Damla has arrived back at the mansion on her wedding night to find Cumali in the bedroom waiting for her. He reminds her that he didn’t want this marriage and not to expect anything more than signing the legal documents. Cumali leaves the room slipping out to spend the night with his lover of many years, Yildiz.

Yamac is puzzled by the thought that Baykal could still be alive. They were all sure he was dead. Kemal reports to Yamac that he has found four yachts moored side by side at the Marina all owned by Baykal. It is Yamac belief that Baykal is dead and somebody else is involved in leading the attack. All we see of our Mr Big is his hand sporting a large signet ring.

Yamac in his search for Mr Big or supposedly Baykal has arrived at Baykal’s antique car garage with Kemal and Metin. Yamac cheekily and repeatedly calls his name as the car lift brings them up to the mezzanine level. They are all armed expecting trouble. Kemal is shocked to see cars that he had blown up previously replaced and repaired on display like in a car museum. ”How could this happen?” he declares, “I burnt the lot of them!” Yamac is feeling uneasy and directs his men to proceed carefully. They need to be all on guard.

It is not long before we see our Mr Big receiving a phone call advising him of Yamac’s arrival at the car showroom. After finding the showroom empty and they decide to search the premises looking for clues as to Baykal’s existence. (I am thinking they could have company very soon.)

Meanwhile, Selim, Celasun and Meke have arrived at the marina checking out the four boats moored there and owned by Baykal. Once again Mr Big gets a phone call alerting him to the presence of the group.

Salih has happily helped himself to quite a few stiff drinks at his boat. He also comes up with the idea of digging up Baykal’s grave to confirm that he really is dead. They need to know who they are dealing with. He doesn’t get to discuss too much more before gunshots are heard and they are ambushed by a group of unknown men. At the same time, a coordinated attack is underway at the car showroom where Yamac is conducting his search.

Both groups agree that their attackers were not Kuzu’s and must have been sent by Mr Big/Baykal. This was further confirmed by a search of the car showroom where a rifle was found with the initials of BK emblazoned on the hilt. The same rifle that was presented to Baykal by his son. Suspicion now falls heavily towards Baykal but how could he be alive! Yamac agrees with Salih that opening the grave is the only way to find out.

Mahsun has brought Ceto back to his apartment after being gassed at the party room. Ceto was lucky to be alive and he was grateful to see Mahsun again but Mahsun still has not forgiven him. He leaves him in the care of Remzi but does tell him he will be back. Ceto orders Avni to keep an eye on Mahsun and follows him to Sena’s apartment. Where he watches Mahsun make a phone call from outside the front doors. Sena is at home when she receives a call from Mahsun who asks her to join him at the apartment if she can get away. He just wants to talk.

Sena immediately calls Selim as although the meeting is dangerous she feels they cannot miss the chance of learning more about Mahsun. This is her way of fighting the Karakuzu’s. Selim agrees to go with her and protect her. What they don’t know is that Yamac has Alico watching Sena’s apartment for any contact between Mahsun, Sena and Selim. He is not going to be happy about Selim taking his wife into danger.

At the same time, Selim sends Meke out on a mission to find an unknown man at an unknown house. At this time we do not know who he is but Meke is ordered to bring him into the Cukur neighbourhood to await Selim’s instructions.

Ceto is after Yucel after his betrayal and nearly loses his life when he and the Karakuzu’s are ambushed outside the house. Revenge for Ceto will not happen today. He is dragged away before he pays with his life. Mr Big/Baykal has struck once more.

Sena arrives at her apartment to find Mahsun is waiting for her. He uses her apartment now and again to relax and to feel her closeness. It has been a while since he has seen her and confirms that he is now back with Ceto and he cannot leave him. After their visit, Sena leaves the apartment and walks into the street to meet Selim where a loud voice calls her from across the road. Sena turns and sees the angry face of Yamac. They have been caught out.

It takes quite a lot of shouting and arguing to bring Yamac around to understanding that Sena wants to help Cukur just as he does. She loves him and in her way she wants to fight alongside him. Her husband finds it hard to understand at first but is persuaded to think along the same lines as his wife. “I would die if anything happened to you,” Sena tells him. “I would rather die myself.”

