Çukur faces each other. All are brothers but confronted. Yamaç leaves the hospital and appears in front of them to tell them to kill him if they want. Maybe the bullets received did not kill him, but surely, any of them can do it right at this moment.
Bleeding from his wound, he confronts his people to ask them WHY? Almost passing out, shouts to his brothers, Cumali and Salih, to allow them to kill themselves but warns them that this will not end there.
He collapses in front of everyone and is taken back to the hospital.
Sena wakes up in the hospital and finds that they have taken Yamaç. She scolds the Koçovali brothers for neglecting the life of their brother.
Vaisal goes to the mysterious man in the ring and tells him that he could not do it. That Yamaç showed up as he said ** I don’t think it will not take long to discover who this mysterious man is about.
Idris Baba after knowing what happened appoints Cumali and Salih in the cemetery. There, days before, he interrupted them in their fight, so he shouts at them to keep with his fighting. Cumali tries to explain what the fight was about, but Idris clarifies that Salih is his son too. Like him, like Karahman, like Selim, like Yamaç.
He asks Salih if he would do it again knowing what he knows now. He says never. He confesses that he couldn’t kill his own brother, he would kill himself first. Idris says that if a father can forgive a son who kills another, brothers can do it. That matter is closed right there. None will talk about this issue, nor will they face each other while he lives. They return to the hospital where Selim waits. Idris calls him to talk.
** Tremendous scene and words that Idris baba dedicates to his son. “If you feel sorry for yourself, you can never look your brothers in the face.” Assume, accept the mistakes made but be consistent, act, do not be ashamed or embrace.
Çeto and Mahsun are still encamped with their men. They are not armed and that worries Mahsun. Vaisal arrives saying that his “Abi” is waiting to talk to Çeto. He waits in his car. Mahsun is not happy. But Çeto returns happily from his secret conversation. Surely they can attack Çukur. They attack a weapons store and reunite the Karakuzu. They start attacking all stores with weapons according to the addresses received.
Sena finally tells Yamaç that she lost her baby when she was not well. Both cry for the loss. Yamaç had dreamed while he was unconscious this second time, that both were resting in a paradise with a baby next to them. They will reinvent themselves, says Sena.
And Yamaç is still dreaming that he sees who shot him. But they appear without him seeing their faces at all.
At home, the Koçovali’s women are organized with cleaning. Sultana wants to return to her house, the family house. Idris sees them, and they are ready to go and put the house ready for living again. Cumali and Celasun take them. Yildiz who wants to help is waiting at “home”. Sultana can not hide her distress when she sees her house, but all women of the village come to offer the family their help. All are happy that the Koçovali are returning to Çukur, to their home.
Salih meanwhile, with Medet, is putting the coffee house in order. Ferhat comes to offer his support whenever he needs it. Salih asks him to help Meke and make peace. Ferhat understands and comes back bringing some furniture and offering help to Meke to rebuild the barbershop.
Love your mistakes too, son
Even the striker is here, but he is not
I will not die with that brother, hit me with a rocket
I’m upset with humanity
Çukur greets the children of Çukurca
Did you shoot me?
The coffee seems to be running again. Yamaç returns home and is greeted with all the emotion by the women of the family. The house looks like in its best times. However, it seems that Idris Baba will not accept returning there.
Metim, Kemal and Meke are at Selim’s sight, who is still trying to find out the identity of the possible shooter of Yamaç. The three were seen by Aliço with a strange attitude that night.
Sultan is going to pick up some outstanding items and sees Meliha in a car going to Emmi’s house. Angry she goes to the house. She Emmi to leave them alone. Both women face each other. Meliha just wants to know who and why she was left alive. Sultan confesses that night that Idris shot her. Pasa was there and went to ask her what they will do with her. She was still alive. Sultan ordered that woman should be taken to a hospital. Meliha thanks her for saving her life and kissing her hand.
We buried you in our hears, not in a grave, a king without a crown
I’m at home, like in a mother’s womb
The last place that Ceto and his people intervene is a gaming house, a casino. There we can see that mysterious hand with the ring. He has been providing the clues of these places.
Metin arrives at Yamaç’s office at home with a gun to be forgiven by him and tries to blow his brains out. Selim stops him and he cries and begs for his forgiveness. He confesses that he had to do it, that he had no alternative. It seems we’ve already discovered who shot Yamaç. Çeto and Mahsun got some children from Çukur and with deception, take Metin’s baby boy and gave him to them. In this way, they manage to threaten Metin and negotiated to get his little one back home.
Sena sends a message to Mahsun for him to meet her. Selim has begged her not to intervene, to let things go, but she wants to know why he lied behind her deception. He will not let things go like this. She meets him in her apartment and, pretending to prepare coffee, she surprises him by calling him by his name, Mahsun, and pointing a gun at him.
Muhacit and Idris cannot know what Meliha and Sultan could have been talking about. Today’s episode comes to an end when some young people interrupt. Both are been told to meet someone who wants to see them. Arriving at the meeting place they find that the one who greets them is Çeto.
We will have to wait …  Another amazing episode *** I dare not make more guesses about the identity of the mysterious character.

Written originally in Spanish by: Be Bravo




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