WARNING! This week’s episode of Cukur commences in a typical Kocovali manner but that is where it stops. As this episode progresses you will be taken into the depths of despair and grief where only those of us that have lost someone very dear to their heart can fully understand. If you don’t want to be moved to tears then you maybe shouldn’t read on.

Bulut Iynemli’s wonderful acting ability delivers scene after scene of incredible skill. The character Yamac will always stay uppermost in your mind when you think back on this great incredible series of Cukur. Bulut has managed to draw the viewer deep within his soul as he grieves for his precious Sena. He then takes you on a hate-filled ride after Mahsun whom he believes is her murderer. All the rage, hate and revenge in the world does not replace his sweetheart nor ease his torment at her loss. Let’s continue!

Our episode opens with Salih and Medet arriving at Cansiz’s antique shop after receiving a call from Veli telling them that Cansiz will see them and he may have information about the whereabouts of Mahsun.

Mahsun, as we know, has kidnapped Yamac’s wife Sena and has locked her in a house awaiting his return. Yamac and Selim have been unsuccessful in finding Sena and they are hopeful Salih will get worthwhile information from Cansiz. Cansiz is in a helpful mood and provides the address where Yamac can find Mahsun in Sile.

At the address in Sile, Mahsun has returned to the house after waiting for a contact who did not show. He is confronted by an empty house and no Sena with the front door being blown away. At this time I believe Mahsun realises that he has been betrayed and Sena has been taken from him. He is just in time to see a car speed away and he gives chase. This car obviously being placed as bait for Mahsun.

As if perfectly timed Yamac and Selim arrive to see Mahsun speeding down the road not knowing that he is chasing somebody else. Selim is left at the house to make a search for Sena whilst Yamac continues to follow Mahsun.

Meanwhile, at the dockyards, Damla who was responsible for smuggling a shipment of gems into the country for the Kocovali’s, has turned up with Cumali to check out the warehouse. Damla’s father and Sedat, as we saw last week, were also involved in the murder of the warehouse guards and the theft of the gems. As Damla and Cumali leave the warehouse a stranger gives Damla is a nod of recognition. She acknowledges him. Her actions are immediately reported to her father. (This certainly could indicate that Damla is working against the Kocovali’s and has been planted by her father.)

In his car speeding down the road, Mahsun has Yamac is on his tail. Mahsun has been told to deal with Yamac and to meet Mr Big once he has dealt with him. Yamac follows Mahsun to a construction site where Mahsun waits in ambush for him. They are locked in a deadly fight.

“I promised her I would not kill you,” says Mahsun as he attacks Yamac.

“Where is she? Where is Sena?” demands Yamac. “She is with me“ Mahsun jealously replies.

The fight is terminated when Mahsun takes a handful of loose cement and throws it into Yamac’s eyes with a warning for Yamac not to come after him or he will not keep his promise to Sena and let him live.

Being barely able to see through his cemented eyes, Yamac still races to his car. He cannot let Mahsun get away as he will never be able to find Sena again.

Earlier that day Remzi and his men had kidnapped Meliha and took her to see our mysterious Mr Baykal at the antique car showroom. He has given her a photograph of Idris and herself when they were young. Remzi tells Meliha to look carefully at the photograph if she wants to help Sena out. “Why,” Meliha asks, “It is a rule that women and children are never touched.” He answers, “That rule is now in the past.” Mr Big has told Remzi to hold Meliha until a designated time and then set her free.

After escaping his fight with Yamac and believing that he left him back at the construction site, Mahsun drives straight to the assigned destination as instructed by Mr Big. He is unaware that Yamac has managed to follow him. The stage has been set by Mr Big for a final showdown.

Earlier that day Mr Big had placed an unconscious Sena into a Houdini like tank and secured the tank with a time-release remote controlled lock controlled by his mobile phone. There is no way in or no way out.

Sena wakes to find the water is rising in the tank and she is entombed.   As she takes in her watery prison she begins to scream,  “Yamac!  Yamac!  Yamac!”

Sena begins bashing on the heavy glass. Panic and fear build up inside of her as she realises the seriousness of her situation.

Mahsun arrives at his destination. He runs straight inside. When he takes in the sight before him he races, gun in hand, to the top of the tank looking for a way to release Sena. No matter how many bullets he fires at the lock the tank remains sealed.

Yamac having followed Mahsun, hears the gunshots and sees Mahsun on top of the tank. He draws his pistol and unloads quite a few bullets into Mahsun’s body. It is then that Yamac realises the seriousness of the situation. The water level is nearly over Sena’s head.

