his men to get ready for a fight and for Celasun to be brought to him. He tells Damla to go home but she is not listening to him.

At the mansion Sultan orders Celasun to take Aksin to the cemetery. Celasun agrees to do Sultans bidding.

It is here that Celasun gets his urgent order to be by Yamac’s side when they go to rescue his brothers. Celasun now cannot go with the girls to the cemetery. He sticks his head through the car window and tells Aksin that he has to go.

Celasun stops at the mansion gates and gets the guards to drive and escort Aksin and Karaca to the cemetery.

The word from Yamac has arrived for Alico. Alico immediately goes into his humpy and brings out his shooters high powered rifle. He is ready for action.

Meanwhile Salih is enjoying the music provided by his host while his brother is still strung up and receiving his regular electric shocks. Although he stayed with Cumali there was no way Salih was going to have any of his electric torture. Certainly, he was not going to be strung up. Timsah happily accepted this condition.

Medet arrives back from Cukur and gives Timsah his instructions from Yamac. “I will exchange myself for my two brothers if you bring them to the location I give you.” Timsah in his insanity tells them, “Let’s get ready gentlemen.”

Timsah sends his men in first to meet up with the Kocovali men. The location Yamac has chosen is way out in the bush giving them plenty of space to have their showdown. Timsah has never met Yamac and does not know what he looks like. It is Selim who pretends to be Yamac, whilst Yamac and Alico obtain a strategic position. Timsah has also taken up his position.

Just out of sight Alico and Yamac lay under cover. Alico also carries his high powered rifle.

The attack is in readiness with Celasun leading the brothers of Cukur and placing them in a position of advantage. Both groups wait for Cumali and Salih to arrive whilst Timsah waits only for Yamac to show his face.

Loud music is heard approaching. All heads turn as a truck is driven into the clearing with the three musketeers, Cumali, Salih and Medet tied to the bumper bar.

Alico and Yamac are expecting a sniper to be in the woods and use Selim as a decoy pretending to be Yamac. Timsah is the sniper in the bush trying to get Selim in his sight but not being able to take a clear shot. Alico also cannot get a clear shot of Timsah until the last moment, never-the-less he has little time to search and takes a shot. His shot is bang on target. He shoots the top off Timsah’s trigger finger!

Hearing Alico’s shot and Timsah’s screams trigger an all-out war between the two gangs

The truck with the three musketeers strapped to the front speeds away with its cargo but Damla single handedly saves their lives. She disobeyed Yamac and came to the fight when told not to. She shoots the tyres out from underneath the truck and then shoots point blank straight through the windscreen and through the head of its driver.

The truck slowly comes to a halt in the middle of the road.

The rescue and shoot out was successful for the Kocovali men. Timsah on the other hand had run away tending his amputated finger. Whether he backs off or displays his full paranoid and maniacal personality in revenge is yet to be seen.

Yamac in his suspicions of Damla asks her, “Where do you stand Damla.” Seeing she disobeyed him and knew where to come. He is beginning to think that she has a foot in each camp.

The Kocovali clan leave the clearing and prepare to go home to their loved ones.

Cumali goes after Nejat who was the one who involved Timsah in the beginning to come after Yamac when Sedat was killed. He is caught and bound in chains in a warehouse by Kemal but when Cumali arrives he has been set free. Cumali now becomes suspicious that there is a traitor in the inner circle of the Kocovali’s, nobody knew where Nejat was, but a special few, “Who is it?”

Salih returns from his ordeal to find his Night Club has been broken into and his staff beaten up. He has been paid back by Savas for threatening his drug dealer for information about the whereabouts of Timsah. .

Yucel has enlisted the remaining Karakuzu’s to help him complete his task of bringing the Kocovali’s down and taking over Cukur. He has also sworn Nejat into paying him back for releasing him from his chains. We don’t know yet what he will be expected to do.

Our final scene is in the cemetery where Aksin and Karaca tend four graves. Two are Aksin’s parents, one her brother and the other is Sena’s.

Karaca leaves the cemetery to await Aksin in the car. Aksin wants to finish tending the graves. Karaca sees the car and guards who were sent to protect them sitting in the car. She opens the car door to find the guards have all been killed.

From out of the cemetery she hears the screams, “Karaca.” She recognises Aksin’s voice and runs to her aid. She takes a pistol from the car and races through the grave yard in an attempt to protect her. Her attempts are futile. Aksin is gone.

A single black envelope sits tucked into Sena’s headstone. A sign that Mr Big has struck once more. He has managed to kidnap the angel of the Kocovali’s and Celasun’s wife!

Karaca takes the envelope and races to the Coffee House to her family.


Written by: Sandra Giles





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