Following the death of Mahsun’s father, we are taken back 30 years to the time that Fikret/Mahsun disappeared from home. Fikret’s father has been searching for his son for a few days. A new investigator had recently arrived in town and has agreed to help his father find little Fikret. It is quite a shock to see a young Emmi present himself to the family. Emmi is already suspicious of one of the family members and feels he is trying to extort money from the family in return of their son. Although he tracks down the kidnappers he is unable to find Fikret.

After the terrible realisation that he had killed his father, Mahsun/Fikret leaves the house while Ceto’s words are ringing in his ears, “Ceto is Mahsun and Mahsun is Ceto and you cannot separate the two.” Mahsun had listened to Ceto and his poisonous words which led Mahsun into plunging a dagger deep into his father’s chest. Ceto had never wanted Mahsun to find his family. He wanted him just for himself. His words, “That guy isn’t your father” and “they have tricked you,” led Mahsun/Fikret to believe a lie and now he has robbed him of his father.

Our next scene sees a younger Ceto, maybe 15 years earlier, walking up to Mahsun’s father who is selling fruit off the back of a barrow. Ceto is an adult in this time period and is making enquiries as to whether the fruit seller had any children. It is obvious that Ceto has tracked down Mahsun’s family but selfishly he has never told him who and where they were.

Mahsun walks dazed down the back streets of the neighbourhood until he sits, head on his chest, on a wooden bench in a park. In the distance we see Mr Big/Baykal watching in the security of his car. He follows Mahsun to the park and walking up behind him draws his pistol. He places the barrel of the gun against his head!

Meanwhile, Ceto sits waiting in his apartment staring out of the window waiting for Mahsun to return. He has played all his cards. What will the outcome be? His daydreaming is disrupted by a knock at the door and Remzi enters. There is a frightened look on his face. He has devastating news, “Ceto, he begins. Mahsun after killing his father has turned the gun on himself!” Ceto falls to the ground, “My Mahsun,” he cries. Remzi immediately leaves him alone to climb the stairs of an upstairs room where he finds Mr Big. “I did exactly as you said. He is devastated. He will now take revenge on the Kocovali’s.”

At the end of our last episode, all our Kocovali boys are selling fruit and vegetables alongside their father at the Bazaar. Father Idris takes a phone call from Meliha who asks him to come to her apartment as she has been broken into. Idris immediately leaves the Bazaar to go to her aid.

Yamac is the first of the brothers to feel uneasy. He stands outside the coffee house and thinks to himself that the streets are quiet today. He shares this observation with Cumali as both the brothers leave to go home. Unbeknownst to them, they are under surveillance by Karakuzu’s.

Uluc Reiss finds out from a telephone call that a hit is to be made to the Kocovali’s mansion. “What,” he yells down the phone. My daughter is in there. He calls his daughter and tells her to get out. As Damla leaves the house she runs into the newly arrived Yamac and Cumali. Cumali rudely dismisses Damla and gives her no greeting as he passes. This behaviour antagonises Damla, who in turn follows him into the house.

Yamac has also entered the house to take his wife in his arms. He warmly cuddles her and tells her that she has gone through such a lot since he brought her to Cukur as his bride. Soon he promises he will take her away so they can holiday by the sea.

Damla catches up with Cumali in their bedroom at the mansion. She pats the bed, “Let’s have a chat Mr Cumali.” She tells him he is acting like a teenager and does not show her the courtesy she deserves

NOTE FROM THE WRITER; So you can get a timely idea of the attacks to be placed upon the Kocovali family by the Karakuzu’s, I have noted where each member is when they are attacked. I have also followed-up with a photograph to back up each event.

The first attack is on Emmi. He is at the cemetery visiting Pasa grave. He is ambushed. He is under heavy attack. He calls Idris for help. Idris leaves Meliha to come to his brother’s aid. Unfortunately, Emmi is wounded.

Idris, on the other hand, leaves the apartment and is followed by two cars. Fortunately for him, he receives a call from Meliha telling him he is in danger.

