“Who did he promise?” were Yamac’s words to Cumali in the roadway where Mahsun gunned down Ceto and turned the gun on Yamac but did not pull the trigger.

“Who did he promise?” Those words will be brought back to haunt Yamac throughout this episode. These words will give him such a deep fear that he will nearly go insane! For, as we saw in our last episode, Mahsun has kidnapped his wife and Yamac is unaware that she is missing.

Far away from Cukur, Mahsun has Sena in his car. Now we do know from last week’s episode that Mr Big has Mahsun under his wing. He also has Uluc Reiss. There has been nothing that has gone on that Mr Big has not planned or known about. I believe he must be aware that Mahsun has Sena but Mahsun was supposed to kill her and not kidnap her. Or, is this also in his plan. I am sure we will see the outcome as this episode continues.

A big clean up is underway in Cukur. Bodies are strewn everywhere. The Karakuzu’s wiped out. Many of the protectors of the neighbourhood are wounded mentally and physically but overall the people of Cukur have won. Their beloved Cukur is safe within the control and protection of the Kocovali’s. The extended family is intact. The women in the community mend bodies, feed empty stomachs, sweep broken glass and wipe away tears.

New graffiti appeared overnight “CUKUR IS OUR HOME AND IDRIS IS OUR FATHER.”

Father Idris thanks his sons for a job well done but reminds them the police will be coming. He orders the streets cleaned up immediately to cover up some of the carnage. The word goes out over the rooftops and the people of Cukur move into action to give the impression that nothing untoward has happened.

Two of the Kocovali sons have had to make a run for it. Cumali is supposed to be dead and Salih has a drug history as we know. They hide in Cukur just as they did as boys. All measures are put into place to slow the police down giving the neighbourhood the time they need. Ceto’s body is collected to be placed in a common unmarked grave. Yamac’s remark is, “It doesn’t matter, he died years ago anyway.” The police arrest Yamac, Selim, Celasun and Metin and Meke.

A new graffiti has appeared in Cukur referring to VELI CEVHER. (Veli Cevher for those of you that follow Turkish TV Series is the arch criminal attached to the Mastermind Cansiz from Carpisma.) The caption says VELI CEVHER IS HERE! It is obvious that this character played by Onur Saylak will somehow be connected to this episode. We are yet to find out how he will fit in.

It is Sultan who realises that Sena is not with the women. Sena is in a bad way. She sacrificed her own life so her family could be safe. She is still seated beside Mahsun who has just thrown her mobile phone out of the car window. The men are still at the police station and have had all their mobile phones confiscated and nobody can reach them to let them know what has transpired.

Damla is the only one who can go to search for Sena. She believes that she must have been left behind at the old warehouse. Along the way she is able to contact Cumali who is walking the streets of Cukur. She tells him that Sena is missing and of her search. Cumali will try and get word to Yamac at the police station. Cumali feels remorse as the women were his responsibility and to lose one is shameful.

Remzi (one of Ceto’s men) arrives at the rooftop of one of the buildings in Cukur. He has come to meet up with Mr Big. Remzi reports that the Karakuzu’s have been destroyed. Ceto is dead with the exception of Mahsun. “He got away.” Mr Big gives Remzi a card and asks him to give the message to the man on the business card. “He will know what to do,” he says. Remzi finds his contact and gives him a photograph which Mr Big had also given him. The photograph is of Meliha and Idris as lovers many years earlier.

We do notice that Remzi also addresses the new contact with one black-gloved hand as “Mr Baykal.” We also hear Remzi saying that he had worked for Mr Baykal’s sons and he will now be his man in the field. Remzi has not met this man before so we know that this is a new character. It becomes a little confusing now as we have two candidates for Mr Baykal. So we have a Mr Big with a hand that has a large signet ring and a younger look and an older Mr Baykal that has a black glove on his left hand and has been raised from the dead. (So you do not get confused also, we will refer to Mr Big as the younger and Mr Baykal for our new character.)

Our dear Salih is at the cemetery. He has a team of men digging up Baykal’s grave.

The grave is empty. Salih is not only enraged but shocked to see no body. He orders his men to leave the grave open so that when he finds Baykal he can kill him and bury him back where he belongs.

Damla searches the warehouse to only find Mahsun’s beanie and Sena’s earring. She now knows that Sena has been kidnapped.

Cumali has finally been able to contact Salih and tell him that Sena is missing. Salih now has the job of getting into the police station and telling Yamac. On the pretence of bringing food to the family and paying off a few guards, Salih manages to tell Yamac that there is a problem and Sena is missing. Salih is glad that there are iron bars between them. Yamac is about to go mad. The first thing that comes into Yamac’s head is the picture of Mahsun with a gun to his head and the words “You would be dead but I promised not to kill you.”

