“It’s over” are the words Yamac tells Efsun as he gathers both her and his daughter into his arms and carries them out of the prison like house into safety.

Cumali and Damla have already prepared a mattress on the floor for Yamac and for the first time the three of them sleep in the security of each others arms.

Efsun wakes, she feels the vice like grip in her stomach that tells her she needs a fix. Unbeknown to Yamac she slips out of the house and into the darkness of night looking for something to ease her pain.

The streets of Cukur are quiet and Efsun walks into an all night chemist. The drugs she asks for are only prescribed on a doctors prescription and this Efsun does not have. Efsun’s desperation leads her to fake a faint and as the pharmacy assistant goes to her aid she hits the assistant across the head with a fire extinguisher. Efsun then helps herself to the drugs she needs and runs away into the night.

The very first sound Yamac hears when he wakes in the morning is Masal’s little voice asking him where her mother is and “who are you?” Yamac tackles the sensitive issue gladly and is proud to tell her that he is her father. He goes one step further and asks Masal if he could have a cuddle. The innocence of little Masal with her arms around her father would melt the most hardened heart.

When Efsun does not return Yamac goes looking for her. She is found propped up against a wall on the roof of a derelict building in the neighbourhood. When Efsun wakes she finds Yamac bending over her. She doesn’t know where she is or how she got there.

Meanwhile, today is a special day for Salih and young Idris. Later that night they will be celebrating his circumcision fest and this morning father and son proudly parade themselves down the streets of Cukur sucking up the attention of the neighbourhood.

Yamac knows he has trouble with Efsun and her drug addiction. He discusses with Cumali about what options they have. The brothers derive a plan to try and help Efsun.

Efsun knows she needs help but has no strength left to fight her addiction. Yamac tells her that she cannot give in and to fight it. Efsun becomes hysterical when she can see that Yamac wants her to go through more pain and face detoxification.

Yamac holds her in a vice like embrace and smothers her face with his kisses. He tells her if she doesn’t fight it will destroy the love they have for each other.

Efsun fights him, scratches, screams and hits and pushes him to a place where he picks her up bodily and puts her over his shoulder. He can see no amount of talking or kissing is going to calm Efsun. She leaves him no choice.

Cumali and Yamac take the screaming kicking Efsun to the jail like cell hidden under Cukur which has been used by the Kocovali family over the years to exact justice as required. They decide they will lock her up and undertake her rehabilitation themselves .

Efsun knows she is in for a rough time coming off her addiction. She begs Yamac to let her go but both Yamac and Cumali can see that her addiction has taken over her mind and her body. As sad as it is for Efsun she must go through the pain to have any chance of reclaiming her life with Yamac and Masal.

Yamac and Cumali leave Efsun in the hands of Alico as he is the only one he can trust. He tells them that he will be back after the circumcision fest.

The Pharmacist has video footage of the event that took place in his pharmacy. He takes the video to Salih. Salih promises him that he will look into the event.

Salih supports a young Cukur man who has asked for a young girls hand in marriage but her father will not accept him as the groom. He beats him up. Salih is feeling happy on his son’s special day so he offers to buy the father’s Coffee Shop for 500,000 Lire and also give the young man 500,000 Lire as a wedding present, if he will allow Caner to marry his daughter. The father agrees and the deal is made.

Salih rendezvous with his men who have gathered on the road where Bilal’s oil tankers will be intercepted. He tells them that all they have to do is place the explosives under each truck and in 30 seconds they will explode. He tells them that it is a simple plan.

At the same time the Uncle is transporting his drugs in four oil tankers of his own. The two convoys will be on the same road at the same time.

Meanwhile at the cell where Efsun is being held, Yamac prepares to leave for his mission to help Bilal. Yamac gives Alico an order to not let Efsun out of her cell no matter what she says. Yamac tells him that it is hard for him to see her the way she is but it is necessary. Alico and Emmi are told that Yamac will return in the evening and to wait for him.

Yamac watches through the bars of the cell as Efsun rocks back and making no sense at all.

Cukur is beginning to make celebrations for the upcoming circumcision fest. Young Idris is paraded through the streets of Cukur on his white stallion with his proud father leading the way accompanied by his Uncle Medet. There will be no money spared on the celebration tonight. Everyone in Cukur will be there. Even Uncle Yamac and Uncle Cumali will attend after they have destroyed the drug laden oil tankers.

