This week’s episode continues at the circumcision fest. Yamac and Cumali have successfully saved Bilal’s oil shipment and blown up the Uncle’s trucks as well as his drugs. The circumcision fest is used as cover. The Uncle looks down on the Kocovali family at the circumcision fest and asks Nedim “which one was it”?

The Uncle orders his men to give Medet a beating at the end of the fest.

Celasun tells Yamac that the only reason he works for the Uncle is because he wants to protect Karaca.

Akin tells Yamac that the only reason he is with the Uncle is because of Yasmin. Yasmin had a brain operation a week after they were married which has left her with brain damage.

Yamac gives young Idris a present which is very precious to him. His father’s prayer beads. He tells Idris that he and his grandfather share the same name. Young Idris asks Yamac whether they are his grandfather Cumali’s beads. Yamac responds “No” they belonged to your real grandfather “Idris Kocovali”! Uncle is present and does not like what he hears.

Young Idris has been given many toys from the guests. One of the toys is a gun similar to that used by Kulkan when he mentally tortured Yamac in Afghanistan. Idris, not knowing the effect it would have on Yamac pulls the trigger. The click of the empty barrel triggers a psychotic event. Yamac runs from the event reverting with fear back to the time that Kulkan made him believe his name was “bug”.

Efsun remains in her Cukur jail like cell . Alico and Emmi have been watching over her. They are surprised to see a different agitated Yamac turn up and ask them to lock him in also.

Efsun can see that Yamac is not himself. He rocks back and forth on the spot repeating “my name isn’t bug”.

As ordered by the Uncle, Medet is beaten up. Salih is unaware of the beating.

The Uncle orders Nedim to find Kulkan for him. The Uncle noticed the reaction Yamac had to the toy gun being fired in his face at the circumcision ceremony. He tells Kulkan to tell him what he did in Afghanistan to make Yamac to get such a reaction.

Kulkan tells the Uncle that he made Yamac forget his name and to believe he was a bug. He also tells him that he beat him 3 times a day. His mental state stayed strong even after being locked in a coffin for weeks. He also put him in a well for weeks at a time. He never let him sleep and played loud mechanical sounds if he saw him dropping off.

Kulkan reminds the Uncle that he hasn’t given him the money to buy his night club in South America.

Yamac and Efsun have nowhere to turn now that they are locked in the cell. Efsun tells him she doesn’t want to remember her trauma as it is too painful. Yamac replies he can do nothing else but remember his.

Together they begin to share their experiences over the last three years. Efsun tells him that Kulkan was her kidnapper and Nizam was her torturer. Her personal trauma led to her trying to kill herself. Yamac promises her he will not leave her and that they will heal each other’s wounds together no matter how deep they are.

Efsun asks what they did to him and Yamac replies that they took something from his mind and replaced fear in its place. Fear that he will lose, fear that he will not be able to protect his loved ones, fear that he will not be strong enough and he really is a bug.

Efsun reminds Yamac that they are human beings and are not as strong as they think they are. Yamac doesn’t agree with her, he believes if they were weak they wouldn’t be alive. They both come up with the answer, they are both wrong. Their trauma has made them stronger. One laughs and one cries at the outcome they have arrived at.

Cumali goes to Alico’s humpy and sits in a chair in protest just like Yamac did. He has promised Alico that he will help him get his home back.

The manager of the restaurant is one of the Uncles men. He sends for armed guards to help him fight off Cumali. The men beat Cumali severely.

Meanwhile back in the cell Efsun tells Yamac that if it wasn’t for Masal she would not have survived. He tells her that it is their love that has saved them both.

Yamac offers her freedom if she wants but Efsun chooses to stay in the cell and fight. She closes the cell door behind her and he locks her in. He tells her that he knows nobody stronger than she is. She tells him that he is stronger and not to be afraid anymore.

The Uncle tells Nedim to prepare a burial service for Bilal and whoever helped him blow up his trucks. The Uncle presumes that Cumali, Yamac, Medet and others did the job.

The Manager of the restaurant goes straight to the Uncle about Cumali beating him up and wanting Alico’s home given back to him.

That afternoon the restaurant manager sees Alico and Emmi in the streets of Cukur and beats them up.

The Uncle finds out that Fehaz and Metin were absent the night that he trucks were blown up. In 24 hours Medet, Cumali, Ferhat, Alico and Emmi have all received beatings from the Uncle’s men. Metin has his little boy kidnapped from the play ground by Nedim. All as a warning to stay out of the Uncle’s business. The Uncle gives Cumali an ultimatum. If he doesn’t do as the Uncle says and continues to disrespect him he places his wife and daughter in danger.

In the Kocovali mansion, Karaca sees a kite flying high from the same place that Celasun used to fly kites to secretly meet with Aksin. The kite was a sign to Aksin that Celasun was waiting for her. Today he waits for Karaca.

Celasun tells her that when they were very young she had the courage to say “kiss me”.

He says he is sure about his love for her and asks her to take courage and make a decision for their lives.

Yamac hears from Cumali that the Uncle threatened his family after he had him beaten. Cumali tells Yamac not to do anything that might endanger his family. Yamac then goes to see Medet and finds Medet will not open the door to him . Yamac turns to Metin, Metin tells him that everyone has had a beating and he has been threatened with having his son taken from him. He repeats Nedim’s last words “the Uncle sends his regards”.

Metin tells Yamac that he thought that they had a dream but now he doesn’t think they will be able to do anything about the Uncle as he threatens everything precious to them. Metin tells him that in the end they are only 4 men and seven eyes. Yamac tells him that his father only had 3 men when he cleaned up Cukur.

That night Yamac walks the streets of Cukur. He makes his way through town to the cemetery to sit outside of his father grave.

Yamac speaks to his father seeking guidance and a clear mind. He tells his father that they are all like empty tins. He remembers his father’s anger and strength. He feels he has lost his way.

When Salih sees the set of prayer beads given to young Idris , he asks his son where he got them from. Little Idris tells his father that Yamac gave him his grandfather’s prayer beads at his circumcision fest. Salih warns him to take good care of them as they are precious.

The Uncle calls Salih into his office. He complains about Yamac and tells him that Yamac was the one who orchestrated the raid on his trucks. The Uncle tells Salih that Yamac is a problem. He tells Salih that he promised him nobody would get hurt in Cukur but if he doesn’t do something about Yamac then he is not going to keep his word.

Salih tracks down Yamac to the graveyard. He tells him to stop what he is doing. Yamac asks him what he will do if he doesn’t? Salih looks at him and tells him that if he doesn’t he will suffer the consequences.

Yamac challenges him. He he tells him to bring it on and he will know where to find him when he is ready.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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