I thought after last week’s heart-wrenching episode that this week’s episode may be toned down a little. I was Wrong! This week’s episode continues to keep us on the edge of our seats with Yamac grieving heavily for Sena and learning that Mahsun was not her murderer. He continues his pursuit for his wife’s killer while chasing down Baykal. Salih and Cumali track down the stolen gems and a new character and psychopathic villain arrives in Cukur seeking revenge for Sedat’s death and searching for Yamac.

We commence this episode by joining Yamac at Sena’s apartment. He has left Cukur but needs to feel close to her. He has slept in her bed and has awoken in a dreamlike state seeing her bright and happy face before him. “Thank God your alive!” He holds her close, kisses and caresses her and tells her. “Let’s go to the seaside. I promised to take you but we didn’t go.” He holds her face between his hands wanting desperately to make up for a promise he had never kept and a regret that will lay heavily upon him now that she is dead.

As quickly as the dream visits he is transported back to reality with hands that are wet with fear.

After placing a few treasures in his backpack, Yamac finds himself sitting on a bench in the middle of the city. He is outside of Cukur and now his isolation from family and friends and his grief has left him feeling lost with an expression of, “What will I do and where will I go?”

He is unaware that a black envelope has been placed on his backpack. The courier quietly slips away. It is not until some time later that Yamac discovers the envelope and finds a very old pamphlet introducing “Meliha Sancakli” to the Gul Pavyon. The Gul Pavyon being an old night club.

At first, Yamac does not get the connection. He has seen the name Gul Pavyon somewhere else. Then it dawns on him. The photograph his father gave him had the same name on it and the building whereby Sena was murdered was named the Gul Pavyon.

Although his mind is affected by grief Yamac is shunted back to the time to when he killed Mahsun and his words, “I didn’t do it! I loved her.”

He becomes thoughtful and focussed, losing that blank lost look. Revenge takes its place. He leaves the city bench and heads back to Cukur and the entrance of the Gul Pavyon.

Yamac stands looking at the pavilion door. The last time he entered these doors was when he was confronted with a nightmare.

Inside the pavilion the sight of the water tank makes the hairs stand upright on Yamac’s back. He faces the tank and places his hands on the glass. He envisions his sweetheart meeting him for their last embrace

His heart is ripped open reliving the tragedy. He sees her drift away once more whilst remembering their journey of love cut short by a maniac.

Yamac climbs the ladder once more and looks down into its murky depths. Wanting to experience what Sena experienced and having that feeling of complete union with his dead wife, Yamac jumps into the tank.

He floats in the watery tomb and closes his eyes absorbing the presence of Sena in her last moments. He is unaware that on the outside of the tank and standing in the middle of the pavilion floor, Mr Big holds the remote controls once more and closes the lid.

Yamac makes a dash to the surface on hearing the mechanism closing but it shuts and locks. Inside the tank, Yamac can see a distorted vision of Mr Big. He can also hear his taunting voice telling him “not to panic.”

Through the tank water Yamac tries to get a clearer vision of Mr Big but cannot make out his form but he can hear what he is saying. Mr Big wants him to know that over time he will get used to the feeling of not being able to protect his loved ones. In a quiet but threatening voice, he rubs in, “Sena was just the beginning.” Mr Big releases the time lock and the lid begins to open with Mr Big hurriedly making his escape to his awaiting car.

Breathless Yamac hauls himself out of the tank and charges off after Mr Big who has fled the pavilion. He gives chase and sits right on Mr Big’s tail. He uses his car as a battering ram smashing into the rear of Mr Big’s car. He also sideswipes his vehicle trying to push him off the road. Eventually, Mr Big is sandwiched between a truck and the bush and is driven off the road.

Yamac screeches to a halt but unfortunately, he is too late. Mr Big has car-jacked a passerby and escaped in their vehicle.

In Cukur a warning whistle goes out across the neighbourhood indicating that strangers are approaching. Three black limousines meander through Cukur to stop at the Coffee House. Idris is not surprised to see Semih, he was the buyer of the gems which were being smuggled into the country. His man Mithat has been murdered.

In the Coffee House, Idris explains to Semih that the gems were stolen and the Kocovali’s had nothing to do with the death of Mithat. He asks Semih to give the Kocovali’s a few more days to investigate. Although being eager to get his money back or the gems, Semih agrees to give them a little more time as the Kocovali’s have always had his respect.

Following his close call with Yamac, Mr Big has ditched his stolen car and sits on the side of the road after phoning Uluc Reiss to come and pick him up. After hearing of Sedat’s death at Yamac’s hands Mr Big is warned by Uluc that Sedat was able to be manipulated by him but Timsah is another matter. He is a freak and will not listen to what you tell him.