Yamac is surprised when Selim and Sena tell him of their knowledge of Mahsun’s background and how he is back with Ceto. He is now willing to listen to what they have to say. They tell Yamac of their plan to find Mahsun’s family. A task that was given to Alico at the local library and at which he was successful. Alico has been searching for lost children of nearly 30 years ago in the local newspaper. Selim and Sena had visited and found Mahsun’s family and Selim had sent Meke to bring Mahhsun’s father to Cukur in an attempt to re-establish contact. Yamac is amazed at how successful they have been. He is proud of them.

Back in Cukur, Mahsun is walking the streets aware that he is being followed. It is the same man that Meke brought to the neighbourhood for Selim. The man follows Mahsun everywhere. Mahsun waits for the right time and grabs him knocking him to the ground. When he awakes he is tied to a chair with Mahsun standing over him.

The mood changes with our next scene. Salih is seen leading a blindfolded Medet into a night club/bar. There is a lineup of staff waiting to welcome him. “Are we there?” Medet cries. “We are, we are,” said Salih. He whips off the blindfold to show Medet a new future. No more gunfights and taking bullets for him. He will be taking him off the streets and has made him a business manager of his new endeavour. Salih tells him it is time for him to retire. This night club is going to take him into old age. Salih proudly wears his red shirt as a symbol of their new partnership. This move can be life changing for both of them.

Mahsun has now begun interrogating his captive. He asks him, “Did Yamac ask you to follow me.” The old man replies, “I don’t know who Yamac is.” He asks him if he comes from Cukur and his captive replies, “No.” Mahsun then asks him, “Why are you here?” His captive tells him that he came to see him and calls him, my son. Mahsun tells him not to address him as my son but the captive asks him, “What else can I call you but my son.” The captive tells him his name is Fikret and he has a birthmark on his chest, the only kind of information a father would know. This knowledge makes Mahsun nervous and he raises his gun to shoot him in the head but drops it when he realises this man may be right. Could this man really be his father? How could this happen?

His captive father tells him of how he and his mother searched for him after his disappearance and how they found out that it was his Aunt’s son who took him. He was sent to prison but later died. He understands that it must be hard for him to accept what he is telling him and leaves Mahsun with his address. He asks him to come and visit him and his mother at the home he was born and raised in.

Idris calls a family meeting at the coffee shop. All his sons have gathered there with the exception of Salih. Idris welcomes Damla to the family meeting and advises his sons that in future she will attend all their future meetings and be involved in their actions. Since there is a new alliance with her father she will be involved with everything. Cumali raises an eyebrow at his father’s agreement to such a change in their families organisation and watches as he gives her an assignment to help smuggle gems out of Syria and across the border.

Ceto on one of his daily parades through the streets of Cukur meets up with Idris and his sons outside the coffee house. His goal is to create conflict within the family and spills the beans on how Salih worked as his right-hand man producing drugs and also how Cumali was forced into marrying Damla when all along he wanted his old girlfriend Yildiz to marry him after Mahsun was finished with her. He then turns on Celasun and tells them all how Celasun was going to shoot and kill Cumali for him. All this news was new to Idris, who drags Salih into the coffee house to talk as Ceto marches off with a smirk on his face.

Inside the coffee shop, father and son face each other. Idris is ashamed that Salih had resorted to making drugs for Ceto, As much as Salih tried to defend himself about the desperate situation he was and his need to save his wife and son who were captives of Ceto, Idris would not see the necessity for Salih to resort to making drugs when he could have asked him for help. “What are fathers for if not to help their sons,” Idris tell him, “I don’t think you know how to be a son!” He walks out of the coffee shop.

After his upsetting talk with his father Salih is really upset. So upset he heads for his Nightclub and gets stuck into the alcohol. He drowns his sorrows in whisky under the close eye of his buddy Medet.

Salih although under the weather welcomes an old friend to his table. He is greeted and provided with food and wine. This old friend has a long history with Salih and asks, “What is your problem?” Salih tells him “I have a problem with a grave, I need it opened.” (The Baykal incident is soon to be uncovered.)

