The commencement of this week’s episode begins with Salih’s son Idris asking Uncle Cumali to tell him another story.

The story was about a young Cumali who grew up in Cukur. His brother was Idris Kocovali and he was the head of the family. Young Cumali had been away from home and when he came back to Cukur his brother would not let him stay.

Cumali refuses to go and is shot by Idris in the Coffee House. We do not know why Idris had so much hatred towards his brother. Enough at least for him to shoot him. Cumali was taken to have his wounds treated. After some time Idris came to visit his brother and once again tells him to leave Cukur and never return or next time he will kill him.

In the mean time Idris had a grave dug for his brother with his name inscribed on the gravestone. To him his brother was dead. The family always thought Uncle Cumali was buried there until one day Cumali dug up the grave and found it empty.

Idris tells his brother to change his name when he leaves Cukur. Cumali obeys Idris and changes his name to Halil Ibrahim with a surname of Gokcetas, named after a family field. Idris names his baby after Cumali . Cumali never forgot Cukur and promised himself that he would return one day.

Uncle Cumali looks down at the child on his lap and bends his head to kiss him. Cumali tells the sleeping young Idris that he has been given a new son and grand child, referring to Salih and Idris.

Meanwhile outside the Coffee House, Salih asks Yamac about Efsun. Salih reminds him of the message he sent to him telling him that he was going away with Efsun and not to look for him. Yamac tells him that he cannot remember the message but tells him that he never went anywhere with Efsun but was held a captive from the time of Akin’s wedding.

Yamac notices a change in the behaviour between Salih and Medet. Salih’s anger towards Medet is great and he suffers a nose bleed just from the high blood pressure in dealing with him.

Medet tells Yamac to get out of Cukur while he can. It is not the same place that he left and those that remain in Cukur are locked in and cannot escape.

Salih takes Yamac into the Coffee House. The first thing he notices is that Uncle is sitting in his fathers chair and he doesn’t like it. Salih thinks that the Uncle knows nothing about where Yamac has been these past couple of years and tells him that he has been held captive in Afghanistan. Little do they know that Uncle Cumali knew exactly where Yamac was because he sent him there.

Yamac tells the Uncle that Efsun was used as bait by Kulkan and he was kept captive in a place called Evren Pasa in Diyarbakir. He tells him how he could not even remember his name when Emmi and Alico found him.

Salih and Yamac both feel a strangeness between them. Salih gets a first hand taste of the trauma Yamac has been put through when he pinches Yamac in fun just like Kulkan used to do. This sends Yamac into having a violent flash back.

Yamac shares with Salih that he now feels frightened and hears noises in his head that he cannot explain. Salih promises him that he will be fine after he finds Kulkan. After that he tells him they will find Efsun also and over time he will be healed.

Karaca, Celasun and Meke are involved in a job. Celasun tries to protect Karaca from danger and is shot in the process. Celasun tells her not to tell Salih/Vartolu as she will not be allowed out of the house and he will not be able to see her again and that would devastate him.

Cumali gets jealous when he sees Yamac speaking with Salih out in the streets. He believes that Yamac will now be consumed by the Uncle and the family and he will be kept away from him. He watches the streets hoping to see a sign of his younger brother coming to see him.

At the night club where Efsun performs, Nizam is approached by a wealthy businessman to set up a date between himself and Efsun. Efsun is not used for prostitution but rather as a high class escort for wealthy men.

Kulkan knows where Efsun works and where she lives and quite often he follows her home.

Salih brings Yamac to the Kocovali mansion to see Sultan and the family. Sultan holds her son in her arms. She notices his sunken cheeks and that he has lost a lot of weight. Sultan remembers the last time she saw her son and the words they spoke to each other were words of anger. She asks Yamac to forgive her for hurting him.

Saadet warns Yamac that he should not stay at the mansion and he should leave. A little of the old Yamac returns when he asks her why he should leave the home he was born in. Saadet warns him whatever happened to him could happen to his brother Cumali.

The Kocovali family gather to have dinner together. Salih gives them an update on Yamac’s mental condition and warns them not to push him too far. They are so excited to see him and Uncle can see how much his family love him. Akin makes the first move and kisses his hand in love and respect. Yamac remembers him immediately and they embrace. He also remembers Karaca. Salih brings little Idris to meet his Uncle Yamac, Idris was so small when Yamac saw him last.

Conversation at the dinner table is strained . There was no laughter. Yamac could feel the unhappiness as if everyone was scared to say the wrong thing. It seemed to Yamac that his family has a fear of their Uncle Cumali. He couldn’t feel comfortable. Yamac asks after Ayse but nobody answers him. How were they going to tell him that she now lives with Murteza.

