It appears that Leyla the journalist is drawn to Salih. She makes an appointment to interview him again.

Yamac finds Efsun heavily drugged. A gift from the Uncle. Yamac notices Alico and Emmi are nowhere to be found. He finds them beaten and locked in a warehouse. Yamac is incensed with the cruelty of their treatment.

Akin has a secret which he keeps from his Uncle. It is his grandfathers car which he works on secretly and which gives him great pleasure. It has been frustrating for him as he hasn’t been able to get it started.

Alico and Emmi are cared for by Yamac. Alico has been emotionally traumatised by his beatings. Yamac tends his wounds with gentleness just as Idris used to do.

Yamac borrows Cumali’s car. He is upset over the beatings that Alico has received. He places a Boom Box on the roof of his car, a sign that he is cheesed off. He turns up the volume and cruises down the back streets of Cukur. He stops at Alico’s humpy. He beats up the Restaurant owner and his guards.

Word gets back to the Coffee House that there is a fire at the waterfront. When Salih arrives he sees Yamac has burnt every bit of furniture attached to the restaurant. The guards and employees are lying on the ground unconscious.

Salih can see that his brother is not going to give in to the Uncle.

The Uncle plans another raid on Bilal and his trucks. Salih promises him that nothing will go wrong this time.

The Uncle has Kulkan followed. He has Cenk’s room searched and finds a photograph taken in Afghanistan. Kulkan and Cenk know that if Yamac finds them they are dead. Kulkan has threatened the Uncle with telling Yamac the truth about his torture in Afghanistan.

After Yamac finds Efsun has been given drugs. He knows he cannot leave her in the cell any longer. He takes her to Emmi’s house to be cared for.

Meke and Celasun try to mend the hard feelings that Yamac has towards them. Both of them work for the Uncle now. At one time they were very close but now he hardly knows them. Meke tells him that Cukur is not the old Cukur but Yamac tells him that the old Cukur lives inside him and he can’t change that.

Yamac tells Cumali and Metin that everybody in Cukur will find themselves again and not live the life of fear that the Uncle has created for them.

Yamac wants to know if Efsun can remember who came into her cell room and gave her the drugs. Efsun remembers the man had a black tattoo on the back of his hand.

Efsun misses Masal but she doesn’t want her daughter to see her as she is right now.

Meanwhile little Masal meets Alico and Emmi. Alico has never met Masal before and he is smitten with her as soon as he sees her cute little face.

Yamac gets Masal to draw on a wall outside of Efsun’s room so the little girl’s mother can see her through the window. Masal leaves a message of love for Efsun written on the wall. Inside her room Efsun sees for the first time her appearance in a mirror. She is shocked by what she sees. She hardly recognises herself but the message little Masal left for her mother gives her inner strength to help her beat her demons.

Meanwhile, Bilal was able to deliver his oil but he hasn’t been paid for it as yet. He is aware that the Uncle will try and stop him collecting his money.

Yamac left nothing of the fish restaurant when he burnt it down but when he takes Alico back to the humpy he finds Salih waiting for them. Frustratingly, Yamac can see that Salih has re-established the restaurant and it is back to business as usual.

Salih tells Yamac that he wants Alico to have his home back as much as he does but he does not like Yamac’s methods of achieving this goal. Yamac promises Alico that he will get back his home, it is just a matter of time.

Alico goes after Salih and tells him that they are all brothers and they are all one family. He will always protect his brothers and he expects his brothers to protect him. He tells Salih that Idris promised him that he would be safe in Cukur. He asks him the question, “What if they beat me again?” Salih had no words to answer him.

Medet has been lying low since he was beaten up.

Celasun is set up by the Uncle. The Uncle plants the photograph taken from Cenk’s room in his office desk. The photograph is of Yamac’s three torturers in Afghanistan, Cenk being one of them. Celasun steals the photograph and leaves the envelope for Yamac to find. Little does Celasun know that his betrayal was a trap set for him by the Uncle.

Kulkan hides his personal laptop computer behind the wardrobe in Cenk’s room. He has a timer set to 24 hours. Every 24 hours Kulkan has to reset his computer. If anything should happen to him and the computer is not reset then a video will be sent to Salih/Vartolu telling him the truth about the Uncle and his part in the downfall of the Kocovali family.

Not long after Kulkan leaves Cenk’s room Yamac turns up. Yamac chases him down the street but unfortunately for Cenk he is run down by a car and killed.

Yamac then gets a phone call from Bilal wondering anybody was going to come and help him fight off the Uncle. This is the first Yamac has heard of it and he leaves to go to his aid alone.

Meanwhile that evening, Salih, Celasun, Meke and Murteza set out to intercept the money. Salih goes along to make sure there are no problems. The money exchange begins but Salih cannot get close enough to intercept the exchange as the road is barricaded with trees and within those trees explosive charges have been set. The cavalcade of cars cannot proceed any further.

Salih believes the culprit with the snipers rifle is Yamac. All they can see is a black shadowy figure.

Meanwhile the deal is done and Bilal once again has a smooth operation thanks to a little help from the shadowy figure. Bilal gets on his phone and thanks Yamac for his help. Yamac seems surprised as he still is on the road and hasn’t arrived yet.

At the garage where Akin is repairing Idris’s car, a black camouflaged figure enters the garage. He takes off his mask to reveal the sniper was Akin.

Akin is quietly fighting against the Uncle in his own way.

Akin gets into his grandfather’s car and turns the ignition key. It finally fires up and the new life brings a big smile to Akin’s face.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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