The Kocovali men are eventually let out of jail and Yamac is free to start his search for his wife and love of his life.

The Kocovali women have been brought to a house by Damla’s father. He is acting as their protector and also being able to keep an eye on his daughter at the same time. We know by last week’s episode that Damla’s father is under Mr Big’s orders.

We also see Uluc taking a phone call from Sedat. It is Sedat who tells him, “Cukur is not a problem as Yamac’s wife is missing and this keeps Yamac out of our way. Also, the men are in jail. This leaves the way open.” Uluc reminds Sedat that he must not act as he knows him if he sees him in Cukur. Uluc rounds up his men and tells them “Get ready we are going to Cukur.”

Yamac and the Kocovali men make their way back to the Coffee House. Damla joins them there with the mask that Mahsun was wearing when he kidnapped Sena. She also has her earring. “Why didn’t she scream?” asks Selim, The answer comes to Yamac, “ She didn’t yell because she had made a deal.” He casts his mind back to Mahsun when he had the gun to his head and the words that he spoke before he fled, “You would be dead but I promised not to kill you.” He remembers turning around to Cumali and Salih and saying, “Who did he promise?” The answer now comes back to them, “Sena.”

Mahsun has brought Sena to a country house. He has a set of keys which opens the door. He locks the door behind him as they enter. The house is like a prison with bars on windows. Sena is scared. She checks out the windows looking for a means of escape. Mahsun is quite happy and brings Sena a warm cup of tea after her ordeal. He has a bright smile on his face. Life looks good for him at the moment. He has his Sena by his side and no hassles from Ceto or Cukur.

The phone rings, Mahsun answers declaring his newfound happiness to his unknown caller. His caller asks him if he needs money and of course, Mahsun is broke. His caller asks Mahsun to tell him where he is. Is this Mr Big? Mahsun arranges a meeting point as the next day. This money will enable him to make his escape. Mahsun’s face beams as he sees his dreams about to come true. He tells Sena that tomorrow he will meet his friend who will come with money and after that, they will be on the road again. He will take her anywhere she wants to go.

Yamac, on the other hand, has obtained a list of hideouts belonging to Ceto and his men from Yucel. He and his brothers begin searching for Mahsun. It is on one of these raids that Salih finds himself a pair of golden pistols. These pistols bring a smile to his face.

Meanwhile, Damla approaches her friend in telecommunications to see if she can track down Sena’s mobile phone location. Meanwhile, Yamac searches for Sena in hideouts all over town. All searches have been in vain and he keeps turning up dead ends.

Damla’s father has returned to Cukur and looks with a sense of achievement as Sedat and a cavalcade of cars roll down the main street of Cukur heading for the Coffee House.

At the Coffee House Idris, Emmi , Salih and Cumali face Sedat and his large group of armed men. Yamac also arrives.

Sedat is unaware what a thin line Yamac is treading. He has begun to hear ringing in his ears which is a signal that he is not in a good way. Sedat demands that Yamac talk to him but Yamac lets his gun do the talking and nearly causes a shoot out with Sedat’s men in the newly protected Cukur neighbourhood. Sedat did not expect Yamac to be in Cukur nor such a powerful rebuke.

Idris gets a call from Meliha which he ignores. She has noticed a car parked outside her apartment. She is becoming worried. It is Remzi who sits in his car staking out her apartment. He tells his partner that he cannot go in and get her until he receives a signal to do so. So they sit and wait.

Yamac waits bashing his head up against a post waiting for information about Sena and her mobile phone location. Yamac is unstable with worry about Sena. He argues with his father and brothers. Selim gets punched in the face for trying to go after him. Yamac is grieving for his sweetheart. His life is Sena, not Cukur. A life without her means nothing. Selim begs to help and be by Yamac’s side whilst they search for Sena. He puts his arms around his brother and they cry together.

Saadet tells Damla not to mess with her family. She tells Damla that she suspects her father and herself to be up to something. She does not trust either of them and if it turns out that Damla is involved in any way with the disappearance of Sena , then she will have her to contend with. Damla has made an enemy in Saadet. Saadet’s one true friend is Sena.

This scene shows Veli (played by Onur Saylak from Carpisma), walking down the streets of Cukur. He feels comfortable in the neighbourhood and it is Salih that has brought him here. The young men of the neighbourhood spy on him from the rooftops. Veli looks to be heading for the Coffee House and as he walks through the streets. He has gathered quite a group of spectators wondering what he is up to. Salih is pacing up and down waiting for him. He knows exactly where to go. Maybe these are the street he grew up in.