Uluc calls Damla and tells her to get off the streets. “ Why dad!” she asks. Uluc doesn’t tell his daughter that he is expecting Timsah to turn up in the streets of Cukur at any time. Dad was right, two black cars roll past Damla heading into Cukur, inside is Timsah Cemil.

Our new villain enters the street of Cukur. He has a psychotic personality and wants only one thing from Cukur and that is Yamac Kocovali. He needs to pay for Sedat’s death. Timsah will go to any means to get what he wants.

Timsah abducts one of the elders in Cukur who has been a loving father figure for Yamac and the Kocovali boys. He murders him. Timsah then places a note for Yamac inside his coat pocket which says, “ Dear Yamac, I am looking for you but I can’t find you. Don’t try to block me. Call me when you get my message, it’s important.” The elderly man’s body is thrown out of a moving car in front of the Coffee House just to show he means business.

No wonder Timsah cannot find Yamac he has been in Istanbul but has now made 360 degrees turn around since finding out about the Gul Pavyon and nearly losing his life to Mr Big. He turns up on Alico’s doorstep unaware of Timsah’s invitation. Alico’s heart warms to see his beloved Yamac, but he immediately sees he is not in a good way. He is exhausted both mentally, emotionally and physically and soaking wet and cold from his experience in the water tank. Alico cares for his brother and changes his clothes. He wraps him in a warm blanket and makes him hot tea.

Following the departure of Samih and his men from the Coffee House, Salih is given the task of finding the gems. The Kocovali sons know that Sedat had the gems prior to his death and assume Nejat was involved also. Nejat will be their focus in getting the gems back. Salih devises a plan to take them back by force. His father gives him his blessing. They have nothing to lose.

In the little humpy by the waters edge Yamac shows Alico the pamphlet. He finds out that Meliha and his father were lovers many years previously. This knowledge weighs heavy on Yamac who is trying to piece together the significance of the pamphlet and the Gul Pavyon where his wife was murdered.

Yamac and Alico head for Meliha’s apartment to find out the truth. Yamac loses his cool when confronted with Meliha. He demands, “What does the Gul Pavlon and you have in common with my wife’s murder” he yells? Meliha explains how she was given the photograph by a man called Baykal, along with the message to look at the photograph carefully as it may help Sena.”

Yamac is having trouble taking all that has happened in and processing the information. Meliha notices that Yamac is nearing the end of his mental and physical ordeal and calls his father.

Calming him down, Meliha tells the story of how the man in the photograph. His name was Edip. He would come to a Cabaret every night to see her perform. He was obsessed with Meliha and became possessive. She rejected him. She was tracked down by his wife and son who thought it was all her fault but she tells has to tell her that the problem is not hers and her husband is obsessed. She has never been interested in her husband.

Meliha resigns from the Cabaret and begins performing at the Gul Pavyon nightly. She still could not get rid of Edip. He would return to the same table every night and wanted her to sit with him. She believes this was when the photograph was taken. She continues to tell Yamac, “For me, there was only one man in my life, your father.”

Hearing this story and looking back on what he has just gone through with Sena’s death and his own near-death experience, Yamac gives Alico a puzzled look, “How have we got here? What has this got to do with me” he says?

After a time Yamac’s father arrives. Yamac has had time to think over what Meliha has said, “You killed that man didn’t you?” he asks his father. “His son killed Sena and now he is after me. Is that right?” His father tries to talk but Yamac now has worked it all out, “It is for revenge on what you did to his father.” He looks into his father’s eyes, “Sena should never have died,” he cries.

This knowledge is too great for Yamac’s fragile mental state and he takes a seizure with his body racked with convulsive rigours.

Alico falls to his knees and takes his beloved Yamac in his arms. They weep together.

In a quiet moment later in the day everyone sits and absorbs the realisation of the situation and how their enemy is hate driven and will not stop until they are all dead.

Yamac advises them all, “When Sena slipped away I was going to leave. Now I can’t. I cannot afford to lose more loved ones. I cannot handle it. This will not end unless I end it!”

Meanwhile, at Sedat’s funeral, Salih has begun his plan of attack in finding the gems. He enlists the help of Kemal and Metin to kidnap Nejat from amongst their enemies. (This is a light-hearted scene and the writer was comically moved to see how these actors brought a lightheartedness to an otherwise sober episode, especially when they eat more than their share of the Halva.)

They catch up with Nejat in the bathroom of the funeral home and secretly kidnap him and escort him to the awaiting getaway car with Salih at the wheel.