“Sena,” he yells. She screams to him, “My Love, Yamac, Help me!”

Yamac begins to panic and draws his pistol firing into the glass tank. His efforts are useless and the glass bulletproof. He tries to break the glass with anything he can get his hands on. He calls for her to hang on but even as he speaks he can see that Sena cannot hold on any longer. The water is now over her head.

He cries in frustration and disbelief as he realises he cannot save her, “What is this! What is this! He stands with his body pressed against the glass. “I beg you Sena,” he sobs trying to dare her not to die.

Sena stops panicking and calmly moves towards him and places her lips to the glass enticing him to join her for one last embrace. He joins her by placing his palms to hers. Their eyes lock onto each other. Yamac watches as his sweetheart releases the last air from her lungs. He watches as she convulses and sucks in the liquid from her watery coffin.

Yamac’s face contorts as he pushes against the glass tank. He watches as his beautiful girl goes limp and slips away into paradise.

Meanwhile, back at the Coffee House Cumali, Selim and Salih have just received news of their brothers GPS location and they are on their way.

Our next scene is so sad. Yamac still stands pressed up against the glass tank in shock while watching Sena floating lifeless in her watery grave. At the same time, Mr Big releases the time lock on the lid of the water tank. Yamac hearing the lock release looks up and walks up the ladder. He gazes down into the watery depths and lifts his wife’s body out of the tank and into his arms.

He sits propped up on the ground against the water tank holding his Sena cradled on his lap. He wraps her tightly in his arms and gazes into her lifeless face. A face who’s lips will never smile at him again and eyes that will never meet his.

“Don’t go, baby” he begs. He raises his head to God with tears rolling down his face, “I’m begging you. Please wake me up.” His heart breaks down as he gives way to his grief with a body racked with sobs of wrenching pain.

After some time Yamac gazes to the ground expecting to see Mahsun’s body on the floor where he saw him fall. He sees no body, only a blood trail The look on his face changes from grief to murderous revenge. He slowly lays Sena down and rises to his feet and follows each drop and smear of blood.

He tracks him down to the roof of the building next door. He sees him cowering behind an old armchair heavily wounded. Mahsun can see him coming after him. Yamac has no care for his own life and certainly, he has no other thought in his mind other than killing Mahsun.

“I didn’t do it,” Mahsun swears to Yamac. “I didn’t do it. I loved her.”

Yamac cannot hear a word he is saying. His face says it all. He stares back at Mahsun and takes a step forward. Every step forward is matched with a backward step from Mahsun. Yamac moves him closer towards the edge of the roof. Mahsun can see that Yamac’s mind has snapped and no amount of pleading is going to change his fate.

Mahsun is tackled in a football like a bear hug and driven over the edge with Yamac still not releasing his hold. They fall together.

The fall is broken by a parked car at the bottom of the building. The fall is fatal for Mahsun but the impact on Yamac is softened. He lies face down on Mahsun’s body with the wind knocked out of him.

Yamac stirs and as he remembers his beautiful Sena. “She will be cold. She can’t get cold,” he tells himself, as he levers himself off Mahsun

Both Cumali and Selim close in on their brother’s whereabouts. They pull up outside the building and on entering were not prepared to see the heartbreaking scene of their brother with his dead wife cradled in his arms. Selim drops to his knees, “No! No!” Yamac tells them, “I couldn’t protect her.”

Sena’s body, in the arms of her mentally and emotionally broken down husband, is transported back to Cukur and to the family, she sacrificed her life for and in due time she is transported to the hospital where Yamac will say his last goodbye.

The family guide Yamac home and into the arms of his mother. Together the family grieve for their daughter with each dealing separately with her passing.

Overnight graffiti appears on the walls: YOU HAVE DEATH IN YOUR ROOTS YAMAC!

The whole of the neighbourhood turns out for the funeral procession and Sena’s body is paraded down the streets of Cukur.

Family and guests gather at the Kocovali home. Yucel asks Salih if Idris has any more Grandsons. Salih tells him that he has one other and his name is Akin and he is the son of Selim. He is in jail. Yucel show a great deal of interest in this news.

Guilt hangs heavily on Cumali’s shoulders. He was responsible for the women’s safety at the time Sena went missing . He has lost his brothers wife and this guilt gives him no peace. It is Yildiz who comforts him.

Uluc Reiss advises Emmi that it was Sedat who stole the gem shipment from the docks. Emmi asks Uluc to advise them to come to Cukur to talk to Idris in the morning to see if they can come to an agreement about the gems. Uluc agrees to the arrangement. Emmi agrees to talk to the buyer on Idris’s behalf.