Veli finally arrives at the Coffee House. Salih is overjoyed to see him and they embrace with happiness. “You haven’t changed at all,” says Salih. “What is your problem,” says Veli. “Oh, we have a great problem,” he tells Veli , as he walks him into the Coffee House.

Inside the Coffee House Veli is introduced to Cumali, Selim and Yamac and told the story about the missing Sena. He refers to Salih as Vartolu, so I believe they must have a criminal alliance in the past. ( Veli for those who do not follow Carpisma is the right hand man of Cansiz a notorious criminal . Veli once a Police Officer was tossed out of the Police Force for his criminal actions.)

Meanwhile, Sedat and his men leave Cuku with their tail between their legs. They have been embarrassed by the strength of the Cukur neighbourhood. Uluc Reiss meets them and tells them that if they want Cukur they will have to go around the back instead of face to face. Uluc tells Sedat that he will be given a gift that will be hard for the Kocovali’s to resist. This gift will open doors for them.

Veli hears the story of Sena’s disappearance. Veli tells them that she definitely was their target. He thinks that he can help but he will need help. He picks up the phone and calls
Cansiz, He asks him, “Cansiz, have you heard of a gang called the Karakuzu’s?” Cansiz is not sure “Get to the chase,” he tells Veli. Veli tells him how Sena has been kidnapped and how he needs his help to find her. Cansiz tells Veli he will do his best.

Sena is trying to get some rest at the country house but the sound of Mahsun singing alone on the verandah gives her no peace. She walks onto the verandah not having heard him sing before. His singing brings tears to his eyes. Sena tells him that he doesn’t have to be alone now as he has a family. He tells Sena that he killed his father after she had found him. He had a dream of finding his family but his dream is over. The only person he has left is Sena.

At the dockyards Damla’s father calls her to come to the docks as the Kocovali shipment has arrived. (At this stage I think it must be the gems shipment Damla was organising and involved in from across the border.) Uluc tells Damla to let Idris know that he is taking the shipment to the warehouse. Damla tells her father that she does not think that this is the right time but her father tells her it is the perfect time and to leave the search for Sena and complete her task.

Damla does not obey her father. She meets with Idris and although she tells him that the shipment has arrived she agrees with Idris that this is not the right time to be doing business with the buyers when Sena is in danger.

As it is Damla receives a phone call telling her of Sena’s mobile phone location. Selim and Yamac make a dash to the location. At the same time Idris receives a phone call once more from Meliha which he still continues to ignore. Remzi gets his call and makes a move to kidnap Meliha.

Yamac finds Sena’s mobile way out on a country road. He calls Yucel and asks him if there is a house nearby they used to hide out. Yucel directs them to such a house.

It is time for Mahsun to leave the house to collect his money. He tells Sena that the windows have bars on them and he has locked the doors. She will be safe and it is not easy for anyone to get out or in. He receives a call from his contact for the money exchange and drives off leaving Sena in the house alone. Sena immediately goes to work looking for a key to unlock the front door. Her search proves fruitless.

Remzi now has Meliha and has taken her to the antique car showroom. One of Baykal’s favourite places. She is taken downstairs to confront her abductor. She is told to sit down. It is then that she sees a photograph of herself and Idris taken all those years ago.

Sedat turns up at the Coffee House in Cukur. He has brought Idris a gift. He hands him a box and tells Idris that he can find him whenever he wants. He then leaves. When Father Idris opens his box he finds half a dozen raw gems which were part of his border shipment. “How did he find out about this?” says Salih. They all look at Damla. Cumali asks her where is the warehouse where the shipment is being held. They all look at her suspiciously. At the warehouse Cumali and Damla arrive together to check out the gem shipment. They draw their guns and find men lying dead at the doorway. The whole shipment is missing.

Mahsun is waiting for his contact to bring his money but he hasn’t turned up.

Sena is searching the house for a way out. She can hear somebody at the front door. Gun shots are fired and the front door is blown away. Sena hides in a corner petrified. Mr Big walks into the house complete with signet ring and points a gun at Sena’s head.

Sena cringes in a corner of the room. She is unarmed and Mahsun is nowhere to be found.

Editor’s note… It’s great to see Veli and Cansiz crossing over from the series Carpisma. If you haven’t watched Carpisma I would highly recommend it. We also do Carpisma summaries too – Rachel

Written by: Sandy





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