Home is not the same anymore for our travellers. Alico has been gone for so long that his humpy has been turned into a fish restaurant. Alico and Emmi are beaten up by the present owners who are not original residents of Cukur but have been gifted the humpy by Uncle Cumali.

Yamac’s memory takes him to the Coffee House. On his way he can see that the streets of Cukur have been cleaned up and it feels strange. He still retains a partial memory of Cukur.

When the doors are open Yamac wanders over to the Coffee Shop. He walks in and finds pictures he doesn’t recognise in place of Father Idris photographs.

Feyyaz recognises Yamac and takes him to the produce market where he finds his brother Cumali.
On the way there Yamac sees the Uncle walking down the street of Cukur. He is seen to be the new Godfather in town. He is revered by the residents.

Uncle Cumali doesn’t seem to have the respect of Medet though. Medet seems to be penniless and in Uncle Cumali’s words, a little crazy. The Uncle tells his men that it is about time to beat Medet up. Apparently these beating occur every month for two years but Medet refuses to respect Uncle Cumali.

Feyyaz takes Yamac to the market place where Yamac sees for the first time the Uncle walking down the streets of Cukur and receiving praise from the inhabitants. Yamac hides from view and watches as his brother walks home. The once suave looking Cumali now is subdued and humbled.

Meanwhile Kulkan is also feeling nervous. He knows that Yamac is on his way home to Cukur. He warns Cenk that they both may lose their lives shortly and their one hope is to find Efsun. He tells Cenk that when Yamac comes looking for him that he wants Efsun as his insurance. He knows that it would not matter how far he travelled to get away from Yamac that one Yamac’s memory returns there is nowhere he could hide.

Karaca, Celasun and Meke certainly look different after two years. Karaca is dressed sharp and smart and so are the two boys. There is a passionate chemistry between Celasun and Karaca which is ready to explode. He is her protector and loves her.

The relationship between Salih and Medet has changed. Medet spits on the ground that Salih walks on. A difference from worshipping the ground Salih walked on. Medet seems to have a broken heart over Salih and cannot look him in the eyes.

Yamac follows his brother to a small restaurant where the family used to gather together throughout the years to drink Raki. Yamac can see Cumali sitting down at a table with Metin and Medet. He stands outside in the street too shy and embarrassed to make an approach. It seems a great change has come into their lives also. They look to have lost the war.

Akin, Celasun and Meke still hang out together but work for the Uncle. Together they work on recovering money that belongs to him. The stress of Akin’s life brings on an asthma attack. Akin feels the pressure of his job and love life, he tells Celasun.

Nedim is seated in the Cukur Coffee House and works for the Uncle. His one and only boss two years ago was Halil Ibrahim.

Ayse and Murteza now live together but Karaca still lives at the Kocovali mansion along with Sultan, Saadet, Akin and Yasmin. It seems that in the space of time Cennet has married Feyyaz.
They also live in the mansion along with Uncle Cumali. At Akin’s and Yasmin’s wedding Medet and Cennet were about to get engaged, no wonder Medet is so unhappy now.

Akin warns Celasun not to get caught when he goes to visit Karaca. If he does get caught he may could get Karaca into trouble.

Cumali, Akin, Metin and Medet do not appear to be happy. Cumali has not see the new member of the Kocovali household which is Cumali’s daughter. Cumali will not allow Akin to visit them in case he is seen and this places him into danger.

Yamac follows Cumali home. He watches as father and daughter play together as he gazes through the lounge room window. It is Damla who sees somebody watching them and Cumali chases him. Once caught Cumali immediately recognises Yamac. He is taken by surprise by his fragile, wasted and unkempt appearance. Cumali thanks Allah that he is alive as he throws his arms around his youngest brother and holds him close.

Cumali and Yamac spend many hours sitting on top of a flight of steps talking about what happened since they last saw each other. Yamac tells him that Kulkan kidnapped him and is responsible for his condition and lack of memory.

Cumali tells Yamac that the family always thought that he had disappeared with Efsun the night of the wedding. Yamac is vague in his remembrance of Efsun. Yamac tells him the truth that Kulkan had kidnapped Efsun and then later kidnapped him and took him to Afghanistan. Cumali can see that his younger brother has been severely traumatised and can only remember small excerpts of his previous life.