Meliha still has the photograph and still is unable to contact Idris.

Yamac is at a time of reflection in his grief. He sees Sena in visions. He tells his father that Cukur has taken everything from him. He now has no hope, no love, no affection. He knew deep down that he should never have come back to Cukur. It has left him with blood on his hands. He understands the love his father has for him but he is now looking at himself and the one thing he does not want be is just like him. He tells him. Let me go!

Sedat and his gunmen enter Cukur and stop outside the Coffee House. Sedat mouths off at the Kocovali men rubbing in that they had lost the gem shipment. He smirks about the sadness they have all experienced. Sedat sees Yamac toting his backpack and ready to leave the neighbourhood. He calls out in a loud inflammatory and intimidating voice, “Yamac, sorry for your loss. You lost your wife.” Yamac pauses calmly and drops his backpack. He turns and walks towards him. Sedat is unaware of Yamac’s fragile mental condition nor that he has had enough. “I want an apology from you for losing the gems,” he says. Yamac looks him in the eye and to everyones surprise, takes Sedat’s own gun and shoots him in the head.

Yamac turns, picks up his back pack and walks away.

“There is going to be big trouble says Selim, Big, Big, trouble.” The Kocovali men along with Yucel and Emmi sit in the coffee house wandering what will happen now with reprisals for Sedat’s death. Uluc Reiss arrives expecting they had all had a talk about solving the gem issue . “Well, did you solve it?” “Yes,” says Salih. “We did.” It is Cumali who is covered in blood and splattered brains that tells him that Yamac had shot him in the head and left. This isn’t good Uluc tells Emmi. Emmi tells him he is going to meet the buyer and explain the situation. He also tells Uluc that his buyers name is Mithat.

Meliha after not being able to contact Idris for a couple of days over the telephone but has tracked him down in person. She tells him they have to talk as it is important. At this time he is not yet aware of what his youngest son has done. Meliha finally has his attention. She tells him of her abduction by men she had never seen before and her presentation to a man they called “Baykal”. Idris is immediately all ears. She shows him the photograph. She advises him that they told him that if Yamac wanted to know where Sena was, that she was to look carefully at the photograph.

Meliha told Idris at first she couldn’t understand the significance of the photo but after a time she realised it was the presence of Edip in the background. Idris takes a closer look and recognises Edip who had died 30 years previously. Meliha believes Edip’s family could have something to do with Sena’s death. She also believes Yamac should know about it.

Yamac has come to see his best friend. He sits by the water’s edge as Yamac tells him a final goodbye. Alico in his simple mind reminds him that we can never leave our memories and wherever he will go Sena will follow him. Leaving Cukur will never stop that.

It is at Alico’s camp that Idris finds Yamac. He sits at the waters edge to talk to his son. He repeats what Meliha had told him and shows him the photograph. “If you want to know what happened to Sena and who is responsible then the clue is in the photograph.” He says. Yamac reminds his dad that he knows what happened to Sena and he killed the person responsible. “That may not be the case,” Idris tells his son.

Yamac at this time does not want Sena’s name to be dragged into more turmoil. He has had enough. Idris does warn his son that if Edip had a son then he could be the reason for Sena’s death. Yamac, filled with grief, tells his father to leave him alone as the stress of what he is saying leaves him breathless.

Yamac says his goodbyes to his father and brothers and leaves for a final walk down the streets of Cukur. His childhood, his home, his family, his Sena can be seen at every turn. He hears Sena’s voice reminding him that she loves him very much and she will always be by his side. He also hears her say, “ Cukur creeps into your soul a little at a time and then goes round and round making it your home. You were right Yamac, we have 3 families.”

Yamac hails a taxi and drives off into the night.

Emmi arrives to speak to the buyer of the gems and finds him dead. Remzi had got there before him. Emmi remembers that Uluc Reiss knew that he was going to meet Mithat and where he was going.

Nejat, who has been to the hospital to identify Sedat’s body is infuriated by his friends death. He takes his car and drives off into the night. He calls Uluc Reiss and tells him because of Sedat’s death any agreement between them is now off. He has had enough and he is now going to see Timsah Cemil!

“No,” yells Uluc Reiss. “He is a psychopath.” Nejat replies, “Not to us. He is only like that towards his enemies. Weren’t you the one that wanted the Kocovali’s devastated?” asks Nejat. “You idiot!” “You idiot!” Uluc screams.

Our last scene shows Yamac spending dream time with Sena. He travels far away in his mind and holds her in his arms.

Written by: Sandra Giles





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