Ceto nearly caught his betrayed enemy Yucel in Cukur. Despite searching Cukur upside down he still cannot find him. Yucel being forwarned had managed to escape with Yamac’s help. Yamac now has the job of finding another hiding place for him and this search leads him to the Night Club safety. He finds Medet only too happy to help.

Cumali and Yildiz split up over an affair she had with Mahsun before he returned to Cukur. Leaving Cumali nowhere else to go but back home. He enters his bedroom to find Damla waiting for him. She welcomes him but makes sure he knows that she did not want the marriage and also does not want to consummate the marriage. She tells him they have done what their fathers wanted but that is where it stops. He accepts and respects her at the same time. He gives her a gentle smile and leaves the room.

Salih is still very drunk and has walked to the mansion to speak with his father. Idris sits at the study desk as his son enters the room. Salih wants to talk. He tells his dad that he is right, “I never knew how to be a son, as I never had a father to teach me.” He goes on to say, “I know now what it is to be a father, and how you would die for your child, but I still do not know how to love as a father. So if I do something wrong it is because I don’t know how to do it.” He leaves the room.

Celasun is torn between his two women. His childlike wife who desperately needs his love and his growing affection for Karaca. Even as he gazes on the loveliness of his wife he cannot bring himself to take her to bed or show emotion towards her. He closes the bedroom door and turns his back. Whilst in the background his passion grows for Karaca. Celasun and Cumali both seem to be in the same boat by not feeling free to enter the bedrooms they share with their wives. The scene of them both sitting on the verandah in the rain shows their isolation.

Ceto finally sees Mahsun walk through his door. He welcomes him and asks him to sit and talk but Mahsun begs him to leave him alone. The next morning we see a fresh and energised Mahsun full of hope and expectations for his future. Today he is going to meet his family. He dresses in a clean white shirt and runs his hand over his birthmark on his chest and leaves his Karakuzu ring beside the bed.

As Mahsun leaves the apartment he is confronted by Ceto who tells him that he knows where he is going. “How do you know that?” Mahsun asks. Ceto tells him Yamac is using him and he is doing exactly what they want. The family whom he thinks is his has been set up. It is all a trick. Mahsun swears that nobody knows his real name. Not even Ceto. It is Ceto that reminds him that there is one person whom he has told, Sena. His anger is so great he hits Ceto in the face. Ceto calls Avni and tells him to show Mahsun the photos on his mobile phone. There Mahsun sees Sena, Yamac and Selim standing outside his apartment together and he realises that they have been working together from the start. Mahsun leaves Ceto very upset and feeling betrayed.

Salih after talking to his father in his study sits on the bed playing with his young son. It is here that Idris finds him. He has had time to think about what his son had said and the truth in his words. He walks up to Salih and places his hand on his head stroking it lovingly. He bends down and kisses Salih on the head in a demonstration of his love for his son. Modelling for him how love should be given to a son and trying to make up for the lost years.

Mahsun leaves his apartment to break down and cry. Ceto’s jealousy is evident. He does not want Mahsun to find his family after he murdered his own.

Mahsun journeys to the address his father has given him only to find Sena, Yamac and Selim already there. He waits in his car until they have gone and walks up the stairs of the house which he was born in. He knocks on the front door. The door opens and he is at once enfolded by a father’s arms whilst at the same time Mahsun drives a dagger deep into his ribs. As he falls to the ground he calls,”My son!” Mahsun’s attention is then drawn to the woman standing at the door, she is carrying a basket of apples. His memory is shunted back to his childhood and his mother carrying a bag of red apples. This was that woman, his mother. Realisation dawns on Mahsun that this was really his family and he had just murdered his father.

Ceto stands and waits for Mahsun to return.

Yamac and Sena drive back to Cukur unaware of what has happened with Mahsun’s family. Sena tells Yamac, “I know we have done the right thing.” Yamac tells her, “I wish I could feel the same way.”

Our last scene finds the Kocovali family all gathered at the markets. They are all happy and contented to be serving the neighbourhood of Cukur with fresh produce. They stand proudly on each side of their father. They are a picture of solidarity and security for their neighbourhood. They hold their heads up high.

Written by: Sandy





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