Yamac’s trauma at the hands of Kulkan revisits him over and over again in his sleep but as each day passes he begins to feel more like himself. He loves being with Cumali and his family and he feels more at home than he did at the Kocovali mansion.

The thought that he has a daughter thrills his heart. He watches Cumali playing with his daughter and wants to do the same thing.

Yamac has his brother and his best friends visit him. Metin and Medet sit around the table drinking tea and discussing what is going on in Cukur. Medet tells Yamac that everybody in Cukur is talking about his courage in speaking to the Uncle like he did at the Coffee House.

This morning after a restless nights sleep Yamac remembers his demands. He picks up one of Cumali’s dining chairs and carries it on his back and walks out into the street.

Meanwhile, a Journalist interviews Salih about the Cukur neighbourhood. He gives her a good story but bypasses discussing the Uncle in detail. He tells her that Idris Kocovali was the Godfather of Cukur. He also tells her to keep her source of her information anonymous. The Journalist is a friend of Hale. (If you have watched Cukur from the beginning you will remember Hale in Series 1, Episode 1. Hale was a Journalist also and a particular friend of Idris Kocovali but lost her life by a snipers bullet).

The Journalist wants to interview Yamac and is invited by Salih to attend the circumcision feast of his little boy the following day.

Yamac begins to put the pressure on the Uncle. He brings a dining chair and sits outside the Coffee House in the street. He begins to make the Uncle and Nedim feel uncomfortable. Yamac had told the Uncle that he is sitting in his father’s chair and he wants him to move.

Yamac then carries his chair to Alico’s humpy. He makes the diners feel uncomfortable just by his presence. The diners know that he is not pleased to see them there. They rise from their chairs and leave. Yamac tells the manager that he will come back every day until he leaves Alico’s home.

The Uncle visits Bilal an old friend of Idris Kocovali. Bilal exports diesel fuel. The Uncle wants him to carry drugs for him. Bilal refuses. The Uncle tells him that he will give him 2 days to come to agree if he doesn’t they will kill him.

Meanwhile, Yamac once again takes his dining chair and places it outside the front gates of the Kocovali mansion. The guards will not let him in. This angers him. He ploughs his car through the front gates. He once again places his chair outside of the front steps and waits for his mother to come out. He questions Saadet and his mother as to why they let Cumali live in poverty when he had a home at the Kocovali mansion. He tells them that Cukur is Idris Kocovali and they have allowed the Uncle to take over and change everything.

Yamac demands to know why his mother would not let Efsun who was pregnant with his child live in the house and yet she lets the Uncle live there like he owns the place. He repeats what his father used to tell him, “you have to protect while you are alive” and Sultan did not protect anyone.

Bilal wants to talk to Cumali. Idris Kocovali had always told him that if he was in trouble to contact his sons. Cumali is impelled to go and takes Yamac with him.

Cumali and Yamac have a warm welcome from Bilal. He tells them that he loved their father and they had worked together since they were young. The one thing that they both agreed upon was that they would not do drugs.

He tells them that he does not like their Uncle Cumali and he has been bothering him for quite some time. Bilal goes on to tell them that their Uncle Cumali used to work with the Erdenets. Yamac and Cumali raise their eyebrows when they hear this. He also tells them that the Uncle had connections in Afghanistan.

Bilal tells the brothers that the Uncle is obsessed with him and he wants him to transport his drugs for him. His oil tankers are being blown up one at a time as the Uncle pressurises him into transporting the drugs. He cannot make any money if his tankers cannot get to shore.

Bilal tells the boys that the Uncle has given him an ultimatum. Transport the drugs or lose your life. Bilal has 25 tankers arriving in Istanbul the following day. If he cannot unload them he will be forced to do what the Uncle says.

Bilal tells the brothers that he has heard that the Uncle also has a big shipment of drugs himself arriving in Istanbul the next day.

Bilal finishes his story by showing them a tattoo that Idris gave him when they were young. He tells them that Idris told him that if he ever had a problem to come to his sons for help. Cumali shakes his head not wanting to commit to such a big task but Yamac nods his head in agreement not being put off by the conflict.

Efsun gets another visit from Yamac in her dressing room. He watches as she takes pills. He asks her what they are for. She doesn’t tell him. He tries to tell her that his memory has only just returned and he did not abandon her. Just her behaviour he can see that she is filled with fear. In a rage she hits him with a glass and then gets her guards to beat him up.

Alico has his heart broken when he goes to the Kocovali mansion to see the Sultan. He is given his favourite soup to eat as normal but the Uncle tells him that next time he is to eat outside like a beggar and not in the house. Alico leaves the house in tears.

Although the brothers don’t gather at the Coffee House any more, they do gather at Cumali’s house to discuss matters of concern. Today’s topic is Bilal. They decide they will ask Asiye if Murteza knows what road the drug delivery transport will take. Yamac approaches Asiye and later he receives the information he is seeking.

Yamac, Medet, Metin and Cumali prepare to ambush the Uncle’s drug delivery and then attend the circumcision ceremony without anyone being any the wiser.

Medet and Salih get their suits for the circumcision ceremony. They enjoy each other’s company even if it is for a short time.

Cumali tells Damla that they have to get their spare bed up from the basement as Yamac is going to rescue Efsun and his little daughter and bring them home that night.

Meanwhile Efsun is finishing her performance at the night club. Nizam and his mafia partner Mahir watch over her. Mahir sends extra guards to the house as added protection for Efsun incase Yamac is around.

As it so happens, Yamac is watching every move they make and follows them home. He sees Efsun and Nizam go into the house. Efsun runs straight up the stairs to see her daughter.

Yamac can see Efsun and Masal through their bedroom window. He also sees Nizam make an approach to Efsun and he strokes her hair. This ignites a fire within him that is uncontrollable. He repeats to himself “don’t touch”.

Yamac breaks into the house and like the powerhouse that he is he kills all the security guards. He then proceeds to look for Efsun.

Efsun meanwhile is in her room with Masal and hears the gunshots. She gathers Masal in her arms and they hide together in a corner of the room.

The coward that Nizam is, locks himself in the same room. Nizam can hear Yamac calling for Efsun throughout the house. The bedroom door bursts open and Yamac enters the room. Nizam begins to shake.

Efsun emotionally breaks down and Yamac can hear Efsun’s fearful sobs as she cowers in a corner of the room with Masal in her arms.

Yamac drags Nizam out of the room. He takes the hand that had stroked Efsun’s hair and puts six bullets in it. He then beats Nizam to a pulp.

Yamac returns to the room. He calls to Efsun who is hysterical with fear. He gently tells her that it is all over.

He picks her and Masal up in his arms and carries them both out of the room.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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