Metin and Kemal are also ambushed at home.

Yamac falls into his trap in the middle of Cukur when Ceto and a large group of Karakuzu’s ambush him and spray his car with bullets. He escapes and runs through the streets of Cukur which has turned into a blood bath of exploded violence.

At the Bazaar, Selim is the last Kocovali left. He has observed two suspicious Karakuzu’s watching his every move. He calls his bodyguards and informs them that there will be massacre any minute if they don’t get out of the market. Selim makes his way into the back streets of Cukur knowing the gunmen will follow and saving many innocent lives. In contemplating the “them or us” situation, Selim turns and guns down his enemies.

Salih and Medet are hit at the Night Club.

While Celasun and Meke are hit at the Barber Shop where Celasun is wounded.

Salih under a hail of bullets phones Yamac. “Go home,” he tells him. “We are under attack. The women are unprotected.” Salih begins to panic when thinking of his wife and son in danger yet again. Meke and Celasun who have managed to escape from their attackers run through the streets of Cukur warning everyone to “stay off the streets!” “The war with the Karakuzu’s has begun.”

With the help of Yucel’s excellent shooting skills, Salih and Medet leave the bullet-ridden Night Club to race on foot to the mansion.

The last to be attacked is Alico. He sits alone at his humpy by the waters edge making paper boats. He gets the vibes that something doesn’t feel right and keeps looking over his shoulder. He rises and walks inside just as his humpy is showered with a hail of bullets. Alico throws himself into action and grabs his teddy bear and pulls a hand grenade pin from it’s belly. Alico throws it out of a shattered window. The gunmen see the bear flying through the air and bend down to pick it up whilst chuckling, “Is he crazy!” That is the last his attackers hear or see before they are blown to smithereens. Alico quietly makes his escape by boat.

All our Kocovali men have high tailed it to the mansion hoping to arrive before their women are murdered. What they find is an empty house. Yamac knows that he left Cumali at home having one of his peace talk with Damla. Maybe he managed to get them all to safety.

As it turned out. Damla and Cumali were in their bedroom having their long-awaited peace talk when Damla sees gunmen coming moving around in the garden. Realising that these were Karakuzu men she warns Cumali. Cumali knows he is at the mansion alone and only has a small window of time to try and save his family. He arms himself and leads the women upstairs to await his return. He also directs Damla to go with them but she refuses and stands by her husbands side gun in hand.

Together they shoot their way through the gardens making their way to the garage. It is here that Damla’s father finds them and with Uluc Reiss’s help, Cumali is able to usher his family to safety. Cumali breathes a sigh of relief when he arrives at a warehouse which he has chosen to protect his family. He picks up his phone and calls Yamac telling him he chose a warehouse unknown to the Karakuzu’s to make their stand. Unfortunately, Damla’s father has also joined them at the Warehouse. As we know Uluc holds allegiance to Mr Big and if the warehouse is in the Cukur precinct then Cukur will not be safe also.

Ceto stands gun in hand ready to carry out his final attack.  His goal is the Kocovali sons who are now all gathered at the mansion.  He will wipe them out and take revenge for Mahsun’s death.
Meanwhile, Father Idris stands in the streets of Cukur knowing he is looking at defeat once more if he can’t come up with more help soon.  He raises his voice and orders Emmi to gather everyone and spread the word throughout Cukur that their Father Idris is needing their help.   They yell through the streets, “The sons of Cukur will be murdered.  Come all of you and save Cukur from the Karakuzu’s.”    All grandfather’s, fathers and sons are armed for the final battle to save their neighbourhood.
Ceto and his Karakuzu gunmen have arrived at the mansion. He attacks knowing all our Kocovali brothers are inside and unable to escape. Father Idris also arrives at the mansion but he is alone. He faces Ceto but is wounded as he attempts to kill him. Ceto sees this opportunity to have a little sport with him in front of his sons. He stops the siege and goes after father Idris first.
Ceto has little time to put his plan into action as the men of Cukur arrive. Every man comes armed with anything that they could arm themselves with. Some throw Molotov cocktails in the air whilst others throw rocks. Some come with their bodies curled inside truck tyres and speeding along the roadway whilst sporting homemade flares and explosives. Others fire homemade catapults loaded with petrol bombs. Idris proudly stands his ground whilst he and his sons are protected by the men of his beloved Cukur.