Meanwhile, Yamac and Cumali go over their plans in stopping the Uncle’s drug shipment. It has to be well thought out. Bilal gives them whatever tools they need for the raid and whatever armed men he needs to help. Bilal tells them that if they are successful in getting his oil tankers to the docks they can ask him for anything they want as a reward.

Yamac’s plan works well. He turns the Uncle’s plan around on itself by diverting the two convoy of trucks and sending the Uncle’s tankers on the road where Salih’s men are waiting. The Uncle’s men who lie in wait for the oil tankers are unaware that the tankers belong to the Uncle. They blow them up thinking they are Bilal’s oil filled tankers.

Meanwhile Bilal escorts his tankers to the docks and his journey is problem free.

The plan was well executed and the thrill of success brings a smile to Yamac and Cumali’s face. It has been quite some time since they have undertaken a raid. It felt good to them. They hurry and change their clothes and make their way to the circumcision fest.

At the circumcision fest the guests arrive at a large sumptuous event. It is evident that the Uncle has his eyes on the Sultan and he desires everything that once was his brothers, his wife, his children, his grandchildren and Cukur. This position of esteem is what motivates the Uncle. This may have been the reason why Idris exiled him from Cukur in the first place and why he went to Afghanistan.

The arrival of Yamac and Cumali to the celebrations lifts every head. After all this time the neighbourhood still respect and love them. Yamac’s name is praised as he stands in the middle of the room. The Uncle hates to see how much he is loved.

Celasun and Meke see Yamac for the first time since his return to Cukur. They are drawn to him like a magnet.

The celebration begins. The Kocovali family are separated at different tables where in the past they would always be joined together on one large table. Salih, Saadet and Idris make their entrance amongst pomp and grandeur.

Meanwhile, Kulkan turns up at a night club where Efsun used to sing, Kulkan is told that Nizam and his men are dead and Efsun has not been seen ever since. Kulkan feels the hairs on his back stand up on end.

While everyone is on the dance floor the Uncle is advised that Kulkan is waiting for him outside. Kulkan tells the Uncle that Efsun has been rescued by Yamac and it won’t be long before Yamac will be come looking for him. He tells the Uncle that he wants to run away and asks for him to fund a new life for him in Latin America. If the Uncle does not do what he wants then he will tell Yamac everything just to survive. Kulkan asks him for a minimum of 2.5 Million Lire.

Later that evening the sight of the Uncle claiming his mother for a dance in front of all the guests infuriates Yamac. It is an embarrassment to his family and an insult to his father. The other members of the family also feel the embarrassment but they do nothing about it and poor Akin looks like he wants somewhere to hide.

Celasun cannot control himself any longer. He throws himself into Yamac’s arms. They embrace and he weeps to see him again. Meke looks on but is still too embarrassed to join in.

The Uncle is brought the video of the Pharmacy event to the celebration. The woman is recognised as Efsun. Uncle now puts two and two together. Yamac has brought Efsun into Cukur. The Uncle gives the order to find her.

Meanwhile, Nedim watches at dockside and sees Bilal’s oil tankers reach the docks and unload the oil. He knows something has happened as they were not supposed to reach the docks. It is obvious to him that there has been an issue.

Back at the event, Yamac takes to the floor for some excitement. He calls for the dance “Diyarbakir Yoluna”. A dance is always performed by the men of the Kocovali family.

He stands in front of Salih and takes his red handkerchief from his pocket. He dangles the kerchief in front of Salih’s eyes just like a matador to a bull. A sign that Salih cannot resist. He takes to the dance floor with his brother. The crowd begins to yell and clap.

The Uncle of course has a stern face. The glory is not his.

The boys are joined on the floor by Akin and Celasun and not long after them Meke turns up. For the first time that evening smiles were on everyones face and just being together was all that mattered.

It is not long before the whole family is on the dance floor. They have brushed off their differences and join together as one.

Yamac and Cumali see Nedim walk over to the Uncle and whisper in his ear. He is delivered the news that his drug delivery has been destroyed.

The Uncle turns and looks directly at Yamac and Cumali who are sitting at their table. He knows they have been involved in the raid. Yamac and Cumali calmly raise their glasses to him in recognition with a snide smirk on both their faces.

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WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



  1. Although this was really a good summary I wish you would’ve included celasun and karaca scenes. I watch cukur with English subtitles but sometimes the sentences don’t make sense to me, that’s why I like to come here to get a more in depth recap.


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