As traumatised as Yamac is he can feels the tension at the table. Uncle Cumali answers all the questions. He asks his Uncle if it is only him who gets to answer questions directed to the family?

Yamac is told by the Uncle that this is the way it is and the family have learnt to resect him as their elder. The dinner left a bad taste in Yamac’s mouth.

Yasmin has an attack at the dinner table. She laughs and cries at the same time. It is obvious that something bad has happened to Yasmin. You can see that Akin loves her and he tells her that she can hurt him instead of hurting herself if she wants. You can see that Akin has undergone emotional trauma in his love and care for Yasmin.

After dinner Yamac goes to his old room. He finds that it is not the same and Uncle Cumali has taken it over. Taking possession of his room is definitely a psychological way of showing dominance over Yamac’s standing in the household. The Uncle tells Yamac that his things are in the cellar and if he wants another room to just let him know.

Emmi and Alico decide to leave Cukur as it doesn’t feel like home any more. They have nowhere to live and Alico’s humpy has been taken from him. They decide to find Yamac and tell him what they are doing.

Meanwhile, Efsun gets ready to go to dinner with the wealthy businessman. She saves him from entering a fraudulent deal with his French colleagues. He is impressed and asks her to join him the next evening to complete the business deal.

Back at the Kocovali mansion, Salih paces the floor in the Uncle’s office. He is angered and sad over the change in the once vibrant, smart and outgoing Yamac. He tells the Uncle that he is going to help Yamac find Kulkan and let him take his revenge. He cannot rest until he does.

Salih also feels guilty living in Yamac’s house where once he was head of the family. Little does Salih know that the Uncle was instrument in kidnapping Yamac and giving him to Kulkan.
As much as he may like his position within the Kocovali household, the Uncle knows that change is coming, especially now that Yamac is back.

As the family retire to their rooms, Uncle Cumali cannot keep his eyes of Sultan. He even has a picture of her in his bedroom which he gloats over.

Yamac walks back to Cumali and Damla’s house. He felt comfortable there. He knocks on the door and asks them if they could put him up for one more night. Cumali asks him why he didn’t stay at the mansion and Yamac tells him that it didn’t feel like home anymore and he felt like he was a stranger. Cumali throws his arms around his brother feeling the love he has for him.

In the morning Yamac leaves the house to walk the streets of Cukur. He meets Alico on his walk who was looking for Yamac. Alico shares with him that Cukur is not the same any more and it does not feel like home. He asks Yamac to come with him and Emmi and leave Cukur. Yamac asks him not to go anywhere yet and to wait for him. Alico agrees to wait.

Salih sends a messenger to Yamac to tell him that they he has found Kulkan. When Yamac sees Kulkan for the first time he begins to have flash backs to the brutality dealt to him by Kulkan. He begins to shake uncontrollably and cannot move. If it wasn’t for Salih, Yamac would have stayed on the side of the road shaking and telling himself that his name is “bug”. Salih will not leave him to his trauma and forces Yamac to take control of himself and to replace his trauma with anger and revenge.

Salih goes after Kulkan himself and he is caught. Yamac takes Kulkan where he can quietly deal with him away from spectators.

Kulkan wakes to find himself hanging by a rope in an alley. Yamac hits him and kicks him and takes out all his pain and frustration on him. For Yamac there is only one question in his mind that he wants Kulkan to answer, “Where is Efsun?”

Well Efsun is asleep once again on the garage floor. She has permission to see her daughter for a little while before she has to go to work. She climbs into her daughter’s cot and holds her close as the night draws near. She tells her stories before she sleeps.

Kulkan takes Yamac to the house where Efsun is being kept. Yamac creeps around to the back yard and watches as Efsun and his daughter share time together. He smiles and cries at the same time. The first smile we have seen from Yamac since the beginning of his ordeal.

Yamac watches the change in Efsun as Nizam enters the room. He can see that Efsun is scared and is forced to go with him and leave her little girl . Yamac follows them and watches her as she arrives for her date with the wealthy businessman.

Yamac has to leave Kulkan in the car while he enters the restaurant. He knows that it is only a matter of time when Yamac will kill him. Kulkan escapes in the car while Yamac has gone looking for Efsun. He goes to Nedim for protection. He tells Nedim that if he doesn’t protect him from Yamac then he will tell Yamac everything.

Yamac patiently awaits for the opportunity to talk with Efsun. As she moves through the restaurant he calls her name. She turns and sees him. It has been such a long time. In her mind she thinks he abandoned her.

Join Turk-Flix next week to see what kind of a welcome Yamac gets from Efsun.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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