Yamac, Salih, Selim, Celasun along with Medet and Metin finally are free to shoot their way out of the mansion. The war openly continues in front of the house with Ceto (as cowards do when on their own) finds a tree to hide behind. He sees he is defeated and runs away but not before Yamac and Salih see him go. They load their pistols once more and give chase.

At the warehouse, Cumali and a handful of men stand protecting the women of the family who are still gathered in the upstairs room. The air explodes outside with flying bullets and Damla is wounded in her attempt to protect her husband. The fighting becomes savage with many injured on both sides. Damla’s father has no choice but to protect his daughter and helps Cumali to fight back. After the attack is over with many injured and dead. Cumali and Uluc Reiss have two cars brought to the front of the warehouse to take the family once more into safety. This responsibility he passes onto Uluc. The vehicles are packed with their precious cargo and driven away whilst Cumali chases after Ceto.

Meanwhile unbeknownst to anyone, at the height of the gunfight, two men creep into the back of the warehouse. (At this stage we do not know what they are up to. They certainly have not been engaged in the gunfight.)

Ceto is cowardly running away following his defeat at the mansion. He doesn’t get far before Cumali calls him out for a showdown. Ceto runs like any coward with Cumali after him. Ceto is shot in the leg but still hops his way along the small back street. There will be no escaping Cumali today. His eyes are fixed. Ceto is being hunted down like an injured animal.

The three brothers join forces and split up to run Ceto down. Yamac has him in his sight and teases Ceto from a distance. He remembers when he told Ceto that he would regret the day that he came to Cukur.

Yamac has no time to take care of Ceto himself. A car pulls up in front of him and stops. We are amazed to see Mahsun get out of the car. Yamac is prepared for trouble although he knows nothing that has transpired between Ceto, Mahsun and the death of Mahsun’s father. Let alone the fact that Ceto thinks that Mahsun was dead.

He now stands between the two. Ceto cries in surprise when he sees him, “Mahsun!” “Mahsun!”

Mahsun raises two pistols and shoots Ceto in the chest. Ceto falls to the ground with a shocked look on his face, “Why” he asks. Mahsun tells him, “Because you made me kill my father,” and with that Mahsun fires a second bullet. A fatal shot aimed at his heart. The game is over. The Karakuzu’s are finished. Mahsun turns and raises his gun towards Yamac . He looks him in the eye, “I have made a promise and if it wasn’t for that promise you would be dead,” he tells Yamac. He then backs up to his car and drives off.

n this scene we are taken back to the time Mahsun killed his father. We saw Mr Big/Baykal walk up behind Mahsun when he was sitting in the park. We now see Mr Big placing a gun on the table and telling Mahsun, “Now is the time to destroy everything.” Mahsun replies, “Everything is already destroyed,” referring to his dead father.” It is obvious that a plan had been devised at this time for revenge on Ceto.

Our last scene sees Mahsun in the getaway car and beside him in the passenger seat is Sena. Sena is a hostage.

At the time of the warehouse attack, Mahsun had crept into the warehouse and kidnapped Sena. At first, he was going to kill them both but Sena begs him to spare her life. She tells him, “I will come with you.” Mahsun, as we know, is insane but Sena is smart. She starts to play with him. She promises him that she will go with him only if he promises not to touch a member of her family. Mahsun cannot believe his ears. His Sena will go with him. They will start a new life together. He makes her his promise.

At this stage, nobody knows that Sena is not in the cars with the other women. You will have to join in next week to see the outcome.

Written by: Sandy





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