Cumali takes Yamac home with him where he meets for the first time little Asiye. Cumali promises him that he will help him find Efsun and his child with the help of Metin and Medet.

Kulkan has tracked down Efsun and Nizam. He tells Nizam that he wants Efsun back. Nizam is not likely to ever give Efsun back to Kulkan as he wants her for himself. He beats Kulkan and tells him to never come near him again and to forget about Efsun.

Kulkan who works as a security officer runs into Efsun accidentally at work at a night club where she is performing. He can’t believe his luck. At least now he knows where she is.

At the Kocovali mansion Akin comes home to his wife who is paranoid. It seems that Akin’s new marriage to Yasmin has eventuated in periods of schizophrenic events. This could be why Akin’s asthma has returned. Yasmin tells Akin that she hears voices in her head all the time and she has to sing to block them out. Akin calms her with drugs, whether the drugs are prescription drug or narcotics is not known at this time. You can see that Akin has a deep love for Yasmin and to see her in this condition brings him to tears.

At the dinner table that evening Salih, Karaca and the Uncle sit around the table. They discuss a gang who have attacked Karaca and ways to take care of them.

The Uncle is very much the dictator to each and every member of the Kocovali family. They are frightened to put one foot wrong with the fear that their actions will be taken out on one of the other family members.

It appears that Akin cannot leave the Kocovali mansion even if he wanted to. Somehow he is blackmailed to stay at the mansion because of Yasmin.

Celasun on the other hand also stays at the mansion by choice. He stands guard at the mansion gates. He could very well leave but he won’t because he has to leave Karaca behind and he won’t do that. The two young men understand each other and are certainly unhappy with their life at present. Akin tells Celasun that he is the dog inside the mansion while Celasun is the dog outside the house.

The Uncle is brought the news by Nedim that Yamac has been seen in Cukur. Saadet has also received the news from Feyyaz.

Meanwhile Yamac who has spent the night on the lounge with Cumali and Damla hears a loud knock on the door. He opens it to find Saadet standing on the doorstep. He looks at her blankly not recognising her but she throws herself into his arms and holds him close.

Saadet hides when there is another loud knock on the door. It turns out to be the Uncle. Yamac stares at this strange man who asks if he knows who he is? Yamac replies “No”.

The Uncle then tells him that he is his father’s brother. Uncle Cumali offers him his hand to kiss. Yamac recognises the ring on his hand as the ring that Selim gave to him. He does not say anything nor does he get the chance to kiss the ring before Salih comes running around the corner.

The one person who Yamac does remember is his brother Salih. Yamac breaks down when he sees him. They both throw their bodies into each others arms. In a close embrace Salih asks Yamac what have they done to you my brother? Yamac tells Salih that he smells like his father and breaks into tears.

Later Salih walks Yamac through the streets of Cukur educating him and showing him all the progress that has transpired since his disappearance. Yamac gazes up at the Cukur sign outside of the Coffee House and is dragged back to how it used to be.

Outside the Coffee House, Salih tells Yamac how proud he is of the fact that there has been no deaths in Cukur for two years and there is no hungry or homeless people there any more. He tells him that Cukur is peaceful just as Yamac wanted it and the continual war is over.

From a distance the Uncle watches them and sees the closeness they have for each other. Salih explains to Yamac that the Uncle is his father’s brother and since he has come to Cukur everything now is perfect.

Inside the Coffee House the Uncle gets stuck into Nedim for not telling him that Yamac had escaped from Afghanistan and had returned to Cukur. The Uncle thought that Yamac had no memory of Cukur left and was still a shepherd in Afghanistan. It is evident that he does retain memory as he witnessed when Salih and he first saw each other and instantly recognised him. He looks at Yamac as trouble, especially if his memory returns in full.

Nedim asks the Uncle to let him take care of Yamac that very evening and kill him. The Uncle tells Nedim that if he wanted Yamac dead he would have done it years ago. After all he is my nephew!

The Uncle explains to Nedim that he doesn’t want to kill his brother’s children but he does want them to treat him as their Godfather and kiss his hand. Uncle Cumali tells Nedim that he now sees himself as the King of Cukur and of all the Kocovali’s as well.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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