Yamac sees Efsun for the first time in years. It is an emotional time for them both. Yamac throws himself into her arms but doesn’t get the reaction he was hoping for.

With and his arms clenched in a warm embrace she hits him across the head with a vase. He lies on the floor in semi consciousness. She tells him to stay away from her and makes an escape.

Nizam tells Efsun that the mafia businessman Mahir was very taken up with her and would like to see her again. Nizam warns her that he has her daughter so she wants to make sure she makes no mistakes.

Kulkan gets a chance to talk with Uncle Cumali. He tells him that should anything happen to him he has been told his friend to go to Vartolu/Salih and tell him everything that involves Uncle Cumali. Kulkan demands protection from Yamac and enough money to buy a Taxi Stand and a taxi licence plate to go with it.

Yamac breaks into Efsun’s house in the hope of talking further to her but he finds her gone. He does find evidence that a small child was living in the house. There was a cot and a doona and a tiny small hair clip which filled his heart with joy.

Meanwhile, Efsun has spent the night with her little girl at a hotel but it is now time for her to perform again. She gets one hour a day to be alone with her daughter if she does the right thing and doesn’t disobey Nizam.

At his brother’s home Yamac meets up with Metin. Metin just about eats him alive to see him again. He tells Yamac that there are a lot of people waiting for him.

Metin takes Yamac for a walks through the streets. He shows him how those who are loyal to Cukur have to eat out of the garbages even when the Food Bank in Cukur is empty.

Yamac can see that the people of are unhappy and too scared to do anything about it. So the picture of the perfectly happy Cukur under the management of the Uncle is a lie. Metin tells him that the Uncle has changed the essence of Cukur.

Salih has told Yamac that things have changed in Cukur but some are for the better. Yamac is left to think over what he has been told by both Metin and Salih.

Afterwards Yamac asks Cumali why he and Salih do not get along anymore. Cumali will not tell hi so he begs Damla to tell him.

Damla tells Yamac that the Uncle came all of a sudden with Salih and he required all the family to kiss his hand. Cumali realised that Nedim worked for the Uncle and they worked in the drug industry. It was Idris’s wish that there would be no drugs in Cukur and Cumali wanted to honour his father’s wish.

Yamac asks Damla what Salih was doing at this time. Damla tells him that Salih was not around. He took Saadet and his son and went to Afghanistan. With Salih out of the way the Uncle was able to make changes in Cukur.

She goes on to tell him that Cumali was caught by the police and placed in prison for life! Damla thought that there was no way he could ever be released. Damla explains that she also was taken to prison and she was six months pregnant at the time. Sultan came to prison one day and told her that Cumali was alive and she told her that she would be released also.

Damla found Cumali sleeping on Metin’s lounge and he was in a bad way. Metin organised somewhere for them to live. Cukur had changed and nobody would even look them in the eyes anymore. Damla delivered their daughter in the unit where they live.

In everything that haws gone on Damla tells Yamac that she is now at peace. Cumali and their daughter are alive and well. She and Cumali sleep well at night with no worry. She tells Yamac not to challenge the change in Cukur. She has seen how people now see Yamac as renewed hope for Cukur. She tells him that she is happy for Cumali to remain as he is.

After their discussion, Yamac goes looking for Efsun at the night club where she performs. To him she is a vision of loveliness as she performs. His heart goes out to her. His memories of her are passionate and emotional and he remembers his last words to her “I love you.”

Efsun sees Yamac standing at the back of the room. Nizam and Mahir send their guards to take care of him. Yamac is no longer the weakened prisoner in the cave and when they begin hitting him he fights them with all the anger that has built up inside of him.

He finds Efsun in her dressing room. He asks her “why” she is working with Nizam. He asks her “what” she is afraid of. All Efsun can think of is “where” he has been for 3 years after abandoning her. She will not listen to his explanation.

She tells him that Efsun does not exist any more.

Efsun warns him that if anything should happen to their daughter because of him she will kill him. Yamac learns from Efsun that his daughter’s name is Masal.

Yamac can see that Efsun has great fear of something happening to their daughter. He does not push her but he wants to find out what her fear is. He tells Cumali he does not want to make a mistake and it will take some time to find out what is going on.

Alico shows Yamac that his home has been turned into a fish restaurant. He finds out that the people who run the fish restaurant rent it from the Uncle. Yamac tells Alico that he will sort it out and to trust him. He sends him to stay with Emma and not to go away as he wants.

Yamac watches Salim being beaten in the street but not one of his fellow Cukur brothers would come to his aid. On speaking to Salim, Yamac finds out that he is beaten day and night by his friends for his loyalty to Cukur. Yamac sends him also to Emmi’s house where he can be safe.

Yamac follows the young men of Cukur and sees that they are involved in drug trafficking.

Meanwhile in the Coffee House, the Uncle tells Nedim that none of the Kocovali sons should know about what happened between him and Idris Kocovali. Most especially Yamac or he believes the sons will unite against him. There is only one person who is alive that could tell them the truth and that is “Emmi!”

The Uncle comes looking for Emmi and finds him in Sehers store The Uncle can see that Emmi has dementia and believes that he is no threat to him any more.

Yamac enters the Coffee House looking for Salih. He can see the Uncle sitting at his fathers table. Yamac is told to sit down at the table along with the Uncle which he does. He looks the Uncle right in the eyes and tells him that he has changes that he wants his Uncle to agree to. One is to give Alico’s house back to him. Another is that the Food Bank is to be run by himself and he wants drug trafficking to cease in Cukur. Lastly with respect to his Uncle he wants him to sit at another table in the Coffee House and not at his father’s table and to look for another house and to live in and leave his father’s family home.

Yamac tells his Uncle that he can see that many people in family of Cukur are hurting. He tells him that the Cukur family heals all wounds and suffering.

He tells his Uncle to have a peaceful retirement in the neighbourhood and enjoy the respect of the children but DO NOT divide the family but unite it. If he does this then they will kiss his hand out of love not fear and this should bring him great happiness. The choice is his.

“Are you done?” Says Uncle Cumali. Yamac answers “No!” He tells him that the essence of Cukur has changed which is the inheritance left to them from his father. He tells him that Cukur doesn’t smell the same as it used to do.

Yamac makes sure his Uncle knows that despite what he thinks Cukur will return to its old self.

Salih shakes his head and repeats to himself, “it will be a war”.

The Uncle tells Yamac “you don’t leave me any choice, son”.

Yamac tells him, “I am not your son, I am Idris Kocovali’s son”!

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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