Take me to the gems,” Salih tells Nejat.

Surprisingly Selim and Yamac arrive at the antique car showroom looking for Baykal. A blazing gun fight occurs with many of Mr Big’s hired gunmen being killed in the attack. Unfortunately Yamac is too late and Baykal has enough time to escape through the back door. Yamac has just enough time to see him getting into his car and recognises that the man is not the deceased Baykal. The only positive thing he could come away with is the car registration plate.

Following their narrow escape from Yamac at the car showroom, Remzi and Baykal call Mr Big to tell him of their escape and how the game has been discovered. Mr Big no longer needs the substitute Baykal and Remzi is given orders to kill him. He is taken to a back road whereby Baykal is able to escape his murder attempt. He knows now that Mr Big is out to get him and if he doesn’t do something soon he is dead!

At the Kocovali mansion, Deren is now leaving the comfort and protection of their hospitality. She is moving on. She says her farewells and hits the streets of Cukur. It is here that Deren finds Yamac and to his surprise, she shows him a video that Sena recorded prior to her death. It is a birthday message.

Sena’s message is like a final farewell. She declares all her love for him. She tells him, “You are my man,” and “I love the way you love everyone. You did what you said you would do. You saved Cukur. So lay back and rest and Happy Birthday.” She finishes her video with, “I love you, my man.” With her last words, Yamac drops his head onto his arms. He is moved with tears with groans in remembrance of her beaming happy face filled with love for him. His loss is too hard to comprehend.

There will never be any rest for him from now on.

Finally, Salih can get really involved with the return of the gems. He loves a good fight. Nejat, with a little physical encouragement from Metin and Kemal has brought them to the warehouse where the shipment is stored. He is prepared for a war and he is expecting quite a bit of resistance. He polishes up his new golden guns in readiness for action. He has brought with him a group of Cukur’s best young gunmen led by Celasun and Meke. Nejat warns his gunmen of their approach by setting off the alarm. A full on western type gunfight begins. It is not long before Salih’s men have bodies and wounded are strewn all over the warehouse floor leaving Nejat only one way out. He is forced to show Salih where the gems are hidden.

Salih is proud of his achievement. He knows his father will be pleased. The pressure is off. He drives back to the Coffee House where he presents a large bag of gems to Idris as proof of his victory. The full consignment being guarded at the warehouse by Celasun and Meke. His father gives him a “good job” nod as his approval.

At the Coffee House Yamac receives a phone call from Baykal’s substitute. He is seeking protection. He tells Yamac he will tell him who Mr Big is if he agrees to protect him. Yamac would give him anything to know who killed Sena and he agrees. He is told to drive to Cukur and he will meet him anywhere he chooses.

Cumali, on the other hand, leaves the Coffee House to meet Semih and hand over the gems. It is late at night and on his way to the warehouse. He is ambushed on the way by Timsah who cannot wait any longer for Yamac to meet up with him. He has taken the next step and selected his brother

Two young boys from Cukur who are out innocently selling water in the streets, accidentally come across the ambush and one young boy is gunned down in front of Cumali because of his love for the Kocovali brother. Timsah in his insanity doesn’t blink an eye when he pulls the trigger. Cumali is then bundled into an orange vehicle emblazoned with a snakes head and taken to Timsah’s home. He is tied hand and foot.

At home, Timsah sits throwing stones into his swimming pool whilst speaking to Cumali. He tells Cumali “your brother should be sitting in that chair. He hasn’t come to me.”

What Timsah does not know is that Yamac has not read his note and knows nothing about his reason to be in Cukur.

Cumali’s absence is noticed when Semih calls telling Idris that he is waiting for Cumali at the warehouse but he has not turned up. Idris and Emmi feel this is strange as tells him that Cumali left for the warehouse a long time ago. Idris alerts his sons to Cumali’s disappearance and drives to the warehouse. They come across Cumali’s car deserted on the road confirming that something sinister had happened to him. It is not long before he is enlightened by one of the young boys who came across Cumali at the ambush/. He rushes up to father Idris and can barely get the news out. “Cumali Abi has been taken.”

Our final scene sees Yamac heading to the Football Oval where Baykal has arrived and waiting to talk with him. Baykal is very nervous. He knows Mr Big is after him. Yamac runs full of rage to find him. This is his opportunity to find out who killed Sena. He arrives at the Football Oval and sees Baykal waiting for him. “I will tell you everything,” he says to Yamac. Those were his last words as Mr Big with a high powered rifle blows him away.

Yamac can’t believe his eyes. His one opportunity is gone. He raises his head into the night and screams with rage and frustration.

Written by: Sandra Giles





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